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Available Kankan Roy -NOW- [OH]Architect & Designer
Mark Purinton 2011-03-29 [MA]Hardware/Software Configuration/Release Manager/Tool Developer
Available Steven Dearborn -NOW- [VA]API Technology Advocate
Available Vincent Dayes -NOW- [CA]Scientific Software Engineer - Mathematician, Statistician, Data Analyst
Gregory Bourassa 2016-08-01 [WA]Sr. Computer Engineer
Edward Segall 2016-02-15 [PA]Systems Engineer, Software Architect, Computational Scientist
Available Larry Presswood -NOW- [MA]Principal Software Engineer / Architect
Available Sergii Volchenko -NOW- [Ukraine]Senior software developer
Stephen Keohane 2012-11-01 [NH]Software Design and Development
Kannan Parameswaran 2011-10-19 [IL]Consultant
Patrick Taber 2015-08-01 [MA]Consulting Software Engineer
James Gaines 2009-06-01 [CA]Sr. Process Engineer
Faustas Zilinskas [SC]Software developer, project leader, consultant
Jerry Scally 2008-05-15 [MA]Software Engineer/Designer
Sheryl Dawson 2007-06-07 [SC]Consultant
Ted Dircz 2006-07-19 [NV]Consultant
Keith Link 2002-10-02 [CA]Software Consultant
Al Christians 2001-08-31 [OR]Consultant
R Keith Beal 2000-10-06 [NH]President
Ben Boverman 2000-07-31 [MA]President
Mike Johnson 2000-06-24 [AL]Software Engineer

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