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Available Mark Lefcowitz -NOW- [VA]Sr. Project Manager / Master Process Analyst / Master Organizational Change Analyst / Master Busines
David Gecawich 2019-02-18 [RI]Full Stack Java Architect/Developer - Java, Angular 1-6, Spring, REST, Hibernate, HTML5, RDBMS
Paul Miller 2019-01-08 [United Kingdom]Solution Delivery Specialist / Technical Business Analyst - solving complex problems through project
David E Keeney [CA]Software Engineer   Charter Member
Scott Martin [RI]Consultant
Ankit Thacker [India]Owner
Lei Wang hidden [NB]Software Engineer
Edward Segall 2017-11-01 [PA]Systems Engineer, Software Architect, Computational Scientist
Fernando Sanchez [NC]Data Warehouse Specialist/Business Intelligence Solution Architect
Bhavin Shah [NJ]Business Analyst
Available Ron Gross -NOW- [NH]Consultant, Software Engineer
Shipra Singh [NJ]Business Analyst
Shivali Barbhaiya [NJ]Business Insurance Analyst
Shivendra Malik [NY]Business Analyst
Manali Mukherjee [NJ]Business Analyst
Timothy Welsh 2017-01-01 [FL]
Available, No Agents Kent Gorham -NOW- [MN]Software Engineer [C++, Java, Image Processing, Vision]
Available Dhaval Parikh -NOW- [IL]Sr Front End UI Web Developer
Anthony Williams 2016-03-15 [CA]Application and Embedded Software Engineer
Available JR Crossett -NOW- [NY]Software Engineer Embedded   Charter Member
MEERA MURALEEDHARAN 2015-06-01 [NJ].Net Developer
Richard Wasilewski [IL]Develpoer/Consultant
John Watters 2014-06-15 [PA]Program/Project Manager
Heath Rogers 2007-01-12 [DE]Embedded Software Engineer
Dave Ducray 2011-03-01 [TX]Supply chain team lead (SAP SD, LE, WMS and SCM)
Joe Drewn 2009-01-26 [NH]Software Consultant
Mr. Blair R March 2013-02-07 [MA]IT Consultant, Software Tester
LaMar Kirby 2013-02-01 [AZ]Software Consultant
Available, No Agents Chip Rosenthal -NOW- [TX]Senior Software Developer
Mike Lilley 2012-12-01 [MT]Sr. Consultant
Eric Haya 2011-10-01 [CA]Consultant
John Cerqueira 2012-02-13 [FL]SAP Consultant
Vance Neff 2011-11-01 [MI]Software Engineer
Clifford Reid [NY]Architect
Steve Samarov 2011-02-01 [MA]software architect/consultant
Available, No Agents Rand Renfroe -NOW- [WA]Software developer
Chad Marsh 2010-04-23 [OH]Consultant
Jim Gasek 2009-05-28 [MA]CISSP, Systems Engineer, Integration Engineer, Consultant
Peter Walden [Australia]TRM and Banking Consultant
Available Marty Spallone -NOW- [CT].NET Architect/Sr. Developer/Software Engineer/Consultant/Microsoft
Joseph Gamache 2009-08-30 [NH]OO Consultant / Architect
Available Welborn Scott Smith -NOW- [MS]Developer, Quality Assurance & Performance Engineer
Robert Guido 2009-08-01 [VA]SAP R/3 Consultant (15 years experience)
Paul Ruffin 2009-07-01 [NJ]Business analyst/Systems analyst/Test Analyst
Available Daniel Brannon -NOW- [CA]Principal Consultant
Chris Schneider 2009-01-01 [CA]Senior Consultant, DBA, Developer
Julie Ballantine [TX]EDI / Gentran NT Specialist
Available Luther Gunther Quick -NOW- [NJ]Software Engineer
Christy Deckys 2006-04-01 [CO]Project Manager / Business Analyst
Richard Mata MD 2008-02-01 [TX]Medical Information System Integrator
Muthuraj UD 2007-09-30 [UAE]J2EE Consultant
Richard Wood 2009-01-01 [NH]Consultant, Sr. Software Engineer
James Hunter 2003-02-20 [NC]Lotus Notes R4 Principal Certified Lotus Professional Developer & Administrator
Available Ron DiPronio -NOW- [TX]Software & Systems Test Consultant
Available Sarah Lance -NOW- [MA]Web and Graphic Design Consultant
Available, No Agents Lawrence Rosenman -NOW- [TX]Owner
Stephen Meyers 2006-05-22 [FL]Consultant/Sr. Developer
Andre Pogodin 2005-04-06 [CA]Owner
Alan Davis 2004-11-01 [MD]Software Developer
SAP Project Manager 2004-04-25 [GA]Project Manager
David J. Anderson 2002-08-01 [MA]C, C++, Java, HTML, Data Comms & more   Charter Member
Sandeep Johar 2002-03-01 [MA]Consultant
Marc Mercier 2000-06-13 [NH]Consultant, Owner

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