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Available Richard Amaral -NOW- [RI]Software Engineer
Available Craig Scharf -NOW- [TX]Software Engineering   Charter Member
Available Douglas Probst -NOW- [PA]Consultant
Al H. McNeely 2019-01-01 [NC]Computer Software Engineer   Charter Member
Scott Martin [RI]Consultant
Yuan Meng 2018-05-07 [CA]Software Development Consultant
Available, No Agents Max Lifshin -NOW- [MA]Consultant, Enterprise Java and Android Application Development
Edward Segall 2017-11-01 [PA]Systems Engineer, Software Architect, Computational Scientist
BhimSain Mangla [TX]Oracle Database Administrator
Tom Goltz [NH]Embedded Software Engineer
Anthony Petillo 2014-03-15 [CT]Consultant
Praveen M 2015-08-24 [IL]Senior Hadoop/AB Initio Admin
Available Daniel Hooper -NOW- [PA]Oracle EBS DBA   Charter Member
Douglas Neufeld 2014-02-01 [CO]Senior Software Engineer
Available Roy Street -NOW- [MA]Solutions Architect, System Integrator, SQL/Oracle DBA,
Linda McInnis 2012-11-01 [MA]Consultant - QA, Tech. Doc., Process
Paul Hyde 2006-10-01 [MN]Java Specialist, Certified: J2EE, J2SE   Charter Member
Robert Davitt 2002-01-15 [NH]Consulting Software Engineer   Charter Member
Marc Marchioli 2012-01-01 [PA]Health Care professional Adept with Medical Software
Mike Gagnon [NH]Data Quality and Data Warehousing Expert, Tech Lead, Data Architect, Software Developer
Darren McClelland 2011-02-01 [WA]Programmer
Available Mark Kennaley -NOW- [CA]Senior Consultant
Karl Jones [MN]BBj / OSAS / Flex Developer
Russell Balest 2009-08-01 [TN]Developer
Kathryn Roberts 2009-03-01 [FL]Senior Software Developer
Available Luther Gunther Quick -NOW- [NJ]Software Engineer
Available Robert Heller -NOW- [MA]Computer Programmer
Andy Staab 2007-06-01 [GA]Software/Web Developer
Christopher Pond 2007-06-01 [NH]Java Software Engineer & Architect -- NH and Northern MA only!   Charter Member
David Partridge 2003-04-10 [MA]Software Engineer

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