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within 14 days Howard Pepper hidden [FL]Software Contractor / Programmer
Available, No Agentswithin 30 days S. David Beniquez -NOW- [FL]Software Developer
Paul Stork 2019-01-01 [FL]SAP Applications Consultant
Available Ralph Swartwood -NOW- [FL]WebSphere Specialist
Available Oniel Rodriguez -NOW- [FL]EDI Consultant
Scott Turman 1999-01-01 [FL]Managing Member
Barry Honig [FL]Investor
Available Frank Schmidt -NOW- [FL]Senior Software Engineer/Designer
Available Carlos Portela -NOW- [FL]HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Objective-C, iOS, iPad, iPhone
Available Timothy Hornsby -NOW- [FL]Embedded Systems and Software Engineer
Mak Elthon [FL]Designer
Available Mark Fuini -NOW- [FL]Big Data Software Architect/Lead Developer
Available James Staudt -NOW- [FL]COBOL Developer
Christopher McCoy 2017-05-01 [FL]PowerBuilder Developer
Wordpress Developers [FL]
AResource Pool [FL]
Digital Pursuit [FL]
Timothy Welsh 2017-01-01 [FL]
Available Skip Stein -NOW- [FL]ERP Systems & Business Integration Services
Available Mark Lintner -NOW- [FL]Senior Software Engineer
Andrew Krause 2016-06-01 [FL]Lead Software Engineer/Consultant
Ogburn Online School [FL]Accredited Online Homeschool
John Parker [FL]
Available Jude Richvale -NOW- [FL]Oracle DBA, ESRI ARCSDE Administrator Forms Developer
Keith Taylor [FL]Mainframe Application Programmer
Available Sebastian Curry -NOW- [FL]Consultant
Corey Snook hidden [FL]President
Available Randall Smith -NOW- [FL]SAP R/3 Consultant
Chris Korson hidden [FL]CTO/CIO
Available Laurie Jones -NOW- [FL]Google Apps Developer / Deployment Specialist - Messaging and Email Architect/Engineer, Sr IBM Lotus
Arun Goyal [FL]CEO
David Harrison 2009-10-28 [FL]UX Designer
Available Felicia Hemingway -NOW- [FL]Oracle EBS DBA
Amy Kubelka [FL]Recruiter
Available, No Agents Mark Smith -NOW- [FL]Developer and Architect
Gregory Nutt 2009-10-05 [FL]Consulting Software Engineer
Maria Elena Pinto 2012-08-21 [FL]
Available Guillermo Cota -NOW- [FL]Sr. Oracle Treasury - Cash Mgmt Consultant (Functional)
John Cerqueira 2012-02-13 [FL]SAP Consultant
william mowery jr 2012-01-16 [FL]C++ programmer/systems analyst
Marcelo Mesti 2010-09-21 [FL]Oracle Supply Chain Functional Consultant
Komal Dangi 2010-09-13 [FL]Business Manager
Edward Sanderson: 2010-06-14 [FL]Security, Compliance, Identity Management, Disaster Recovery
Alamanda Kumar [FL]Project Manager
Octavio Gonzalez [FL]Octavio is no longer available.
srinath Elitem 2009-10-22 [FL]Software Engineer
Brett Clemons 2009-10-01 [FL]Senior SAP ABAP Consultant
Laura Belmont 2009-08-03 [FL]Oracle Financials Consultant
Alejandro Solano 2009-09-01 [FL]Sr Oracle Functional Distribution and Procurement Consultant
Mario Sanchez 2009-08-17 [FL]Oracle Financials Functional Lead
Mario Lopez 2009-08-17 [FL]Oracle Financials Functional Consultant
Carlos Gomez 2009-07-20 [FL]Oracle Manufacturing
Ramon Lopez 2009-07-06 [FL]Sr Oracle Supply Chain Functional Consultant
Alfredo Mancera 2009-07-06 [FL]Oracle Manufacturing Functional Consultant
Gilberto Lombard 2009-07-06 [FL]Oracle Financials Functional Consultant
David Freedman 2009-04-19 [FL]Consultant
Mitchell McConnell 2009-10-15 [FL]Software Engineer   Charter Member
Romeo Castillo [FL]
Daniel Barbalace 2009-02-09 [FL]Senior Software Engineer / Architect
Kathryn Roberts 2009-03-01 [FL]Senior Software Developer
Available James Kosko -NOW- [FL]Software Consultant   Charter Member
Peter LePage 2008-09-01 [FL]Consultant
Scott Haggerty [FL]Project, Program, and Product Manager, RUP/Process Manager, Senior Business and Systems Analyst
Sandra Bryant 2007-07-09 [FL]Business Analyst
Thierry Jeremie hidden [FL]Consultant
Stephen Meyers 2006-05-22 [FL]Consultant/Sr. Developer
Available Steven Shapiro -NOW- [FL]Software Engineer   Charter Member
Linda Robinson 2001-07-16 [FL]Programmer/Analyst
Stan Tonkonogy 2001-05-09 [FL]Senior Internet/Web Architect/Developer/CTO
Ivan Greenberg 2001-03-01 [FL]Consultant
James McLeod 2000-09-15 [FL]Software Engineer, Programmer, Analyst

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