Welborn Scott Smith

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Developer / Quality Assurance Engineer with fourteen years systems administration and networking experience, applications development, software testing, Internet programming, and Intranet development. Eleven years automation experience administrating HP TestDirector for Quality Center and automation of manual processes using WinRunner and QuickTest Professional. Seven years load & performance testing and tuning with LoadRunner. An advocate of automation who understands the proper times to apply an automation strategy to manual SDLC methods.
Manager of Quality Assurance
June 2008 to August 2009
Responsible for the quality of products, management of on-site and off-shore projects, including the scoping, design, development, quality, performance, and the maintenance of Web based Internet and Intranet applications. Projects are developed in Visual Studio's C# .Net. Additional responsibilities are to seek out improvements to SDLC processes, and continual development of quality control procedures.
Senior Performance Engineer
September 2007 to May 2008
Conducted performance testing of data driven, eCommerce Web sites, and business applications, using HP LoadRunner and OpenSTA load and performance tools. Managed customer projects in a remote testing environment, driving load from multiple points of presence in order to emulate business transactions identified under defined circumstances. Managed projects to customer requirements, planning and developing load and performance scenarios to discover and resolve system defects. Ran and analyzed testing, and developed reports in order to convey results and make recommendations for system improvements. Supported pre-sales activity by developing and presenting PowerPoint presentations and product demos of TestDirector for Quality Center. Managed the customer while reporting status to senior management. Developed internal testing systems, and testing management processes.
Hilton Hotels Corporation
September 2006 to July 2007
Responsible for multiple projects accountable for requirements traceability, analysis, and tracking; test planning, test execution and reporting of testing results, defect reporting and resolution for the application development of Hilton Hotels Corporation Web sites across all branded sites. By leading efforts to improve QA practices through gap analysis of current Brand.com software development processes, identified, proposed, and implemented changes to software development lifecycles (SDLC) by moving test case development into the HP Quality Center software tool, from MS Excel, Word, and other manual methods. Automation changes that have been implemented include mapping tests to requirements by documenting tests and testing results in a central repository, providing for improved application testing practices through a reusable component based structure, mapping test runs to insure software requirements meet or exceed the needs of the organization. Lead and developed improved issue management processes by implementing work-flow rules in the Quality Center tool using VB Script. Introduced an automated functional and regression approach to reuse scripts across all Hilton Hotel Corporation branded sites to enable manual resources to focus on new functionality, rather than repeating efforts to regress core business processes. Scripts are based on the HP QuickTest Professional platform which integrates with TestDirector for Quality Center modules. Performed load testing against internal applications and services using LoadRunner scripts to emulate users and monitor systems performance.
Senior Consultant
October 2005 to June 2005
Perform stress and performance testing using LoadRunner and TestCenter. Provide consulting services in Business Process Testing using TestDirector for Quality Center and QuickTest Professional. Organize Test Automation Frameworks leveraging common functionality and object structure. Provide mentoring and knowledge transfer in Mercury tools and testing techniques to client resources. Manage projects, documentation and executive reporting.
Quality Assurance Manager
March 2005 to September 2005
Manage quality assurance department projects including manual and automated testing and technical writing to validate .Net products. Matured test beds creating a separate QA domain to better emulate client environments, administered the domain, including MS Virtual Server images, and MS Virtual PC images in .Net deployed and Citrix MetaFrame non-deployed test scenarios. Mentored automation resource in QuickTest Professional VB scripting, constructing scripts intelligently using looping and object wait properties. Ran projects using MS Project, documenting test cases in TestDirector, mapping tests to functional specification documents. Developed a custom software development lifecycle (SDLC) based upon current SDLC maturity and presented to officers.
Senior Systems Engineer, Pre-sales
August 2004 to February 2005
Support sales through product demos of TestDirector, QuickTest Professional and WinRunner for a Mercury Titanium Partner and Reseller, interfacing with clients in order to sell software products and consulting engagements. Write Scopes of Work (SOW) detailing work breakdown and tasks to be completed by an Orasi consultant. Perform proofs-of-concept with Mercury QuickTest Professional, WinRunner and TestDirector to show Mercury solutions working in client environments. Consult with clients transferring knowledge for administration, customizations and scripting, upgrades, and back-up routines. Conduct TestDirector training and QuickTest Professional training. Orasi is 2004 Mercury Solutions Partner of the Year.
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst
January 2003 to August 2004
Researched, proposed, negotiated cost, and secured the purchase of Mercury Interactives WinRunner, QuickTest Professional (QTP) with .Net Add-in, and TestDirector. Performed a gap analysis of LoadRunner and WebAvalanche working toward the attainment of load and stress testing tools. Installed and configured TestDirector 8.0 with SQL Server 2000. Developed the legacy Match.com TrackRecord defect process flow in TestDirector. Setup all users and groups, enforcing process flow transition rules using VB scripting, and serve as the TestDirector Administrator. Develop Test Plans, QTP and WinRunner test scripts, perform manual and automated testing and defect tracking and resolution of C# .Net based applications and services. Develop VB .Net applications via the TestDirector Open Test Architecture API. Develop custom test management processes for requirements gathering and tracking, manual and automated test planning and execution, and defect tracking and resolution. Continuing enhancements of match.com SDLC methodology by furthering the introduction of automated processes.
SBC Communications Inc.
Senior EIT Analyst
May 2002 to December 2002
Plan, develop, and document an Oracle 8.17 OBF data repository, SQL scripts, constraints, stored procedures, and views. Views are constructed based upon test case data requirements, providing data dynamically via automated scripts to assist in identifying the capacity and potential limitations for CLEC GUI applications (Verigate, Weblex) and machine-to-machine interfaces (CORBA, EDI) to telecom client provisioning systems. Develop WinRunner scripts to mine OBF data from various Intranet sites and import data to the test bed via SQL*Loader. Develop EIT (Enterprise Integration Test) SLA (Service Level Agreements), Master Test Plans, and LoadRunner test scripts to evaluate Corporate Information Security Web based user authentication applications, and the processing of orders for the Golden Mailbox, an internal rewards application for sales associates. Generate, analyze, and publish LoadRunner test results and document the testing process. Design the project CD ROM archive auto run menu.
AdvancePCS, Quality Assurance Test
Senior QAT Analyst
December 2001 to April 2002
Served as the Rebate Billing back-end project team-lead. Gathered requirements from multiple sources consolidating requirements in one central repository. Led business units in the development of the Rebate Billing Integration process flow. Implemented defect tracking and resolution processes for QA and Development, fully utilizing TestDirector in the organization for the first time. Developed test plans, test cases, SQL and WinRunner test scripts. Performed automated and manual testing of Rebate Billing back-end procedures, and front-end applications based upon the Java Web Start run-time environment, while documenting the process. Performed TestDirector server configuration enhancements, and general maintenance, and documented the maintenance process. Upgraded twenty legacy TestDirector projects to version 7.2. Developed WinRunner and LoadRunner test scripts for Formulary and Authentication Web based applications and analyzed test results.
Senior Consultant, Mercury Interactive TestSuite
November 1998 to November 2001
Dallas, TX office, Mercury Interactive TestSuite subject matter expert, assisting account executives on a regular basis with sales call visits. Assisted in the development of presentations, work breakdown structures, and scopes of work:
Motion Picture Association of America (RCG IT)
October 2001 to November 2001
Primary responsibility was to develop WinRunner test scripts, testing a proprietary Web application for MPAA member companies. Installed Windows NT Server 4.0, SQL Server 7, Internet Information Server 4 making possible the installation and configuration of TestDirector 7.02 Enterprise. Served as the project TestDirector administrator, accommodating custom configurations tailored to project requirements, and documented a TestDirector users guide for MPAA personnel. Developed and delivered WinRunner test sets as defined by the scope of work and documented the process.
Excel Communications (RCG IT)
May 2001 to July 2001
Primary responsibility was to develop WinRunner test scripts based upon provided test cases, testing Independent Representatives Home Site version 3.0. Also served as the RCG project manager responsible for all project planning, issue tracking, change controls and deliverables acceptance. Managed self and one RCG LoadRunner developer toward the project goal of a knowledge transfer to Excel staff, as defined in the Scope of Work, to include the delivery of test plans, conversion of manual tests into automated scripts by consulting Excel staff in TestDirector, WinRunner and LoadRunner automation best-practices.
Digital:Convergence Corporation (RCG IT)
January 2001 to May 2001
Served as Applications Development internal Quality Assurance. Developed the Software Requirements Specification (SRS), the Master Test Plan, and all Test Cases for the proprietary Web application, Your:Cue. Set up a test bed consisting of MS Windows versions subsequent to 3.11, Macintosh system 7.x and later, IE 4.x and greater, NN 4.x and greater. Developed WinRunner automated test scripts for regression testing, based on specific test cases, validating the SRS was adhered to throughout all stages of development. Assisted in other Applications Development projects testing :CRQ for Windows 2.0, :CRQ for the Mac 1.0 and :Cue Manager 2.2.
Compaq Telecom Network Solutions (RCG IT)
January 2000 to December 2000
Responsibly for the testing and scripting of applications running on Tandem S-Series servers and the Guardian OS. Performed an upgrade of TestDirector and WinRunner to version 6.2. Suggested and implemented changes in terminal emulation script development from using the emulator Outside View to the emulator MRWin6530, significantly increasing scripting support. Implemented and documented general automated testing procedures. Developed scripts that test Node setup and configuration, SS7 link conditions and error generation, as well as the general functionality of various network configuration and monitoring applications. Tests are scripted via user interfaces, utilizing Tandem Advanced Command Language (TACL) and SQL queries.
CCN Managed Healthcare, Inc. (RCG IT)
March 1999 to November 1999
Developed documented automated testing methodologies for the clients Y2K remediation effort. Setup training labs for TestSuite classes and conducted high-level introductory training. Installed TestDirector Server 6.2 with an Oracle 7 database. Setup and configured thirty-two Windows 9x and Windows NT Workstations within the Y2k Test and Production environments, utilizing WinRunner, TestDirector, the Oracle 8.05 client, and Reflection for Digital/Unix 7.0. Created a test lab, with the assistance of the QA manager that the client chose to keep beyond Y2k. Setup, configured and administrated the CCN_Y2k_Project TestDirector database. Provided continual support of the TestSuite to CCN and RCG Y2K testers.
Lennox Industries (RCG IT)
January 1999 to February 1999
Developed test scripts providing the client a mechanism to port data from an Internet application and into a newly implemented SAP system. Responsibilities included configuring WinRunner with SAP extensions, writing and debugging WinRunner scripts, and testing the application for accuracy, while documenting the process.
Phillips Consumer Electronics, Web TV Group
Software Quality Assurance Testing
April 1998 to November 1998
Primary responsibility was to find and report discrepancies in 3rd party proprietary Internet browsing software, applications, and operating systems. Assisted in the maintaining of workstations and the assembly of electronic components as needed.
Partner/Owner, Web Site Developer
June 1996 to April 1998
Responsibilities included managing the quality of the product, servicing new and existing accounts, conducting market research and market development through directory search and database seeding, programming Web sites using HTML, Java scripting, graphical concepts and design implementation.
The Learning Company
Software Quality Assurance Testing
January 1997 to August 1997
Served as Quality Assurance software tester, and as the lead tester on various projects. Primary responsibility was to find and report discrepancies in internal and 3rd party proprietary software. Configured hardware peripherals in order to conduct specific tests as directed by QA management. Suggested quality improvements to the product, affecting end user satisfaction. Implemented several phases of the Central Testing Divisions corporate Intranet site.
Certified Product Specialist (CPS), Mercury Interactive, version 5. Completed Mercury Interactives, WinRunner, TestDirector, and WinRunner advanced training courses. Successfully completed all self-study and coursework for the TestSuite, Certified Product Specialist (CPS) exam in WinRunner, TestDirector and advanced techniques of automated testing.
- System Testing & QA Techniques | Hamilton Technologies - 2005
- MS Project | New Horizons Computer Learning Centers - 2005
- MS-2071 Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Transact-SQL | TekFocus - 2003
- Fundamentals and Advanced QuickTest Professional 6.0 | Mercury Interactive - 2003
- S-Series INS Operations & Administration | Compaq Telecom Network Solutions - 2000
- Spectra Base Course | Inet Technologies, Inc. - 2000
- WinRunner, TestDirector, WinRunner Advanced Training | Mercury Interactive - 1998
- Troubleshooting, Maintaining, and Upgrading PCs | CompuMaster - 1998
- Introduction to Software Testing | The Learning Company - 1997
- Member of Dallas Mercury Users Group (DMUG), since 2001, Board of Directors, 2004, 2005
- Member of the International Webmasters Association, since 2001
- Member of the HTML Writers Guild, since 1996

MS DOS, Windows 9x, ME, NT Workstation, 2000 Professional, and XP Professional. Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Linux, Solaris, and Macintosh. Sound understanding of TCP/IP networks, NT Server 4.0, Server 2000, 2003 Server, Linux servers, Internet Information Server (IIS), Apache, FTP Servers, Proxy Servers, NAT (Network Address Translation), Firewalls, Routers, DNS through Bind, IP Assignments, and configuration tuning of high-speed Internet connections.
Oracle 8i. MS SQL Server 7 and 2000, TACL SQL, PostgreSQL, mySQL, and MS Access. Expertise in Mercury Interactive WinRunner, QuickTest Professional, and TestDirector software testing tools. Proficient in Mercury Interactive LoadRunner, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, MS Office 97, 2000, and XP. Knowledge of Allarie ColdFusion Studio and Server, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and plug-ins, and other graphics packages. TSL (Test Script Language) C based Language, VB script, HTML, CFML, dHTML, PHP, ASP, SQL, TACL, Windows API calls; some PL/SQL, Transact-SQL, EDI, CORBA, Java, C, Visual Basic and C#.
Proficient in assembling, configuring, and troubleshooting computer hardware: IBM, Compaq, Dell, HP, Generic PC, AMD & Intel CPU, System Boards, Daughter Boards, NIC, Video Adapters, HDD, Power Supplies, Cooling Devices, CD, CDRW, DVD, Sound Cards, External Peripherals, Hubs, Routers, Internet Appliances.

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