Pradeep Raj

•	Over 5 years of experience as an SAP SRM and CCM Lead Functional Consultant with over 6 years in the I.T industry.
•	Extensive knowledge of SRM MM and ERP functionality
•	Experience working with SAP customers worldwide on their implementations/support when working with SAP Labs.
•	Resolved over 300 customer issues in SRM and CCM domain.
•	Working experience with major SRM customers in the U.S, Asia, Australia and Europe.
•	Worked on all SRM versions starting from SRM 3.0 to SRM 5.0.
•	Worked with CCM 1.0 and CCM 2.0
•	Decent technical exposure and trained on ABAP, ABAP OO in SAP LABS
•	Experience in customization and enhancements. 
•	Implementation with ASAP methodology and SAP Solution Manager.
•	Well versed in Integration of SRM with MM, Project systems, cFolders and FICO.
•	Integration of SRM with CCM
•	Senior member of my-SAP SRM product development and support team in SAP-LABS. Responsibilities involve interaction with consultants and customers worldwide, who are at implementation/testing stage of SRM.
•	Sub Modules configured and implemented: External Requirements, Shopping cart, Bidding Engine, SUS with classic and extended classic scenarios.
•	Industry Exposure with SRM: Oil, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Consumer Products & Utilities/Energy, Metals, Automobiles and Media.

Professional Experience 

Client: International Paper Company, U.S.A			Feb 2008 - Current
Role:  Senior Lead Consultant						
Team Size:  10
•	Catalog Content management (CCM): CCM configuration and handling supplier integration scenarios. Schema and category maintenance, Uploading and publishing the catalogs.
•	Provided expert consulting, the source of supply being unavailable and created situations for shopping cart transfer. 
•	Leading the team of 6 members.
•	Organization model analysis and configuring the Organization structure according to the business model.
•	The issues were complex and integrated with MM-SRM with classic scenario.
•	Strategic Sourcing and Alert management were involved.
Application Environment: SRM Version 5.0; SAP: ERP 470 to ECC 6.0; CCM 2.0

Client:  Pennsylvania comm., U.S					Aug 2007 – Feb 2008
Role:  Senior Consultant						
Team Size:  5
•	Expert on demand for customer in handling the hierarchy items transfer from ERP system to SRM. 
•	Catalog management: Defining and implementing the BADIS: /CCM/Approval_BADI, /CCM/CHAR_Validation – To redefine the characteristics etc. SSO management and BADI implementation of BBP_CCM_Transfer_Catalog.
•	Configuring the workflow and customizing it for n step approval.
•	Shopping cart transfer issues with integrated MM system handled.
•	Defining and configuration of Workflow. One step, two-step and N step approval configurations with knowledge on workflow BADIs. 
•	Reporting with BW analytics.
•	Integration with ERP with BAPI, RFC and Idocs

Application Environment: ABAP; SRM Version 5.0; SAP: ERP 470 to ECC 6.0; CCM 2.0

Client:  Consol Energy; U.S.A					Mar 2007 – Aug 2007
Role:  Senior Consultant						
Team Size:  10
•	Consolidating and presenting goods and services. Maintenance of OCI, Master catalog management, schema definitions, publishing and maintaining procurement catalogs and contract catalogs. Migration in to MDM.
•	Development and working on planned procurement for External requirements with strategic sourcing. 
•	Issues handled which are faced during upgrade and support pack implementations
•	Remote consulting for the customer for resolving the issues for external requirement transfer to SRM in strategic procurement scenario with direct and indirect materials. 
•	Updating Partner deletion from purchase requisition in to SRM. 
•	Vendor link configuration, Vendor analysis with management.
Application Environment: SRM Version 4.0 and 5.0; SAP: ERP 470 to ECC 6.0; CCM 2.0

Client:  Petrobas, Brazil 						June 2006 – Mar 2007 
Role:  Senior Consultant						
•	Expert on demand for plan driven and strategic sourcing services.
•	CCM: Uploading Contract catalogs. Automatic transfer of Shopping carts bypassing souring for contact items.
•	Integration with Supplier Self Services (SUS) and ROS
•	Issues handled related to external procurement and strategic sourcing. 
•	Major issues with report bbp_get_status_2 were handled
•	As Petrobas is not using BADIs, lot of custom implementation done for customer through pilot notes and CUF.
•	Enhancements using Screen variants and transaction varients
•	Customer specific development for SRM MM integration scenarios.
•	Replicating and creation of Users. Creating roles and authorization objects (PFCG). External User creation in SRM (Bidding and SUS).
Application Environment: SRM Version 4.0; SAP: ERP 470. ABAP and Object Oriented ABAP; CCM 2.0

Client:; Paris, France					Jul 2005 – June 2006
Role:  Senior Consultant						 
Team Size:  10	
•	Provided expert consulting on issues where customer faced problems in Plan driven Procurement.
•	The issues were shopping from old purchase orders and template was enabled with Search in Archive functionality. Disabled the feature for the customer based on the request. 
•	Integration of SRM with MM, Finance and Project systems. Account determination, budget check, External Procurement etc.
•	Involved in setup to define the operational hierarchy. Controlling via attribute maintenance with purchasing organization, purchasing group, plant etc. Defining business workflow model with the configuration.
•	CCM configuration for catalog procurement. Maintaining the Trex engine and developing custom transfer through BADI
Application Environment: SRM Version 4.0 and 5.0; SAP: ERP 470 to ECC 500, ABAP and Object Oriented ABAP; CCM 1.0

Client:  ONGC, India
Role:  Senior software Engineer						Feb 2003 – Jul 2005 
Team Size:  5
•	Expert Services for the customer in Bidding engine and Live Auction.
•	Helped customer implementing custom four-stage bidding.
•	Migration of the customer for using SAP Live Auction
•	Major configuration and custom developments done for the customer being in SRM 4.0, the public sector scenarios are covered.
•	Product and Category replication from external systems. Filter Configurations for Initial download and delta downloads.
•	Cross Application setting: Printing, attachments, vendor links, info records, contracts and Archiving
•	Technical Configuration: External and Internal ITS installation and publishing templates.
•	Supplier Enablement:  Configuration and access to SUS via BSP URL, Supplier registration, Service procurement with Supplier Integration. SAP Netweaver Portal Business Package for supplier Collaboration.
•	Catalog Content Management (CCM): Consolidating and presenting goods and services. Maintenance of OCI, Master catalog management, schema definitions, publishing and maintaining procurement catalogs and contract catalogs.
Application Environment: SRM Version 4.0 and 5.0; SAP: ERP 470 to ECC 500, ABAP and Object Oriented ABAP; CCM 1.0

Client:	53 Bank, USA							Aug, 2002 – Feb, 2003
Technology: Java,  J2EE
Webservers: WSAD 5.1 and RAD
Team Size:  15										 
Description:. IB is an Internet banking application developed in CeFS presentation tier, Financial Fusion Business tier and DB2 backend. The application enables the user to make bill payments, money transfers, Account managements, and Alerts etc. The application is developed in WSAD 5.1 and RAD. Printing, attachments.


•	Developing application for alert handling in web based technology
•	Exploring and adopting new web based concepts like Struts
•	Requirement gathering and documenting the Requirement specifications.
•	Analysis and design of the modules and providing the guidelines to the developers.

Role:    Software Engineer						April, 2002 – Aug, 2002		
Client:	EDC, USA	
Technology: Java,  J2EE
Webservers: WSAD 5.1 and RAD
Features developed: Subcontract, Storage Location, Plant Maintenance
Team Size:  15	

Description: EDC is a social service organization in the US with its wings spread all over the world. The aim of the project is to aid the employees of the EDC in automating the variegated processes involved in the various hierarchies of the social service organization. The project has a 3-tier architecture and using J2EE as support for the application framework for the development for the web-enabled application.

•	Analysis and design of the modules
•	Requirement gathering for the client specific scenarios like Plant management, Storage location and subcontracts. 
•	Data synchronization and modeling using MS-SQL.
•	Developing the application using JAVA-J2EE technology.

Educational Qualifications

•	Bachelor of Engineering, the National Institute Of Engineering, Mysore.

Training Courses Attended

Course Name	Description
SAPSRM	mySAP SRM Solution Overview
SRM200	Supplier Relationship Management: Enterprise Buyer Overview
SRM210	mySAP SRM EBP 3.5 & 4.0 Configuration
BC410	Programming User Dialogs
BC430	ABAP Dictionary
BC400	ABAP Workbench: Foundations and Concepts.
SAPTEC	mySAP Technology Solution Fundamentals 
SCM500	Basis of Material Management
WebDyn	Webdynro usng ABAP

Other Achievements

•	Demo of SRM product: integration of SRM with Project system in ‘Demo-Jam, SAP- Summit 07’.
•	Part of SRM 6.0 Functional validation for the client SAP Labs. Validated self-service and plan driven procurement scenarios.
•	Attended the Premiere business event SAP Summit 06 as an expert in SRM Area.
•	Integral part of Organizing committee in SAP TechEd 07.
	Trained in SAP-AG Germany by senior SRM colleagues. Duration: Oct 2006

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