Marcelo Mesti - Oracle Functional Financials Consultant



•	Over 15 years in Finance and Accounting experience with 8 years in Multi-Organization Oracle EBS Implementations as Functional Consultant (with Support).
•	Completed 4 Oracle EBS full life cycle implementations. 
•	4th Level CGA per CMA curriculum analysis, and CRC/SP member since 1988;
•	Excellent analytical/problem solving abilities; able to exhibit judgment and realistic understanding of issues by prioritizing work and use time more efficiently;
•	Ability to coordinate multiple projects by taking initiative; self-directed to display a positive attitude towards complex challenges and problems;
•	Ability to work independently committed to excellence in service and customer satisfaction and thrives in a geographically distributed corporation. 
•	Country experience includes USA, Canada, and Brazil
•	Excellent communication skills, including fluency in English, Portuguese and Spanish. 


Software 	Oracle EBS Applications; O2C (Order to Cash), AR, eBTax, GL (SLA), AP, P2P (Procure to Pay), R2R (Record to Report), PA, FA, Treasury, CM, OM, iProcurement, Inventory, PO, Supply Chain. Releases: 11i/R12.  
Discoverer 9i/10g 
OFA 6.34
Oracle BI EE / DW
Hardware	AS 400		IBM 3090	HP / UNIX	PC / Workstations

Environments	IBM / MVS	TSO / ISPF	MS DOS	MS Windows 98/NT/2000/XP

Languages 	PL/SQL		VB6/ VBA 	COBOL	CICS / SQL	TOAD / SQL Developer / SPUFI

Productivity	MS Office 2007/03/XP	MS-Access 2007/XP/03	

•	Delivered Oracle EBS 11i for 6 of 17 countries for Pfizer Central and Latin America roll-out project
•	Supported plan & execution on the deliverable for Pfizer Brazil’s Mastersaf/SPEED sub-project during Oracle 11i roll-out
•	Created solution process for Post Dated Checks for Latin America countries (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay Markets) using an customized automated method
•	Designed new processes based on certain Brazilian Localization specifications where to meet legal requirements for the Financial modules - (Project Accounting rules for capitalization of mine projects for Brazil & Canada – VALE Inco)
•	Planned & Executed the full Test (Cycle 1 & 2) for Pfizer Canada Pfast Project to the final life cycle of Oracle eBusniess 11i implementation by meeting the scheduled go live deadline for the Financials and SCM modules 
•	Implemented Oracle BI Discoverer 10g (GL module) for the finance community of EPCOR Utilities to replace its standard reporting process which was presented using MS-Excel – by meeting the two month project scope on time as proposed
•	Designed & delivered the Budget & Forecast Revenue Planning system using Oracle Financial Analyzer for MDS Inc.
•	Automated / Supported Security & Report distribution processes by creating an utilities using OFA Express to delivery the Business requirements for the FSRP project at Sun Life Financial as predicted
•	Designed / Implemented interfaces processes by using OFA Express programs to delivery MDS requirements on time planned by Business and Project Management schedules
•	Contributed to the success of business by providing specialized support and problem resolution as pertains to functional system processes and applications utilizing Client Service procedures and IT Methodologies
•	Participated in Outsourcing (Merlot Team) Project involved on the Oracle Financials ERP implementation for all CGE&Y (Cap Gemini Ernst & Young) Group, in the Americas which finalized phase I and II within 18 month
•	Automated the financial group and work process analysis resulting in a cost reduction of approximately 30% in a two years period by implementing ERP BAAN system at Melitta of Brazil


•	Refined / maintained finance business rules and processes for Oracle Financials – General Ledger module during a production support period post Oracle Financials implementation
•	Developed Utilization Scorecard Report and Inventory Cash Receivables using Excel VBA scripts
•	Assisted in expense reductions in the company re-structure which yielded a 20% Net Profit for Home Lumber


Sr. Enterprise Application Oracle EBS R11i 	May / 2010 – August 2010
GE Health Care Brazil 
Sao Paulo, SP – Brazil	
Project description: GE HC – is one of the major Helth Care organizations with office in Sao Paulo, a huge metropolis from Brazil offering local market great competitive health care equipments. GEHC is running GEN3 Project under Oracle EBS 11i system implementation to bring a new manufacturing plant established in Contagem, MG, to supply all market needs. My exposure is on the financial enterprise system rollout of all financial and some exposure to supply chain modules.
•	Supported within the Project Management team on the GEHC to implement Oracle Financials (E-Business 11i) full life cycle, as an Subject Matter Expert in Oracle Financials by delivering to Brazil unit the local processes;
•	Lead local market users through workshop sections to identify and understand business requirements;
•	Managed to create project plans, timelines, task lists and documentation to support group of 4 consultants;
•	Communicated effectively on weekly and monthly status meetings by providing project details, milestones and risks via KPI reporting and proper documentation;
•	Designed & Executed SIT/UAT Integration Testing by running test cases for Oracle 11i  Financials (O2C- AR/Tax/GL/AP);
•	Analyzed client customizations on Progress Billing & Revenue Recognition processes to propose new solution strategy regarding local market RST (Regulatory, Statutory and Taxation) requirements;
•	Proposed & delivered new process for Fiscal Benefits which affected all type of sales transaction GEHC has to process when live with Oracle Financials.

Enterprise Application SME Lead, Oracle EBS R12
Wind Mobile	May / 2009 – June / 2010
Toronto, ON	
Project description: Wind Mobile – is a start up telecom organization from the Orascom Group (Egyptian) one of the major telecom on Middle East, Asia and has its presence on many other countries offering the Canadian market great competitive products within the wireless business and with a superb customer experience. Globalive is running Polaris Project under Oracle, Intec and IN systems to supply all market needs. My exposure is on the Financials enterprise systems (Oracle EBS R12) and Intec Billing System.
•	Liaised within the Project Management team on the O2C/P2P/R2R (Order to Cash “Accounts Receivables, eTax, Order Management” & Record to Report “General Ledger (SLA), Fixed Asset, Payables & Purchasing) to implement Oracle Financials (E-Business R12) full life cycle, as an SM Expert in Oracle Financials by supporting business requirements gathering and analysis;
•	Coordinated with key local market users to identify BI requirements and defined solution that would fit on Globalive’s Footprint business processes by delivering financials key performance indicators and dashboards to support business processes;
•	Managed group of 5 professionals related to implement Oracle R12 to the GW Polaris project;
•	Planned & executed SIT/UAT Integration Testing by running test cases for Oracle R12 and Intec - Singl.eView modules;
•	Discussing process solution and conversion strategy during cutover phase to analyze data load from legacy system to Oracle;
•	Assisting key business user (team leaders) where to define requirements solution on the end to end billing, mediation & provisioning as well as Supply Chain / Distribution processes definitions.

Sr. Oracle Financials Lead Consultant, Oracle EBS 11i
Pfizer USA  	Apr / 2008 – Mar / 2009
Memphis, TN -USA 	
Project description: Pfizer Canada – is the major pharmaceutical manufacturer of great products like VIAGARA & Lipitor. The organization is going to run one of the major projects done so far. The CA-LA (Central, Latin America) Global financial system project implementation by introducing Oracle ERP 11i system for 17 countries in one shot.
•	Participated on the PMO Pfast team to implement Oracle Financials (E-Business 11i) full life cycle for 17 countries roll-out, as an Lead Sr. Oracle Financials Consultant;
•	Liaised with PMO to prepare, updated & execute CA/LA project plan based on specific markets localizations;
•	Prepared/Presented GAP/Business Process workshop to Central/Latin America Markets including Local Tax requirements;
•	Gathered local business/legal/tax requirements to generate GAP and configuration log for Oracle Latin Tax Engine and IR modules;
•	Liaised with key local Market users to identify solution that would fit on Pfizer’s Footprint business processes as well prepared GAP solution documentation by market (country) to support approval process;
•	Supported plan & execution on the deliverables regarding O2C Advanced Collections sub-project during Oracle 11i roll-out;
•	Oriented technical (off shore) teams to liaised on system configuration via ticket system management for R2R & O2C/AR modules to reflect functional requirements;
•	Created/Modified and maintained test scripts for end to end business scenarios on GL, FA & O2C/AR;
•	Coordinated & executed Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing by running test cases and scripts for O2C/AR  module;
•	Assisted key business user (team leaders) where to prepare them to support Oracle Financials modules and environments when system went live in Production.

Project Manager - Consultant, ECMS ERP Construction Businesses 
Carillion Canada Inc - eCMS Project 	Mar / 2008 – Apr / 2008
Toronto (CAD)	
Project description: As part of management team at Carillion a mid size well established construction, service & road maintenance organization , where to provide ERP system consulting, to support the client on ongoing implementation of its financial online & timecard control systems
•	Delivered and communicated critical business solutions in a project environment by analyzing and developing detailed business requirements, designed specifications and training requirements 
•	Planned & assisted in ECMS system full life cycle implementation for AP, as well as expanded other Financial modules;
•	Performed cost/benefit and feasibility analyses for new consulting projects;
•	Organized & executed weekly statuses team meetings to discuss project activities and deliverables;
•	Presented monthly project status to stakeholders, project sponsors and senior management;
•	Attended Planning/Forecast & Service Time Management System Training (PROFIX & KRONOS);
•	Liaised with company's 'CFO', and PROFIX consultants to review new software requirements for the current business planning and future budget/forecasting tools enhancements.

Sr. Oracle Financials Consultant, Oracle11i
VALE INCO Canada –Oracle Brazil 	July / 2007 – Feb / 2008
Project description: CVRD - Companhia do Vale do Rio Doce (VALE) SA – is one of the major mineral extraction companies from Brazil which extracts & produces a variety of great main assets, its products used for other major worldwide organization and Brazil as its main goods to manufacture new products. The company has acquired INCO, a Canadian based mineral organization with globally operations in North America, Europe & Asia. VALE is going for a major change on their business and with that a need to have on of the top ERP financial system implemented to control, run & process its finance for over 4 continents, many countries where Canada is the first to have Oracle EBS 11i modules been ready to be rollout on of the class global system integration.
•	Participated on Global-Organization Oracle Financials (E-Business 11i) full life cycle project implementation, as an Sr. Oracle Financials Consultant by gathering, analyzing, designing, building and testing system requirements;
•	Gathered local business, legal & processes requirements to prepare a log containing all project business processes;
•	Identified business process issues and generated GAP analysis as well as logged information on GAP solution documentation;
•	Reviewed and updated Business Process documentation (BP080’s) for GL, AP, PA & FA;
•	Designed end to end test scripts for AP, PA & FA modules;
•	Supported team structure and language communications when international conference calls were placed;
•	Coordinated the champion end users to collect business processes for GL, FA and PA modules to reflect functional requirements;
•	Defined the Conversion strategy for the FA module and supported conversion team to convert and load data from legacy system;
•	Assisted management, PMO and Sr. Management on Portuguese communication to prepare them to support Oracle Financials.

Sr. Oracle Financials Consultant, Oracle11i
Pfizer Canada	 Dec / 2006 – July / 2007
Project description: Pfizer Canada – is the major pharmaceutical manufacturer of great products like VIAGRA. The Organization is going for an Global major change on their system process by implementing Oracle ERP system for over 10 countries where Canada and US is in process with most of Oracle modules been bought to reproduce on of the class global system integration.
•	Participated on Global-Organization Oracle Financials (E-Business 11i) full life cycle project implementation, as an Sr. Oracle Financials Consultant by gathering, analyzing, designing and testing Oracle ERP environments;
•	Prepared, modified and maintained test scripts for R2R (Requisition to Report) for financial modules: GL, IC, AR, FA and PA;
•	Reviewed and updated Business Process documentation (BP080’s) for GL, IC, FA, PA and AR as well as Business Rules (BR100’s) documentation when executed Cycle 1 – Integration Testing and found gaps on system setups;
•	Used Discoverer 10g Desktop and Viewer to test customized reports for financials modules as described above;
•	Planned, coordinated and executed Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing by running test cases and scripts for GL, IC, AR, FA and PA modules;
•	Researched/Added Canadian requirements for the Lockbox O2C26 Interface & liaised with EDI /E-commerce team to transform data coming direct from customers databases using Oracle EBS EDI process to load receivables direct into Pfizer’s Oracle Application;
•	Supported the Conversion team during conversion phase where to convert and load data from legacy system to Oracle Financials;
•	Assisted key business user (team leaders) where to prepare them to support Oracle Financials modules and environments when system went live in Production.

Business Analyst Lead Consultant, DataStage  – NCR Teradata
BELL Canada 	Sept / 2006 – Nov / 2006
Project description: Bell Canada - Sympatico – is the major internet service provider and internet on-line services (like Music, Gaming, Entertainment…) organization for Ontario. The EDW Broadview Project, started with the need of a new Order Management system which Bell has migrated to its Teradata EDW environment; with that all interfaces, data-transformation and data delivery that was supported by the legacy system had to be migrated / upgraded to support functionality of new system.
•	Data / Gap analysis before introducing the new functionalities for Bell vendors on Sympatico Market;
•	Used MS Project to drive work breakdown schedule provided by the client to direct & organized tasks as per project plan & scope;
•	Prepared JAD sessions to gather requirements from vendors where to capture daily, weekly and monthly processes 
•	Created SRS documentation for required specifications gathered during JAD sessions ;
•	Reviewed SRS with business / third parties communities to get approvals on these documents;
•	Supported technical developers on preparing SDS documentation as well as validated against SRS docs;
•	Designed & executed Test Plan, Cycles and cases for testing of new system functionality;
•	Prepared and supported Project Manager on weekly status meetings where to review pending activities and delivery status information to project sponsors.

Sr. Oracle Financials Consultant, Oracle11i – BI Discoverer
EPCOR Inc. 	May / 2006 – Jun / 2006
Project description: EPCOR Utilities Inc – is the major power & water service utilities organization for Alberta and west end Canada, including US services. The Reporting Optimization Project, started with the need of a new Business Intelligence system process, since finance community was using MS-Excel as your reporting presentation tool and regarding last update to Oracle E-Business 11i (v.10.5.9) in 2004 the BI tool from Oracle – Discoverer 10g was presented to replace Excel processes.
•	Participated on Multi-Organization BI Discoverer 10g, full life cycle project implementation, as an Oracle BI Consultant by gathering, analyzing, interviewing and designing of automated BI Management Reporting environment;
•	Tested, ran and maintained SQL scripts / processes to support EPCOR Ad-Hoc requirements on Discoverer which fetched data from Oracle Financials 11i  (GL) to delivery standard, customized and ad-hoc reporting needs;
•	Gathered functional requirements supported by finance community Team Leaders thru interview process;
•	Supported business lead and project manager by leading and taking directions to execute our WBS (work breakdown schedule);
•	Used Discoverer 10g Administrator to prototype, design and create business areas, folders, hierarchies and item classes to create and refine End User Layer for Discoverer Desktop and Plus;
•	Analyzed and maintained report inventory list from legacy / Excel system to reproduce similar or implement new reports to business finance community;
•	Prepared the training material for Discoverer consumers and producers for the Desktop and Plus versions;
•	Planned, coordinated and executed TAT and UAT test scripts within the system QA testing as well as promotion of codes from ‘DEV’ & ‘TEST’ environments for EPCOR corporate and its business units.

Sr. Oracle Consultant, Oracle11i – Financial Analyzer (Express)
State Street Inc.	Feb / 2006 – Apr / 2006
Boston (US)	
Project description: Part of OFA technical team, from Syntel Inc. consulting, where to support the client on ongoing tests, correct issues on upgraded implementation of a Multi-Org Budget & Forecast System using Oracle Financial Analyzer
•	Involved on SSI – Integrated Financial System (Multi-Org upgrade) project implementation, analysis and support of automated OFA/Express programs which loaded data from Financial Data Warehouse (FDR) to OFA instances on data cubes;
•	Researched functional requirements supported by Finance community, SSI - Financial Managers and Analysts to refine budget strategy and redesign forecast process to reflect new GL requirements from Oracle GL 11i implementation;
•	Supported Process Budget Analysts & OFA Security Administrator by responding to and diagnoses production defects on Express customized scripts/programs created to execute daily refresh as well as performed Super Admin (DBA) tasks to correct environments;
•	Coordinated and oriented technical (off shore) teams to promote system setup changes for GL, FA and PA modules to reflect functional requirements;
•	Checked Task Processor scripts by analyzing Catalogs within Express Monitor command line where to verify updates and scripting logs for daily processes of Business Intelligence budget system.

Sr. Oracle Financials Consultant, Oracle11i – General Ledger
Eckler Partners Ltd.  	Jan / 2006 – Present
Project description: Eckler Partners Ltd. is a mid size organization which has been using Oracle E-Business 11i – General Ledger since 2003, where the board of Directors decided to extract more and better information from its financial system. This is a Production support project, where Eckler Partners has hired Project X Ltd, to gather the issues and defects in a Log system, which has hired LM MESTI to execute the enhancements and correct issues as it comes along during this year (2006).
•	Involved on MTB – Manage the Business Production Support for its Integrated Financial System (Multi-Org) project, analysis and support of Oracle E-Business 11i General Ledger module;
•	Researched functional requirements supported by Finance community, Managers and Analysts to refine business strategy and design new processes to extract financial information in a better and meaningful way using Oracle FSG;
•	Created new process for a Balanced Sheet and Income Statement with subtotals and excluding a specific SOB (set of book) using VBA/macros in Excel to give more flexibility to finance community;
•	Liaised with financial system operator and key users to collect system information to prepare configuration documents;
•	Analyzed system configuration to gather implementation setups for a better understanding of Eckler’s financial consolidation process as well as for its Intercompany transactions activities.

Sr. Oracle Financials Consultant, Oracle11i – BI Discoverer, OFA
MDS Inc. – CBS Project (IBM Canada) 	Sep / 2005 – Dec / 2005
Toronto - Contract	
Project description: Functional consultant on “E-Business 11i” team, from “IBM Canada”, client MDS Inc - CBS Multi-Org project, where to support E-Business Suite and Business Intelligence implementation, testing and go live Oracle Applications 11i
•	Involved on Multi-Organization BI Discoverer project prototyping, implementation, analysis and support of automated BI Management reporting processes, as customized metric reports;
•	Researched functional requirements supported by Team Leader regarding a CRF (Change Request Form) approved to modify, UAT test and implement changes on Account Generator Workflow for SCM R2P, Treasury and EDI Confirmation processes;
•	Facilitated work for key users and communities by providing functional support on Oracle E-Business 11i general modules (GL, AP, AR, Treasury, CM, OM, iProcurement – R2P, SCM - D2A & Inventory) on planning & coordinating information as required;
•	Supported team leaders and management by documenting business process created to support OFA Finance, OM and Supply Chain community of MDS divisions in a matter that they could produce their monthly, quarterly and yearly end closes more effectively;
•	Participated on BI team meetings to develop implementation strategy for DBI (Daily Business Intelligence) Oracle Business Intelligence to delivery management reporting performance reports;
•	Prepared business specifications collected from interviewing key users to implement DBI for Financials (GL, AP, AR, Treasury, OM) as well as reviewed Oracle FSG reports and its requirements to present the strategy CBS team took to refine these reports to reflect DBI implementation and to design/create new reports as required;
•	Executed DBI GL schedule test steps for the finance community to prove and prepare the testing phase.

Sr. Oracle Consultant, Oracle11i –Financial Analyzer (Express), Discoverer
Sun Life Financial 	Mar / 2005 – Jun / 2005
Project description: Part of OFA technical team, from TCS - Tata Consulting Service, where to support the client to finalize tests, correct possible issues and implement Multi-Org Reporting Tool System using Oracle Financial Analyzer / Express Server as technical consultant
•	Involved on SLF – FSRP 1.1 Multi-Org project implementation, analysis and support of automated BI reports, Express programs which loaded data from FDR Financial Data Warehouse to OFA instances on data cubes, servers and Super DBA tasks process;
•	Tested, ran and maintained scripts / processes which fetched data from GL data cubes to translate & populate M&A / P&F cubes  (Management & Analyst / Planning & Forecasting) with rounded & un-rounded routines to create comparatives;
•	Gathered and documented functional requirements supported by Team Leaders, SLF - Financial Managers and Analysts to prototype & design Report Distribution Strategy Process as well as setup right access of  data/users to support business requirements to allow retrieval of data from various transactional systems to Hyperion System for the Financial Management Reporting Swat group;
•	Identified problem areas and recommended improvements concerning new and existing applications/processes;
•	Executed Super DBA tasks to maintain OFA process and data flows by checking scripting logs and process logs;
•	Supported Process Leads, OFA / Discoverer, BI & Security Admins on fixing defects & promoting fixes from ‘Development’ to ‘Testing’ environments using Test Director and PVCS;
•	Provided support to M&A team on maintaining Oracle Discoverer Business Intelligence and Oracle Financial Analyzer to delivery required business specification to project implementation process.

Sr. Oracle Consultant, Oracle11i - Financial Analyzer / Express
MDS Inc. – CBS Project (IBM Canada) – 	Aug / 2004 – Feb / 2005
Project description: Peer on “Manage the Business” team, from “IBM” - MDS Inc - CBS Multi-Org project, where to implement a Budget and Forecast system using Oracle Financial Analyzer / Express Server as functional consultant
•	Involved on MDS – CBS (Multi-Org) project Oracle Financials / OFA Express implementation, installation of OFA Thin & Thick Clients, workstations, budgets, analysts and Express Servers as well executing Super DBA tasks process;
•	Prepared detailed specifications and design models application functions to meet business operation needs;
•	Designed/Tested interfaces from/to Oracle GL, FA and Human Resources to retrieve Actual data from Oracle EBS Applications to upload into OFA which run Budget X Actual processes using Express language scripts output on financial data cubes;
•	Identified business rules and linked Oracle GL with OFA to uploaded all GL segments (dimensions and dimension values);
•	Generated / managed scripts, maintained models and created Solves (Rollups) to validate Actual interfaced from GL to OFA;
•	Performed system, process and application monitoring and gathered metrics to analyze and revise existing system logic;
•	Assisted on functional configuration of Oracle Financials - GL, Assets, Cash Management and Treasury to report interfaces from / to other Oracle modules, like Payables and Receivables as well as compiled, prepared documentation & conducted hands on training;
•	Worked as and with a second tier of Oracle Express Servers system administrator to resolve issues when them has been occurred.

Sr. Consultant – Financial Analyst
Bell Canada (Revenue results project) 	June / 2004 - Aug / 2004
Project description: To design a simple solution (process) to handle revenue recognition from an Emergis company billing system and distribute / post automatically revenue journals in SAP Financial system
•	Gathered, planned, analyzed and designed a revenue process solution using MS Access / VBA for applications to support the Revenue Finance department on executing its revenue recognition process;
•	Prepared / Consolidated weekly and monthly financial statements using new process to validate data integrity against SAP-BW and third party Billing system with associated schedules as per business agreements;
•	Coordinated with all the line areas the information necessary to prepare the reports; verified, analyzed, and compiled the backup documentation and the audit trail required to support these reports;
•	Prepared training material to financial key people as well as scheduled and executed training.

Sr. Financial Analyst, Oracle Functional Management Reporting
Inergi LP (Cap Gemini Ernst & Young) 	Sept / 2002 – Mar / 2004
Project description: Participated on the MERLOT team multi-org implementation of Oracle Financials Applications, OFA and Discoverer for Inergi LP (CGE&Y Financial Outsourcing for North Americas)
•	Responsible for Oracle Discoverer / OFA - Express design, testing and development of custom management reports that was used to drive future business requirements;
•	Provided functional line support for Multi-Org Oracle Applications 11i (GL, AP, AR, FA, CM, PA, OM, Inventory & FSG Reporting) issues to Senior Managers & Financial Analyst and Key Users after go live;
•	Created and refined corporate-wide Business Intelligence reports using Oracle Reports, Discoverer Admin Tool, Oracle OLAP and PL/SQL, as well as designed FSG reports for budget / forecast; Designed OFA models, solves & hierarchies, as well managed scripts and maintained custom report matrix distribution;
•	Supported Implementation team by creating process controls for GL, AP, AR, FA, PA, CM and T&E models where to provide more efficiency on month-end closing and reporting;
•	Guided developers by gathering specific business requirements to implement Oracle Financial modules;
•	Setup configuration rules for products/services on Oracle Configurator (OM to Cash) as well created multiple currency conversion criteria and configured pricing for complex business requirements;
•	Participated on weekly team meeting to gather, discuss & review Project Implementation process for Oracle Applications (OFA, Financials, Order Management to cash functional pricing, invoicing, shipping, inventory and closing) based on business systems requirements;
•	Prepared and executed tests scripts for all financial modules where to test & validate financial system functionality;
•	Created Access database models (using ADO and VBA) to track Key Performance Indicators and Detail Open AR reports, as well configured Oracle Discoverer to extract data where used on Access models to achieve the agreed business goals;
•	Consolidated  / Prepared monthly Trial Balances, P&L and annual Financial Statements using Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Financial Analyzer, FSG/GL and Reports for distribution to associates and key members of projects;
•	Cooperated with internal & external auditors to produce and validate FSG and Ad Hoc reports.

	Charge-back Systems Analyst
Royal Bank VISA 	Sept / 1999 – Jan / 2000
Project description: RBC VISA is one of the biggest Canadian bank credit card company in Canada. As part of the Charge-back and Fraud department I was responsible to work with two systems to analyze 1st and 2nd level of fraud transactions to initiate the charge-back process.
•	Analyzed records on RICS and TS2 VISA System and sent response letters to cardholders;
•	Completed cardholders accounts reconciliation in cases of fraud for review by Controller;
•	Processed working paper files for individual subsidiaries and issued monthly reporting package, including unit operating results / review any variances.

	Support Analyst
KPMG Canada - Contract	June / 1999
Project description: KPMG Canada is one of the big 5 accounting service company. During the HWY407 privatization Canadian Government assigned KPMG to process a huge analysis on all computer peripherals before completing the deal with the private companies who acquired HWY407 (A toll HWY) to clean all government sensitive data. On the tracking team I was responsible to group multiple network data source to one route network which data saved would be cleansed afterwards by another team.
•	Supported the 407 project team (Highway 407 privatization), collecting, consolidating, analyzing, organizing and printing government sensitive files;
•	Analyzed confidential files from a generic network drive and transferred to the specific network drive that was supposed to be archived;
•	Participated on daily meetings to analyze project status on new / updated list of government sensitive documents;
•	Transferring data for network drives.

	Financial Business Analyst
Melitta of Brazil Industry and Commerce Ltd.	Oct / 1994 - Sept / 1998
•	Assisted the business to resolve business issues by helping them use the proper reporting method, gathering, recording, reviewing, evaluating, escalating and routing Service Requests, Problem Reports, questions and emergencies. Recognized and reacted to potential problems and opportunities;
•	Provided technical knowledge, expertise and support in delivering business solutions by developing detail, accurate and complete business requirements, contributing to project plans and budgets, involving all business stakeholders;
•	Managed own time as established by business priorities by accurately estimating time requirements, meeting delivery targets and recognizing task independencies;
•	Executed month, quarter and year end closes for Melitta’s finance business units as well as analyzed and reconciled its financial statements before reporting distribution;
•	Used of Business Intelligence (BI) tools to create ad-hoc reports to support CFO, Directors and Managers’ business requirements on demand;
•	Provided GAP analysis for the additional financial statements, balanced sheets and ad-hoc reports as well as developed a documentation process for the reporting process;
•	Enhanced team efficiency and effectiveness by working with colleagues in a team environment, leading by example to create the atmosphere of partnership and cooperation, sharing information through cross training and initiating/conducting peer reviews;
•	Established and maintained new reporting distribution schedule for the finance community and specific business units;
•	Assisted in the training of business and team members where appropriate.

•	Bachelors Degree in Accounting. 1993.

•	Computer Systems & Information Technology, Post Graduation at Sheridan College. 2002 – 2006.
•	Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (Oracle Canada Workshop). November 2009.
•	Oracle OFA 11i / Discoverer 9i. 2001 – 2002.        
•	Oracle FSG (Financial Statement Generator). 2001 – 2002.        
•	Oracle Financials 10 / 11i ( GL, FA, AP, AR,  …). 1999 – 2000.
•	COBOL II / CICS / VSAM and DB2. June 1999.
•	Project Management. 1998.

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