John DeNicola

A 21 year, success-driven Information Technology professional with proven record of leading and development in multiple IT projects from concept to implementation. Committed to delivering high quality, efficient systems and solutions. Applies and promotes best development and design practices and conventions. Proven ability to quickly learn and apply new technologies. Initiates and maintains highly effective communication skills and strong working relationships with fellow workers and users.


Pilot Consulting, Inc., Homer, NY

Principal Consultant

05/2009 - Present

TEK Systems, Rochester, NY

Solutions Analyst

07/2009 - 09/2009

Short term contract with major health insurance company. Performed Data/Business Analysis work, as well as coding.

  • To satisfy urgently needed requirements not provided by another vendor, wrote PL/SQL code that wrote and executed dynamic SQL which performed Database activity audits on current/previous cycle of a given database table. Provided documentation on usage before turning over to development staff.

Keane Inc. Syracuse, NY

Senior Consultant

10/2005 - 05/2009

Served as Project Lead for Data Warehouse System. Provided database and system design, User requirements and technical design documents for several projects, delegated work to construction teams, executed construction activities as required. Provided production system support for legacy and Data Warehouse systems.

  • Investigated, analyzed and provided solutions to resolve data integrity issues on multiple projects.
  • Served as primary contact and support for Human Resource and Share of Market Distributor Profile systems.
  • Introduced and promoted normalized database design to project team.
  • Converted legacy systems from Sybase to Oracle 9i.
  • Automated several manual system processing yielding a reduction of process time by 85% while eliminating potential of introducing erroneous data to systems.
  • Utilized Oracle triggers and functions to simplify data maintenance functions existing on user interfaces.
  • Provided system support a by utilizing Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Sybase Transact SQL, DBArtisan, DataStage, Unix shell scripting, DYL, JCL, Active Server Pages and VB Scripting

Northrop-Grumman Defense Missions Systems, Rome, NY

Software Engineer - Security Clearance: Interim Top Secret

2004 - 2005

Participated during the full project life cycle in the development of Strategic Mapping applications. 

  • As part of a team effort, responsible for development and enhancement of Joint Mapping Took Kit (JMTK). Utilized C and shell scripting languages.
  • Created and executed test plans for software requirements acceptance testing.
  • Developed and enhanced a message extraction and processing tool, which was applied to map plotting and tactical analysis.
  • Used Java to develop Oracle-based back-end and GUI interfaces, Built message editors. Interfaced to databases using both JDBC and JDBC-ODBC Bridge. Used XERCES libraries to parse XML files. Created message Translators from legacy code originally written in C to Java.

Northrop-Grumman IT, Rome, NY

Information Systems Technician

2003 - 2004

Software/Quality Assurance Testing for a post-grant award documentation system. Developed test plans and scripts. Provided unit testing as necessary. Utilized .ASP, Oracle PL/SQL and Java to aid in completing tasks. Aided in the development of project process. Utilized Mercury Interactive Win-Runner in order to automate testing as necessary.


AppliedTheory/ClearBlue Technologies, Syracuse, NY

Software Engineer

1999 - 2003

Design, Development of commercial websites, Quality Assurance testing of America's� Job Bank website.

  • Performed system analysis in order to create test specification in absence of functional/design specifications.
  • Assisted project manager to set up project infrastructure and development conventions.
  • Bring forth functionality issues/suggestions for client to PM.
  • Provided mentoring to junior programmers.
  • Devised/created test specifications and test matrices.
  • Utilized software tools/languages such as ColdFusion, JavaScript, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, MS Access, SQL Server, HTML, others.

Keane Inc. Syracuse, NY

Senior Consultant

1997 - 1999

ApplicationsDevelopment Center Lead. Provided analysis, design, coding, debugging and unit/system testing for Y2k renovation projects for major manufacturing and utility companies, mentored junior level programmers.

  • Responsible for acceptance and review of statement of work from client.
  • Delegated coding and testing tasks to project team.
  • Provided Quality Assurance Testing for project team deliverables.
  • Provided time and materials estimates for coding and testing efforts.
  • Delivery of completed product to client.
  • Provided input to the enhancement of process.

The Penn Traffic Company, Syracuse, NY


1996 - 1997

Responsible for analysis, design, coding, testing, debugging and system support for multi-divisional mainframe Point-of-Sale Systems and data communications with Store equipment. Designed and developed a store totals reporting system, participated as a team member in a multi-departmental data migration project.


Health Care Data Systems, DeWitt, NY

Technical Analyst

1990 - 1996

Provided software solutions and system support to various health care facilities on Mainframe and Client/Server systems. Provided analysis and development through all phases of project life cycles.

  • Performed business analysis functions to gather specifications from nursing staff and lab in order to create new lab order entry system and results reporting screens.
  • Developed a prototype that was used to give the users a "hands on" demonstration of new order entry system and to further help define other business functions. The information gathered was used to evolve the prototype into the final product.
  • Utilized the HL-7 Interface Protocol.
  • Migrated lab data from legacy system to new order entry system.
  • Filled in for Information Systems manager during his absence.
  • Worked with lab personnel to produce reports to support their work function.
  • Worked on a team effort to create client-server based Physician Appointment and Scheduling System.

AGS Computers, Wappingers Falls, NY


1989 - 1990

Provided software solutions to corporations on PC and mainframe systems for Multi-Level Microchip testers.


Granada Systems Design, Hopewell Junction, NY

Systems Engineer/Consultant

1988 - 1989

Provided software solutions for corporations in microchip development environments.


Technical Knowledge

Databases, DB Tools, File Systems: Oracle, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle DBA Studio, Sybase, Informix/GL4, SQLAnywhere, SQL Server, Sybase Transact-SQL, DBArtisan, Toad, ErWin Data Modeler, Microsoft ODBC Data Source Manager, JDBC, PostGres, IMS SupraV, Microsoft Access. CA-Ideal, DataCom, DB/2, IMS SupraV, and CICS.

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, ASP, Python, ColdFusion, XML, HTML, VBScript, Java, JavaScript, C, PowerBuilder, COBOL, Easytrieve, Pro-IV, PL/I, 370 Assembler, Pascal, Fortran, and others.

Development Tools: DataStage (Designer, Director, Manager, Administrator), MS Access, ColdFusion, DBArtisan, Borland J- Builder, Eclipse, various J2EE Development tools, HomeSite, Microsoft C, TSO, Intertest.

Hardware Platforms: Intel/PC, SUN/Sparc Servers, IBM 9370 Mainframe, lab analysis devices, IBM Series 1.

Scripting/Command Languages: Unix Shell Scripting (Bourne, Korn and c), MS-DOS Batch, MVS JCL.

Operating Systems: Unix, Solaris, Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, Linux, MVS/XA, VM/386, DEC VAX Alpha, VMS.

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