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Experienced in all aspects of software development and deployment with a focus on automation and robotic systems.

Knowledgeable in both Windows and Linux environments with an emphasis on soft and hard real-time systems.

Enjoy working with electromechanical systems that exhibit intelligent motion behavior and involve a multidisciplinary understanding.

Natural ability conceptualizing and implementing creative and unorthodox solutions to problems ranging from concept stage to debugging and deployment.

Extensive experience leading large and small teams with hands on approach.

Solid C, C++ and C# Object Oriented design and implementation background.

Computer Experience OS: Windows (Vista, XP, 2000, XP Embedded, etc), Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat Fedora), QNX.

Processes: SCRUM, Agile Programming

Software: .NET Framework, MS Visual Studio, Player/Stage Robot Platform, WireShark, MFC, MySQL, MS Access, Apache, Visio, MS Project, DreamWeaver, Fireworks.

Hardware: PC architecture, embedded systems (motion, temperature, etc), PC104, Intel/AMD processors, emulators and test instrumentation.

Languages: C\C++, C#, PHP, Visual Basic, XML, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, UML, Pascal, LISP.

Systems: VersionOne, Perforce, TestTrack Pro, MS SourceSafe, phpMyAdmin, Mantis, Bugzilla, Inno Setup.

Professional Experience Oct 2008 – Present Turbine Inc.

Senior Software Engineer

  • Currently work on the company’s “forward facing” applications including: TDM (Turbine Download Manager), the Launcher, Billing Application and TDM CSQueryTool.
  • Developed a web application to monitor installation statistics. This helped Turbine understand and improve their customer facing products, i.e. Installer, TDM.
  • Actively participated in Scrum development methodology using VersionOne to organize and track progress.
  • Worked closely with SQA and Marketing to resolve issues and incorporated timely promotions, business rules and periodic updates to the Billing Application.
  • Fixed bugs and implemented features in the game Launcher application.
  • Environments and tools included, Windows, Linux, Networking (.NET, PHP, MySQl database GNU tools, MS Visual Studio, Perforce, Test Track Pro, etc)

Oct 2004 – Oct 2008 DCI Engineering Services Inc.

Software Manager/Engineer (Consultant via AES Software Consulting)

  • Software Manager and principal engineer, responsible for all aspects of the company’s software capabilities.
  • Interface directly with customers and report to executive management.
  • Responsible for all aspects of software projects including, proposal writing, resource procurement, design, implementation\coding, bug tracking and post release support.
  • Worked on projects for the food, medical, packaging, energy and other industries.
  • Instituted work flow processes, software quality metrics, task tracking systems and design reviews.
  • Environments and tools varied, including Windows, Linux and embedded tools (.NET, Xp embedded, GNU tools, SourceSafe, CVS, etc)
June 2004 – Oct 2004 ASI Inc.

Software Engineer (Consultant via AES Software Consulting)

  • Upgraded software to support new tooling hardware on a popular screen printer
  • Provided consulting expertise on the software architecture and machine behavior
  • Created a complete source control and bug reporting system using MS SourceSafe and Excel
  • Interfaced with client to minimize future software merge efforts
  • Provided post release support
  • All work done using MS Visual Studio C\C++ 6.0, MFC, MS SourceSafe on Windows NT OS.
May 2004 – June 2004 HuestisMedical, Inc.

Software Engineer (Consultant via AES Software Consulting)

  • Modified existing Collimator Test application to support multiple units simultaneously.
  • Specified, purchased and integrated serial port expansion hardware
  • Improved GUI and reduced test time by a factor of eight
  • Provided customer a complete turn-key solution
  • All work done using MS Visual Studio C\C++ 6.0, MFC, MS SourceSafe on Windows 2000.
March 2003 – May 2004 Lite Enterprises Inc.

Software Engineer (Consultant via AES Software Consulting)

  • Designed and implemented an SDI MFC application including the GUI to serve as the machine side control software for the company’s Automated Optical Inspection product.
  • The architecture consisted of several distributed applications communicating over TCP\IP protocol using a proprietary abstraction layer.
  • The architecture provided separation between the UI and machine/process control components via a messaging sub-system. The architecture also provided remote monitoring and diagnostic capability.
  • Designed and implemented an interface to a generic SQL database for storage and classification of Inspection defects and process related parameters.
  • Debugged and ‘re-architected’ existing motion control software into a robust easy to maintain component.
  • Met tight dead lines for early customer review of the AOI product and associated components.
  • All work done using MS Visual Studio C\C++ 6.0, MFC, MS SourceSafe and STL on Windows 2000 and XP.
Jan 2003 – March 2003 HuestisMedical Inc.

Software Engineer (Consultant via AES Software Consulting)

  • Ported a software control system for a Tissue Compensator Mold Cutter from DOS to Windows XP.
  • Personally responsible for integrating Surfer ® as an out-of-process server. This sub-system provided mathematical computation between imported or digitized 3-D data to mold cutting data.
  • Responsible for implementing new features and application enhancements.
  • Personally responsible in migrating from MEI’s to Galil’s motion products.
  • Contributed to all aspects of the project, including: architecture, GUI, low level interfaces, documentation and weekly progress reports.
  • All work done using MS Visual C\C++ 6.0, MFC, MS SourceSafe, MS Project, Visio \ MS Word.
March 2002 – Dec 2002 AVH Inc.

Software Architect (Consultant via AES Software Consulting)

  • Conceived, designed and implementing a Windows based control system for high performance capital equipment. Utilized UML and OOD/OOP principles for the software architecture.
  • The system handles digital\analog IO, motion, machine vision, GUI, and networking.
  • Responsible for both technical and project management duties including scheduling, resource fulfillment, budgeting and hardware procurement.
  • Used MS Visual C\C++ 6.0, MFC, MS SourceSafe, MS Project, FireWorks , Visio \ MS Word and Coreco’s MVTools for machine vision.
Jan 2001 – Feb 2002 Speedline Technologies Inc.,

Software Architect (Consultant via AES Software Consulting)

  • Ported a large equipment software control system from DOS to Windows NT as a Win32 application for a best selling stencil printer.
  • Designed and implemented a “container” architecture enabling maximum reuse of existing software.
  • Replaced existing vision system with a better performing, easier to maintain and cost effective equivalent.
  • Used MS Visual C\C++ 6.0, MFC, MS SourceSafe, MS Project, FireWorks , Visio \ MS Word and Coreco’s MVTools for machine vision.
May 2000 – December 2000 Teradyne Intelligent Imaging Systems

Vision Software Engineer (Consultant via AES Software Consulting)

  • Helped implement and document vision inspection strategies for an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) product.
  • Devised and implemented speed measurement techniques to improve overall inspection times.
  • Provided software design training to the imaging group in the areas of C++, OOP and the Visual Studio environment.
  • Product consisted of a C++ backend and a VB GUI front end, connected using COM.
April 2000 – May 2000 AVH, Inc.

Software Engineer (Consultant via AES Software Consulting)

  • Designed and developed a Web application to interface with an MS Access database residing on a web server
  • Developed both front end (HTML) and backend (C++ and CGI) components
  • The application allowed customers to search for replacement parts and provided an order form for submission
  • Most bound and error checking was done on the client side using JavaScript

All work done using MS Visual Studio C\C++ 6.0, MFC, MS SourceSafe on Windows 2000, MS Front Page and MacroMedia FireWorks for graphics.

March 2000 – April 2000 LightChip Inc.

Software Engineer (Consultant via AES Software Consulting)

  • Developed software to demonstrate an optical telecommunication product for the SuperComm show.
  • Used National Instruments LabWindows and C on Windows NT.
  • Software communicated serially (RS-232) with newly built support circuitry.
  • Acted as liaison between Engineering and Marketing.
1989 – March 2000 Speedline Technologies Inc., MPM

Lead Software Engineer

  • Lead a team of ten in a fast paced software development program to design and implement the next generation machine control software for all Speedline products.
  • All development used MS Visual C\C++ 6.0 and MS SourceSafe. The application was multi-threaded and multi-project..
  • Responsible for all project scheduling, documentation and costs. Used MS Project, MS Word and Visio.
  • Created an intranet web site, to communicate all aspects of the program to the entire company.
  • Taught an in-house eight week OOP\C++ course using examples from the existing code base to new members of the team.
  • Established software development standards, i.e. coding style, naming conventions and error handling scheme.
  • Advocated and worked on establishing a ‘Core’ concept to promote software reuse, reduce development time and increase overall software robustness.
Screen Printing Adaptive Control System
  • Lead a team of three on a new product to automatically control printing parameters based on post print measurements.
  • Applied for and obtained a patent using an artificial neural network to classify paste deposit topology. Patent number #5,882,720.
  • First to use Windows NT and C++ in the company.
  • Established a software interface protocol between a screen printer and 3-D scanner.
    1995 – 2000 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA
  • Project Management Planning, Scheduling and Control , CE course
  • C++ Programming, CE course
  • Windows NT Administration, CE course
  • Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Professional, CE course
  • The WPI Leadership Workshop, CE course
  • Time and Stress Management CE course
  • Pecos River Management Program CE course

1991 – 1993 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA

  • Computer Architecture, EE Graduate course
  • Digital Signal Processing, EE Graduate course
1982 – 1986 B.S.E.E.T, University of Hartford West Hartford, CT
Patents United States Patent #5,882,720 Monitoring Deposited Pads
  • Built a custom CNC router utilizing open loop steppers, EMC2. Use QCAD and CAM package to make parts for my mobile robots and stationary articulated arm.
  • Studying and write behavior based software to control simulated and custom built robots.
  • Study different computer languages for implementation of AI algorithms. Examples include LISP and Lua.
  • Practice playing guitar

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