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                 Resume of Experience               March 15, 2010
Syl LaFever
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Summary: Extensive experience as a SAP technical architect, integrator, designer, developer, and team lead. Extensive design and development for data migration and RICE (reports, interfaces, conversions, enhancements, and exits) using SAP, Oracle, ABAP programming, and EDI/IDOCS.  Extensive SAP ship maintenance application for US Navy and Northrop Grumman. Supported upgrades from SAP release 4.6 to ECC 6.0.  Object-Oriented design, integration and development. Knowledgeable in Plant Maintenance and Order-to-Cash (OTC)

Mercury Quality Center and Quick Test Professional
	Scripting and Business Components

SAP Applications:
PM Plant Maintenance, PS Project Systems, QM Quality Management, PP Production Planning, SD Sales & Distribution, MM Materials Management, FICO Financials/Controlling, HR Human Resources, WM Warehouse Management. Six major implementations.  

SAP Technical Areas:
User Exits, Interfaces, Data Conversion, Configuration,  Integration, Post-implementation Support, Reporting, BAPIs, Queries and Infosets, Data migration, IDOCs, Object-Oriented Development, ALV ABAP List Viewer, SmartForms, ECC 6.0 Upgrade

 Replicating equipment on SAP using ALE and IDOCs, Co-authored with Darren Hileman.

Experience Summary:

Oct 2009-Jan 2010 Consulting to Lexmark, Lexington, KY
	Lexmark is a manufacturing corporation which builds computer printers. It recently went live with the initial roll-out of SAP under ECC 6.0, and is currently continuing with the global roll-out. For Lexmark, I have been reviewing functional architecture and specifications for RICEF objects, obtaining clarifications, corrections, or alternative solutions as needed, and then writing technical specifications for on-site and off-shore ABAP developers. After the objects are developed, I review the programs, reports, and data to verify that they are functionally correct, integrated and the programs were written to customer standards. Verified the solution architecture met the client's needs.
	On a separate project, protected sensitive fields on Vendor and Customer master fields (Banking information), including archive fields, from view after production copy to a development environment.

Aug 2009-Oct 2009 Consulting to AMCOR, Tumwater WA
	AMCOR is a manufacturing corporation which makes plastic bottles for soft drinks and other consumables. I developed an EDI interface solution from an external system and integrated it into SAP to build plant maintenance orders and record material usage via goods movements. I then designed the interface, wrote the specifications, built and tested the IDOCs and related function modules using BAPIs and call transactions.

Sep 2007-Mar 2009 Consulting to Titan America LLC, Norfolk, VA
	Titan America is a manufacturing/mining company which manufactures cement and concrete products for its construction customers, and for retail distributors such as Home Depot and Lowes. Titan converted their business processes from an I-series mainframe and implemented their sales, customers, and financial systems onto SAP using the supply chain management (SCM) and Order-to-Cash (OTC) applications.
        I was involved in these activities for this implementation:
•	Designed and developed Accounts Receivable Aging reports.
•	Designed and wrote interactive reports using ALV and DYNPRO to view interface jobs, and drill-down, correct data, and resubmit jobs as needed to correct transaction errors.
•	Developed technical testing scenarios for multiple projects. 
•	Designed and developed multiple ABAP reports to integrate and reconcile Sales, Deliveries, Shipments, Invoices, Freight, and Financial documents (FI/CO). Used ABAP list viewer (ALV) extensively for these financial reports. 
•	Supported the data conversion, interfaces and integration from the I-series to SAP.
•	Taught SAP ABAP to new ABAP developers and mentored the ABAP team. 
•	Developed technical development standards for ABAP developers.
•	 Wrote ABAP exits to support orders, pricing, shipping, and EDI IDOC extensions, including orders (ORDER05 - 850) and Advance Shipping Notice (DLVRY05 - 856). 
•	Supported Sales and Financial systems with reporting, debugging, and analysis. Automatically matched payments to invoices.
•	Reviewed, updated, and corrected the technical order-to-cash programs which included Sales Orders, shipments, deliveries, purchasing, and Stock transfer orders.  Wrote ABAP exits to support custom pricing requirements. Integrated with stakeholder requirements.
•	Supported and corrected interest/finance charges. 
•	Modified multiple reports to eliminate inefficient programming code and greatly shorten execution times. Typical improvements achieved 80% reduction in execution time.  
•	Developed and revised of customer invoices using SmartForms.
•	Part of go-live and post-go-live team.

Oct 2006-Aug 2007 PARX Corp at Northrop Grumman Ship Building, Newport News VA
		Northrop Grumman builds and overhauls ships for the US NAVY. Their applications support the design and construction of the hull and embedded systems for these ships. Northrop Grumman supports the world’s largest SAP Project Systems application.
		Supported the Northrop Grumman SAP upgrade from release 4.6 to ECC 6.0, and was the team lead for 5 developers to re-write SAP queries to Object-Oriented ALV ABAP programs. Developed several interactive program solutions using ALV and DYNPRO to support data inquiry and drill-down using follow-on SAP transactions. Upgraded and tested multiple custom PS (project systems) transactions, including drill-down and time and cost application. Developed Smart Forms reports for a work package update project. Designed a new application to link the classification system to the project system to support work packages and sub-projects. Northrop Grumman uses a system of custom transactions to merge the data from PS projects and the classification system to track all components of a major project.
Wrote standards to govern ABAP Object-oriented development at Northrop Grumman. Wrote tests, scripts, and business components for Mercury Quick-Test Professional (Previously Test Director). Supported the Mercury Suite upgrade from version 8.2 to 9.0.

July 2001-Sep 2006 Science Applications International Corporation at US Navy, Norfolk VA
SAP 4.6 Oracle
      Co-Authored the NEMAIS-AIM technical interface. Built IDOCs and data extract programs.
      Part of the proposal, development, go-live, and post-go-live technical development teams for the NEMAIS project. NEMAIS is one of four Navy ERP limited production systems predecessor to Navy ERP. This application supported all NAVY data needed to plan and execute work orders for maintenance of ship equipment.
Point of contact for all development specifications from the functional team. Reviewed, approved, rejected, or recommended corrections to functional specifications to comply with standards, correctly implement the desired functionality, or to incorporate a comprehensive and valid testing strategy. Wrote functional and technical specifications to solve problems for the plant maintenance functional area. 
	For HR: Reporting to reconcile labor hours to costs, and categorize labor time charges. Supported and updated HR interfaces from legacy to SAP, including officer, enlisted, and non-military interface. Verified and updated HR infotypes.
For Plant Maintenance (PM) systems: Built and maintained Equipment, BOMs, Work Order, and Notifications data as part of the integration interfaces to and from external systems. Built reports to monitor plant performance. 
        For Materials Management: Built and maintained the materials integration interface from the legacy system. Built the Shelf-Life Management technical solution. This application reviewed all hazardous materials, scheduled re-inspection based on material expiration date, and either re-certified the materials for a successful re-inspection, or disposed the material. Maintained and modified the EHS interface to the materials system. This application supported the maintenance and display of MSDS (Material Safety Data sheets).
        Upgraded materials to support Warehouse management, new plants, and storage locations.  Recommended and rewrote existing materials integration interface using BAPIs to allow replacement of 1 FTE.
Reviewed production programs to improve run times and increase performance. Upgraded programs to use ALV – List Viewer for reporting. Replaced JETFORMS applications with SMARTFORMS to allow JETFORMS retirement, saving $20,000 annually on licensing fees and replacement of ½ FTE.
        Mentored project Staff on SAP and ABAP.

Oct 2000-Mar 2001 Science Applications International Corporation at Catholic Healthcare, Phoenix, AZ
SAP 4.0 Oracle
        Reviewed current conversion data and implementation methodology. Developed recommendations to correct master file data, and coordinated correction efforts. Recommended changes in go-forward conversion strategy to lower costs and improve data integrity. Functional analyst to identify and correct Supply Chain Management (SCM) procedural errors in ordering, receiving, delivery, and payment for goods. Developed specifications for ABAB developers to identify and correct purchase order errors.
	Developed requirements for data analysis programs to highlight pricing errors and enable corrections. Trained customer staff to develop ABAP programs to measure material pricing and report on contract compliance. Developed ABAP programs to review EDI IDOCS and measure Vendor performance.

Jul 2000-Sep 2000 Microsoft Corp, Redmond WA.
PC-based, Windows 2000, MS SQL server
       Test Engineer for ABAP development in Payroll and Internet Applications. Developed test acceptance requirements for the Microsoft SAP Payroll system, including Benefits, Deductions, and paycheck amounts. Coordinated with developers and analysts to verify integration and test program requirements and identify file interface formats. Reviewed and validated HR conversion files from prior system, and validated how they matched with SAP HR wage types. Trained other test engineers in programming and debugging techniques.
Verified programming for FI voucher input over the Internet using DCOM servers.  Consulted with analysts to ensure that test cases were properly developed and input was loaded to SAP.
Jan 2000-May 2000 SAIC for Grace Corporation, Columbia MD
       Developed ABAP programs to migrate Vendor, Purchase Order, and Purchase Information data to SAP from legacy systems. Used input from Eurosoft system (MVS system for European companies). Validated, extracted, and loaded data using either custom programming or data migration utilities.  Worked with users in Germany to verify data and refine extract procedures and data migration rules. 
Consulted with US users to develop a migration strategy for vendor and purchasing systems. Trained customer personnel on applications, data migration procedures, and ABAP programming techniques.

Nov 1999-Dec 1999 SAIC Tysons Corner, Va.
Windows/NT, SAP 4.6
       Developed ABAP programs as part of the process of constructing a proposal for Naval Information ship maintenance (Plant Maintenance / Quality management) system. Analysis and reporting of maintenance costing, progress, and work centers. Built Navy special ordering and costing forms using JETFORMS. Developed interfaces and integrated two other bolt-on systems.

June 1999-Oct 1999 Kalman Consulting at LAM Research, Fremont, CA
	ABAP Programmer for Implementation of SAP 4.5. Developed reports for Quality Management and Service Management applications. Developed user exits for SD, CO-PA, and QM modules. Wrote online BDC programs for Asset Management.  
Developed CO-PA BDC program to correctly apply costs and credits for the appropriate service orders. Wrote program specifications for team programmers.

Nov 1998-Apr 1999 Realtime Corp at Seminis Seeds, Saticoy, CA
        Technical project lead for 6-person technical staff during post-implementation phase of SAP 3.0. Wrote batch and BDC ABAP programs to support corrections to SD and FI data.   Developed BDC programs to apply overhead and settlement dollars for production orders (CO module). Reworked existing programs in order to speed execution for Quality management (QM) analysis. Trained new client staff with ABAP. Developed interface requirements and specifications to Sales forecasting module.  
Developed company standards for ABAP programs.

July 1997-Sep 1998	Critical Path Software at Kubota Corp, CA
AS/400 DB2
	Analyzed SAP applications and tables to fulfill data warehouse requirements. Developed ABAP programs to load initial data warehouse data bases.
     	Project lead of conversion team to convert and load legacy data from IBM mainframe to  AS/400.  This included data extracts, audits, and BDC programming, as well as user interface and training. Worked with Purchasing, Sales, Accounting, and Materials modules.
Wrote ABAP extracts and reports for MM, SD, Sales Orders, Customers, Accounts payable, and General Ledger system.
Trained 2 staff members on SAP ABAP.

March 1997 - July 1997 Critical Path Software at Hoechst Corp., NC.
SAP 3.0, Windows NT
	Part of conversion team to upgrade client from SAP 3.0C to 3.0F, which included organizational and accounting changes. Wrote extensive data extracts, reports, conversions, updates, validations, and BDC load programs in ABAP.  Concentrated on the Plant Maintenance and Purchasing application areas. Worked with customer and user representatives to review application changes and determine work-arounds for functional differences.
        Wrote data extracts/loads for Purchase Orders, Material master data, and Plant Maintenance data.

July 1996 - Feb 1997 Critical Path Software Corporation at Merisel 
SAP ABAP, IBM PC and Windows 3.1
	Managed the technical support team supporting the legacy Sales Analysis and CAMBAR systems. Wrote and supported SAP ABAP programs for data conversion and EDI extracts.

June 1969 - June 1996 Extensive design, analysis, development, and project management  for a variety of IBM mainframe systems using COBOL, IMS, CICS, and DB2. Details available upon request.

Security Clearance:	DOD Secret valid through 9/2008.

Education: Bachelor of Science, Physics, Drexel University

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