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Success driven hands-on Technical Manager / Software Developer with a broad range of skills and experience.




Owner                                                                    1997-Current         ZTech

Operations Manager                                           1999-2001               Rway Communications, Inc.

Manager - Software Systems                             1989-1997               Buckbee-Mears, Inc.

Software Engineer                                                                                Buckbee-Mears, Inc

Associate Engineer                                                                             Buckbee-Mears, Inc

QA Programmer                                                                                    Buckbee-Mears, Inc

Programmer                                                           1987-1989               Round House Mill, Inc.






§         Managed a team of eight software developers to provide custom web based solutions.

§         Managed a team of four programmers and technicians to develop and integrate automation equipment into the manufacturing facility while providing software and technical support to existing systems within the plant.



§         Worked with over fifty companies to discuss and understand their needs and setup projects to meet those needs.

§         Led many training sessions for people of all skill levels with group sizes from 1 to 50 people.

§         Given many presentations to both technical people as well as high-level management.


Project Management

§         Managed many software projects ranging from very short term to projects that have spanned several years.

§         Managed non-software projects including;

·         The testing and implementation of an inspection system developed by a company in Germany.  I was hired by the German company to be their project lead in the US.

·         Selection of a machine vision partner company for the development of an inspection system.  I was hired to evaluate three different machine vision companies and make a presentation to management.

·         Established a beta site for testing of a measurement/inspection system for aperture masks in the US.  This system was developed by Orbotech, LTD. and was their first venture into this particular market. 

§         Managed outside vendors to develop automation equipment for the manufacturing facility of Buckbee-Mears Inc.  Systems included, in-line inspection, in-line measurement, robotic pick and place systems, automated packaging.



§         Designed and wrote a database to manage QA data for the US and China manufacturing facilities of Universal Instruments Inc.  The system consists of three separate but integrated applications, which are tied into a Microsoft SQL database.  There are as many as 50 simultaneous users.  Tools: C, VB, Microsoft SQL, Crystal Reports.

·         Designed and wrote a database to track manufactured parts through all phases of the manufacturing process from inspection to shipment.  Data input came from keyboard entry stations, voice input stations and the plants’ PLC network.  Systems were installed in plants in the US and Germany.   Tools:  C, Microsoft SQL, 4th Dimension, VB.

·         Designed and wrote a database to collect output from various in-line automation systems.  Tools:  C, Microsoft SQL.

·         Acted as the database design expert for all new projects at Rway Communications.  Tools:  Microsoft SQL.


Business Systems

§         Designed and implemented an upgrade of a University wide Budget System for Cornell University.  Tools: 4th Dimension, SyBase.

§         Wrote a POS system for a retail electronics store.  Tools: 4th Dimension, C#.

§         Wrote a complete accounting / business management system for an agricultural business.  Tools:  4th Dimension, Crystal Reports, VB.

§         Wrote an employee tracking system for the Human Resource department of Buckbee-Mears, Inc.  Tools:  Dbase, Clipper.

§         Centralized and standardized the business management and accounting systems used by four separate divisions of a single company.


Machine Vision

  • Developed an inspection system capable of taking measurements and locating defects on glass vials as they move through the production line.  Tools:  C++, C#, Matrox Mil.
  • Designed a very high speed defect inspection system leveraging the capabilities of multi-core processors and in-RAM databases.
  • Developed custom image analysis algorithms callable as dll’s to enhance the capability of Mitutoyo’s measurement software.  Tools:  C++, Matrox Mil.
  • Written software to perform measurements on many types of manufactured parts and for many different companies.  Systems that I have worked on include systems from Mitutoyo, View Engineering, OGP, and Zeiss.  Tools:  QVBasic, SUI, C, VB, HPBasic.
  • Co-invented and developed a unique laser based in-line gauging system.  Then developed all the software to prove out the system.  Tools:  C.



  • Developed several database driven web applications.  Tools:  ColdFusion, HTML, Microsoft SQL.
  • Helped design and implement a standard method for developing web applications for Rway Communications.



Programming Languages

§         C++, C#, VB, Microsoft .Net, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, Coldfusion, HTML, 4th Dimension




Bachelor of Science degree, Computer Science (1987)

State University of New York College at Oswego.




Co-inventor of a unique laser based system for measuring the width of apertures in color picture tube shadow masks in a moving web.  Patent issued in 1997.