Sergei Issarev

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Engineering of software for instrumentation control, data acquisition applications and data processing.

Summary of qualifications


§  C, C++, .Net, C#, WPF, WCF, WWF, WinForms, local and remote servers, custom UI controls,  MSDev Studio from 2003 through 2010 TFS,Perforce

§  Multi-threaded design, STL, OOD, modular (DLL) design, GUI, State Machines

§  Machine-to-machine and machine-to-human interfaces

§  Windows, MS Visual C++, ATL, MFC, STL, SourceSafe, BoundsChecker, WinSNMP, various image analysis libraries

§  Real-time instrument control, data acquisition and analysis, data visualization, RS-232, Ethernet, TCP/IP, GPIB/IEEE-488, Sockets API, USB

§  Full cycle development, design, user requirements assessment, design documentation

§  Scientific, capital and commercial instrumentation control and interfaces

§  Worked both independently and in teams, with and without supervision

Work experience



March, 2012 – June, 2012  Salesforce                     San Francisco, CA

Senior Member of Technical Staff

- Salesforce to MS Office integration software (C#,SQL,Linux,HTML,Javascript,OAuth,…)


October, 2011 – December, 2011  Razer                     San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer (consultant)

- Worked on the Synapse framework for unified controller UI (C#, C++)


May, 2011 – October, 2011  Pacific Biosciences                     Menlo Park, CA

Software Engineer (consultant)

- Using C# and C++ to develop diagnostic and manufacturing software for the new line of DNA sequencing instruments


April, 2011 – May, 2011  Razer                     San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer (consultant)

- Used WPF and C# to implement a unified driver framework and UI for the next generation of gaming controllers


April, 2010 – November, 2010  Illumina                     Hayward, CA

Software Engineer (consultant)

DNA sequencing, gene expression instrumentation control software,

user interface, business logic, instrument control, workflow control,

protocol editor, configuration and diagnostics

- Maintenance of DNA sequencing UI and control software using C#, WPF, WCF

- Development of LIMS support for DNA sequencing instruments using C# .Net 3.5

September, 2009 – November, 2009  Finesse Technologies                     San Jose, CA

Software Engineer (consultant)

Bio-reactor control software.  C#, C++, WPF, .Net

- WPF user interface, control templates, animations and data binding

- Windows CE on the instrument for embedded

- mixed development including C++ on the control side for performance

- fluidics/gas control

June, 2008 – July, 2009  Agilent Technologies                    Santa Clara, CA

Software Engineer (consultant)

DNA microarray scanner control software enhancements (C++, Windows)

- New microarray scanner development with C#, .Net, WPF

- Embedded firmware in C running on Linux, motion stage control, data acquisition of fluorescent light used for sequencing, host - Windows in WPF and .Net (C#)

- some mixed development of unmanaged C++ code for the hardware simulator wrapped in C++/CLR and used by C# front end

- script editor for field engineers


October, 2005 – 2007 Eksigent Technologies Inc                                                       Dublin, CA

Staff Software Engineer

§  Designed and developed a modular data acquisition system in for the next generation of NanoLC fast chromatography product line

§  Implemented driver for the USB based next-generation UV detector

§  Worked on third-party drivers for NanoLC chromatographic equipment

§  Helped develop firmware for the new high sensitivity UV detector

§  C++, C, VB, COM, ATL


May, 2002 - October, 2005  Revera Inc                          Sunnyvale, CA

Software Engineer (consultant)

§  Designed and developed vision system for semiconductor inspection equipment in C++ and Delphi.

§  3 cameras and frame grabber from Cognex for precise controlling a robotic stage


June, 2001 – Oct., 2002 Arcturus                               Sunnyvale, CA

Software Engineer (consultant)

§  Maintained a software/hardware medical system that analyzes tissues for cancer cells

§  C++, Windows NT/2000, third party libraries for image acquisition

§  Worked independently


Dec., 2001 – Oct., 2002 Physical Electronics          Sunnyvale, CA

Software Engineer (consultant)

§  Designed and developed a vacuum system for a semiconductor inspection instrument using C++ and ATL

§  Designed and developed an instrument IO COM server for a semiconductor inspection instrument using C++, ATL and WinSNMP (mostly used for their vacuum system)


July, 2000 – 2001          Caliper Technologies Inc Mountain View, CA

Software Engineer (consultant)

§  Extensive use of C++, foundation classes and COM/ATL

§  Researched, designed and implemented user Interface, process logic and hardware control modules for the next generation of a micro-fluidic development system

§  Assessed and documented the functional requirements for the system by interviewing and consulting end-user, firmware and marketing personnel

§  Control of hydraulic and electrical devices

§  Optic  detection and data acquisition at variable frequencies


1997 – July, 2000          Finnigan, ThermoQuest Corp. San Jose, CA

Software Engineer (consultant)

§  Designed and implemented mass spectrometer inlet subsystems for the Xcalibur software package using C++ on Windows platform.

§  Designed and coded front end client GUI elements for LC (liquid chromatography), GC (gas chromatography) and CE (capillary electrophoresis) inlets

§  Designed and coded communication servers for various pumps and autosamplers used in LC/MS, GC/MS and CE/MS drug discovery techniques

§  Designed and implemented real-time data acquisition and diagnostics of

     PDA (photo-diode array) and UV (ultra violet spectrum) detectors, as well       as some analog GC detectors

§  Supported the core of the data system by implementing file conversions

§  Worked both alone and in team environment (over 10 people at one time) and with firmware engineers to refine and support the application



1995 – 1997                  Scientific Software Inc    Pleasanton, CA

Staff Software Engineer

§  Designed and implemented various parts of EZChromElite, a leading chemical analysis data system. Used C and C++ for Windows platform.

§  Real-time hardware control of and data acquisition from various chromatographic hardware

§  Parsing and execution of a small custom scripting language for scientific formulas

§  Windows shell customization

§  Worked both alone and in a team of 5 other engineers

§  Provided customer support for an existing application


1994 – 1995                  AMDOCS, Inc.                San Francisco, CA

Level 2 Programmer

Worked on upgrade and maintenance of the Pacific Bell’s customer and marketing database. Used C++ and Fortran for Windows NT 3.5 and DEC VAX VMS OS.



1991 - 1994                   Macalester College               St. Paul, MN

BA in Computer Science, 2nd BA in Economics