Mark E. Smith
Principal Consultant, 7B Software, Inc.

1789 Coral Way South
Vero Beach, FL 32963

Telephone Office: 772.231.0227 Cell: 336.681.1747


I have hands-on experience in:

         Enterprise Architecture in a DoD environment, including Semantic Web, Metadata, Network Management, and DoDAF analysis; IBM Rational System Architect for Business Process Modeling (BPM); and OODA/Six-Sigma for Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)

         Complex aggregation and mashup analytics with Tableau Software

         Microsoft SharePoint architecture, theming, branding, master page design, and page layout design, in a health care setting

         Proposal preparation, leadership, and development, including ROM estimation, bases of estimate (BOEs), and Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs)

         Small business process automation

         Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), RESTful design, logical modeling and development with SOAP, gsoap, XSLT, Xpath

         Cross-platform Graphical User Interface application development in Tcl/Tk, C++, C, and Java, including J2EE, Java Server Faces (JSF), Junit testing, JBOSS application container

         Design and development of software systems for the defense industry

         Virtualization and web-enabling of applications

         Open Source software development

         Multilevel secure network and computer design using encryption technologies, firewalls, and open systems

         UNIX kernel and system software development in C and various assembly languages

         TCP/IP network programming

         Linux, HP/UX, Solaris, and Unix operating systems

         Internet HTML Perl/CGI development and secure HTTP servers and proxies

         File formats, including HTTP, HTML, XML, GIF, JPEG

         Oracle 10g+, Oracle 11g, and Informix database development in a Windows/UNIX client/server environment, including Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Pro*C, Informix SPL, and Informix ESQL

         X Window protocol and toolkits

         Object-oriented design and implementation in C, C++, and Java

         Parallel and real-time processing

         Computer architecture, including Motorola and Intel


         2012-present SharePoint Architecture and Branding (Client: Indian River Medical Center)

I architected and developed a Master Page and Page Layout for the Indian River Medical Center intranet site. This effort was focused entirely on hospital staff user experience (UX). I did an evaluation of existing well-liked health care sites in order to guide the design and to achieve CIO buy-in. The design allows departmental control of some of the branding, but the overall master page branding is controlled by CIO. This maximizes efficiency of IT staff, while maintaining hospital enterprise governance of the major look and feel elements.

         2012-present Business Intelligence (Client: Spectrum Communications)

I developed a data cleaning and visualization process for the Air Force for Spectrum Technologies. I utilized ASPRunner to create an easy-to-use, web-based data input capability, and integrated this with Tableau Softwares mashup and presentation capabilities to provide the customer with clean, actionable views on the data.

         2011-present Timeline Viewer NATO Project

I developed a fully integrated, geospatial-temporal-checklisting tool for two NATO customers. The tool, a follow-on to the earlier SOFTools and DISA Timeline Viewer tools, allows military planners to create plans, allocate assets, and associate the plans with various map technologies (including Northrop Grumman's C2PC).

         2010-present Air Force Reserve Command Enterprise Architect

I was responsible for architecting the Air Force Reserve Command's Semantic Enterprise Architecture at Robins AFB in Warner Robins, GA. The architecture is based on SOA principles and leverages ontologies and metadata to create a discoverable and meaningful system. The architecture is being used to deploy a Senior Leadership Dashboard based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) visible to the highest levels of command in the Air Force Reserve. We used a combination of IBM Rational System Architect and best-practice discovery techniques to determine the as is and to be states of various Reserve Command systems.

Additionally, I demonstrated a data mining and analytics approach that allowed the Reserve Command to aggregate both business and costing data, as well as location-dependent reservist deployment data, into actionable interactive dashboards. I utilized Tableau Software as the COTS platform.

         2009-2010 Air Force Enterprise Architect (Confidential Client)

I was responsible for architecting and authoring a response for the Air Forces Netcents-2 RFP. My duties included crafting an approach and solution for an advanced Metadata Environment, and for a Remote Network Management System. I utilized my knowledge of the integration and development of military software systems and SOA concepts to prepare the response. I gained direct experience in Semantic Web technologies (RDF/OWL), metadata (extraction techniques, DDMS, and native XML databases), cloud computing and virtualization (with Google Hadoop), and visualizations and dashboards for Situational Awareness. I developed a prototype Network Management System using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

         2005-2009 Chief Developer, Blueteam Software (Vendor Partners: SAIC, Solers, BAE; Clients: US Strategic Command and DISA)

I was responsible for winning, executing, and retaining a multimillion dollar government program.

I was also responsible for the architecture and development of the Timeline Viewer--an event scheduling tool similar in concept to Google Calendar, and written in Tcl/Tk and C++--as part of this medium-sized military planning and scheduling research program. Responsibilities included small team management and project tracking as well as chief architect and chief programmer. Project succeeded in web-enabling a complex thick client using novel web server technology (the ServilizerTM) and transitioning the program from a thick client to a SOA-based web services client. My responsibilities were 80% software development and 20% project management. We used Jboss as the app server container technology for this project.

         2004-2005 Personnel Locator System (Client: General Dynamics and US Navy)

Developed a Personnel Locator System that tracks and displays mobile RFID tags on a visual display representing a ship. Created an easy-to-use administrative GUI for the system. The Personnel Locator System was written entirely in Tcl/Tk.

         2004-2005 Plan Tracking System (Client: General Dynamics and US Special Operations Command)

Developed a system that tracks large sets of project plans on a single display. Plan-sets can be visualized hierarchically or temporally and can be easily sorted based on various criteria. The Plan Tracking System was written entirely in Tcl/Tk.

         2003-2005 Peer to Peer and Centralized Network Visualization Widget (Client: General Dynamics and US Special Operations Command)

Custom-developed a widget used to visualize a network of peer-to-peer nodes with a single centralized node. Widget includes the ability to drag&drop, manage access to a peer, and display uploads from a peer (as in Napster/WinMX/etc.). Widget written in Tcl/Tk (for the user interface) and C++ (for the high-performance drawing canvas).

         2001-2005 Cross-Platform Spreadsheet Widget (Client: General Dynamics and US Special Operations Command)

Custom-developed a Spreadsheet widget used by a defense client for planning and tracking deployment of assets. Widget was written as a C++ wrapper on the Tcl/Tk canvas widget, and is portable to all Unix and Windows operating systems. Widget was designed for use in a collaborative environment utilizing XML as the underlying format.

         1999-2000 Very High Assurance Workstation Invention (Client: Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and US Navy)

Invented a new, very high assurance multilevel secure workstation, called the Ultra Thin Enclave Client, or UTEC, for use in Secret or Top Secret environments. Invention used aspects of both COTS ultra thin client workstations, and high-assurance ``diode''-style networking components. Invention required modification of Donald Becker's 100 MBit Beowulf network card driver on a Linux kernel. Invention required in-depth knowledge of both TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols in order to achieve reliable framebuffer proxying to support thin client capability. The invention's communication software was written in Tcl. A patent on this invention is pending.

         1999-2001 Shipboard Damage Control and Diagrams Programming (Client: General Dynamics, Bath Iron Works, and US Navy)

Responsible for design and development of Naval shipboard damage control software, including presentation of information allowing shipboard personnel to act quickly in the face of a rapidly changing and potentially dangerous environment. The damage control user interface was written in Tcl/Tk, and its high-performance drawing primitives were written in C. Software was written on a Linux platform, and utilized a thorough knowledge of client/server TCP/IP protocol principles. Responsibilities also included integration of H.323 video technology into a prototype shipboard application.

         1998-2001 DD(X) Multilevel Security Engineering (Client: Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and US Navy)

I was the Security Lead for the design of a Multilevel Secure (MLS) architecture suitable for the DD(X) high-assurance shipboard environment. Assignment required in-depth knowledge of Information Security, from research concepts to implementation capabilities. Assignment also required considerable knowledge of technologies that must coexist with the security capabilities, including CORBA middleware and object oriented design techniques, damage control systems, information warfare (especially TCP/IP-based attack and defense methods), and routing.

         1994-1998 Digital Signal Processing Viewer (Client: AT&T Federal Systems)

I was responsible for the design and development of the GUI for DSPView, a UNIX, Tcl/Tk, and X Window-based development environment for DSP dataflow applications. I developed the DSPView "File Viewer," which is a complete, object-oriented UNIX desktop manager. Responsibilities included planning and giving many trade show and private demonstrations of DSPView.

Additional Projects

         UNIX Kernel Development and Support (Client: Lucent Technologies)

Responsible for developing modifications, debugging, and fielding service packs for a RISC UNIX kernel for a large commercial email service with stringent reliability requirements. Work required in-depth expertise with an AT&T UNIX kernel. Assignment also required kernel-level expertise in TCP/IP and network card drivers.

         Java GUI/Database Development for Teleconferencing (Client: Lucent Technologies)

Responsible for design, development, and testing for a Java program that included both a GUI implementation (in Java 1.1 AWT) and an Oracle database server interface for a teleconferencing system. Program was designed to be deployed as either a Java applet or as a Java application. Implemented the program using the "Model/View/Controller" design pattern.

         Secure HTTP Server Gateway Development (Client: Avaya)

Responsible for systems engineering and development of firewall software that allows customers "outside" the firewall to securely obtain access to "inside" corporate database information in an Internet HTML/secure HTTP environment. Design required configuration of HTTP server, CGI development in Perl, and custom firewall software in Java and C++.

         Firewall Engineering Project (Client: AT&T Federal Systems)

Responsible for requirements, market study, security policy, and software development for a Firewall for a large military customer. Work required ability to map customer Internet requirements into firewall policies, off the shelf products, and custom development.

         Secure Telnet Design and Development (Client: AT&T Federal Systems)

Responsible for design of development of the client and server sides of a secure encrypted telnet service. Development included integration of certificates and Secure Session Layer (SSL) primitives into the telnet service. Developed the secure telnet service under Linux, and ported it to Sun Solaris, HP/UX, and Windows. User interface written entirely in Tcl/Tk.

         "SecretAgent" Encryption Software Development (Client: AT&T Federal Systems)

Responsible for the design and development of the GUI for SecretAgent, a UNIX/X Window, Mac, and Microsoft Windows application that supports file and email encryption. Software written entirely in Tcl/Tk (for user interface) and C (for encryption software).

         Informix/Oracle Database Subrelation Project (Client: SSA Southeast)

Developed a MS Windows client and UNIX server for a generic Oracle and Informix database subrelation database manager. Implemented MS Windows GUI under Tcl 7.5/Tk 4.1, and generic template Informix and Oracle triggers under SPL and PL/SQL, respectively.

         Secure Unix (Bell Laboratories)

System engineering, design, and development of AT&T Unix kernel and system software for an Orange Book B1-rated secure version of Unix.

         PBX Outbound Caller (Bell Laboratories)

Design and implementation of the operating system for a Outbound Calling Management system.

         Unix Kernel Port (Bell Laboratories)

Port of Unix System V Release 3 kernel to a new PC platform.

         WAN Development (Bell Laboratories)

Design and implementation of network operating system features for a large customizable Wide Area Network, a precursor to the Internet.


As the principal and owner of my independent consulting company, 7B Software, Inc., my clients have included SAIC, AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, General Dynamics, Motorola, and Lockheed Martin, as well as various military agencies.


I was a top-rated Member of Technical Staff for Bell Laboratories prior to my consulting career with 7B Software.

Professional Data

         Past chair of Trusted Systems Interoperability Group (TSIG) X Window Working Group.

         Published and presented several papers in Windowing Security, Accountability, and Identification and Authentication for the Association for Computing Management (ACM), the AT&T Technical Journal, the National Computer Security Conference, and the NASA AIS Computer Conference.

         Member of ACM.

         Holder of an active Top Secret clearance.


         M. E. in Computer Science, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

         B.S. summa cum laude in Computer Science and Mathematics, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. Studies also included Molecular Biology, French, Astronomy, and Physics.