Parul Bhargava

13 Howell St, Unit #1

Boston, MA 02125

Phone 360-420-9415



June 2013 October 2013 P & R Dental Strategies Manhattan, NY

Chief Technology Officer

         Wrote 2 year road map for technology adoption for hosting and servicing 1B records with 5% growth rate

         Implemented data quality testing strategy that included reconciliation, tracing, statistical validation, and monitoring as corner stones.

         Designed telemetry based system for tracking and tracing data load processes and client sign-off process for tighter engagement with business owners

         Utilized Amazon Web Services to reduce costs for hosting client services by $75K per year starting in FY14

         Collaborated with founders to develop products based on current market needs

         Drove portfolio management process for delivery against aggressive startup timelines

         Managed team of 15 Full Time Employees (FTEs) and 6 Contractors with a cumulative $2.7M budget


Sept 2012 June 2013 PriceStats, LLC Cambridge, MA

Chief Technology Officer

         Converted 600+ non-deterministic data sources from 70 different countries into a single deterministic data set that drive indices published to the Economist, the U.N, and a State Street Financial Services

         Optimized 12 hour Extraction-Transform-Load (ETL) process down to 1.5 hours by strategically applying indexing methodology and finely tuned stored procedures

         Optimized process for extracting data from 3 hours down to under 10 minutes for all data sources

         Drove down Amazon Web Services costs by $60K year over year through optimization of servers and EBS usage 30% savings

         Drove down software licensing costs by $700K year over year based on original budget 95% savings

         Implemented data security and confidentiality infrastructure to ensure the right people were able to only see their right data

         Created 3 year technology roadmap on going from SQL-based technology baseline to NoSQL by using a strategy for right technology at the right time

         Developed offshoring plan with financial and engineering business indicators evaluating Latin America, India, and China

         Managed team of 4 FTEs with a cumulative $1M budget (after defensive cost savings note above)


Jan 2005 Sept 2012 Microsoft Redmond, WA

Principal Development Engineer Feb 2011 Sept 2012 Microsoft Xbox Live Services

         Optimized processing of 1TB per day resulting in 15TB aggregates to analyze trends in subscriptions, usage, and purchases

         Created framework for SQL and MDX test cases reducing test time from 7 days for 17 testers down to 4 hours for 1 tester

         Designed, developed, and implemented data quality strategy for ETL processes to identify performance issues


Group Program Manager Jan 2010 Feb 2011 Microsoft Developer Division

         Delivered developer enhanced desktop tools scenarios and experience in partnership with Visual Studio Professional virtual team on time and within budget

         Designed pattern and delivered an end-to-end system to support learning hands-on learning efforts for individual contributors

         Managed 5 FTEs and 4 contingent staff with employee satisfaction 15% higher than Microsoft peers (FY10 86%Work Health Index (WHI), FY10 100% manager feedback)

         Delivered parallelized optimizations to speed up delivery of builds by an additional 20% or 3 hours


Group Program Manager Sep 2008 Jan 2010 Microsoft Developer Division

         Designed and drove parallelization project to speed up delivery for builds by 30% or 5 hours per day

         Designed and drove the integration of a check-in validation utilizing virtualization

         Transitioned localization build responsibilities to PRC to meet budget with no business impact

         Managed 20 FTEs and 20 contingent staff in multiple geographies with employee satisfaction 14% higher than Microsoft peers (FY09 89 WHI, FY09 100% manager feedback)


Senior Program Manager Mar 2008 Sep 2008 Microsoft Developer Division

         Enabled the on-time shipping of Visual Studio 2005 SP1 by collaborating with Windows, Office, and SQL divisions to reduce the priority of their own products

         Reduced end-to-end compile, link, and build times by 8 days during end-game to mitigate a $26M marketing impact

         Worked cross-divisionally to establish use of central services and yielded a 600% increase in budget

         Led and provided technical leadership on migration onto TFS for a 3500 person division


Lead Program Manager Sep 2006 Mar 2008 Microsoft Partner Program

         Delivered $1.5M of capabilities across 3 projects utilizing resources in both Redmond and India

         Implemented build process improvement project and earned Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

         Persuaded product mgmt. counterparts to adopt a non-silod approach to requirements gathering

         Designed and developed the master data model for representing all Microsoft Partners and their relationships with one another


Build Manager Mar 2005 Sep 2006 Microsoft Partner Program

         Created team that supported builds for 15 teams across India, China, and Washington

         Implemented tool to identify bottlenecks which lead a tool to reduce deployment time by 1600%

         Successfully transitioned team to new manager within 3 weeks


May 2003 Mar 2005 Volt @ Microsoft Redmond, WA

  Implemented SOX compliant database schema with reporting elements to enable information sharing across global subsidiaries

  Reduced window for a stable build from 5 days for 4 developers down to 4 hours for 2 developers.

  Implemented processes for deploying and managing source code for multiple projects


Jul 2002 Mar 2003 Shared Healthcare Systems Anacortes, WA

Database Architect

  Optimized an 8 hour mission critical OLTP process down to 1.5 minutes that yielded a $40,000 ROI per diem

  Created HIPAA compliant database schema and implementation of data sharing for all healthcare facilities

  Created a repeatable deployment process for a 250 SQL server merge replicated OLTP environment


Jun 2001 Jun 2002 Advantage Factory Mount Vernon, WA

Principal Consultant

  Designed, implemented, and deployed Commerce Server 2K environment for client which in turn produced $1.7 million in revenue within 6 months


Mar 2001 Present Parul Bhargava Mount Vernon, WA

Principal Consultant (Client: Previser)

  Created fully localizable architecture for implementation in multiple geographies

  Developed .NET web services in C# to provide access to proprietary healthcare algorithms in use for 10+ years

  Designed and developed data aggregation strategy for medical records for BI reporting using SQLServer 2008R2

  Designed and developed framework for extracting data from heterogeneous slowly changing data sources


Aug 1999 Jun 2001 Etera Mount Vernon, WA

Senior Systems Architect

  Planned and migrated SQL 6.5 to SQL 7.0 environment and then SQL 2K

  Designed network, hardware, and software architectures for N-Tier application

  Designed and implemented horizontally scalable database system on SQL Server 7.0

  Developed repeatable deployment strategy for installing applications to multiple physical locations.


2006                       Microsoft IT Role Model Award

2007                       Microsoft IT Delivery Award

2008                       Microsoft Gold star award

2009                       Microsoft Gold star award

2010                       Microsoft Gold star award

2011                       The Bridge Graduate (Non-profit organization board member training)