Steven McGrane

2316 State Road 35, Milltown, WI 54858

240-515-6332 (c)

2012-present Chef, Puppet, S3, EC2, RackSpace, OpenStack, VMWare.  Remember the Load Balancers, Servers and Internet Stacks?  Its now out there in the cloud and Ive got a 20 year head start.

2009-2012 Defense contracting, Program Management, Network Management, Configuration Management, Change Management, DITSCAP/DIACAP Compliance, NMCI, PMAs, FMS.  An acronym soup with a Secret Clearance to go with it.

1999-2009 .com boom baby!  I was on the bubble and making it happen on a daily basis.  I designed, built, deployed and supported internet applications.  Database servers, Web Servers, Load Balancers I was open source.  I speak Cisco, F5, MySQL, Apache, Perl, PHP, bash and when I was done with that I spoke IIS, SQL Server, AD.  Ive built Datacenters including hand wiring the electrical outlets, Ive torn down Datacenters.  I even ran my own business for several years hosting servers.  Project Management, Hiring and Firing, Compensation Packages, Growth Plans and Strong Leadership were the tools of my trade.

1997-1999 Beltway Bandit Extraordinaire.  Hero to many companies around the DC and the Baltimore Beltways.  Help Desk Support, PC Distribution (Remember Ghost?  We Ghosted before there was a word for it), Network Design and Upgrades, Server repair, provisioning, upgrade, downsizing.  Worked with all types of end users from the receptionist to the executive.  Worked with all types of hardware from the lowly scanner to dedicated CAD workstations too.  Health, Defense, Public Sector, Private Sector and Associations.  If it broke, beeped, blinked, spun or firewalled I fixed it.  This is where my resume plays keyword bingo: IBM, Dell, HP, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Applications, Printers, Desktops, Servers, they are all here.

1996-1997 Created a Network Physician system for deploying, delivering and updating software for each desktop in the Patent and Trademark organization.  Included help desk, remote control, license tracking and software repair.  Insert a floppy, boot the machine, pick a desktop role and deliver it to the desk.  Then if Excel or Word stopped working, the end user could re-install it themselves with the help of my system.

1994-1996 Completely automated the process intensive list rental/de-duplication/reporting infrastructure.  I took a 26 step manual, mistake-ridden process and made it a 3 step process import lists, click go, print reports.  Our customers loved our new found speed.

1993-1994 Retail Sales and Technical Support.  I was Geek Squad before there was Geek Squad.

1992-1993 Developed a menu automation system for a Computer Assisted Drafting Classroom.  Included Student Login, Activity Tracking and Security.


Steven McGrane

2316 State Road 35, Milltown, WI 54858

240-515-6332 (c)

Highlights of qualifications: Performance-focused IT leader with over 20 years of experience designing large scale networks, data centers and branch office networking.  Exceptional troubleshooting and out of box creative problem solving.  Organized take charge kind of guy with exceptional follow-through.  Able to plan and oversee multiple projects.  Outstanding communication skills with customers, vendors, management and subordinates.

Relevant Current Experience:

Project and Strategic Planning

Employee Development

Network Architecture and Administration

High Availability Planning

Budget Management

Change Management

Disaster Recovery

RFP & Vendor Management

SLA Creation and Monitoring

Continual Process Improvement

Business Continuity

Private, Public and Government Sector Experience

Networking Experience: Cisco Firewalls, Routers and Switches, Juniper Firewalls, BigIP Load Balancers, Advanced TCP/IP Provisioning, Windows Networking, Linux Networking (NFS, Web, Samba), Proxy, Bridging, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Security/Disaster Recovery/Redundancy, SAN

Operating Systems: Linux (RHEL/Ubuntu), BSD, DOS, Sun Solaris, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

BackOffice: Internet Information Server, Exchange Server, BackupExec

Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2

F/OSS: Compiling and Installing, RPM and DEB package management, Apache/SSL, Server Hardening/Security, Disaster Recovery and Redundancy Planning

Caprican Ventures Washington, DC Senior DevOps Engineer


Lead a team of 5 in managing ~200 AWS servers running a Ruby on Rails Stack.  Lead the conversion from puppet to chef.  Setup chef workflow under jenkins, servers and developer workstations.  Managed Github repos and Developed cookbooks. Lead monitoring initiative.  Servers consist of NginX, Apache, HAProxy, Nagios, Redis, Mongo, MySQL, Sensu, Kafka.  Integrate VPC and multi-data center load balancing.  Responsible for KPIs and team hiring., Inc. Mclean, VA Director of DevOps


Senior Leadership position responsible for technology design, migration and deployment.  Setup load balancers, NginX proxy and web servers, PostgreSQL and MongoDB database servers.  Managed Git repos, Chef servers and clients, developed Chef cookbooks, Capistrano deployment Scripts.  Managed Office Network, Mac based users community and cloud servers hosted with Rackspace and Amazon.  Created Multiple Chef Repos including one for the Macs. had 22 users across the country and over 100 development and production servers.  Managed Google Apps and Office 365 user setup.  Designed Nagios monitoring system. Maintained patch cycles and responded to security audits. 



The Answers Group Lusby, MD Senior Linux Web Consultant


Built Linux Servers to perform web functions for multiple clients using MySQL, Ubuntu (Debian), Apache, PHP.  Managed Servers Remotely, Added new domains, applied patches, kernel upgrades as needed.  Configured Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP servers for WordPress Blogs, Virtual Hosting and Custom CGI.  Configured Apache-SSL and Modules.  Configured Apache .htaccess files, re-write rules.  Configured DNS for email with Google Apps, Round Robin Load Balancing, Server Migrations. 

General Dynamics Information Technology California, MD Network Operations Manager


Oversight of network staff and operation of primary and backup data centers .  Responsible for training, monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and documentation of network.  Developed and implemented new project plans, quotes and budgets for defense contracts to DOD and NMCI standards.  Responsible for hiring, reviews, raises and terminations.  Technologies managed in this environment were Cisco infrastructure, with ATT backbone, IDS, Dell PowerEdge Servers and Virtual Servers.

Vocus, Inc. Lanham, MD - Senior Site Operations Engineer


Responsible for Security, Monitoring, Core and Edge network connectivity and disaster recovery for a company that provided an Application as a Service for Public and Government Relations.  Maintained a farm of over 120 servers to support SQL, jobs, mail, file, Storage Area Networks (SAN), web, monitoring and various other utility servers in a Windows based production environment.  Maintained firewalls, Load Balancers, IP Design in production and DR environments. Focused on daily improvement of uptime including gathering metrics to document and report on uptime.  Maintained a 99.99% Uptime Network for 4 Years.  Consistent review of monitoring reports to improve uptime, performance and ensure that Vocus wasnt over-monitoring. Assisted in managing (mentoring, reviewing work, training) a team of 6 junior engineers.   Vocus utilizes technologies including Linux, Windows, ISS Intrusion Detection (IDS), Akamai, Cisco, Juniper, F5, SQL Server, LeftHand SAN, HP, and Virtual Servers. 

The Globaltap Corporation  Ashburn, VA General Manager


Self started business, eventually sold and still viable today.  Created and executed business plan for web hosting, collocation and dedicated server service.  Responsible for growing staff and customer base. Provided web hosting, design and interactive website development for clients on a variety of server platforms.  Designed and built 5 data centers including hardware selection and setup, bandwidth provisioning, Monitoring, LAN, switches, routers, IP Provisioning with ARIN, Firewalls, sales, marketing, and accounting.  Provided support for Linux based systems and Windows systems.  Through careful monitoring of Key Performance Indicators improved network security, reliability and performance., Inc. Baltimore, MD Internet Banner Advertising

Senior Web Programmer


Designed and developed web systems based on open source technology. Developed a full client server, multi-tiered architecture for the following projects: AdSDK (Ad-Enabling Software),,, and using Perl, Oracle, MySQL, FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux, and Delphi.

Consulting (Major Contracts Listed Below)


Legg Mason, Baltimore, MD

Assisted in the roll out of new versions of all of Legg Masons applications both COTS and custom using SMS, Wise, and several scripting languages. 

T. Rowe Price, Baltimore, MD

Primary support for workflow distribution application, that integrates AIX, AS/400s, NT, OS/2, and optical jukeboxes.  Coordinated efforts with a Help Desk team of 20, and a desktop support force of 30 technicians in multiple locations.  Troubleshot SQL and DB/2 Database Performance, and application issues using SNMP traps, Protocol Analyzers, and BMC Patrol Agents.  Support for development team, including  development of install scripts, version control, and design and implementation of intranet web pages. 

Northrop Grumman, Baltimore, MD

Technical support lead for 200 users on the F-14 program.  Maintained all desktop applications (NT, Office 95, Windows 95, Exchange), network printers and workstations on a day to day basis.  Designed several NT servers as participants in the Northrop Grumman National Network.  First level support for X-Windows terminals and RS/6000 Workstations.  Secondary support for Macintosh computers.  Worked with vendors and other departments on the procurement of equipment or services.  Assisted with connectivity during and migration of servers from New York to Baltimore.

Childrens National Medical Center, Washington, DC

Technical support lead of a team of eight engineers.  Maintained all desktop issues (Windows 95, Windows 3.1, GroupWise, Office 95, Custom Applications).  Directly supported company directors and their executive assistants.  Maintained connectivity and User access from remote sites.  Successfully closed all trouble tickets for all remote sites over the phone in one week.  Updated and maintained Access program for tracking of Help Desk tickets, Report generation and enhancements.

Office of Minority Health, Rockville, MD

Sole Network/Support Engineer for a user community of 150 users.  Maintained cc:Mail email systems, nightly backups and computer configurations (Windows 3.1,

Windows 95, Novell NetWare, WordPerfect Office, 3Com Hubs and Routers).

USMC Detachment, Aberdeen, MD

Created a War Gaming Institute with networked CD-ROM towers and Windows 95 computers to engage students in single or multi-person War Game simulations. (Custom equipment,3Com Hubs, Banyan Servers, Win95)

Electronic Industries Association, Rosslyn, VA

Developed a standard configuration for all computers in the organization,  using data backups and Ghost imaging software. Led the MIS staff with the deployment of new computers and printing solutions to a user base of five hundred.  Standard configuration included Office 95, Windows 95, Lock-down Policies and Several MHS

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Crystal City, VA

Long term project to create a Software Distribution System to install Windows NT and Windows 3.11 operating systems for 5000 new computers from several NetWare server or Windows NT server.  Assisted in planning and design of network topology (FDDI, HP NetServers, Cabletron, Network General Sniffers, CISCO Switches and Routers) Create programs to install applications from the server onto a pre-existing computer for the purpose of departmental customization and/or application maintenance.  Develop method for applications to be pushed to the client computers from the server by Help Desk support staff. (Programmed in Visual BASIC, Winstall, Winbatch, C, REXX)