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Skills: Systems Architect, C++; Qt; Ubuntu/Mint/Raspbian Linux, Touch screen interfaces, SQLite; XML; Business Analysis; QwebEngine; VAX BASIC; OpenVMS; RDB; MQ Series; DIBOL, COBOL, Technical Writing; Service Oriented Architecture; LibreOffice


John Smith – Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars

2014 Finalist – Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the category Science Fiction/Fantasy

The Minimum You Need to Know to Be an OpenVMS Application Developer

2012 Dr. Dobb's recommended reading for developers

The Minimum You Need to Know About Service Oriented Architecture

2008 Best Books Award Winner in the category Business: Computers/Technology/Internet

2009 Finalist Eric Hoffer Awards

Consulting and Authoring Projects:

February 2018 – Present RADIAN/Pyramid

OpenVMS Consultant

Remote contract to update current port of SYSLOGD to include RFC5424 message format support along with raw TCP/IP communications as well as secured via TLS. Required porting of existing logger program from GNU. DEC C, OpenVMS and DCL.

October 2016 – Present authoring

Began work on “The Phallus of AGILE and Other Ruminations.” This is a work of essays on a life in IT as well as an exploration of how Agile is a completely fraudulent methodology. If you have read books like “The Secrets of Consulting” by Gerald Weinberg, “Software Conflict” by Robert L. Glass or “The Mythical Man-Month” by Frederick P. Brooks then you have some idea as to what this book is. It is modeled after the Ruminations chapter found at the end of each “The Minimum You Need to Know” series book.

September 2016 – October 2016 Controltech Corp

Qt Consultant

Direct client. Worked on the Fusion product. Embedded touchscreen application for Agriculture building control systems. Qt 5.4 commercial on Yocto Linux build. This was a system stabilization and performance increase project. Ported history tracking and graphing system to SQLite database from horrible directory tree of JSON files. Rewrote graphing system so it performed more accurately and much quicker with threaded off database activity. Also wrote memory monitor so we could track and fix memory leaks. Monitor emitted a low memory signal so application could gracefully shut down and hardware watchdog could restart the application. Updated and created developer Wiki pages. By end of project performance was dramatically increased and the bulk of the memory leaks were gone. Internal team was ready for full commercial 1.0 release and to start work on 2.0 enhancements.

January 2016 – May 2016 The Wittern Group/Triple Crown Consulting

Qt Consultant

Touch screen application for vending machines. Linux and Raspberry Pi target system using Qt 5.5 using both serial and network communications.

June 2015 – September 2015 Leo Burnett/FORTEGroup

Qt & Debian Packaging Consultant

Mixed on-site and remote contract developing IPOS, a Linux based computer marketing/sales program for INTEL. Application developed using C++ and Qt. Had to build custom ISO based on Ubuntu 15 64-bit which eliminated many of the installation questions and preloaded the kiosk type application with the installation. This ISO had to have all language packs applied to it before distribution as none of the target machines were to have Internet connection. Also had to build a multi-arch Debian package of the application which could be installed on either 32 or 64-bit Ubuntu 12, 14, or 15. Package could not be statically linked due to use of QWebEngine.

August 2014 - February 2015 Cincinnati Test Systems/Triple Crown Consulting

Qt Consultant

Remote contract for previous client. Modifications and enhancements to Blackbelt Pro product. An embedded touchscreen application processing real time messages for pressure/leak testing. Linux Mint 13, SQLite Qt 4.8.x, Bitbake on an ARM processor. This is the same project I was previously involved with at CTS but a later stage.

December 2013 - August 2014 Welch Allyn/ Black Diamond Consulting

Qt Consultant

On-site contract in FDA regulated environment working on touchscreen user interface for Connex® Spot Monitor. Heavily customized graphics front end for a real time COOA messaging based system. Target was embedded Linux (BitBake) on ARM processor and source control system was TFS.

October 2012 - July 2013 Cincinnati Test Systems/ Triple Crown Consulting

Qt Consultant

On-site contract involving Business Analysis, product design, software development, and testing of embedded touch screen device running on Linux, Blackbelt Pro. Both serial and TCP/IP real time communications with significant Qt threading and sockets. Replaced CAN system with Qt on OpenEmbedded communicating to RTOS via multicast UDP. SQLITE used for data storage. Agile development methodology used for development. SVN for source code management.

June 2012 - October 2012 IPGhoster/Wimmer

Qt Consultant

IP Ghoster is a product for real time communications security. It allows a customer to change their IP address via various proxy servers so they can appear to be in a different city or country. For world travelers it allowed you to communicate with Web sites in Country A from Country B when Country B has access to Country A blocked or heavily monitored. This was a remote contract and I had many different roles. Business Analyst, Systems Architect and developer were the primary ones. Heavy cross platform Qt programming creating services for the subscription front end and many performance improvements so application could run on both low end computers as well as hand held devices/smart phones without draining the battery. Short term rush project sweeping up behind another team which failed. Involved significant amounts of Qt threading and work with encryption libraries. Development was on Ubuntu Linux followed by Windows. Git was used for code management and Visual Studio was used on Windows.

March 2012 - May 2012 The Concept Factory

Systems Architect & Qt Consultant

Direct Client. Systems Architect and C++ Qt consultant on site in Detroit, MI. Designed and implemented touch screen device interfaces for various customers of The Concept Factory. Much of the development done using Qt Creator on Ubuntu Linux and Windows. Some of the applications involve using QextSerialPort over Blue Tooth to communicate real time with CAN-BUS as well as interfacing the data with external mapping applications. SVN was used for code management.

December 2011 - Feb 2012 Motley Fool

Technology and investment blogger

Syndicated IT blogger and technical writer for Motley Fool.

May 2010 - November 2011 authoring

Wrote “The Minimum You Need to Know About Mono and Qt” using OpenSuSE/Linux and editing the Qt database book for printing. Mono is the Open Source version of C# with .Net.

February 2010 - April 2010 RC Olmstead/NewITBridge

DIBOL Consultant

Consulting on-site in Dublin, OH. Converting DIBOL application on OpenVMS to Synergy/DE with xfServer to expose business logic to a Visual Basic GUI. Participated in and help coordinate SCRUM meetings with off-shore team. This project covered the Teller Workstation portion of the credit union application. This application runs the entire banking business for many of the credit unions in the country.

January 2009 - January 2010 authoring

Wrote “The Minimum You Need to Know About Java and xBaseJ.” This book covers using Java and the Open Source xBaseJ library for DBF creation on Linux platforms. Also involved making some patches to the xBaseJ project so the demonstration application could be complete.

Wrote “The Minimum You Need to Know About Qt and Databases”. Release date has not been determined. Book focuses on using Qt framework and C++ with PostgreSQL, MySQL, XBASE, and other database formats. Book is necessary in the market because all the other Qt programming books only include a single database chapter which, at best, pays lip service to database access. Book is being written on 64-bit KUbuntu 10.04.

Nov 2008 - January 2009 Fortunoff-Lord & Taylor/ SPI

ETL Consultant

Remote contract. ETL (Extract Transform and Load) Data conversion work from Fortunoff to Lord and Taylor systems using OpenVMS BASIC, VAX COBOL, and DATATRIEVE. Target platforms were Tandem and IBM Mainframe formats. Coordinated and supported off-shore team which was performing QA effort. Project documentation written with MS Word and Excel. Coordinated JAD sessions with off-shore team.

Feb 2008 - July 2008 Navistar

Business Analyst

Direct Client. Business Analyst doing STAR XML BOD specifications. Wrote SDLC documentation and a TA performing TOLAS EDI modifications and upgrades for Parts Supply Chain. Both ran and participated in JAD sessions. Working with STAR XML, DEC/VAX BASIC, Java, MQ Series, Message Broker, Websphere, ACMS, Cognos PowerHouse, Oracle and RDB. BA work done with MS Office 2007, Visio, and Excel. Actively participated with the STAR standards committee. UML and IBM Enterprise Architect used for some of the specifications.

Nov 2007 - Feb 2008 authoring

Finished publishing “The Minimum You Need to Know About Service Oriented Architecture.” Book does quite a bit of Java Applet coding for execution inside of various browsers besides providing an amazing tutorial for ACMS development. This book later won Book of the Year in the category Business: Computers/Internet/Technology from USA Book News.

May 2007 - Nov 2007 Navistar

Business Analyst & Architect

Direct Client. Business Analyst to provide systems design and project management services interfacing the Parts Supply Chain OpenVMS ACMS real time services to Web services via SOAP and XML over MQ Series along with other projects supporting the Parts Supply Chain. Both lead and participated in JAD sessions. Significant amount of VAX BASIC programming was also performed to map data into EDI formats. Provided specifications in the form of SDLC documentation for SOX compliance. Participated in STAR standards meetings and BOD creation. Also developed applications with Cognos PowerHouse. All documentation done with MS Word, Viso, and Excel.

Business Architect: Wrote work initiation documents explaining in detail just how the company and the Dealer network could double revenue with a simple two pronged approach using existing resources. First approach was to develop yet another parts ordering Web site, but this site would allow regular customers with credit cards to order parts that would either be filled by the local dealer or by the home office with the dealer getting a cut of the sales. Second approach was for both the Dealers and the KMMs (Key Marketing Managers) to begin marketing filters, oil, wipers, etc. from the All-Makes parts list to small automotive oil change places. Most of the regional chains didn't buy enough to get the kind of pricing Navistar had with its partially owned FleetGuard filter line. Client also had us begin using UML with this project. Beta tested IBM Software Architect.

January 2007 - May 2007 authoring

Wrote “The Minimum You Need to Know About SOA” using OpenOffice. This book covers the use of ACMS and Java to create cluster wide fault tolerant applications. BASIC, COBOL, C/C++, and FORTRAN will all be used for back end programming.

August 2006 - January2007 H&R Block/ Computer Task Group

OpenVMS Consultant

Electronic income tax filing system modifications. Tools utilized: Mercury Quality Center, C/C++ and Java on OpenVMS. Also used DCL, MMS, CMS, FMS, and Perl.

March 2006 - July 2006 authoring.

Wrote and published “The Minimum You Need to Know About Logic to Work in IT.”

September 2005 - March 2006 H&R Block/ Computer Task Group

OpenVMS Developer/Consultant

Electronic income tax filing system modifications. Tools utilized: Mercury, VAX/Alpha OpenVMS, C/C++, MQ Series, CMS, MMS, Perl, Tibco and Clarity.

June 2005 - June 2006 authoring

Wrote “The Minimum You Need to Know About Java on OpenVMS Volume 1”. This book is the next logical progression from the previous book covering the use of JNI (Java Native Interfaces) for accessing RTL and System Service calls. Will also be accessing RMS Indexed files, RDB, and FMS from Java.

March 2004 - June 2005 authoring

Wrote “The Minimum You Need to Know to be an OpenVMS Application Developer.” Book covers the crucial definitions of the VAX/Alpha VMS operating system and the distinctions between it and the lesser systems such as Windows and Unix. Historical reasons for things existing at client sites the way they do are being given. Development is being covered with DCL, DEC BASIC, CMS/MMS, FORTRAN, FMS, DEC C/C++, DEC COBOL, RDB, and MySQL. Book is designed to take a decent developer from another platform and let them become functional on VMS in a very short time span.

May 2001 - March 2004 Navistar

OpenVMS Developer/Consultant

Direct Client. Dealer Inventory Alliance (DIA) system using DEC/VAX C/C++, ACMS, MQ Series, Cognos Powerhouse, RDB, CDD, MMS, PL/SQL, XML, PRO*C, and Oracle 8i. This Parts Supply Chain project was a vendor managed inventory system interfacing to 5 different BSV systems and potentially interfaces to dealer written business systems. Interfaces to a back end Forecasting system written using Oracle 8 for real time forecasting. All production data was stored in RDB. Much of this contract is done remotely. The combination of ACMS and MQ were used to ensure guaranteed delivery and processing within a real-time transaction. All servers executed via QTI rather than direct terminal attachment. Parsing of XML was done in servers using the XERCES library for VMS. Orders are fed into the heavily modified TOLAS (BASIC) system for processing. All source code stored in CMS and built via MMS. One library for each environment (D,T,S.P) for controlled turns.

June 1999 – May 2001 Chicago Stock Exchange

Trading Floor Systems Consultant

Direct Client. Returned to stock exchange client to participate in decimalization project mandated by SEC. DEC BASIC/FMS system for real time trade execution. All source code stored in CMS and built via MMS.

December 1998 – June 1999 The Pampered Chef/ Vivid Technologies

Cognos PowerHouse Consultant

Accepted Y2K project with cooking supply company. Project involved converting to Powerhouse 710G, testing, and repairing Y2K problems in both the Powerhouse code and its corresponding DCL. Also required DEC BASIC software modifications to Perspective 800 commercial package.

May 1997 – December 1998 Navistar/ Innova Consulting

OpenVMS Developer/Consultant

Accepted new project with major engine and transportation manufacturer to convert existing parts routing system from RDB/DB2/Netwise communications system to MQ Series real time communications. Project involves coding in VAX C;VAX BASIC; CDD; CMS; MMS; DCL. New system will add greater support for full EDI transactions. Majority of contract is remote. System routes orders into TOLAS order processing system in EDIORD message format. All orders and inquiries are handled real time.

April 1997 – June 1997 Edgewater Medical/ Vivid Technologies

Fortran Data Conversion

Accepted remote contract with hospital to extract and convert data from a legacy PDP-11 based clinical system to tape format AS/400 based system could read. Data conversion programs were written using FORTRAN IV under a restricted version of RT-11. Proprietary compressed file formats and programs had to be reverse engineered in FORTRAN to complete this project.

January 1997 – March 1997 authoring

Began work on "Zinc It! 1.7" third book of "Zinc It!" series. Also joined beta program for ZAF 5.0 so new book for rewrite of book could be delivered with release of library. C++ coding on OS/2 Warp, Windows 3.x, DOS, and MAC OS was done for this book. Watcom used for OS/2, Windows, and DOS. Code Warrior used for Mac.

June 1996 – May 1997 Caremark Homecare/ Vivid Technologies

Cognos PowerHouse Consultant

Accepted full time on-site contract with major pharmacy health care client. Working on DEC/VAX using VAX-BASIC, VAX-COBOL, PowerHouse, RDB, CMS, and FMS. Both legacy maintenance and new development.

April 1996 – July 1996 Shade Tree Software

C++ Consultant

Direct Client. Accepted remote contract to develop office planning software for the SOHO market. This software will be written using Zinc and distributed with a quarterly CD-ROM magazine. Application must run under Windows 3.x and MAC platforms. Upon successful completion of this project, client wants to release a similar package for kitchen and other home remodeling. Watcom and Code Warrior were compilers used.

January 1996 – May 1996 authoring

Began writing second book of object oriented cross platform development series. This book will include single user database library, serial communications library, royalty free 32-bit DOS extender, and 32-bit DOS graphics libraries. Operating systems covered will be 32-bit DOS, Windows 3.x, OS/2 Warp, Linux, and MAC OS. Language used C++. Watcom and Code Warrior were compilers used.

January 1996 – March 1996 McKee Door

OpenVMS Developer/Consultant

Direct Client. Returned to manufacturing client for maintenance and new development with VAX BASIC.

April 1995 – January 1996 Chicago Stock Exchange/ Vivid Technologies

Trading Floor Systems Consultant

Took on full time stock exchange client. Began rewriting real time trading floor system under VAX BASIC, VAX C, FMS and DCL using CMS and MMS. Project also included porting IBM COBOL system to VAX BASIC.

June 1989 through November 1995 - Various consulting projects involving POWERHOUSE, C, VAX BASIC, VAX COBOL, CodeBase, C-Scape, Zinc, POWERHOUSE, SNA Gateway, RDB, CYBORG Payroll to PeopleSoft conversion. Projects were for both small and fortune 100 clients. Some applications were: Client/Candidate tracking application, MAXCIM accounting system modifications for drug manufacturer, Real- Time data acquisition application, VG LIMS information reporting/extracts, Electronic income tax filing, GRID PAD pen based computing applications. Wrote book covering Zinc cross platform library and its interface to third party library products on OS/2, DOS, and Windows.

March 1985 through September 1989 - worked as an employee and consultant for various firms. Tools used: BASIC PLUS II under RSTS/E; VAX BASIC; VAX COBOL; VAX C; CodeBase; C-Scape; MAXCIM; VG LIMS; GRID PAD; POWERHOUSE; FORTRAN; and DBASE programming.


B.S. C.I.S. 1987

A.S. Business Oriented Computer Programming 1985