David J. Anderson

17 Cherry Street

Newburyport, MA 01950





Operating Systems and Environments

Windows XP, Windows NT, UnixWare, Windows 9x, Solaris 2.3, Linux, IBM AIX, SunOS 4.1.3, HP/UX,  TRANSACT/SQL (Sybase)


Embedded Operating Systems

Nucleus, VxWorks, VRTX Velocity


Programming Languages

C++, C, Java, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML, JavaScript


Work Experience

7/96 - Present Seacoast Consulting, Inc.

President - Owner of a small, growing software consulting and contracting company. Presently, Seacoast has two employees and several clients among the leading technology companies in eastern Massachusetts.

·         Started company’s Web presence using AT&T Broadband Service and Personal Web Server running on a Windows XP platform at company office.

·         Designed and implemented a Visual Basic-based touchscreen building directory application for Banner deSign, Inc., a display sign and banner company in New Jersey.

·         Various other Web sites (www.ragwagon.com, www.earthdrum.com)

·         Also run an audio-engineering business under the aegis of Seacoast, see www.damngoodsound.com for details


4/02 – 5/02 Spectel, Inc.

Consultant – Work involved adding QSIG support to the company’s teleconferencing bridge product.  Updated ISDN implementation (using BrookTrout T1/E1 CompactPCI multi-trunk boards)  to support QSIG networking, referencing ETSI and ITU specifications for message formats.  Project was a resounding success and client was awarded a large contract in part because of the strength of this implementation.


2/98 – 3/02 HeliOss Communications, Inc.

Consultant – Work involved coding functional enhancements and bug fixes for the Maverick-150 radio product.  Product is a millimeter-wave radio designed for two-way 155 Mbps OC3 point-to-point wireless communications over up to 20 kilometers of line-of-sight distance. Platform is an embedded 386EX CPU running the Nucleus real-time OS.  Work was done in C, and debugged using SSI’s Visual Probe product.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, design and implementation of SNMP network management capability,  character-cell menu, implementation of IP routing technologies on the Maverick platform.  Also ported a third-party PPP implementation to the product.  Enhancements to this product included 311, 622 and 1244 Mbps links.  Designed and implemented key parts of these upgrades, involving inter-CPU communication for message passing, performance monitoring, and configuration sharing.


12/97-2/98 Digital Equipment Corp.

Consultant - Part of a team that reverse-engineered a functional specification and design document from existing source code for a project/product that was organized to move competitive high-system-availability technology from the OpenVMS operating system to Windows NT.


9/97-12/97 Whittaker/Xyplex Inc,

Consultant - Member of a team developing next-generation remote access product featuring multiple T1/E1 links (running ISDN, Frame Relay or Channelized service), digital modems, and Internet-standard routing protocols.  Responsibilities included development of usage-monitoring subsystems reporting to the central SNMP task on various usage metrics (total packets over an interface, peak packets per second, collision counts, retransmit counts, etc.) as well as various small programming and bug-fixing tasks spread over different subsystems.  System uses WindRiver Systems’ VxWorks real-time operating system running on an industry-standard PCI-based PC motherboard using a Cyrix CPU. 


6/97-9/97 Hammer Technologies, a division of Teradyne Corp.

Consultant - Responsible for integrating a new ISDN PRI board and protocol stack into company’s test equipment platform.  Platform is a multithreaded C++/MFC application running on a Windows NT 4.0 platform.


4/97-6/97 Summa Four, Inc.

Consultant - Responsible for integrating a TCP/IP stack from Pacific Data Systems into client’s proprietary embedded telephone switch platform.  Project used Motorola MVME147(68030) & MVME167(68040) cards.  Had to remove references to old TCP/IP stack and integrate references to new stack in vendor-supplied and client code.  Wrote a device driver for new stack to communicate over Ethernet using Intel 82596CA Network Coprocessor.  Operating system used was VRTX, a real-time embedded OS.


1/97-4/97 Open Development Corp

Consultant - Responsible for the design and implementation of an architectural extension to the existing OpenMedia platform that allows enhanced Prepaid Cellular Telephone service using remote database connectivity over and X.25 product running on AIX.


12/95-1/97 Boston Technology, Inc. 

Consultant - Responsible for the design and implementation of an ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface) code library to enable existing hardware and software products to receive and place calls in an ISDN environment. Implemented code according to CCITT Q.931 ISDN PRI specifications for message passing. Also responsible for testing and debugging applications and libraries that send voicemail messages digitally over an FDDI backbone, over an X.25 network, or analog via dialout services. 


10/94-12/95 Complex Architectures, Inc., A Sybase Company  

Senior Software Engineer - Responsible for Unix, Windows NT, and Windows communication agent design and implementation. CAI's Enterprise Messaging System (EMS) technology is based in part on source code portable communications agents that allow the EMS product to communicate over various wireless networks (RAM, ARDIS, CDPD, SkyTel 2-way paging, AMSC MMS Satellite Data Service) and wireline networks (TCP/IP, UDP, PIPES Platform, asynchronous dial, X.25 host mode to RAM, ARDIS and AMSC). Also was responsible for setting up and administering the company’s Internet access and domain (complex.com), using demand dialup PPP via a Livingston gateway, and the administration and troubleshooting of the company’s internal TCP/IP network of computers (Unix, NT, Windows, Mac, DOS) and gateways.


10/88-10/94 The Associated Press  

Senior Software Engineer - Responsible for Windows, Unix, VAX/VMS and Macintosh software development projects and Unix/PC/Mac/VAX networking. 

   Part of a team that replaced the AP's existing Election system with a Unix and Sybase based system. Communicates via TCP/IP and DECnet with the AP's network of news delivery machines, and via satellite to member newspapers to deliver timely reports on current elections. Other responsibilities include designing system and network architecture for AP's worldwide satellite-based network as well as writing and maintaining VMS and Mac software. 

·         Designed and implemented a touchscreen driven news browsing program for consumer use. Software is written is Visual Basic and Visual C++ and has been extremely well received in customer sites, trade shows and focus groups. It is also the only AP product represented in the President's office at AP.

·         Designed new network architecture to replace existing outdated architecture. Network is a heterogeneous combination of asynchronous communications (5, 6, 7 and 8-bit), local area network (TCP/IP, NetBEUI, Novell, EtherTalk and DECnet), wide-area network (T-1 and leased line), and satellite services. 

·         Initiated Internet E-mail access for the AP (ap.org), via UUCP dialup and SMTP services from UUPSI.

·         Many other projects involving news, graphics, and communications. 



3/87-9/88 Computer Horizons Corporation  

Consultant - Worked on two projects for AT&T Communications (Network Operations Group). 

·         EPIC project (EPSCS Preprocessor and Integrated Control). EPIC took information from the AT&T 5ESS digital switch, and produced billing records, trunk usage statistics, and maintenance information. System is fully hardware redundant, with software fault recovery. Designed as a wide-area network with synchronous DECnet as the transport mechanism. Project consisted of 90 staff members, mostly engineers. 

·         Senior member of the VMS team. Responsible for all VMS specific functions of the project, such as system service calls, DECnet programming, device driver support, hardware configuration, crash dump analysis, and any MACRO programming that was required.

·         Trained staff of systems managers as they were hired. Participated in the interview process by giving all systems management and VMS team candidates a thorough technical interview. 

·         Technical liaison with Simpact Associates. Worked with Simpact on specifications for communications software for their ICP-1622 communications board. Helped debug their DDCMP driver, which caused our systems to crash occasionally. 

·         CNO-R project (Custom Network Option - Router). CNO-R also interfaced with the 5ESS to route switch control information to TOPAS and CSACCS systems as appropriate. CNO-R consisted of 30 staff members, mostly engineers. 

·         In charge of the VMS Group. Group's duties included all VMS systems support, system services, internals and communications.

·         Consulted with other group leaders and group members on applications performance and operating system impact of various application subsystems. Wrote a utility in MACRO to clear error counts in device UCBs. 

·         Oversaw systems managers, performed upgrades to VMS, and installed various layered products on our 8530 cluster and 8700 cluster. 

·         Individually commended for putting together and supporting a successful demonstration system for AT&T upper management personnel and later for successful completion and installation of the finished system. System has been in production since 9/88. 


2/86-3/87 Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A.   

Programmer/Analyst - CMX II (CHIPS Message Exchange/Phase II) project 

Duties included systems management and systems programming on a VAX 8650 cluster. Applications were written in VAX Pascal, and used various system services for interprocess communication and communications with external systems at the Clearing House for Interbank Payment System (CHIPS). Application is a dollar-funds transfer system with daily transaction volume in the hundreds of billions of dollars. System is software fault tolerant through use of a third party transaction processing package called NEXSYS.  Received commendation as part of the team that completed the initial implementation of the system. 



12/84-2/86 Union County College

Programmer/Technician - Taught students the basics of VMS (logging in, logging out, editing and printing), and helped them to solve programming problems while doing class assignments. 



Available upon request.