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Patricia Allard

President &
Consulting Engineer



Technical Manager or Senior Technical Staff. I have over 18 years of professional engineering experience in software development and management. My experience ranges from product definition to release mangement and sales support. For the last 7 years, I have worked for a software consulting company, where I was responsible for the company's first retail product development and sales.

I am looking for a company with a software product or service. My experience and skills will help to bring your product to market on time and under budget. Software quality is my technical objective.

I have several years of experience in design and implementation of database-driven and distributed applications, both for the internet and dedicated networks. I have used both Microsoft and Open-Source technologies, and I choose the right tool for the job. I can help your company design your distributed application, including teaching the latest available java server-side programming technologies.

Communication skills and technical knowledge allow me to serve extremely well as a technical manager and interface between engineering, marketing, and sales departments. I have also gained experience with customer support issues, both pre-sales and technical support management.


5/01 - present   JavaJumpStart, Belfast, ME

I am responsible for full design and implementation of an e-commerce web application called eDoughBoy. It is a commercial application viewable at The application has the typical shopping cart features, and has additional reporting, management, and user features that can be implemented in a database-driven environment.

eDoughBoy is written using JSP for the screens, beans for the business logic, and uses another layer of beans for the database interface. I wrote a tool based on Joe Carter’s TableGen to automatically create the database beans. I also wrote a new tool that creates two screens for each database bean: one for selecting records from a table, and another for adding, deleting, and modifying a selected record. These tools resulting in excellent development cost savings, as well as reliable and consistent code.

6/00-5/01 Consultant Unicam/Tecnomatix, Portsmouth, NH

I am responsible for full design and implementation of a web application for monitoring factory production. Factory production includes real-time machine status, as well as historical production statistics.

SQL Server is used for the data repository. I was responsible for the schema design and all database interfaces.

The web server is Apache with Tomcat servlet and JSP engine. Jakarta's Cocoon is used to generate dynamic, XML-based reports.

1/00-6/00 Consultant MetraTech, Waltham, MA

I added facilities to allow distributed transaction management in a high bandwidth e-commerce metering system. Since the metering system runs on NT, I used Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) and OLEDB to control the transactions. The transactions worked with both Oracle and SQL Server databases.

3/99-1/00 Consultant Heidelberg Web Systems, Dover NH

I was the lead architect for the Windows NT Client in an object-oriented real-time control system. The control system runs on the QNX platform, where it controls a magazine bindary. The control system components communicate to the NT platform objects via a custom-built communication infrastructure built upon sockets. Once data and control information is transaferred to the NT platform, all communication is handled through DCOM.

The Client framework is written in Visual Basic. The ActiveX controls which implement the business logic are implemented in either Visual Basic or C++. ADO and MTS are used in the data layer design. SQL server is the database used for job scheduling and performance statistics persistence.

I am also one of the architects on the design team for the second generation control system. The control system will be distributed across several machines running embedded NT, NT real time extensions, and Seimens S7 PLCs. The communication protocol between NT machines is DCOM.

11/98 – 3/99 Consultant UNUM, Portland ME

I was a senior consulting engineer in the group responsible for porting a large document management system from mainframe and OS2 to NT and DCOM. My responsibilites included architecture and design consulting, especially in the use of DCOM and MTS in a 3-tier distributed environment.

1/98 - 10/98 Engineering Instructor, Consultant International Communications

My duties included personnel management, business development, course development, and instruction. I developed and taught the DCOM/ATL and ActiveX courses, and also assisted on Java course development. I also assisted in production of Microsoft Distributed iNternet Architecture courses, which included MTS, MSQS, ASP, SQL, and IIS.

1/97 - 12/97 Consultant Foliage Software Systems, Bedford MA

Design and Implement an object-oriented real-time control system on Windows NT server. This software system is used to control a mission critical ion implantation instrument in an automated factory environment. The software includes objects representing data items and control components which work together across networked NT machines using DCOM.

In addition to the control system architecture, a monitoring system was developed to run in parallel. The monitoring system is designed using Microsoft 3-tier architecture, and implemented using the latest server facilities and development tools available from Microsoft.

7/96 - 1/97 Contract OMTOOL, Salem NH

Design and implement an SMTP gateway for MIME-encoded documents. This project includes full implementation of SMTP, DNS, and MIME protocols running as a Windows NT service. The communication protocols are built upon the WinSock API.

6/96 - 3/97 Contract UNIFI Communications, Lowell MA

Designed and implemented a server application for accepting fax documents over POTS. The user interface used Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This server ran on NT as a service, monitoring a modem bank and an X.25 PAD for incoming calls from PC client software. Also designed the asynchronous communications protocol used by the client/server to transmit fax documents and related information to the Modem Server.

7/95-6/96 Contract Hewlett-Packard, Andover MA

Ported proprietary network communication software from a real-time operating environment to NT. I was responsible for the Data-Link, Transport, Session, Presentation, and Application layers. This port required multi-threaded and real-time programming and debugging. The new implementation was re-designed using object-oriented methods and written using MSVC++.

4/95-7/95 Contract Softlinx, Westford MA

Implemented a WinSock client/server messaging protocol for sending faxes over the Internet. The client runs on PCs running Windows, Win95, or NT. The server runs on LINUX, HPUX, AIX, and SUN. I was also responsible for the writing the client application using MSVC++ and Visual Basic. I also performed some network administration, connecting the PCs and UNIX servers using SAMBA, a freeware netbios for UNIX.

5/93-4/95 Principal Software Engineer Iris Associates, Westford MA

Lotus Notes is a client/server groupware product that facilitates information organization and dissemination. The client runs on most platforms including Windows 3.x, NT, Windows 95, OS/2 and Macintosh 7.x. I was a member of the team responsible for this platform independence. My primary responsibility within the group was the graphics code.

I also implemented Win32-specific features such as MAPI interfaces and OLE2.0 automation development, which involved exposing the programmable user-interface objects to the Lotus scripting language.

1/90-4/93 Senior Engineer Acorn Technology Systems, Sudbury MA

The wafer inspection instrument is a scanning electron microscope which is controlled by a PC running several layers of driver, utility, and application software. The software must allow service maintenance, engineering setup and usage, as well as high output automated classification of wafer surface defects. The Microsoft Windows environment is used to provide task-switching and inter-process communication capabilities as well as to present the most appropriate user interface to different types of operators.

Windows software development included a frame buffer control utility, an image archival and viewer utility, a graphics editor used to define silicon wafer geometries, and the main system application for wafer inspection. Together, these applications involved development in almost every aspect of Windows from MDI to GDI, DLLs, to DDE and drivers.

A database was also developed for archiving images and associated wafer information. Image enhancement and data compression was also implemented.

12/88-1/90 Technical Staff The Analytical Sciences Corporation (TASC), Reading MA.

The distributed process computer network is composed of PCs and SUN workstations connected via Ethernet LAN. In addition, each station has addition equipment installed, such as API news service interface, satellite communications equipment, or video conferencing equipment. This system facilitated the simultaneous monitoring of several information sources, correlation of related events, and dissemination of resulting analysis.

My responsibilities included design and implementation of facilities for image storage, analysis, and presentation; C/UNIX/SUNview software development of system maintenance utilities, serial communications, and user interface; Integration of image processing and display hardware, including programming in C and assembly language.

1/86-12/88 Research Associate Philips Ultrasound, Santa Ana CA

My responsibilities included software simulation of the ultrasound imaging systems which were used to develop and test new processing techniques. Specific areas include color image processing and display research; scan conversion and image warping research; data compression.

Software primarily written in C on PCs. Other languages used were Pascal and FORTRAN on the PC and assembly for imaging hardware. Some software was written for UNIX or OS/9000 machines.

7/83-1/86 Edison Engineer General Electric, Milwaukee WI

Developed FORTRAN software for image analysis while in the X-ray Department. The program facilitated detection and measurement of blood flow occlusions.

Wrote DSP assembly language program for real time image processing while in the Computed Tomography Department. The program allowed fast 2D polynomial interpolation of images.

Designed digital hardware for a network interface card while in the Multi-Modality Department. My design implemented the physical and data link layers of the network interface. This project also included embedded assembly language programming.


9/83-12/85 General Electric Edison Program, Medical Systems Division, Milwaukee WI
9/83-12/85 MSEE Marquette University, Milwaukee WI.
Thesis: Automated Detection of Vascular Stenotic Lesions in Digital Fluoroscopic Images.
9/80-5/83 BSEE with High Distinction, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester MA.
Concentration: communication theory and signal processing.
Honors: Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, WPI IQP Award, Salisbury Award.
9/79-5/80 Boston University, Boston MA.
Concentration: life sciences.

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