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  • 480-945-6330 1) ClientScan - A Scanning and Document Management System ClientScan - Scanning and Document Management System is a fee for service offering, which operation under an Application Service Provider (ASP) and stand alone in-house model. Scanned submission, electronic stamping, retrieval printing, of legally required documents related to; Contracts, Listings, Title, Loans. Developed using IBM Content Manager 8.2 and then migrated over to IBM ECM (Enterprise Content Manager) 8.3 on an intel based Linux server. This application was 100% developed, designed and owned by myself on the Linux, Java, JSP, HMTL and include custom workflow logic, custom presentation logic, SOA Web Service logic was designed to interface with three AS/400 servers, and 4 Window based servers. The the Window based scanning interfaces and Acrobat SDK logic developed by my employees in C/C++.
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  • 2) AgentTrack-An Real Estate Agent's Portal As a fee based add on to our existing broker focused BrokerTrack - Real Estate Contract/Message System, The AgentTrack - An Agent Portal is a web based solution that is based upon the needs of the agent, providing access to key information with various wireless devices and state-of-the art web based scanning. This is J2EE WebSphere based Portal app, deployed to an IBM AS400 525 iSerier Server.
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  • 4) BrokerTrack - A Real Estate Contract/Message System Is a franchise fee based software services application that operates under an Application Services Provider (ASP) model via a West USA Franchise. Providing Real Estate Broker Management and Control over operations, Commissions, Contracts, Listing, Referral, Messaging, Billing, Vendor and Payroll. This application was designed using Eclipses based IBM WebSphere Development Studio Client (WDSc) for IBM AS400. The resulting application is deployed to WebSphere Server residing on an IBM AS400 525 iSeries Server.
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  • 5) Installation of WebSphere and Infinium Web/UI product Large business aviation services provider and independent repairer of jet engines. Orlando, Florida Perform the installation of WebSphere Server, Apache HTTP Server and installation of Infinium InAbler with conversion to web of Infinium. 6) ORB issue MATRAnet. San Francisco. Infinium Project Accounting and Websphere Project Manager; I preformed installation and configuration of Websphere, then I Managed of a team of two employees which performed the following; WEBSPHERE/ MQSI: Resolving porting issues from Java Webserver: CORBA- Resolved ORB conflicts, Oracle-Resolved JDBC driver conflicts, HTTP-Resolved header and servlet APIs, XML Parser-Resolved IBM XML and Apache conflicts, Naming-Resolved Websphere to COBRA naming Servlet. 7) ERP4iSeries ERP 4 IBM iSeriesâ„¢ Network Plus Consulting an IBM ISV offers its entry into the world of Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP). ERP 4 iSeries is an entry level full functional ERP application ERP 4 iSeries is the proper choice for both the domestic and international 0 to 250 Million corporation. Comprehensive Event driven processing. Accurate accounting with a wide range of user-friendly options to manage everything from simple financial data to detailed personnel information. ERP4iSeries is a RPG ILE modernization application deployed to iSeries server under WebSphere and is HATS enabled
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