Beginning studies in 1980 as a mainframe programmer utilizing COBOL, Fortran77, RGPII, PASCAL and Assembler, my career has enveloped many technologies.  Through the beta-testing years of a new Microsoft Windows operating system product in 1990 called Windows 2.5 and Excel 2.5, Ashton-Tate, and Lotus, my career has continued using Visual Basic since 3.0, C++ since 2.0 and 17 other compilers, scripts and interpreted languages facilitating many different verticals.  Today I enjoy the benefit of working as a Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical developer with functional capabilities.


Resume of:

Bob Coward

Grayson, Ga




Operating Systems:

Windows 7 XP, Win2000, NT 4, Win9.x, Win3.x, DOS

Servers, Networking:

Windows Server 2003 and 2008, NT Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, IIS, Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Object Server.


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and AX 2012 RTM, R2, R3 (ERP), Business Intelligence Development (BIDS/BI).

Languages, Programming:

Visual Basic 6.0, VB.Net,  Access and Excel VBA, XML, Win32 API, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008 and 2010, Team Foundation Server, VB.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, PowerShell, X++, and C#


Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2008 R2/2012/2014 schema, design, and stored procedures, Oracle 8/9i/10g schema, design, and PL/SQL Stored Procedures.


Professional Certifications:


MB6-819 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 MorphX Development – Scored 86%

MB6-817 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Trade and Logistics – Scored 94%

MB6-822 Dynamics AX 2009 Production


Professional Overview:


Library of Congress 9/17 – Present

AX 2012 R2 Retail POS to AX 2012 R3 Retail POS Upgrade Lead Consultant


Install and configure Retail Headquarters

Install and configure Commerce Data Exchange

Create channel databases and offline databases

Install Retail POS

Configure organization structures for Retail

Create Retail Store

Configure POS registers

Assign product assortments

Set up channel integfration profiles

Set up offline database synchronization for registers


ATCC 10/16 – 4/17

AX 2012 R3 Advanced Warehouse Functional consultant.


Brought in to review business processes in Inventory Control, Warehouse and shipping to increase outbound shipments.  Concurrently with review made recommendations, customizations and defined limitations which allowed the client to increase outbound parcels by 65% in 90 days



Bank of America 9/16 – 1/17

Dynamics AX 2012 Technical developer, AX installation and configuration.


Develop a commercial leasing application using the AX Accounts Payable module.  AX 2012 R3 installation and configuration, financial analysis of existing chart of account structure making decisions regarding financial dimensions, ledger alias’ and data migration requirements.  Construct frameworks to align AX 2012 with existing in house application requirements data feeds


Ernst&Young 1/16 – 9/16

Manager Dynamics AX Practice Development.


Hired to lead AX consulting practice growth as company moved toward Microsoft Dynamics AX Silver Partner compatency.  AX 2012 audit for Marc Jacobs to define compliance with user access, code promotion and change management.  ERP selection team contribution to Enjoy Life Foods to qualify ERP vendors between Dynamics NAV, JD Edwards or NetSuite.  CFA Institute Dynamics GP upgrade from Dynamics GP 10 to Dynamics GP 2015 performing financial review of existing chart of accounts with recommendations for enhanced financial capability in the investment markets.  Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU 8 Segregation of Duties compliance audit and SOD conflict recomendation


General Motors 8/14 – 1/16

Dynamics AX 2012 Senior Technical Developer and Solutions Architect.


Implementation roll out of an AX 2009 to AX 2012 upgrade for GM concept car manufacturing and engineering in North America, Brazil, Germany and European manufacturing and assembly locations.  Design and architect a new implementation of AX 2012 R3 to GM Korea for the Asian brand manufacturing assembly locations.  Preview, analyze and architect future uses for AX 2012 as the group consumes other GM corporate business processes in AX 2012 R2 and R3.  Develop required AX modifications to Project and Accounting modules, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Production Control and Master Planning.


Genuine Parts Company 7/13 – 4/14

Dynamics AX 2012 Administrator and Technical developer.


Supply support and post implementation development for an AX 2012 and AX 2012 R2 implementation.  Diagnose customer issues as the issue relates to Dynamics AX, SQL Server, and network operating systems.  Develop and implement disaster recovery plan for AX systems so if data center went down all business could be rerouted to another VMWare image using mirrored production system.  Develop AX 2012 item update solution, new item upload, direct delivery sales order to purchase order data update and support the SSRS reporting infrastructure.  Port AX4 modifications to AX 2012 R2 making changes where applicable to accommodate the new AX 2012 R2 framework differences between AX4 and AX 2012.


Dynamix Solutions of Georgia 6/12 - Present

Dynamics AX4/2009/2012 Technical developer and functional business analyst


As a consult am responsible for assisting customers with designing, building and maintaining their Microsoft Dynamics AX environment. Work in designing and building customized solutions to tailor Dynamics AX to the customers’ requirements.  Responsibilities are to provide successful Dynamics AX technical roles, create and review technical spec documentation, design, develop, review and test customized X++ and C# code.  Enhance AX Enterprise Portal using role centers, key performance indicators and advanced analytics modifying the 11 out of the box Analysis Services cubes.


Contracts performed under DSG, LLC


Volcano Inc – AX 2009 support of customer issues relating to EDI 810, 855, 955 the AIF endpoint channel.  Support client resolving support tickets in a highly customized AX implementation with FDA requirements.  Manage Data Masons implementation and data mapping.  Add and make changes to X++ code for increased efficiency and AX user satisfaction


OmniVue – Support AX 2009 and AX 2012 implementation and post implementation issues such as promoting code changes to production systems, updating cost price for inventory, purchasing and sales.


Premier Designs – AX 2012 post implementation bug fixes for external shipping and order management importing to AX 2012.  Debug X++ and fix Return Order Closing Process from Oracle, Packing slip posting errors, Arrival journal posting errors, maintain ability to delete and archive Purchase Order lines and fix Invoicing issue in AX from Oracle CASI shipping data import.


LuckStone – AX 2012 SSRS reporting modification to Sales Order invoice and customer facing invoice and credit notes.


CEDA – Dynamics AX 2012 implementation performing X++ modifications to support business processes.  X++ Rental modification to track item data, one check sheet per vendor payment modification, accounts receivable due date report generation, vendor instrument payment modification and vendor payment advice reporting.


Secure Energy – Train AX 2012 SSRS reporting and SSAS Analysis cubes to AX develops to understand the aspects of SSRS, SSAS and MVC pattern from both SQL Server and the AX 2012 report data provider framework and primitive table structures.  Prepare training syllabus, labs and core instruction and deliver to developers over four days and five hours each day.


Imerys – Dynamics AX 2009 native report development defining AX data sources and writing appropriate X++ display method modifiers to expose applicable data.  Defined reports were used to import into Bottomline Create!Forms technology


OpenTV/Nagra – Functional and technical support for a television and cable AX 2012 add-on campaign management solution (xGBilling).  Create project documents, train users and developers, manage project milestones preparing for Time Warner AX 2012 GoLive.  xGBilling allows Time Warner’s advertising sales team to combine data from multiple order management and traffic systems into individual Dynamics AX 2012 sales orders and invoices based on each ad’s metrics and pricing and for any type of ad campaign - including linear, on-demand, interactive, addressable, Web, mobile, satellite, over-the-top and long-form.


Britax – AX 2012 technical developer making modifications to existing ERP business processes.  Project to add fields on the Item master and InventTable forms to allow for quarterly US NHTSA report requirements.  Make changes to returned merchandise authorization for EWR TREAD reporting to ensure proper customer quality service (CQS) codes are maintained. RMA field modifications to the AX 2012 Accounts Receivable module to include year of manufacture, Item group, and item id data distributed through the ecoResProduct and ecoResProductTranslation tables.


Graphic Packaging – AX 2012 implementation technical development to add enhancements as needed for goLive.  AX modifications include: Requested functionality delivered by adding a Copy Product button to the ribbon Released Products form.  By selecting the Copy product button, when a record is selected, a new product item will be created using the selected product item as a pattern for the new product item being created.  Modification to put away received products in compliance with receiving business rules.  Planned load modification that combines multiple sales orders for a customer on a given release, which then can be further combined by the shipping department onto a planned shipment.  The planned shipment can have multiple stop points and be intended for multiple customers.


NETRADA - Development of a Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal solution using Web Services and SharePoint Web Parts.  Application integration Framework (AIF) web services and endpoint channel configuration supporting data interchange with AIF XML documents.


Integration between Dynamics AX 2009 using Tax web services to tax cost to process sales and shipment along with printing shipment labels in thermal and label printers.  Integrate the XML exchange between tax web services and AX using “Microsoft.XMLHTTP” com objects.  Modified AX standard Sales order tables, forms and created a new class which implements business logics behind this integration.


THR Associates – Dynamics AX 2009 Retail Hierarchy POS module reporting using SSRS for Retail Demand, Sales by hour, Item Group accounting per store and sales terminal using Business Intelligence Development (BI).


mcaConnect 5/12-1/2013

Dynamics AX 2009/2012 X++ developer, AX SSRS Developer, BI, BIDS, Business Intelligence developer

Worked remote as an AX 2009 and AX 2012 X++ developer for the 2011 and 2012 Dynamics AX Reseller of the year.  Completed AX 2009 and 2012 implementation modifications to customers’ wmBarr, PVR Partners, Mossberg, Rochester Gauges and others in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, General Ledger, and Bank modules.  Implement changes for AX 2009 to AX 2012 upgrades to handle new framework changes to Financials and Report Data Provider environments.  Make applicable AX 2009/2012 code enhancements using MorphX X++, Visual Studio 2008 and 2010, (BI) Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), SSRS, and SSAS.


Supply onsite training for Rochester Gauges and PVR Partners using AX 2012 Role Centers and Dashboards.  Demonstrate and implement enhancements to SQL Server Analysis cubes and add Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Add new KPIs using Multidimensional Expression language (MDX) to facilitate new goals and trends based on defined performance values.  Develop additional Role Center pages in Enterprise Portal for specific analytic requirements.


Develop AX 2009/2012 SSRS reports using the new Report Data Provider framework to expose reports in AX 2009/2012, via browser in SQL Server Reporting Services, and surfaced on Role Centers.  Build and enhance SSRS reports that consumed data from SQL Server Analysis Services cubes using MDX and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Work to support my team members investigating issues with AX 2012 to supply fast solutions for the customer base.  Demonstrate technical ability by presenting different technical topics in a weekly Go To Meeting when assigned.


Zones Seattle Wa 2/12-5/12

Dynamics AX 2012 X++ developer, AX SSRS Developer, BI, BIDS, Business Intelligence developer


Provided programming services developing small X++ modifications to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules.  Main requirement to develop AX 2012 SSRS reports using the new Report Data provider framework.  Coded applicable AX 2012 X++ modification in the appropriate Report Data Provider, Contract, and Controller classes to create applicable reports.

OldCastle Precast Roswell Ga 6/11-2/12

Senior Software Engineer,  Dynamics AX 2009 X++ developer, C#, ASP.Net programmer, SQL Server DBA


DBA responsibilities of 58 SQL Server Installations. SQL Agent job management to maintain and monitor database requirements, replication, maintenance, and performance. PowerShell scripting for one script use to integrate functionality through multiple SQL Servers and databases.


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 fixing compilation errors and working with team to analyze and fix functional errors in Account Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Inventory Management modules using MorphX X++.  Analysis and fix bugs reported by customers.  Worked with team to finalize fixes and deploy the X++ xpo code fix for solution


Development of a BOM integration application using .Net 4.0 Framework using Visual Studio 2010 and the M3 Lawson ERP API.


Junction Solutions Alpharetta Ga 1/11-6/11

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Senior Consultant, X++ programmer, SSRS, ASP.Net, VB.Net, C# programmer


Provide Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 programming and modifications for end users and project implementation clients.  Use experience with Visual Studio 2008/2010 development tools using SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services, and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.  Provide specific programming and development services to clients and implementation projects for specific Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 modification specs.


L&M – Provide SQL Server performance monitoring and modification to improve operational performance when using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.  Generate TSQL scripts to re-index index fragmentations greater than 20% fragmentation to improve functional performance.  Use SQL Server stored procedures to monitor locking and blocking characteristics of database calls and updates using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.


Rockler Wood Products – Provide SSRS Reporting services and web services programming for an Enterprise Portal using Dynamics AX Data methods to supply data to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.  Review requirements to improve the implementation of Analysis Cubes used within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and Microsoft Excel.


Daisy Sour Cream – Provide SSRS Reporting services using stored procedures to gather purchase order data with Vendor addresses from Global Address book.  Add menu items (Action and Display) to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 for display of SSRS Reports using parameters passed from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 forms.


Smith Dairy – Provide SSRS Reporting services using stored procedures to gather filler data report requirements.  Use Visual Studio 2008 to develop a .Net assembly to add Bar Code scanning functionality to PDF exported SSRS reports.  A code 3of9 bar code font was converted to an image and added to the SSRS report allowing warehouse personnel to scan output reports during pick/pack procedures.


Hoshizaki America Peachtree City Ga 11/10

Contract Microsoft Dynamics AX, X++ programmer, ASP.Net, VB.Net


This was a quick need, short notice project making form and report changes to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 ERP using X++ programming language.  Integrate data from an existing SQL Server Time and Labor database into a simple VB.Net, ASP.Net, VS2010, 4.0 Framework frontend using a gridview control with item templates to allow time entry functionality via a web portal.  ASP.Net web portal application allows supervisors to manage manufacturing line employees time and labor.


www.LipseyGPS,com / Lipsey Logistics Worldwide LLC Norcross, Ga 7/10-1/11


Contract VB.Net/C#/ASP.Net/ASP/Embedded C and SmartPhone Device programmer. SQL Server 2008 Database Developer. GPS/GIS Mapping consultant to BP Oil Spill Command Center.


Primary focus to support mapping requirements supporting the BP Oil Spill Command Center in Mobile Alabama during the BP Horizon cleanup.  Generation of new maps tracking specific GPS cellular and satellite (Iridium and GlobalStar) telemetry devices assigned to vessels, planes, and helicopters obtaining data by querying satellite constellation web services.  Publish web services for mapping and business requirements via external and internal ASP.Net and ASP(Classic) websites.  Manage ground up design/development of managing two midlevel .Net developers.


ASP.Net development of an AJAX enabled web mission mapping system (LipseyTracker) to show near real time positioning (locate/track/monitor) for aircraft, truck, maritime, and other assets.  Assets are tracked with data collected using Sql Server 2008 from battery and 9v-28v direct wired telemetry devices designed to communicate with Iridium and Globalstar satellite constellations providing asset tracking, theft recovery, and fleet management capabilities.


R&D using a SkyWave MT3000 and MT3550 satellite communication terminal programming decisions and actions based on local input.  Use input and output ports for temperature, open/close, pressure and other sensor monitoring capabilities.  Investigate a solution to monitor truck/vehicle engines to provide performance information on speed, RPM, and fuel consumption and driver’s use of equipment.  EEPROM embedded C for J1936 OBD-II integration of vehicle sensors for Fleet manager real time delivery of GPS, vehicle, and driver data.  Message Display Terminal Interface using GPRS and satellite GPS constellations.


SmartPhone application developed for simple Address and Lat/lon geocoding and reverse lookup using Microsoft Windows Mobile GPS emulator.


CIBA Vision 8/09-12/09 Alpharetta, Ga

Contract VB.Net WinForm asynchronous sockets programmer.


Develop multiple socket server and socket client applications to test the asynchronous messaging of Red Prairie Warehouse Management system.  A socket server receives connection requests from the Red Prairie Warehouse Management System in well formed XML validated with XSD (schema definition). The server is built with an asynchronous socket, so execution of the server application is not suspended while it waits for a connection from a client. The application receives a string or well formed XML from the client and an asynchronous reply is sent to validate the socket connection.


International Broadband Electric Communications 7/09-8/09 (Short need project) Gadsden, Al

Contract VB.Net, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) with SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle.


The needs of a Broadband over power line (BPL) companies require identifying the different frequency required to send broadband internet over power lines.  The project required taking separate databases and combining the information through SQL Server Integration services (SSIS) and reporting functionality using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).  Additional processes required installation of Internet Information Server (II6) on a Windows Server 2003, configuring ASP.Net and DTS Services.


Build integration tools for data consolidation and information migrations to ArcGIS and Geoage data capture applications; build maintenance plans for SQL Server maintenance and recovery models.  Analyze SQl Server, MySQL, and Oracle for performance and maximized efficiency.  Additional tool integrations were required to Emerald, DHCP, Jeizer, OSS, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains v8, Radius, ArcGIS ArcReader and GeoAge.


New Product developed for the Staffing Payroll and Benefits market 4/09-2010 Atlanta, Ga

Contract VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net programming and development with SQL Server 2005 as the backend database.


Develop an ASP.Net online Payroll and benefits software to be used by a staffing company.  The work includes development of GUI interfaces, the use of middle tier data access layer (DAL) and web services to communicate with a SQL Server 2005 database that uses tables, stored procedures, indexes and constraints of the database schema.  Required to derive and change some structure of an existing ASP architecture using javascript and ASP includes.


The Web Forms application allows a company, staffing or otherwise, to use an exclusive ASP.Net web interface to manage users, employees, sales reps, commissions, payroll, benefits, and reporting of daily, weekly, and monthly batch processes of payroll.  Additional reports using SQL Server Reporting Service demonstrate the accuracy of the Payroll software, generation of W2s, and other reporting as needed by an online payroll and benefits application.


Ziami, Dunggong China 11/07 – 7/09

Contract CAD, VB6, VB.Net Programmer.


Develop a proprietary CAD Software Engine used to design new garments.  Upon completion of garment design the DXF pattern is forwarded to an overhead laser that begins the garment manufacturing process.  Software is being developed to be leased to the garment manufacturing industry for the purpose of designing clothing and garment patterns that can be cut automatically or manually by a tailor.



Cisco 12/07 – 10/08 Atlanta, Ga

Contract VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, Excel Programmer using Oracle 10g backend database


Develop an ASP.Net reporting interface using Excel PivotTables and QueryTables as the report data container.  Using an ASP.Net 2.0 interface the user selects the criteria available to analyze cable TV set-top data from existing cable users.  Data is collected during a process of querying cable tv boxes and retrieve the software reboot data to be stored in Oracle.  The Oracle database is queried by a C# middle tier data handler for the distribution of data in Datasets or Web Services.  ASP.Net interface and other Windows Services are programmed with VB.Net running on a Windows 2003 server and IIS6.


Source Medical 9/07 – 7/08 (SurgiSource, AdvantX, and Therapy Software) Birmingham, Alabama

Contract VB 6.0 Programmer and Crystal Reports using SQL Server 2000/2005 backend database


Support, maintenance, and enhance SurgiSource 4.6 product software for ambulatory and surgical medical facilities containing over 98,000 lines of code and 5400+ controls.  Responsibilities includes programming interface updates, upgrades, and enhancements to surgical software that managed CPTs, APCs, ICD9 codes, cost, and billing (HCFA, X12 I/P, 837 electronic claims), scheduling, inventory, GL, and security requirements.  For the SQL Server, database responsibilities included writing stored procedures for the SQL Server database which included 35 views, 240 tables, and 733 existing stored procedures.  Meet Medicare, HIPPA, and CMS required changes as needed to meet existing medical and government laws as they apply.  Update applications that managed the uploading of new and newly approved CPT Codes, APC codes, Ancillary codes, and newly approved Medicare codes.  Programming done to object oriented standards and stored procedures written that managed the database access layer (DAL).  Maintain over 350 Crystal reports for the output of information generated by this massive software.


Welding Services Inc 5/05 – 3/07 Atlanta, Ga

Contract Visual Basic 6, VB.Net, Oracle 8, 9i, 10g Programming


Maintain field and internal applications written using Visual Basic 6 that are the primary financial field systems.  Maintain the integral applications pivotal to US and European corporate operations.  Field clock, Labor Export to ADP, Union Maintenance, and Oracle Application data integration is but a few of the 52 applications maintained.


Work as a liaison to ADP consultants to communicate all database schema information required to implement ADP Enterprise Time Tracking Software.  Responsibilities included but were not limited to the generation of all database schemas mapping, ERDs, data dictionaries, and software application workflows that would enable ADP to interpret the requirements, changes, and detail they would need to successfully implement their new Enterprise installation.  Used VB6 and C# to write software that detailed the existing Oracle Database design, monitored SID blocking, and process dominance.


The Southern Company 5/06 – 5/07 Birmingham, Alabama

Contract AutoLISP, Visual LISP, DCL, AutoCAD VBA, Visual Basic 6 programming


Developed a custom solution using AutoCAD Map 3D.  This solution automatically identified the map scale and if different scales exist between city and rural areas generate a map insert.  Exposed to using Miner & Miner ARC/FM and ESRI ArcObjects.  Implemented this technology to develop user login scenarios connecting to Oracle with Visual Basic.


Zygogen 11/05 – 3/06 Atlanta, Ga

Contract Visual Basic, Excel VBA programming


Using data from a Discovery-1 machine, implement the development of a proprietary system to design transgenic models in order to model human disease using Visual Basic and the Fast Fourier Transform algorithm.  The technology enabled the ability to track metabolism in real-time during neurodegeneration experiments through embryo fluorescence and time domain to frequency domain conversion.

Turner Broadcasting 10/05 – 4/06 Atlanta, Ga

Contract Visual Basic 6 Programming


Develop a financial system for the management of technology budgets which parallel the company PeopleSoft Financials system


Seattle City Light  3/04 – 6/05 Seattle, Washington

Contract Visual Basic 6 ActiveX, AutoCAD VBA & AutoLISP Programming in a GIS environment


Develop ActiveX dlls supporting AutoCAD14 to AutoCAD2002 and Map5 migration.  Implementation of support applications using AutoCAD VBA, Map5 VBA, and Excel VBA.


Sterling-Dula 2/04 Erie, Pennsylvania

Contract AutoDesk Inventor 8 Pro Series Consultant.


Evaluate the compliance of developing an automated handrail system using the parametric design capabilities of AutoDesk Inventor 8 Professional.  Analyzed the dynamics of the project and prepared a working parametric CAD model of the analyzed standards.


TMA Resources, Inc 1/02 – 4/03 Tysons Corners, Virginia

Contract Visual Basic 6, VB.Net Programmer.


As a consultant developed a proprietary two tier CAD Software for the Associations Exhibitor market.  Performed requirements gathering; developing functional and technical specifications; and implementing designs in code; estimating tasks required of various application development projects; versioning techniques and standardized coding methodology


Hussey Seating Company 2/99 to 7/99 Berwick, Maine
Contract Microsoft Access 97, Visual Basic 6 Programmer


Used MS Access to maintain existing code that generated a bill of materials used by AutoCAD drafters during product design.  Enhanced internal applications with Visual Basic and AutoCAD VBA using data from Oracle.


Corning Glass Corning, NY

Contract Visual Basic 6 Programmer, Project Leader


Visual Basic application programming in photonics.  Developed systems to track crystalline bool growth and reactor processes.  Captured data from serial protocol manufacturing processes such as vacuum soldering, microscopic chip weldments, and reactor crystal growth by analyzing light spectrum variations.


C. R. BARD Atlanta, Ga

Contract Visual Basic 5 Programmer, HTML, JavaScript


Applications programming to develop a corporate sales catalogue system.  As a Web Application Developer, the individual will work with in-house staff and external vendors to build and maintain polished, highly professional corporate Web sites and applications. The Web Sites will service both internal and external user communities. Individual must be able to analyze, implement, debug and document all software related to the development of the Web applications.


National Employer Solutions Atlanta, Ga

Contract NT 4.0, Exchange 5.0 Network Administrator / Sr. Visual Basic 6 Programmer/Analyst


Supported 45+ users, NT PDC w/ one BDC.  Implemented MS SQL Server, IIS, Raid5, and PeopleSoft HRMS and Financials 6. Wrote Visual Basic payroll data extraction program to extract and convert data from ADP that was imported into the system via an Excel Workbook with Excel VBA.  Maintained the Access97 Invoicing system and intergration with ADP


MasTec North America, Inc Atlanta, Ga

Contract Access 2000 Programmer Analyst


Developed the in-house labor, invoice reconciliation, and Oracle ERP interface for field installation practices.  Application imported paid and outstanding invoices using Excel VBA to allow accounting to balance job completion.  Application was released throughout 22 offices until an Oracle application could take it’s place.


1989 – mid 1996


Windows 2.5 and Excel 2.5 through Windows 3.11, DOS, Paradox, Ashton-Tate, Novell 2.11, Primavera, and the early years of AutoCAD in a DOS OS, AutoLISP, DCL, and Visual Basic ver 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Early years of MS Access 1 & 2.0 programming, C (Borland Compiler), and C++ 2.0 to develop CAD engineering enhancements for AutoCAD.


Franklin.Net – March 2003 - Advanced Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET Programming


Whatcom Community College - 1995 to 1996 - VISUAL BASIC for APPLICATIONS (VBA) and C Programming


Dekalb Community College - 1993 to 1995 - Studies in Computer Information Systems and Programming with an emphasis in mathematics.


Gwinnett Technical School - 12/90 to 02/91 - Studied advanced uses of AutoCAD Rel 10 and 11. Instruction in macro, script writing, 3D design isometrics, and AutoLISP programming.


Watterson College, Louisville, KY - 06/80 to 05/82 - Studies in Computer Science with a major in Applications programming. Courses included COBOL, RPG II, FORTRAN 77, BASIC, OS-JCL, and Relational databases.


Central Texas College, Killeen Texas - 08/80 to 05/81 - Certificate program in Automotive Technologies and Internal Engine Design.  Studied applications in internal combustion engine design.