Catherine Kozlowski

Experienced in the alignment of complex Information Technology services with business objectives, including:
o   Federal/DoD Proposal Development
o   Architecture Definition
o   System and Software Development
o   Rapid Prototyping
o   System Integration
o   Process Engineering
o   Software Process Improvement
o   Service Development, Delivery and Support
o   Methodology Development
o   Management, mentoring and facilitation of cross functional teams

Successful, results oriented performance as:
o   Business Operations Director
o   Process Engineering Consultant
o   Program Director/Account Manager
o   Chief Operating Officer
o   Information Systems and Software Architect
o   Program Technical Director
o   Systems/Software Engineer
o   Information Technology Strategy Consultant

o   Chief Operating Officer for an Internet Security  Company
o   Director of Business Operations for an Information Technology consulting organization.
o   Principal Consultant with project and technical management accountability, as well as service definition and development, for consulting projects involving complex information systems.  
o   Director of Consulting Services responsible for management of engineering, integration and installation of complex information systems.  
o   Director of Process Engineering with responsibility for technical process engineering, process improvement and technology insertion.
o   Program and Technical Director for information technology deployment and software development projects. 
o   Author of a handbook on Year 2000 Risk Mitigation Program Planning and Management.
o   Co-author of SSDS' Total Quality Evolution information technology and process architecture methodology.

PRO-Management LLC	 February 1998 - Present
Principal Partner
o   Developing client's FEA compliant Enterprise Architecture program strategy. Defining Business Reference Models.
o Information architecture planning in support of deployment of client's OpenText LiveLink Knowledge Management Enterprise Application
o   Advice and guidance on Year 2000 Business Risk Mitigation program planning and management for a large national association.  Developed associated Program and Project planning and execution handbook for client's membership.
o   Advised an international telecommunications firm on service delivery process definition.
o   Architected a technology migration solution for a large network operations and customer support environment.
o   Providing proposal development advice and guidance for successful competition on large Federal procurements for multiple clients.

Vinciv Corporation   June 2000 - May 2001
Chief Operating Officer/Chief Knowledge Officer 
o  Responsible for setting policy and managing the daily operations of Vinciv to best achieve the vision and strategic goals set by the CEO.  Management  of business operations, including administration, budgeting, contracts, facilities, and legal and human resource matters.  
o  Responsible for defining and managing business processes and corporate knowledge assets, identifying effective knowledge management and business-process enabling technologies for deployment within Vinciv’s infrastructure.

SSDS, Inc.	 November 1993 - February 1998
Director of Operations responsible for the achievement of annual revenue and profit targets, business development support, project management and consulting service delivery for the mid-Atlantic region.
o   Strategic planning, budget planning and management, sales and marketing support, proposal development, customer interface, project staffing, and delivery quality oversight.  
o   Responsible for the activities of 20 engineers and for revenues in excess of  $3M

Account Director and Project Manager responsible for the design and development of the Department of Energy Medical Surveillance Information System (MSIS) software and data warehouse.
o   Customer management to ensure satisfaction and continued account health
o   Project management and direct technical participation in the full project lifecycle.
o   Strategic planning support to customer for obtaining agency-wide system adoption
o   Planning and facilitation of 100 member national DOE information engineering working group

Principal Consultant responsible for management as well as direct delivery of information technology projects and services.
o   Definition, development and delivery of Strategic Information Technology Services, including marketing and delivery material development, marketing support, and staff training and certification.
o   Co-author of SSDS' Total Quality Evolution information technology and process architecture methodology.
o   Definition of a Distributed Object technology-based infrastructure architecture for a $20B DOD procurement.
o   Direction and delivery of a Change Management process re-engineering project for a major commercial client.
o   Direction and delivery of an information and process engineering project for the Department of Energy.
o   Analysis, definition and implementation of a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Application Portability Profile (APP)-compliant Open Systems information technology architecture for a major government client.

Invited Speaker
Occupational Medicine Conference 1997; Portland, Oregon
o   "The DOE Medical Information Surveillance System (MSIS)"  [ A data warehouse for collection and analysis of DOE worker clinical medical information]
Intergovernmental Technology Conference (ITC) 1995 and 1996; Columbus, Ohio
o   "Transition to Open Business" [Application of Openframework(tm) to migration from legacy systems to Open Systems]
o   "Where will you be when the lights go out?" [Year 2000 implications and risk mitigation strategies]
o   "Total Quality Evolution" [A methodology for alignment of business and technology architectures]
ICL Openframework(tm) Conference, 1995; Tewksbury, UK
o   "Change Management at Union Pacific Railroad" [Application of Openframework(tm) to Information Infrastructure Change Management]

Ideas Commercial Systems	 April 1991 - November 1993
Technical Director and Director of Consulting Services responsible for the delivery quality and technical excellence of products and services.
o   Engineering, integration and installation of a complex, geographically distributed document and image management system. 
o   Business Process Analysis for a large international corporation in preparation for re-engineering a corporate business process.
o   Consulting to a major client in the redefinition of the product integration portion of its internal business process.

Contel Federal Systems (Now GTE)	 1983 - April 1991
Director, Process Enhancement Program, responsible for the Project Management and Technical Direction of staff consultants in technical process improvement activities.  Chartered with overall process improvement and the insertion of new technologies into division business processes.  Program consultants provided internal and external (client) consulting in system and software technologies, analysis and design methods, lifecycle and process definition, automated engineering tools and tools usage.
o   Development, publication and maintenance of management and technical policies, procedures and standards.
o   Identification, collection and analysis of project performance metrics for project health status and continuous improvement.
o   Needs identification and provision of management and technical training and education. 
o   Needs identification and provision of cost and size estimation tools and methods.
o   Needs identification, product evaluation, implementation, operation and maintenance of a state-of-the-art system/software development environment to support defined processes.
o   Management of affiliate relationship with Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI).

Manager, Rapid Prototyping Facility, responsible for establishing a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) development service, with emphasis on design of intuitive graphical user interfaces for Command and Control, Network Management and Decision Support Systems.
o   Identification of technology, personnel, budget and facility needs.
o   Service definition.
o   Implementation plan and budget development.
o   Presentation of plan to corporate management and receipt of approval.
o   Successful execution of plan on schedule and within budget. 

Manager, Systems Engineering, responsible for staffing and performance of systems engineering tasks, particularly in the areas of requirements analysis and system design for command and control, office automation, and local and wide area communications systems.  
o   Management and direction of systems, software and hardware engineers in the design of a world-wide command and control decision support system for the Military Airlift Command.  
o   Design of a distributed system and network management system, based on the OSI network management framework.
o   Design of the communications architecture for a Broadband LAN supporting data transfer between incompatible hosts, workstations and other peripheral devices.  
o   Systems and software engineering and integration of a classified wide-area packet and message switched network.

AT&T Long Lines	 1981 - 1983
Telecommunications Engineer responsible for systems analysis and design of distributed wide-area data and voice networks. 
o   Appointed to serve on Divestiture Task Force by Division President, from January through November of 1983. 
o   Planning and coordination of the organizational and functional reorganization of Government Systems information systems for the post-divestiture marketplace.
o   Planning, design and implementation of an internal AT&T customer service call center.  

American Systems Corporation	 1978 - 1981
Sperry Systems Management	 1976 - 1978
Environmental Protection Agency	 1975 - 1976
Singer Simulation Products	 1974 - 1975
Systems Programmer and Research Assistant responsible for programming of simulation systems, as well as research and analysis into the socio-economic impacts of environmental policy.

o   Certified as Architect, Openframework(tm); ICL UK; 1993
o   Software Process Assessor Certification; Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Carnegie Mellon University; 1992
o   Graduate Study, Computer Science; Virginia Tech; 1978-1979
o   Graduate Study, Nuclear Engineering; Catholic University; 1975-1976
o   B.Sc., Physics; Trinity College; 1974

o   Yes

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