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● Software Professional ●

A hands-on, lead-by-example, architect/manager with considerable best-practice oriented, software lifecycle experience.  A pivotal resource and outside-the-box thinker for solving difficult problems and a track record of completing complex projects. Skilled communicator and solid software development abilities combine to provide trusted project management, effective team mentoring and risk mitigated designs assuring on-time delivery. Versatile leader who has both written software (Email client) that has been deployed to two million computers and comfortable presenting at technical conferences.

Technical skills

Languages: C#, C, C++,  JavaScript, SQL, Java, Assembly           AI: Tensorflow, (CNTK) Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

Frameworks/API’s: .NET, WPF, MVC, MVVC, WCF, WPF, STL, DirectX, MSMQ, NUnit, Angular

Technologies: XML, ASP.NET, JSP, COM, ADO.NET, WinForms, .Net Interop, CRM Dynamics, SSIS, SSRS, HTML, CSS


Selected Achievements

FMGlobal: Led multiple product upgrades and the consolidation of three Dynamics CRM systems retiring 50% of code.

Agero (Cross Country): Architected and coordinated off-shore development of the Tow Operator Messaging System resulting in automated dispatch of tow operators, project completed on-time and 30% under budget.

Intellireach: Charged with ‘re-casting’ a suite of desktop applications into enterprise-capable next generation messaging platform in .NET. Architected and led development of E-mail analytic/monitoring, index and archival- becoming the company’s most profitable product line.

TSCentral: Envisioned and developed an image rendering platform which reduced the number of hosted, rack-mounted computers from 40 to 2; savings realized $200+K in co-location machine and cage rental fees a year.

Automated Reasoning: Guided development efforts to join artificial intelligence (model-based reasoning and expert rules) software with Fluke and HP circuit board test products.

Founder of three companies: Stratton & Associates, ExpoCharger and Up & Running Computer. Negotiated the exclusive North American licensing of CAD rendering technology of ExpoCharger for use by industry leader ExpoCAD.

Professional Experience

FMGlobal – Johnston, RI – Consultant to employee                                                                                                         2007 - Present

Initially brought in to support the development of a large-scale, multi-year .NET-based SOA application. This application is now live, after multiple false starts, accompanied with the retirement of many decades old systems. I led the company’s CRM development effort to reduce custom code (leveraging new CRM features) and consolidate three systems supporting almost 2,000 users.

Designed, coded and deployed real-time integrations between CRM and legacy systems.

● Architect of a number of custom SSIS Pipeline Extensions to provide automated upgrade and deployment capability, resulting in 37 hours of repeatable automation of CRM upgrade and migration during development.

Developing neural network models to evaluate the sales funnel entries (as features) to provide classification (as values) of the predicted state of each prospect to conversion as a client.

Designed and led a team to deliver an automated deployment system which was capable of deploying database, job and application-sever components for an enterprise application. Cut time from hours to minutes.

Cross Country Automotive Services – Medford, MA – Consultant                                                                            2005 - 2007

Architect and author of a detailed design specification for an “instant messenger-like” system that tow shops would use to be notified of business opportunities. The system significantly reduces costs- the interaction with vendors will be done electronically instead of involving human dispatchers. The development was done off-shore; responsibilities included, code reviews, morning status calls, providing responses to technical issues and business-related issues.

Performed detailed analysis of the throughput and latency that this system will experience under the load of 1,600 call center representatives addressing the overhead of COM+ object pooling. With an SLA (<5 sec. with 50 sessions) this task was accomplished where a previous initiative failed- with a latency of over 40 seconds and only a 12 sessions.


Hitachi Consulting Corp. – Boston, MA – Architect/Manager                                                                                      2004 - 2005

Led meetings involving a six month elaboration phase, requiring the participation of senior managers across all departments to capture 20 years of business and process knowledge. Engaged off-shore developers to produce program assets in a pipeline production model which were unit tested and provided to on-shore talent for integration. The delivered product is a specialized and sophisticated content management system which provides the online creation of and management of high-stake exam questions. (I.e. MCAS, NECAP)  This service-oriented architecture (SOA) allows sharing of graphics and equation/formula MATHML while preserving labeled versions.

IntelliReach Corp. – Dedham, MA – Architect/Developer                                                                                                               2002 - 2003

Worked closely with the executive management, product management, sales and support to define the parameters for a framework on which the company’s next-generation applications for messaging products would be produced. I was charged with “re-casting” their suite of Visual Basic desktop applications using this enterprise-capable .NET framework. This architecture became the foundation on which both the E-mail analytic/monitoring and archiving tools were based. Performed coding, UML modeling, design spec. writing, requirements gathering. Worked with QA and support throughout the Beta process. Participated in customer focus groups during Beta deployment.

Challenges faced by this position included: a staff without .NET application development experience, working with beta messaging API’s and custom implementation of standard Internet mail protocols.


Prior experience

VP Engineering/Architect, TSCentral

Reported to the CTO, for design and development of a suite of products created for the tradeshow/event industry.

Trusted by the Board of Directors to investigate M&A scenarios with competitors.


Consultant, Avid Technology

Object model design and UI development of AvidNews used worldwide, including CNN with 2000+ seats. 

Designer of the plug-in architecture for third-party developers, utilizing OLE-Server/COM interfaces.


Software Engineer, Test Technology Incorporated

Designer of the Test Exec software and instrument drivers for the platform which tests the wiring on Boeing 737/757.


Publications, Patents, Expert Panels

Publications:     Co-Author, MFC Programming with Visual C++ 6 Unleashed – SAMS/Macmillan Publishing  

Co-Author, Exam Cram MCSD C++ Desktop, Exam Cram MCSD C++ Distributed -- Coriolis Publishing

Co-Author and Technical Editor Visual J++ Secrets – IDG Books                              

Technical Editor, COM+ Unleashed – SAMS/Macmillan Publishing

2015 CRMUG Speaker: ● Presented Session - A deep-dive session focused on large-team enterprise development centered on delivering complex CRM solutions.

Expert Panel - Complex Enterprise Upgrades for Dynamics CRM

Patent/Pending:  Listed as inventor patent (VISUAL NOTIFICATION OF AN OBJECT CHANGE TO A COLLABORATIVELY SHARED EXPOSITION FLOOR PLAN) provides simultaneously edit a CAD rendering “document” over the Internet and reflect changes to all subscribers, in real time. CAD changes participate system transactions. (commits and roll-backs)

                                   ● Listed as inventor on patent (STATIONARY OPTICAL COMPUTER MOUSE MOVEMENT INDUCTION DEVICE) invokes a movement signal in the mouse without drivers or installed software.

Personal Development:               Accepted into and participated in Microsoft’s Certified Architect program.

New York Institute of Technology                                                            State University of New York at Buffalo