As senior developer or technical lead, I shall help you surmount complex technical challenges with firm adherence to agile processes. My track record proves it.




Languages: Java, SQL, Javascript, C, AngularJS


Technologies: Agile Scrum, Java/JEE, Kanban, Spring MVC 3.1, Continuous Build, Test Driven Development, JUnit, AngularJS, Oracle 11, Agile Design with sysML, REST, Tiles, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security, Liferay, Maven, Hibernate 3.0, QueryDSL, JQuery, SQL, Javascript, C, Webshpere, Weblogic, Tomcat, AJAX, LDAP, EJB, Rational RSA 8, SOAP, SOA, Web Services, SAML 2.0, PKI, JSP, JSF, JBOSS, ESB, oAuth, CA Identity Manager, CA SiteMinder, Linux


Operating Systems: Windows, Linux (SuSe, RHEL, Ubuntu)




Consultant, Tomorrow Systems Inc., Falls Church, VA (clients available upon request)


Aug 2013-present senior developer for customer with 10,000+ users on three agile J2EE projects (a) SPRING-based open source case management application, (b) a records management system based on Oracle Weblogic 12c, and (c) AngularJS-based UI, successor to the same records system. The case management application replaces four legacy applications, implementing biometrics, applicant vetting, appointment scheduling, capacity planning, local and global hours of operation, and appointment pooling. The records management system involves the management of large document data sets, ingest, imaging, and archival, accessed via both a web interface, web services, SAML-based SSO, and Docment*m 7. Performed full performance on the application; redesigned and re-wrote portions contr4ibuting to performance degradation to deliver large documents to the desktop most efficiently. In addition to Agile delivery practices, we utilize Kanban, Scrum-ban, continuous build, and automation. Technology list includes Spring 3.1, EJB 3.1, Spring Data JPA, Java EE 7, JBoss 7, Hibernate 3, JQuery, Oracle 11, Weblogic 12c, JSF, JSP, QueryDSL, SAML, REST, and SOAP.


Jan 2013-Jun 2013 was software architect on multi-vendor SAML and oAuth-based single sign-on and identity management system for the education sector with Liferay Portal 6.1, SAML, oAuth, and J2EE. The audience size was 10,000+ users. Responsible for architecture of Liferay portal and identity management development, including SAML extensions to the Liferay Identity Provider (IP) hook, REST-able services for user management, multi-vendor collaboration to establish uniform SAML framework and SAML Packet design. Developed extensions to Liferays SAML Identity Provider (IP) source code, based on OpenSAML 2.0, to embed role-based access control (RBAC) and oAuth technology.


Oct 2012-Apr 2013 part-time software architect, implementing security solutions for Java- and JEE- based applications: re-engineering for security hardening purposes, threat assessment, and accreditation testing.


May 2012-Sep 2012 was key member of team developing an open source medical claims processing system consisting of Liferay 6.1 portlets, Spring 3.0 portlet framework, and SOA. Individually responsible for medical authorization form sets, categories of beneficiaries, enrollment status of medical providers, Spring-based framework for generic medical forms used to automate specific form sets.


May 2011-June 2012 was a key developer of an enterprise-wide case management system which went live in April 2012 with a public audience of over 100,000 persons, and which is still an operational success today. Functioned as key designer and developer who implemented approximately on eighth of this system in Java/JEE, Websphere Portal 6.1, JSF, and TIBCO; designed portlets and subsystems to electronically register legal representatives and perform evidence triage, applicant biographic information, identification documents, travel history, education, employment, case intake, and adjudication.


Jan 2011-Apr 2011served as chief technologist, co-authoring multiple competitively bid proposals and oral presentations.


Sep 2009-Oct 2010 was lead developer implementing a fully operational SOA-based and CA IDM-based identity management system providing role-based (RBAC) security services to a large organization with multiple partners. The purpose was to develop uniform J2EE-based security services for a wide range of enterprise Java and C# client applications, and also IBM Datapower.


Sep 2008-Aug 2009 served as Portal architect for organization of 100,000+ responsible for Liferay and integration of open source into existing production security architecture. Developed security features that were reincorporated into Liferay for re-use worldwide. Technologies included SOAP, REST, JSP, Spring, JSTL.


Jul 2006-Jun 2008 developed custom security features under a portal architecture for enterprise customer including custom discretionary access control (DAC), role-based access control (RBAC), federated identity (SAML), document-level security, document profiling and routing according to security classification.


2005-2006 was security architect for enterprise customer with over 400+ sites worldwide; architected and implemented security management, web service security, authentication, RBAC, and single sign-on.


2005 was consulting partner to a major J2EE vendor, serving as vendors key go-to person and mentor for multiple projects utilizing Weblogic Portal and other Weblogic technologies.


2001-2004 was architect and technical lead developing custom identity management system with single sign-on using Java, JSP, Tivoli, and Siteminder. Led team of seven people.


2000 was technical manager for telecommunications company launching state of the art eCommerce ASP application written in Java, EJBs,Weblogic, JSPs, and Oracle. Managed team of 8 programmers.


1999-2000 was a team lead developing tax system w/100,000+ customers in Java J2EE.


Lead Scientist, MITRE Corporation, McLean, VA. Developed network management applications in Java. Chaired international technology working groups including IETF. Wrote standards.




B.S. Computer Science, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Oracle Weblogic Certified Developer.

CA Siteminder Certified.

Tivoli Identity Manager Certified.




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