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I am a highly proficient programmer with over 15 years experience in SAP ABAP/4 software development. Application design expertise in Sales and Distribution, Plant Maintenance, Financial, Materials Management, Project Systems, Production Planning and Warehouse Management modules. SAP releases 2.2 to ECC 6.1, utilizing ABAP workbench and SAPScript/Smartforms tools. I have years of experience developing applications and team leadership with extensive experiences in the total life cycle of a project, from requirements, architecture definition, project planning through test and installation. I have strong technical abilities including proficiency in multiple software languages, operating systems and application architectures.



I am seeking a SAP programming position in ABAP/4 software application development and integration. I desire opportunities to provide technical leadership and contributions through the use of SAP R/3 in support of business requirements.


Professional Experience

October 2008 to Present: SAP R3 ABAP Consultant, Sanofi Pasteur

I designed and implemented a series of batch programs and ALV reports to collect and analyze plant maintenance data. Results were management reports with graphical displays of work order backlogs, labor utilizations, equipment failures and plan variances. Additionally, I modified existing SAP PM Transactions utilizing the Enhancement Framework. Designed and implemented Sales and Distribution functions for competitive price matching, service fees, favorable payment terms, credit checking and invoicing; all with extensive implementation of user exits. Provided function module support for web based sales orders and billing including credit card management. Designed and implemented solutions for opting out of paper invoices and monthly statements with accompanying email notifications.

September 2007 to August 2008: SAP R3 ABAP Consultant, StyleMark, Inc and TDC, LLC.

I provided ABAP development support for a new SAP ECC 6.0 installation of a warehouse and distribution center implementation. I developed extracts from delivery, transfer orders and shipping tables and provided data to an AS/400 label printing interface. Designed and developed an interface to a warehouse picking tool which involved FTP communication and several project modifications to activate customer exits for transfer order processing. I created several ALV reports for inventory analysis and to provide replenishment guidance for warehouse order fulfillment. I also created a shipping manifest document and shipping labels using SmartForms. I designed and developed an external vendor freight shipping and invoice processing interface using XML inbound and outbound transactions. The process involved complete and automatic processing from initial delivery request, shipment tracking with delivery and transfer order updating, invoice creation and issuing of bank transfers for payment.

I became the “go-to” for problem diagnosis and corrections of application software.  All requiring a quick analysis, test and turn around to keep the testing schedule on track. The problems involved user exits in sales, delivery and shipping functions, screen dialogs on hand-held barcode scanners and various function modules and interfaces to external systems.


August 2004 to February 2007: SAP R3 ABAP Consultant, Kodak Polychrome Graphics.

Developed numerous inventory, manufacturing process, supply chain, purchasing, sales and financial applications through the use of reports, dialog screen transactions, Batch Data Communication, user exits, external EDI and batch interfaces.   Designed and developed applications for mass updates of manufacturing yields, routings, recipes and material characteristics using custom dialogues and BDC sessions.  Developed financial ledger updates for employee expense reporting and applications for the analysis and sales order controls of constrained products. Implemented user exits for changing sales order plant determinations, schedule lines and purchase order tax jurisdictions changes. Developed a solution to reconcile vendor delivery notifications and invoice receipts through modifications to inbound EDI transactions and an ALV report for financial account reconciliation with vendor invoice payments. Provided Smartform support for invoices and order quotations. Implemented check overflow printing enhancements tailored to the requirements of accounts payable. Designed and implemented ALV pricing reports for detail customer analysis by various product hierarchies. Implemented a dynamic ALV report where content and format was determined from user specified material characteristics as selection criteria. I participated in an upgrade to ECC 6.1, which included an emphasis on UNICODE conversions.   All my activities required expert communication skills and knowledge of all aspects of SAP R3, functional and technical with high proficiency in the ABAP/4 programming language, EDI processes, data dictionary, function modules, screen painter, menu painter, ALV, SAPScript, Smartforms and SAP Query. 


April 2004 to June 2004: SAP R3 ABAP Consultant, FMC Corporation.

Supported the installation of a central warehouse distribution of all corporate products. This required detail knowledge of the SAP Material Management module for the design and installation of print programs and SAPScript for a bill of lading based on purchase orders and shipping labels involving various mix of products and handling units. The warehouse implementation also required Quality Management configuration, design and implementation. Included were custom screens for QM notifications with user-exits, function modules and BDC’s to invoke other SAP transactions, SAPScript forms and print programs. Provided Inventory summary data and automated spreadsheets in support of monthly plant level material valuation reporting. This was a significant improvement in how material costs were gathered to minimize manual processing. Provided support to download and upload, via spreadsheets, customer’s pricing information. Creation of ALV based reports for auditing usage of SAP transaction for accounting, purchasing, good receipts and vendor update activities.


March 2004 to April 2004: SAP R3 ABAP Consultant, Amareda Hess Corporation.

Developed and implemented a Sales and Distribution billing invoice process that eliminated the need to interface to an external printing application. The process included obtaining images of scanned receipts and merging them with the printed invoice, developed using Smartforms. The process was complicated by the need to expand the SAP Business Document Service to process fax images from a Unix file and convert into bit mapped object. Task included configuration of the billing output types, development of an invoice data formatting program and complete testing of the solution.


March 2003 to November 2003: SAP R3 ABAP Consultant, Lucent Technologies.

I Developed solutions to create SAP sales orders from purchase orders submitted by Internet and 850 EDI based Lucent customers; assignment required extensive knowledge of SAP Sales and Distribution processes. Solution included validation of customer purchase order content compared to SAP configuration as well as reference to sales quotes with updates from the purchase orders. The tasks included technical specification development, mapping to a “ProcessPO BOD” for different Lucent customers and all related software development and test.  Developed technical specifications mapping specifications and function module to process inbound AckDelivery BOD, derived from an 852 EDI transaction, enabling the update of consignment products via material movement BAPI’s. Created a user interface to provide electronic sales order ship confirmation to selected Lucent customers. Confirmations were captured in user exits associated with releasing SAP Project System ship activities or via posting a ship date directly to a sales order. Tasks included mapping SAP data to end user requirements, setting up SD output condition type requirements, creating enhancements to the SyncSalesOrder BOD, all programming and testing and implementing via Business Connector, accessed using RFC.


November 2002 to December 2002: SAP R3 ABAP Consultant, New York Power Authority

I provided development support for updating Material Master Data, text and characteristics, for all materials within the NYPA inventory. Tasks involved data analysis and cleansing, mapping to SAP R3/4.6C using both LSMW and custom code, production support during the update process and follow-up with end users for verification. These tasks required rapid analysis and creation of ABAP code to clean-up and reset material master data.


October 2001 to June 2002: SAP R3 ABAP Consultant, Lucent Technologies.

I provided technical leadership for the decommissioning of a SAP 3.1 order management system, Sales and Distribution module, through consolidation with a centralized SAP order management system. Major responsibilities included requirement analysis with end user involvement. Delta analysis with specification development for multiple interfaces, including UNIX scripts, in an Oracle file managed environment, with legacy service management systems. Other activities included reports and Sales and Distribution user exits to synchronize sales orders and purchase order quantities, implementation of financial interfaces for ledger updates and creation of financial reports via report writer/report painter tools. The financial interfaces required both debit and credit transactional updates via BDC programs and internal interfaces with other SAP ledger processing programs. Other development activities included lead technical advisor for all function modules and tables being moved to the centralized SAP instance, Tracking of tasks via Excel and resolution of all problems related to object transports for integration test.

Designed and developed solutions for managing network sales orders via the Project Systems functionality of SAP 4.6C. All tasks included heavy end user communication, creating functional and detail specifications as well as test plans. ABAP activities included creating dialog screen transactions, for maintaining material specifications and text data involving complex table structures, sales order bills of materials and utilizing BAPI interfaces for updating purchase requisitions and purchase orders. Designed and implemented a complex series of function modules for updating actual PS node activities, such as installation data for networked sale orders, via Business Connector BOD interfaces, using RFC to external systems. Developed Inbound and outbound IDOC’s via ALE to distribute transportation costs to multiple sales orders; including partner configuration. I developed an interface to a PeopleSoft application for maintaining HR employee data within SAP.


August 2000 to July 2001: SAP R3 ABAP Consultant, Bayer Corporation.

Senior SAP/ABAP Consultant supporting the implementation of SAP R3 Release 4.6B Material Management and Sales and Distribution for the Pharmaceutical Division.

Responsibilities included creation of detail design specifications with heavy end-user communication, configuration for customer master and creation of sales orders and billing documents to support testing and requirement clarification.

I was team leader for the design and development of a solution employing a complex series of processes to keep the SAP customer master current with sale representative data from a legacy system. Designed, developed and implemented an external interface to SAP of a monthly forecast demand for selected products and materials. Solution used both UNIX scripts and SAP programs to synchronize updates. Designed, developed and installed ABAP programs for the efficient initial load of millions of equipment warranty data records. Provided ABAP transaction programs to analyze sales orders and assign to an alternate shipping location to meet demand. I created SAPScript letters for canceling orders due to credit problems, export quotations and proforma invoice documents. Developed application and associated tables for tracking material movements, shipments and availability for foreign trade zone requirements. I developed data mapping and interface programs for sales history data between Legacy system and SAP Business Warehouse. Designed and implemented numerous SAP reports for analyzing product price structures vs. cost for audit requirements, modification of pricing dialogs and allocations for customers. The requirements called for an in-depth knowledge of pricing rules, costs, materials and product BOM’s.  Developed and installed numerous solutions for customizing screen edits for sales orders, credit management variants via user exits and SAP table extensions.


March 2000 to June 2000: SAP R3 ABAP Consultant, Centocor, Inc.

Senior SAP/ABAP consultant implementing a SAP 4.0 MM inventory management interface between multiple manufacturing locations and a central distribution center. Technical team lead for the design and development of various programs to maintain batch managed pharmaceutical inventories, customer master information and sales information records between SAP R3 and the remote legacy systems at a central distribution center. Coordinated and tested with the external distribution center personnel using numerous test cases to transmit, receive and report inventory, sales and customer master activity. Tasks required extensive knowledge of the MM module, material and sales information structures for problem diagnostics and the ability to customize data and rules.


December 1999 to February 2000: SAP R3 Test Consultant, IBM

I developed test scenarios supporting the development of a world wide SAP Sales and Distribution solution with an emphasis on external interfaces to billing, credit and materials support systems. These tasks required extensive skills in SAP SD processes, transactions and customizations. I setup and executed SAP CATT procedures for regression testing. I provided diagnostic support for transactional errors as well as validation of test results for accuracy and audit readiness.




July 1999 to December 1999: SAP ABAP Knowledge Transfer, Pitney Bowes Inc.

I developed functional specifications for processing interplant sales orders and vendor purchase orders including IDOC mapping and SAP partner configuration. Developed customized search/help for vendor selection; field exits for material master transactions. Developed solutions within the Production Planning module for capacity load balancing and initial batch data load ABAP programs for work centers and routing information. I implemented a generic BAPI external system interface via ALE. Solution allowed for standard BDC processing for updating SAP master data from an external source. Responsible for training and technical leadership to a team of SAP programmers engaged in the startup of SAP 4.5B. Duties include functional and detail specification reviews associated with SAP enhancements and reports, SAPScript training and data dictionary consultation.


January 1999 to June 1999: SAP R3 ABAP/4 Consultant, Acme Steel Company.

I provided ABAP software for SD sales order processing, sales bonus plans using SIS, reports for open order quantities and reconciliation with MRP requirements. I also provided EDI configuration for advance ship notices. I created packing lists via SAPScript including a customer support transaction. I developed financial account receivable reports for open invoice analysis, "lock-box" processing and 1099 forms using SAPScript.  I implemented archiving strategies and support for general ledgers, purchase orders and production orders. I provided development support for HR functions including programs for archiving and retrieving payroll data and report macros. I provided technical direction to other ABAP programmers.


July 1998 to January 1999: SAP R3 Consultant, IBM Inc.

Design and implementation of ABAP/4 programs supporting Warehouse Management physical inventory cycle counting. I ensured an uninterrupted inventory count cycle after cut over to SAP. I developed ABAP/4 reports and BDC programs for the automatic processing of IM material movements and transfer postings.  I provided daily customer support activities and problem resolution of the shipping functions within Sales and Distribution. I provided analysis of material handling procedures, SAP transaction flow and problems moving materials from manufacturing to the shipping dock.


November 1995 to June 1998: SAP R3 Implementation Team Leader, IBM Server Division.

I developed the software application architecture supporting the IBM Server Divisions reengineering efforts and the implementation of SAP R3; a $22M project spanning 5 fulfillment and fabricator centers. Project and task planning for all information technology products consisting of legacy system interfaces, data migration programs, batch data communication programs, dialog programs and reports. Test leader for all IT development. Created the testing processes and supportive documentation, established the problem tracking processes and tools, monitored and supported the test case executions. These tasks required coordination of both external interfaces and data movements through the SAP functional modules. Emphasis was on processing orders from an external interface through Sales and Distribution order entry, creating deliveries and shipping. Developed all task plans and controls utilizing tools such as Excel and Project Workbench. Organized the test team, monitored progress and applied corrective actions to remain on schedule. I expanded this role to include the end-user verification and acceptance test activities. Technical approval of functional specifications for SAP R/3 end user transactions, reports and modifications for the integrated supply chain requirements for automatic material replenishment and inventory management. Tasks included technical leadership and approval of general design documents detailed program specifications and test plans for data bridges to legacy systems, batch processing and SAP transactions. I received an IBM Division Award for exceptional leadership.


Prior to November 1995: Senior Programmer, IBM Corporation

I Managed ADM departments responsible for development and implementation of office productivity tools and workstations, application support for order processing and factory floor control systems, and analysis support for the engineering change processes. Duties included personnel management and technical guidance of five direct reporting managers and over 50 department members. I directed 3 departments in the development of LPAR micro code in conjunction with the IBM hardware development laboratory. I managed the total life cycle of the software functions for multi-partitioning of a 3090.  I received several awards for application of a rapid development process.

Directed assignments in the analysis and programming of sensor based tool control applications supporting the IBM substrate and device manufacturing facility. I provided leadership to a team of programmers and engineers during the design of process tooling prototypes.



SAP R3 ABAP/4, Material Management, Sales and Distribution, FI/CO

Project management tools: Microsoft Project Workbench, ABT Project Workbench

Programming Languages: ABAP/4

Productivity Tools: Lotus Notes (incl. forms/view design), Freelance Graphics,

Lotus Word Pro, Microsoft Power Point, Excel, Word, Visio


Saint John's University, Queens, New York, B. S. in Mathematics

Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania, B. S. in Meteorology.