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Windham, NH

Phone: 603-886-9065

Email: lmowatt@craftechsofware.com

Web Site: http://www.craftechsoftware.com



Resume Summary:

Mr. Lee Mowatt has been a software engineer/manager consultant since 1989 when he founded Craftech Software Designs, Inc. (http://www.Craftechsoftware.com). During this time, Mr. Mowatt has been prolific in his contributions to his high-tech clients in the areas of device driver development, hardware/software specifications, video and imaging applications, data- acquisition, and other technologies. For his clients, Mr. Mowatt has served as technical contributor, instructor, staff engineer, chief architect, team leader, and software development manager.

¨      Over 22 years of computer software and hardware development.

¨      Over 13 consecutive years as a consulting software engineer, architect, project leader, Dept. Manager working with his company – Craftech Software Designs.

¨      Proven and documented expertise for device drivers, system-level programming, and firmware development.

¨      Available as an individual technical contributor or as a project leader on software development efforts

¨      Available full-time, or under flexible contract arrangements

¨      U.S. Citizen.



Keyword Summary:

¨      Platforms: All MS Windows platforms (98,ME, NT, 2000, XP, WinCE), DOS, embedded micro-kernels.

¨      Familiar technologies: WDM, PCI, USB, VXD, FireWire (IEEE 1394), Imaging, Video, Data-Acquisition, Plug’n’Play, Serial Communications, Direct-X, Multimedia device drivers, TCP/IP, Telephony, ISA devices, File-system drivers, IEEE-488 (HPIB).

¨      Development Tools: MS Visual Studio (All versions), Visual C++, Visual Basic, Compuware’s DriverSuite  (DriverWorks,  SoftIce, DriverNetworks, VtoolsD,  DriverAgent, BoundsChecker, etc.), MS Platform SDK, Win98-DDK, WinNT-DDK, Win2000-DDK, WinXP-DDK, CodeWright, Doxygen, TimeLock, Microsoft Developer’s Network (MSDN), MFC, ATL, SourceSafe, PVCS, Direct-X SDK, MASM

¨      Hardware: Logic Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, PCI Controllers (AMCC, PLX, Phillips, Conexant, Brooktree, etc.), Conexant video chips, UARTs, Serial devices, micro-controllers (8048, 8051, etc.).



Professional Experience:

John Hopkins University/Applied Physics Lab – Laurel, MD

¨      Win2000/XP WDM  drivers

¨      Oceanography Applications


Data Translations, Inc. – Marlboro, MA

¨      WDM Imaging drivers

¨      Machine-Vision Imaging

¨      Special-purpose DMA solutions

¨      Special-purpose interrupt processing

¨      Video framegrabber technology

¨      USB Capture drivers (WinME/2000)

¨      Data-Acquisition drivers

¨      I2C serial devices & protocols

¨      NT Services

¨      Control panel applications

¨      Direct-X technologies

¨      Conexant chips & software

¨      RISC programming

¨      Embedded systems applications

¨      Team leader / mentor

¨      Project Management


Dialout.net, Inc. – Nashua, NH

¨      UART simulations

¨      Kernel driver development


MCK Communications, Inc. – Needham, MA

¨      Telephony

¨      Audio Wave drivers

¨      TAPI Interface

¨      Winsock/TCP sockets

¨      Audio Compression Manager (ACM) drivers


Coastal Systems Station – Dept. of U.S. Navy – Panama City, FL

¨      Serial EEProm devices

¨      Remote Telemetry Applications

¨      Xilinx FPGA devices

¨      PLX 9080 PCI controllers

¨      Underwater Laser Imaging Surveillance


Picturetel Corporation – Andover, MA

¨      Telephony

¨      Win98 VXD drivers

¨      TAPI Interfaces

¨      Driver Installation issues

¨      Active-X Controls

¨      ISDN simulation equipment

¨      Video-Conferencing products


Safenet, Inc. – Danvers, MA

¨      System Architecture Consultant

¨      Drivers for PCI cryptography hardware

¨      Hardware/Software integration using logic analyzers, scopes, and ICE products


Wray-Tech Instruments, Inc. - Stratford, CT

¨      Device Drivers for proprietary storage devices (Win95/98/NT)

¨      Extensive work in Windows file management ( IFSMGR, Hooks, IOS, etc)

¨      Hard-disk simulation of hardware storage devices


Masoneilan-Dresser Division – Avon, MA

¨      VCOMM client drivers for Win98

¨      Serial filter drivers for NT40/2000

¨      Special serial protocol drivers for instrumentation products


Aspect Telecommunications, Inc. – Chelmsford, MA

¨      NT Service Applications

¨      Data-acquisition device drivers

¨      Control Panel Applets

¨      Interprocess Communications - RPC/Pipes

Imagraph Corp. – Chelmsford, MA

¨      AMCC PCI controllers

¨      Multiple PCI board installations

¨      Extensive DMA of Large amounts of data

¨      Video imaging drivers for Framegrabber product line


Circuitest Products – Hudson, NH

¨      Serial communications

¨      Win32/MFC/C++ object design

¨      Integration of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) into the Windows environment

¨      Hardware interfacing of plotter/prober technology using HPGL engines


White Pine Software – Nashua, NH

¨      Internet audio concepts

¨      Enhancements to the CU_SEE_ME video conferencing product


Presstek, Inc. – Nashua, NH

¨      MFC Library Extensions

¨      User interface for Imaging systems

¨      Education and training of technical staff for Win98/NT programming


Keyfile Corporation – Nashua, NH

¨      Device Driver for Speech board



Tritech MicroElectronics International - Milpitas, CA

¨      Serial Communications

¨      Control-Panel applets

¨      Configuration and Setup management

¨      Registry management

¨      Complete Win95 pen driver for TR88L811 pen-input controllers


Vibrint Technologies - Bedford, MA

¨      WinNT drivers for high-performance graphics hardware

¨      Phillips SAA7145 Multimedia PCI controller



Vivo Software – Waltham, MA

¨      Special purpose VCOMM communications port drivers



Microtouch Systems, Inc. – Methuen, MA

¨      Multimedia Touch-Screen driver interface and Demo programs for Win3.1 and Win95



Itran Corporation - Manchester, NH

¨      Touch-Screen operator interface

¨      OLE Objects and graphics drawing tools

¨      Computer control of external equipment

¨      Hardware Interfacing of Video Capture equipment



EM Separations Technologies, Inc. - Wakefield, RI

¨      Real-time data acquisition and User-Interface programming

¨      MFC, C++ and standard Win32 API


Sales Technologies - Manchester, NH

¨      Database Front-end

¨      Custom Controls

¨      C++ Class Libraries

¨      User-Interface concepts

¨      MFC and C++ training

¨      DLL-based development tools




Employment History:

Before starting Craftech Software Designs in 1989, Mr. Lee Mowatt has been employed at the following companies in positions that include staff engineer, product manager, and department manager:




Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, 1975, City University of New York



References are gladly and promptly furnished upon request.

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