John M. Doggett

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Plaistow, NH, 03865

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An effective, experienced hands on member of software development and management teams designing, coding, testing, and deploying desktop, internet, multi-tier and enterprise level applications.


Summary Of Qualifications

       Software Development Management

       Object Oriented Analysis, Design, Development and Documentation

       Client/Server Technology

       Desktop application development

       Internet application development

       Embedded application development

       Realtime application development



Technical Expertise


Visual C#, Microsoft Visual C++ 1.x 8, Microsoft C 1-6.0ax, Microsoft Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, ANT, HTML, CGI Script, TCL, XML, XSLT, PHP, Microsoft Pascal 4.0, Turbo Pascal, Microsoft Assembler (MASM), 8086 and 8051 Assembly Language, Borland C/C++ 1.0 - 3.0


.NET, COM, J2EE, AXIS, Cocoon, DotNetNuke


MFC, JDK, JNI, Swing, AWT, JavaFX, DDE, OLE, MDI, SDI, Lotus ADK, Windows Platform SDK, Windows API, DAO, ODBC, JDBC, SADK, DirectX, ActiveX, MS LDAP API, Gloox, MAPI


OOA/OOD (Full Life Cycle Documentation), Agile, Multithreading, Networking, Encapsulation, Unit, Module and System Level Debug and Test, Build and Release Engineering, Multiprocess Synchronization, Internationalization, GUI Design and Development, Network Security and Penetration Testing, VOIP


Microsoft Visual Studio, NetBeans, KDevelop, SitepadPro, MS-Office, Open Office, MS-Project, BoundsChecker, Adobe Photoshop, PaintshopPro, PVCS, CVS, AccuRev, Subversion, MS-SourceSafe, Rational Rose, Jira, Bugzilla, Visio, Samurai, Backtrack, CompPlanner, PVX, NerveCenter, SystemWatch, Visual Caf, Codeview, MS-Librarian, InstallShield, NMAKE, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Sharepoint, JXplorer, iReasoning SNMP Browser

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows Win9x/NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/2008 (Vista), Linux/UNIX, Vax/VMS, Microsoft-DOS, OS/2 and INDX



Web Servers

MS Server NT/2003/2008, IIS, Apache, Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, JRUN, Orion, Proprietary


SQL 2003-2008, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, DBASE, Access, LotusWorks, Codebase, Proprietary


Rabbit, Technologic Systems SBCs, Proprietary Intel Based Microcontrollers, Mag Card Reader, Sonar Interferometer, Lantronix, AWiD, Opto22, Symbol, Zebra, Dongles, Laser Interferometers





MCTS Certification

MCTS Certification C# ASP .NET 3.5


New Horizons, Nashua, NH

MCTS Certification training program for advanced C# in ASP .NET 3.5 with ADO and SQL Server.

         Programming With Visual C#

         ASP .NET 3.5 with C# Visual Studio 2008

         ADO .NET Using Visual C#

Advanced .Net Framework Using Visual C#


Southern New Hampshire University. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Collegiate National Honor Society. Graduated with High Honors.


Northern Essex Community College, Associate Degree in Computer Science. Graduated with Honors


Topics in Advanced C Programming.

Preparation For Management.

Advanced Topics in Windows Programming.



Military Experience


Honorable Discharge



Professional Experience


June 2012


RainDance Technology Inc., Lexington, MA

Consulting Software Engineer.

Development of software for digital polymerase chain reaction (dPCR) instruments named RainDrop. User Interface and Channel Finding/Edge Detection algorithm development using C#, .NET, and WPF in a MVVM design pattern. This project also required use of Subversion and Jira.


May 2011

March 2012

G4S Technology Inc., Burlington, MA / Tewkesbury, UK

Software Engineer.

Hired as the senior developer for the G4S Symmetry Engineering Boston team. Trained for six months in Symmetry Security Software development using MS Visual C++, using MFC, various versions of SQL Server and Windows operating systems. Performed various tasks relating to equipping and setting up the team, including installation and maintenance of the Seapine VCS on Windows Server 2008. The team went live in January 2012. Performed on-site customer system surveys and addressed various site problems. Created hot fixes for critical issues.


Diagnostic tool development in .NET 3.5 C# Winforms.


April 2010

December 2010

Wheelabrator Technologies Inc., Hampton, NH

Consulting Software Engineer.

Redesign and Development of an enterprise level application for the waste and fuel industry providing functionality to collect, plan and analyze daily, weekly, monthly, and annual waste collection, fuel and energy output information, as well as environmental health and safety incidents.


The project required the use of ASP .NET 3.5, ADO, SQL Server 2008r2, and MS Windows Server 2008, design and development of custom UI components to replace functionality of 3rd party controls, including custom Dynamic Gridview treenodes, custom multi-column listboxes, and fully editable gridlets. SQL development required enhancements to existing stored procedures and creation of custom DB C# classes. Complete web UI design and development required the use of dynamic page generation controlled by XML and permissioning subsystem, HTML, Javascript, ASP .NET UI, and AJAX controls.


Oct 2008

May 2009

Cellular Specialties Inc., Manchester, NH

Consulting Software Engineer.

GUI design and development of an embedded network application for cellular devices, running in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, using TCL, CGI, Javascript, Bugzilla, Subversion, KDevelop, Firebug, Technologics SBC, SNMP, Samurai and Backtrack 3.0 security, vulnerability, and penetration testing suites, ApacheBench benchmarking software, Java Applets, Servlets, Filezilla FTP Server, iReasoning SNMP browser, JavaFX and JNI running on Tomcat 6.x, JDK 1.6x, OpenOffice and Netbeans 6.5


March 2008

October 2008

Private Software Engineering Consultant

Provided advice, design and development assistance to several area high tech firms regarding their financial and web based applications, using Microsoft Visual C# (Visual Studio 2008), SOAP WCF, Web Services, OOA/OOD, the Microsoft Office Add-on Development Kit, Java, SharePoint, Prism, Silverlight, Adobe Flash CS3.


February 2006

February 2008

Polycom Inc., Andover, MA

Software Development Manager II (Senior Manager, contract to perm full time, hands on)

Led the development of Polycoms next generation Desktop Video Conferencing System, Enterprise Edition and the associated web portals.


Design and development of the desktop transmission system, call statistics subsystem, global directory and parsing subsystem, buddy list subsystem, LDAP manager and LDAP URL parsing subsystem, XML document parsing subsystem, and fast user switching subsystem.


Design and development of the Enterprise Editions web portal.


Supervision, mentoring and training of two teams of project developers using a variety of tools including CompPlanner, Microsoft-project and a proprietary employee review package.


Enterprise Development required the use of Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0, MFC, GUI, DotNetNuke, Visual Basic .NET SharePoint, ASP, .NET, PHP, XML, Paintshop Pro, SQL Server, SIP, VOIP, LDAP, JXplorer, XMPP, Gloox, PVX, AccuRev, Jira and Agile software development process.


Dec 2005

Feb 2006

Marketmax / SAS Middleton, MA

Consulting Software Engineer.

Development and defect repair of a multi tier, ActiveX spreadsheet based inventory-planning system. Development required the use of Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0, MFC, OOA/OOD, and GUI components.


June 2005

Nov 2005

Kronos Incorporated, Chelmsford, MA

Consulting Software Engineer.

Redesign, development and defect repair of a time management suite written in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, 7.0, OOA/OOD, C# .NET and MFC. GUI design and development using cutting edge skinned user interfaces and skinned windows controls.


July 2004

June 2005

Markem Corporation, Keene, NH

Consulting Software Developer.

Implemented the Java application and drivers used to operate an RFID label machine using Netbeans, OOA/OOD, Swing (GUI), ANT, XML, AXIS, CVS, Linux, Microsoft-Windows, JDBC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Applets, Servlets and the EPC standards. Created JAVA drivers for Lantronix, AWiD, Opto22, Symbol, and Zebra devices.


Design and development of a print head simulation GUI application written in Microsoft C# using .NET environment, CM Synergy and OOA/OOD, graphic barcode DLL, GUI test application and ActiveX graphic barcode software in Microsoft Visual C++.


March 2004

Saint Anselm College

Consulting Software Architect

Designed and Developed a web deployed ActiveX security control using Microsoft Visual C++ 7 and VB script in the .NET environment.


October 2002

June 2004

Private Software Engineering Consultant

Provided advice, technical expertise and investor networking to several area startups. Performed complete product architecture and development of a Java / Microsoft Visual C++ multi-tier meteorology tracking application. GUI design and development using cutting edge skinned user interfaces and skinned windows controls.


January 2002

September 2002

OpenService Inc. Westborough, MA

Consulting Software Architect.

Architectural design and development of the next generation of Opens multi-tier network security applications, NerveCenter and SystemWatch, using distributed agents. This development required the use of C, Microsoft Visual C++, OOA/OOD and SNMP Researchs SADK.


October 2000

July 2001

Cozint Interactive Inc., Andover MA

Director of Software Development (permanent full time, hands on)

Supervision and technical leadership of a large team of software developers engaged in the design and development of the companys integrated Web-Based opinion gathering and analysis system.


Project required team and sub team organization, software engineering mentoring, tool selection and deployment, web application architecture definition (OOA/OOD) and documentation, network hardware architecture design and documentation and security design. System development required components written in both Java and Microsoft Visual C++.


Responsible for training and technical support of the development team in the use of Cocoon, Tomcat, Visual Studio, and various web servers.

The following technologies were used to build the system: servlets, applets, JSPs, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, ASP, SQL Server, Results for the Web, Crystal Reports, IIS, Tomcat, Cocoon, IBM Websphere, JRUN, Orion, ODBC, JDBC and SitePadPro.


June 2000

September 2000

Tecnomatix-Unicam Inc., Portsmouth NH

Consulting Software Architect.

Responsible for technical leadership, architectural design and development of the first of Tecnomatix-Unicams next generation web enabled products named Production Monitor 2. Responsible for training and technical support of the development team in the use of Cocoon, Tomcat, Apache Web server and IIS. Development of PM2 required the use of Microsoft Visual C++ 6, MFC, OOA/OOD, JDK1.3, JSDK2.1, Java Servlets, Java Applets, XML, XSL, JSSI, COM, JDBC, ODBC, JNI and the SitePadPro IDE.


February 2000

June 2000


MediSpectra Inc., Lexington, MA

Consulting Software Architect.

Responsible for technical leadership, architectural design and development of an embedded Microsoft-Windows GUI application used to control and provide on screen visual results from a medical device used to optically detect pre-cancerous cervical cells and aids OBGYNs in their diagnoses. Development required the use of Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, OOA/OOD, DirectX and MFC running on Embedded Windows NT. Rational Rose.


June 1999

January 2000


Cerulean Technology Inc., Marlborough, MA

Consulting Software Architect.

Implemented the Data Warehouse Server, some client and GUI components of Mobile Fusion using Microsoft J++ ( C# ), Visual C++, TCP/IP COM, OOA/OOD, DAO, ODBC, JDBC, MFC, POP3, SMTP, Microsoft Java SDK 2.01, Applets, Visual Caf, Microsoft-Access, DBASE, Paradox , Oracle 8 and SQL Server.


Development and defect repair of PacketCluster, a Microsoft Visual C++ Client-Server application.


October 1998

May 1999

WebED Inc., Newburyport MA

Founder/CTO/Vice President of Software Engineering (Permanent full time hands on)

Supervision, Design, Development (hands on) and mentoring of a distance learning system. Authored system specifications, coding, design, development and deployment procedures. Hired resources and provided corporate technical vision.


August 1997

March 1999


Cerulean Technology Inc., Marlborough, MA

Consulting Software Architect.

Architected and implemented a Microsoft Visual J++ (C# ) /C++ Client-Server internet data collection and delivery application using TCP/IP COM, OOA/OOD, DAO, ODBC, JDBC, Applets, MFC, POP3, SMTP, Microsoft Java SDK 2.01, Microsoft-Access, DBASE, Paradox, Oracle 8 and SQL Server.


Architected and implemented a GUI Visual Editing tool to be used in conjunction with the client server platform described above.


January 1997

September 1997

Desktop Data Inc. Burlington, MA

Consulting Software Architect.

Architected and implemented an automated Windows 95/NT Electronic News Mailing Application, (code name Asgard) using COM, OOA/OOD, DAO, MFC, MAPI and Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0.


Team Supervision, Architecture and development of a Windows NT NewsEDGE server administration and automated order entry system, (named GAP) using OLE, COM, OOA/OOD, DAO, MFC, and Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0.


October 1996

December 1996

Numega Technologies Nashua, NH

Consulting Software Architect.

Architected and implemented a Win95/NT Microsoft Package Partner add in product for Microsoft-Developer studio version 5, using OLE/COM interfaces for access to the Developer Studio internals. Code development performed using the alpha version of Visual C/C++ 5.0, MFC, OOA/OOD, package partner SDK and Microsoft-Source Safe.


July 1996

October 1996

Lockheed Sanders, Merrimack, NH

Consulting Software Architect.

Architectural design, team leadership and development of mission planning software for Navy S.E.A.L. teams operating on Microsoft-Windows 95/NT. Responsibilities included creation of GUI application architecture, documentation, instruction and coding. Developed the application using OLE (full server with automation), MDI and DAO using MFC 4.x. Design and development of plug-in architecture that will enable third party developers to create add-ins for the product. Product developed using Microsoft Visual C++ 4.2 and OOA/OOD.


May 1996

July 1996

Simplex Time Recorder Co., Gardner, MA

Consulting Software Architect.

Development of a Windows GUI Time Clock configuration application named StarComm. Project required Microsoft Visual C++ 1.52c /4.00 and the Microsoft-Foundation Class Libraries and OOA/OOD.


October 1995

April 1996

FTP Software Inc., North Andover, MA

Consulting Software Architect.

Design and Development of a Windows 95 GUI Email application named OnMail32. Responsibilities included redesign and development of the product's tasking engine, which provides intelligent message filtration. Creation and development of Win 95 multimedia objects used for message alerts as well as construction of animated controls. Rewrote FTPs 16-bit Internet browser to support 32-bit architecture. Project required Microsoft-Visual C++ 4.00, MAPI, OOA/OOD, and the Microsoft-Foundation Class Library environment. (MFC 4.0) (Including all the latest Win 95 GUI control objects)


September 1995

October 1995

Polaroid Corporation, Bedford, MA

Consulting Software Engineer.

Designed and implemented a Windows 95 drivers license / identity card GUI application. Project required Microsoft-Visual C++ 1.52, OOA/OOD, and MFC 3.0.

July 1995

September 1995

American Internet Inc., Bedford, MA

Consulting Software Engineer.

Design and development of a Windows 3.1 web server administrator application. (Preparation for Win-95 using Property Sheet technology.) Project required Microsoft-Visual C++ 1.52, OOA/OOD, and MFC 3.0.

April 1995

July 1995

Private Software Engineering Consultant.

Architecture, design and development of a proprietary and confidential Microsoft Windows 3.1 GUI application, for a confidential manufacturer of bank ATM equipment. Project required use of Microsoft-Visual C++ 1.5x, OOA/OOD, MFC and Codebase 5.1 Database SDK.

December 1994

April 1995

Advanced Modular Solutions Inc. Acton, MA

Consulting Software Engineer.

Architectural design, team supervision and development of an Internet Phone Booth GUI based embedded application utilizing Microsoft-Windows NT 3.5 and NT Server 3.5 in the Microsoft-Visual C++ 2.0, OOA/OOD, and the MFC environment.

Design and Development of extension DLLs for the following: Dongle controlled security system, Audio System, Video (GDI) System, Magnetic Card Reader / Writer System, Telephone dialer system, Electronic Hookswitch System, Sonar Interferometer / Sonar system, (Polaroid sonar hardware), External Resource Manager System.

Designed and Implemented the test harness and demonstration software.

Converted Terminal Emulation Software written for a Mac to Windows-NT.

Maintenance of software schedules and dependency lists.

Designed and built an (Patent Pending) Electronic Hookswitch control electronic circuit.

January 1994

November 1994

Market Arts Software Inc., N.Y., N.Y.

Consulting Software Engineer.

Upgraded Realtime for Windows, (formerly Lotus Realtime) a Client/Server GUI application using TCP/IP and Windows sockets and OLE 2.0, for shipment.

June 1993

June 1995

Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill, MA.

Computer Science Instructor.

Instructed the following courses: Introduction to C programming, Advanced C programming, Introduction to Windows Programming (C++ OOD), Advanced Windows Programming. Provided training in real world software development methodologies. Designed curriculum and the Windows Programming Certificate Program.

September 1993

December 1993

Digital Equipment Corporation, Nashua, NH

Consulting Software Developer.

Development and defect repair of VTX for Windows, including the WYSIWYG print subsystem and internationalization, using DDE, Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 and the Windows SDK.

October 1992

July 1993

The Law Firm of Nixon and Vanderhye PC, Arlington, Virginia.

Private Consulting Software Expert.

April 1989

July 1993

Lotus Development Corp., Cambridge, MA

Principal Software Engineer. Realtime Products Division (permanent full time)

Project lead for Lotus Realtime for Windows.

Team supervision, Design and Development of a Windows GUI Client/Server Application with a UNIX back end. Conversion of Realtime API libraries from UNIX to Windows.


Test and selection of TCP/IP client software stacks. Tools used: Microsoft-C/C++ 6.0AX, Microsoft-Windows SDK, Lotus ADK, Microsoft Codeview, Microsoft Librarian, and Microsoft NMake. Designed all of Realtime for Windows user interface using a variety of graphic tools.

Senior Software Engineer. OEG-OEM Group

Lead Engineer Spreadsheet Team, LotusWorks for Windows (permanent full time)

Designed and implemented the LotusWorks for Windows GUI spreadsheet.

Lead Engineer Database Team LotusWorks for Windows.

Designed and implemented the LotusWorks for Windows GUI Database. Made significant contributions to the overall user interface of LotusWorks for Windows.

Database team for LotusWorks 3.0, a DOS based product. Award received for selling over one million copies.

Software Engineer, Lotus Special Editions Group (permanent full time)

Successfully attacked, broke and improved the copy protection of the Lotus Choices product.

Led formation of Lotus Special Editions QA Design and Code testing group.

Designed and implemented procedures for designing software and code testing.

Designed and implemented MAP Network TSR for testing functionality of Lotus @Factory.

Team supervision, mentoring, design and development of an EMS compatibility test application conforming to the LIM EMS 3.x & 4.0 specification, the Rational Systems Inc.'s VCPI specification, and the EMS requirements of Lotus applications.

Team supervision, design and development of a PC/BIOS/DOS Compatibility application.

Sept. 1988

Jan. 1989

ECA/Allen-Bradley Company Inc. Waltham, Massachusetts (permanent full time)

Software Engineer.

Designed and implemented real time software for remote sensing, data collection and hardware control for an HVAC device. Developed in 8051 Assembler language, using VAX resident editor and cross-assembler.

Sept. 1987

Aug. 1988

Lotus Development Corp.

Software Engineering Consultant/Contractor.

Compatibility testing and device driver testing on various IBM PCs and compatibles.


Mar. 1987

Aug. 1987

Termiflex Corporation, Merrimack, New Hampshire

Senior Firmware Engineer. (Permanent full time)

Designed, Implemented and installed the Final Inspection and Test System II (FITS II) that replaced the manual system (FITS I) with a fully automated system. The system design included design of procedures, documentation forms, and software. Designed and developed the software on an IBM PC compatible, using Microsoft/IBM 8088/8086 Assembler language and Turbo Pascal. Designed and developed six individual databases to control Real Time operation.


Trained and Supervised the three person QA team, first in computer literacy and then in the use of FITS II. Managed their workflow until they were competent in the use of the procedures, documentation, and software.

Jan. 1985

Mar. 1987

Leitz-IMS Co., Billerica, Massachusetts

Software Engineer (Permanent full time)

Designed and developed the Real Time Control Software for the LMS-2000 Laser Metrology System, a Mask and Reticule measurement device, on an Intel Series IV Development System with an ICE 88A. Used Intel Pascal, ASM, Laser Interferometers, motor control, proprietary OS, INDX 80XX Microcontroller cards and chipsets, diagnostics.

Supervision of the co-op students.




Sky and Telescope Magazine, November 1989. A review article, "A Portable Observatory". (The Ace Dome)



References available upon request.