Julie Ballantine


Julie Ballantine
Rockwall, TX 75087

(972) 835-0963

Professional Objective:
EDI/E-Commerce business process expert in the Deregulated Energy Industry.  Extensive experience in developing the use of EDI, managing the trading partner implementation process, working with the ANSI X12 EDI standards, and interfacing EDI with internal applications (XML, Flat files, ODBC databases).  

Work History:
9/04 - 07/06            Stream Energy, Dallas TX
			Director, Retail Operations
Oversee internal Operations pertaining to customer enrollment, billing processes, collections, managed all outside information technology vendor relations, directs TDSP and ERCOT account management as well as its Performance Measure reporting.  

3/04 â?� 8/04		Freedom Power, Houston TX
			Sr. EDI Specialist - Texas Electric Retail Market Specialist
Texas Electric Retail Market representation at all ERCOT market meetings.  EDI installation, mapping and training of market transactions. Provided business rules and project planning for in-house application technologies.  The following maps were developed and implemented (using Gentran Server for NT v4.02) : 814, 810, 820, 867, 824, and 650 transactions.  All TX SET scenarios have been certified with the Texas Retail Electric Market.

11/03 â?� 8/04		In Orbit Technologies/NYSEG Solutions, NY/CA
			Sr. EDI Developer â?� NY Electric Retail Market Specialist
Developed EDI maps for NY Electric Deregulated Energy Market.  The following transaction sets were developed, certification tested, and implemented in production:  814, 867, 810 (Bill and Rate Ready), and 820.  Installed and configured a test and production environment (Gentran Server for NT v. 4.01).  I currently support them with any production or retesting efforts as needed.

9/03 â?� 3/04		Viterra Energy Services, Atlanta GA
Texas Region Portfolio Manager â?� Texas Electric Retail Market Specialist
Responsible to communicate with all Texas ERCOT market clients to obtain and document needs and product enhancement requests.  Attend all ERCOT Electric market meetings on behalf of all Viterra Energy Services TX client base.  Coordinate implementation of new Texas SET market release of 1.6 from 1.5.  Provide training and education services to Viterra client base relating to Texas market rules and transactions.  Implemented trouble ticketing procedures for quickly resolving and tracking customer issues.   Liaison between Viterra and EDI Service providers and their clients.

11/01 â?� 8/03		Simplified Data Solutions, Houston TX
			Director of EDI Services/Director of Operations
EDI/ASP Service Provider in the Texas Retail Energy Market.  My responsibilities include, installing and maintaining the EDI translator (Gentran Server for NT v3.2), setup trading partner relationships, define XML specifications for the file layouts of 814, 867, 820, 810 and 824, Integrate with SDS CRM/Billing Applications, Texas market Certification test flights for new Competitive Retailers, daily EDI operations/production support, daily system operations manager, GISB Transmission monitoring, market issue resolution, attend ERCOT and market sub-team meetings â?� TTPT, v1.5 & v1.6 Coordination Team member, Texas SET, 810/867/820 workshops, Scripts team member, visit with clients, presentations, and product documentation.  Client account list:  Spark Energy, Hino Electric Power, Tri Eagle Energy, NM Energy of Texas, Nordic Energy, Starlight Electric, New Mexico Natural Gas, and Fire Fly Electricity.

7/98 to 11/01		JBI Consulting, Newcastle CA
			Senior EDI Gentran NT Specialist/President 
Responsible for obtaining new EDI accounts and maintaining the X12 trading relationship.  Each account which I am responsible for requires system support and maintenance.  Responsible for error troubleshooting and resolution for all EDI/Gentran NT systems that JBI Maintains.  Act as the liaison between our clients and their trading partners.  Contacting new and existing EDI clients.  I am familiar and experienced with the following transactions:  810, 814, 820, 824, 832, 834, 837, 850, 855, 856, 860, 861, 867, 879, 880, 940, 944, 943, 210, 214, HIPPA, ANSI X12 EDI Standard, and EDIFACT transaction sets.  I have experience implementing Gentran NT with the following ERP systems â?� Symix, SAP R/3, JDE, eMB.  Owner and moderator of the edi_gentran email distribution list.  This list discusses Gentran and EDI related issues.  Active member of the Software Contractorâ?™s Guild, and First Regional EDI Working Group.

JBI Consulting Major Account List:
Utility Choice Electric, Houston TX
EDI Development and daily translation services (similar to a clearing house services).  XML business application interfacing.

Spark Energy, LP, Houston TX
EDI Development and daily translation services (similar to a clearing house services).  XML business application interfacing.

Exolink Corp [UTL], Lewisville, TX
EDI Service provider to the Texas Deregulated Energy Industry.  Installed and configured Gentran NT 3.11 EDI translator.  Configured trading partner profiles and completed all mapping.  Mapped the following transactions: 814, 867, 810, 820, 824 - Flat file to XML and XML to flat file.  Configured all communications for FTP, GISB, and Advantis connections.  Configured all file system mailboxes using Xprocess and process control.  Have worked with the following UDCâ?™s: Ercot, PGE, Entergy, and TNPC, just to name a few.  Contacted and established many new trading relationships within the deregulated Utility market.  Set up new EDI Trading relationships and recommended transaction sets 814, 867, 820, and 810 to the market.  Active member of the First Regional EDI Working Group.  This group moderates and maintains the ANSI X12 Standard that the utility industry uses â?� specifically the 814.

Utility.com [UTL], South Bay, CA
Energy Service Provider in California (ESP).  Installed and configured Gentran NT 3.01 EDI translator.  Configured all trading partner profiles and completed all mapping.  Mapped the following transactions: 814, 867, 810, 820, and 824.  Contacted Utility.com's trading partners to discuss EDI issues relating to the 814 and 867 transaction sets.  Established professional working relationship with major UDCâ?™s to secure our position in the marketplace.  Worked with PGE, SDGE, and SCE.  Training to EDI Operator that included Gentran NT Mapping, and system monitoring/reporting techniques.

Phillips Industries [MFG], Montebello, CA
Provided project management and coordination support to EDI department.  Completed mapping, using Gentran Server NT, of more than 50 transaction sets, including 850, 856, 810, 830, and 862.  Installed and configured Gentran Server with Mailbox.  Provided SQL 7.0 upgrade and installation assistance.  All services were provided remotely with two on-site visits.  Completed 6-month contract.

Foster Farms [Grocery, MFG], Livingston, CA
Provided installation of Gentran Server for NT.  Completed all mapping and testing of all transaction sets.  Mostly 879, 850, 875, 856, & 810â?™s.  Configured all communications to 2 different VANS.  Performed all mapping remotely.  Checked EDI production daily using PCAnywhere.  Completed 1yr. contract. Successful EDI implementation.

Brown Group (Brown Shoe Company) [MFG] - St. Louis, MO
EDI Team leader to a group of 3 Consultants.  Provided installation of Gentran Server for NT on Production and test machine.  Coordinated with trading partners to implement EDI transaction sets.  Completed remotely, over 50 856â?™s (ASNâ?™s), including testing.  Completed over 75 850â?™s (Purchase orders), including testing.  Provided upgrade assistance.  8 month contract.  Successful EDI implementation. 

Superior Linkage [MFG] - Fort Wayne, IN
EDI Team leader to a group of 3 Gentran NT Specialists.  Provided installation of Gentran Server for NT onsite.  Delivered education class to train the EDI coordinator the technical aspects of the Gentran Server.  This company is �rip-and-read� EDI shop.  Configured all communications to the VAN (Commerce Network).  Completed 40+ inbound print forms.  This included (850, 824, 832, 861, and 862).  Completed 40+ outbound screen entry systems.  This includes (856, 810).  Provided upgrade assistance to SAP R/3.  Completed 6 mo. contract.  Successful EDI implementation.

Palo Alto Health Care [HTHCR] â?� Palo Alto, CA
Responsible for installing and maintaining Gentran Server NT.  Error tracking and resolution.  Implemented the X12 4010 - 837 (Health Care Electronic Claim Transaction) between existing trading partners.  Obtained and maintained new Trading Partners for this health care center.  Began the introduction of new health care transaction sets which would benefit the business and enrollment aspects of the business.  I proposed the 834 â?� HIPPA Benefit & Enrollment Maintenance transaction.  The 834 was approved and implemented between 67 trading partners successfully.

10/97 to 7/98		Sterling Commerce- Dublin, OH
			EDI Product Specialist/Product Instructor (Consultant)
Provided support, training and implementation services to Sterling Commerce Customer base.  Traveled around the United States, with my home as my office.  Project manager duties that include, company current day workflow vs. future workflow, EDI implementation, installation on Gentran Server for NT and configuration, created National ANSI X12 standard, UCS EDI transaction sets (810, 814, 820, 824, 832, 834, 837, 850, 855, 856, 860, 861, 867, 879, 880, 940, 944, 943, 210, 214, HIPPA, National X12 EDI Standard, and EDIFACT transaction sets.) tested.  Established communication with VANS, using Gentran Mailbox.  Worked with several different VANS, including Advantis, Commerce:Network, Premonos, and Harbinger.  Set up Trading Partners and parallel testing.  Application to Application EDI translation using Gentran 2.01 for NT, Application Integrator.  SQL Server 6.5, Oracle, SAP R/3. NT Network support and recommendations provided with confidence. 


5/1/97 to 10/97		Dome Printing
			Sacramento CA - NT Network Engineer
Designed and implemented NT network of 25 clients including MS Exchange Server, Back Office.  Installed all switches and LAN cards.  Network administration, monitoring, trouble-shooting, and support of NT 4.0 network.  PC Support for all Office apps, EDI X12, and SQL Server database.

11/96 to 4/23/97		ACL Datacom, Inc.
			Roseville, CA - Technical Writer/System Analysis
Start-up Company is developing a solution to secure data transfer.  I am responsible to author technical documents, (test cases).  Completed and composed over 75% of this Company's Structural, Functional, Unit, Compliance, and Operations testing documents.  Test Cases are used to debug and complete the process of developing of a software product.  Produced flow charts, hi-tech technical drawings, spec sheets, graphic design, web page publishing, presentation consultant and firm wide Technical Advisor.  Technical Manager within a company of about 50.  I am responsible for all PC related technical issues.  Recently migrated the company to Windows NT from Windows 95.  Installed NT 4.0 Network.  Provided EDI X12 support.  Administered all NT 4.0 workstations (50+ including installation/troubleshooting).  Responsible for performing all software/hardware install/un-installs.  Schedule LAN backups/recovery, MS Office software support and in-house training when requested.

6/96 to 11/96		Intel Corporation - Folsom CA
			c/o, Adia (Adecco) Personal Services 
			PC Operations Support
Technical Assistance Center Computer Technician - Responsible for Hardware and Software support at the Intel, Folsom TAC. This included: Hardware, Windows NT 4.0 & Workstation, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Microsoft Office 97, Lotus cc: Mail & Notes, ID Administration, Netscape, and a variety of Intel Internal Applications.  Specialized in electronic communication.  Received MCSE.

10/94 to 9/96		MCI Telecommunications Corporation 
   			Sacramento, CA - Technical Support Consultant
I was responsible to handle incoming calls and diagnose customer troubles in a timely, professional, accurate, and courteous manner.  Internet trouble shooting and resolution of current problem.  Configure numerous computer/ operating systems.  Act as a liaison between the customer, MCI departments in order to effectively identify, troubleshoot and resolve problems in accordance with specific guidelines.  Utilize all systems and contacts available to the department to expedite restoration of service to MCI customersâ?™ satisfaction.  Provide timely status and clearance calls determined by trouble priority.  Perform special graphic related projects as assigned using Corel Draw 5.0.

10/94 to 6/95 - Staff Assistant III (MCI).  Administrative duties, such as check requests, expense reports (producing and processing), office supply ordering and inventory.  Iâ?™ve had through Vendor Services training (which included procurement and departmental reporting).  Handle incoming calls through Meridian PBX system.  I have gained procedural knowledge and resources.  Ability to maintain a professional environment while managing an efficient front office.

Education - College, Advanced Degrees
â?¢	Sterling Commerce A Certified EDI Instructor/Specialist, EDI X12 Essentials,
â?¢	Gentran Server NT, Advanced Mapping, Advanced Communications
â?¢	Intel University - Lotus Notes, NT Server and Enterprise Edition
â?¢	Intel University - Network Essentials and Administration
â?¢	MCSE -  Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
â?¢	Sierra College 1993
â?¢	Santa Cruz High School Graduate 1992

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