IVAN B. GREENBERG_________________


Objective Consultant experienced in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and extensive experience using the Harbinger TLE, Gentran Server NT Mapping Tool and Harbinger Premenos for System 36 Mapping Tool.


Summary Extensive experience in Information Technologies with advanced technical competence using Electronic Commerce Solutions.


Applications Electronic Data Interchange Ė ANSI X12 standards, EDIFACT standards, Harbinger TLE, Gentran Server NT and Harbinger Premenos EDI Subsystems.


Software SAP R/3, EDI (X12, Gentran Server NT, Harbinger TLE), RPG 400, Premenos Mapping Tool.


Languages RPG/400, Cobol


Hardware IBM Midrange, IBM AS400, IBM personal computer, UNIX, NT


08/2000-Present GK Applications Technology Inc Landing, NJ

Working in the role of Consultant on mapping projects on the Vega

Project for Delphi Automotive. Developed and implemented maps for SAP using the Harbinger TLE mapping tool and the Harbinger Operations Control software.

The contract for this project will end February 2001.

08/1999-07/2000 Harbinger Corporation Atlanta, GA


Electronic Commerce Consultant experienced in EDI project development coupled with in strong in-depth mapping experience using the Harbinger TLE mapping tool and the Harbinger Operations Control software.


Worked in the role of Consultant on mapping projects for various Harbinger customers, which included automotive Industry suppliers. Developed and implemented Harbinger maps for SAP R3 implementations and Legacy systems. The f transactions that were mapped included 850 (Purchase Order), 855 (Order Acknowledgement), 810 (Invoice), 856 (Advance Ship Notice), 830 (Planning Schedule), 862 (Shipping Schedule), 820 (Payment Order/Remittance Advice), DELFOR, DELJIT, DESADV, ORDERS, ORDRSP, and INVOIC. Good working knowledge of SAP Idocs, Partner Profile, Output Condition Tables, and Partner Number Conversion Tables.


My current agreement with Harbinger prohibits me from revealing the names of the various Harbinger customers that I consulted with.


10/1997- 07/1999 Beverage Canners Intíl Corp. Miami, FL


Functioning as a SAP Electronic Interchange (EDI) configurator in a Major Legacy to SAP R/3 conversion. This conversion consisted of the Migration from the AS400 platform to be the NT Server SAP R/3 application. Responsibilities consisted of the configuration of SAP trading partners and the creation of Gentran Server NT maps both of Inbound and Outbound transactions. Converted transactions consisted of 810, 850, 855, 856, 852 and 875. Responsibilities included communications with trading partners to establish the transaction types and versions, the creation of maps and the Gentran trading partner setups. In addition, the completion of the end to end testing with individual trading partners and then the migration of tested transactions into the production environment.


Responsibilities also included the SAP EDI configuration which included the creation of output condition types for master data, the configuration of the SAP table EDPAR for partner number conversion and the configuration of Partner profile for Inbound, Outbound, and Message Control. The testing in various functional areas within SAP environment for the generation of outbound IDOC types.


Additional responsibilities include the monitoring of the normal day to day production and resolution of problems with individual trading partners.


Continued maintenance of Legacy System using Gentran and Harbinger EDI Subsystems.


12/1983-07/1997 Florida Accounting Computer Service Miami, FL


Responsible for information technology systems development and application programs using the AS400-36 environment and System 36. Provided consulting services for various clients customizing systems and reports to meet their special needs requirements.


01/1977-11/1983 ITT Microsystems Deerfield Beach, FL


Manager of Data Processing responsible for systems development and programming for manufacturing and accounting systems.


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