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To provide consulting services for administration, installation, configuration, and maintenance of E-Commerce, Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) ORACLE in UNIX environments (HP-UX), (Sun Micro Systems) and Windows NT.


Oracle database administration, development, backup strategy, configuration, implementation, tuning, upgrades, and migration of data. Configure UNIX kernel parameters, IP addressing, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX. Intranet integration of database for enterprise networks. Develop systems from logical and physical design, testing databases through full life cycle into production.

Areas of expertise:

Oracle7-8x BroadVision4.x Netscape Apache WebServer Hewlett-Packard9-11 Solaris7-8 WindowsNT 98 2000


Custom Systems of Atlanta 5/95-Present.

Nextel Communications (UNIX Systems Administrator)

Consultant for Hewlett-Packard (Delmonte Corp, Miami, Fl)( San Francisco, Ca.)(PSI Net Atlanta, Ga.) (Capital One Richmond, Virginia)

Contractor for Oracle 8 enterprise implementations performing both database and UNIX setup and tuning. Installed HP-9000 UNIX machines to process Broad Vision content and write to Oracle tables. Installed Apache and Netscape I-planet Webserver with Broad Vision on Oracle on Hewlett-Packard 9000 platform. Configured Apache webserver to interface with Oracle database. Build and maintain Oracle 8.X databases for Sun Solaris and Microsoft NT. Utilize Oracle OEM as well as other tools such as Quest Software-TOAD, Platinum (CA) Technologies Desktop DBA, DB Artison and ERWIN entity relationship manager.

Custom Systems of Atlanta 2/00-5/00

Legato Consultant NJ 2/00-5/00

Legato Enterprise Network Backup Solutions. Performed implementations, migrations and upgrades. Migrations included data exports, imports, loading. Perform installation of HP-UX 9000 series and SUN Enterprise Systems Network Installation. Responsible for initial setup of SANS environment including setting up multiple groups of users and business entities to share backup devices located throughout enterprise. Several upgrades and implementations performed at Liberty Mutual Portsmouth, N.H. Aventis Pastuer Swiftwater, Pa. SAP America Pa.

Bellsouth Information Technology Atlanta, Ga. 10/99-2/00

Provide contract consulting for HP-UX 11.0 on V-2500 servers with Oracle 8I database server. Oracle 11 Applications running People Soft and Oracle Financial Applications for BellSouth Shared Services. Implement backup strategy for Legato Networker Enterprise backup utility. Implemented and configured large UNIX platform servers for multiple network and redundant hardware and software mirroring. Provided UNIX and Oracle support including production and development storage systems. Projects included EMC as well as internal disk systems for backup strategy utilizing (SANS) environment.

Custom Systems of Atlanta Atlanta, Ga. 4/99-10/99

Implement BroadVision on Sun Solaris platform (model Sparc4-250) over the internet on managed servers, utilizing Oracle 8.0.5 and BroadVision Enterprise and Retail version 4.1. Perform Oracle DBA functions in development & implementation and maintenance of enterprise Oracle systems. Maintain operating system (Solaris 2.6.1) residing on Sun Solaris multiple E-class UNIX boxes as well as Hewlett-Packard HP-9000’s and IBM AIX. Tune the Oracle Database servers utilizing various database tools such as Platinum Technologies Desktop DBA, DBVision, Provision Suite for proactive monitoring of production systems. Performed various development tasks working with application developers building customized data warehouses (DSS, OLTP). Utilize multi-tier architecture with NT platforms as middle tier application server.

The Southern Company Atlanta, Ga. 4/98-3-99

Implemented and maintained HP-UX equipment 9000 series Hewlett-Packard. Implemented and maintained hardware as well as software, converting from HP-UX 9.04 to 10.x through release 11. Worked briefly with IBM AIX server for development and Y2K. Built and maintained Oracle databases and configured numerous software and updated all servers with Y2K compliant patches.

New Boston Systems, Inc. Tampa, Fl. 11/97-4/98

Intermedia Communications Inc. Consultant – Perform consulting functions to management for conversion of network management system. Provide information and research data for disaster recovery and high availability methods for RDBMS. Systems involved include HP-OpenView, Cascade Routers, Cisco Works, AS400, Sun Micro Systems.

Technisource, Inc. Atlanta, Ga.9/97-11/97

Contract Oracle DBA- Implement several Oracle 7.3.3 databases for NT 4.0 for BellSouth International’s Decision Support System Data Warehouse conversion. Configured operating system for Oracle and built procedural scripts to maintain databases. Utilized Oracle’s Enterprise Manager for NT to perform daily administration. Wrote operating system batch files containing SQL command scripts to startup, shutdown and backup databases. Performed DBA tasks creating users, roles, tables, tablespaces, imports, exports as necessary for development of databases.

Conduit Software Norcross, Ga. 4/97-8/97

Oracle DBA & Vantive 3rd Party Consultant- Perform Oracle DBA functions for application development. Implement and configure Oracle for Unix & Windows NT platforms in several states. Convert data from Sybase into Oracle in NT for Conduit Software’s HR Connect application also Vantive from HP-UX Oracle to MS SQLServer on NT platform. Customize Vantive application to reside on Oracle-HP-UX HP9000 and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 on NT. Perform upgrades of core technology in database via imports, and exports.

Johnson Controls Network Integration Services Alpharetta, Ga. 1/97-3/97

Contractor Oracle DBA UNIX Systems Admin-Performed startup tasks involved in getting company off the ground. Consulted management concerning utilizing Oracle for data warehouse with HP-OpenView and Remedy. Configure Solaris UNIX workstations and Sparc 20 server to run HP Openview Network Node Manager. Installed and configured Remedy help desk application client to work with an enterprise system. Modified Remedy - OpenView processes (daemons) on Sun Sparc 20 to automatically submit a trouble ticket in Remedy when a specific SNMP object ID trap was matched. Configured Sparc 4 to run Oracle 7. Performed backup and UNIX system administration generic users logins etc.

GE- Capital Atlanta, Ga. 10/96-12/96

Contractor- Install and configure Oracle 7 to OFA specifications on HP9000 series 800.

Work with Lawson programmers to install and configure Lawson Financials utilizing Oracle database.

Implemented initial development of the database.

HBO & Co Atlanta, Ga. 6/96-10/96

DBA and UNIX systems administrator for Hewlett-Packard 9000 series 800. Install and configure Sybase RDBMS for Managed Care Group. Write UNIX shell scripts, database monitoring, and backup utilities.

Determined the CPU- Memory and hardware needed for applications developed via benchmarking.

BellSouth Atlanta, Ga. 5/95-5/96

Sub-Contracted through Data-Aid Provide technical consultation and services for installation of client server (Oracle) technology to BellSouth corporation. Install and configure SQL*NET to workstations over LAN WAN utilizing proprietary BellSouth applications via Microsoft Windows, Novell 3 and 4x, Hewlett Packard and Sun Solaris networking utilities. Assisted in development and implementation of software and software distribution packages for Windows and UNIX MOTIF. Extensive projects involving WindowsNT.

Williams Service Group Inc. Stone Mtn, Ga. 6/94-5/95

Systems Database Manager-Tasks involved general system administration of HP-UX 9.x on HP 9000 G-40. Maintained operating system, user logins, ownership of files, network printer devices. Performed database administration of Oracle client server engine residing on HP. Migrated from SQL*NET V1 to SQL*NET V-2. Connect and configure workstations to multiprotocol network, Netbui, IPX,IP,SQL*NET. Assist LAN manager with Novell network daily administrative tasks.

CODECOMM Norcross, Ga. 10/93-5/94

Network Administrator/Engineer-Planned and completed installation and configuration of Atlanta office. Installed SC0-UNIX on PC Servers utilizing MaxSpeed terminals to access the Informix database residing on HP9000 servers. Networked UNIX DOS workstations using Frontier Technologies Super TCP for Windows via TCP/IP, HP Spooler and LPR utilizing class C IP addressing scheme. Performed daily HP-UX operating system functions, printers, database logins. Installed and configured T-1, channel banks, CSU-DSU, digital leased lines & routers.

CIBA Vision Duluth, Ga. 2/92-10-93

PC/Telecom Engineer: Performed various PC internal consultations within CIBA. Novell 3.1 System Administration, Saber Menu for Novell, IBM 5250 emulation, Rumba, Lotus, Word Perfect.


Westvaco Envelope Division Chamblee, Ga.

Frito-Lay Chamblee, Ga.


Technology Degree Telecommunications

Gwinnett Technical Institute, Lawrenceville, Ga.

Georgia State University, Atlanta, Ga.

Hewlett-Packard Corp, HP-UX Fundamentals, System Administration, HP-UX 10.x

Advanced Research Group, Certificates in TCP/IP configuration & Troubleshooting

Georgia Institute of Technology, Multivendor UNIX System Administration

Oracle Corporation, Oracle Fundamentals, Administer the Oracle database I and II

Administering Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Final (803), and Workstation 3.51

Member of The International Who’s Who of Information Technology.

Member number:6382
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