SUMMARY: Eighteen years of IT experience, fourteen years of which as an SAP consultant working with SAP products

                     SAP Certifications held: BW (2004), SEM Strategic Enterprise Management (2005), SAP CRM Customer Relationship Management (2000), FI/CO (1998) and ABAP/4

                     Graduated from Stanford University, Stanford, California.

                     EU (Portugal) and US citizen.                                                                                                                                 




BPC 7.0 / BCS / ECCS


ECC & R3 Financials







Murray Energy

Ohio, US

Oct 10

Jan 11

BPC 7.0






Manufacturing Company, Southern Region, US

July 10

Oct 10

BPC 7.5/7.0 NW



BI 7.0



Trainer working on contract / in partnership with SAP UK and SAP Middle East

May 10

July 10




BI 7.0



Markit, Financial Services Company, London

Feb 10

June 10



ECC 6.0

BI 7.0



Eaton Vance, Financial Services company, Massachusetts

Sept – 09


BPC 7.0


ECC 6.0

BI 7.0



Ecco Shoes, Denmark



BPC 7.0


ECC 6.0

BI 7.0



AMO Advanced Medical Optics, California









Propex Fabrics, Chattanooga, TN









PacifiCorp, Portland, OR









Nabi Pharmaceuticals, Boca Raton, FL












Instructor for


SAP Belgium, SAP Venezuela, SAP Belgium, and SAP Netherlands


(part-time instructor, otherwise consulting)









Warner Bros, Glendale, CA









IBM Venezuela













BPC 7.0 / BCS / ECCS


SAP Financials







Instructor for CSC (SAP BW)









City Public Service, San Antonio, TX









Crystal Reports

Codessa, Honduras










Kimberly-Clark, Knoxville, TN









Ergon Oil, Jackson, MS


















Embraer, Fort Lauderdale, FL









Myonic, NJ









Global Crossing, Morristown, NJ









3Com, Santa Clara, CA









Raytheon Aircraft, Wichita, KS










Philips Lighting, NJ










Instructor for Gedas, Mexico









Cerveceria Hondurena, Honduras











Anchorage Telecomm, project work done in Dallas,TX









Philips Lighting, NJ










Cultor Food Science
















Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA

Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, 1991









Murray Energy, Ohio, US

BPC 7.0/ ECC Financials and Logistics Consultant

Oct 2010 to Jan 2011

§  Consulted and configured BPC and ECC to support year-end and change to new chart of accounts structure, including re-configuration of automatic account assignment settings

§  Developed custom reports for purchasing department extending functionality of standard reports (transactions ME2L “Purchase Orders by Vendor” and ME2N “Purchase Orders by PO”


Manufacturing Company, Southern Region US

BPC 7.5/7.0 Netweaver Consolidations Architect

July 2010 to Oct 2010

§  Prepared proof of concept on BPC 7.5 Netweaver release to validate legal consolidation logic

§  Sole BPC 7.0 Architect working in partnership with FI Consultant, BI Consultant, and other IT and Business representatives from company

§  Configured Application Sets, Applications, Master Data, and Business Rules in support of monthly Legal Consolidations

§  Extensive work on automating of Cash Flow based on reporting financial balance sheet and income statement data using business rules including currency translation to derive net cash from operating, investing, and financing activities and effect of exchange rate changes on cash first based on an example as provided in FASB-95 then adapting to client’s chart of accounts and other master data

§  Consulting on all necessary setup in (integration with) ECC Financials


SABIC (Second largest petrochemical company in the word), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Trainer working in partnership with SAP Middle East

June 6, 2010 to July 5, 2010

§  Trainer for following courses

§  AC040 Business Processes in Management Accounting (CO module)

§  AC050 Fin & Mgt Accounting with New GL

§  AC610 Profit Center Accounting

§  AC660 EC-CS: Consolidation functions / AC665 EC-CS: Integration


SAP United Kingdom

Trainer working in partnership with SAP Middle East

April 2010 and May 2010

§  Delivered two custom workshops on behalf on SAP UK Customer Specific Training Resource Team, an FI/CO workshop for one SAP UK customer and a BI 7.0 workshop for another SAP UK customer


Markit, Financial Services Company, London, England

ECCS, ECC 6.0, BI 7.0

February 2010 – June 2010

§  Backfill position for consultant who had left, helping Markit go “live” on legal and management consolidations in ECCS, finishing configuration and training Markit accountants

§  Designed and implemented New GL solution for transfer pricing reporting requirements involving extension of the New GL coding block and validations and substitutions both at the line item level and complete document level

§  Wrote BI 7.0 reports for legal and management consolidations

§  Wrote ABAP program to extract profit center groups to ECCS consolidation units and consolidation groups master data and corresponding hierarchies, allowing for multi-view reporting for management consolidation and saving the client large amount of time that would be required to manually configure ECCS to match Profit Center Accounting


Eaton Vance, Financial Services Company, Massachusetts, United States

BPC 7.0 for Netweaver, ECC 6.0

September  2009 – November 2009

§  Solutions Architect role for BPC 7.0 focus on Consolidations

§  Designed ECC 6.0 solution to support management reporting requirements

§  Design documents for Consolidations in BPC 7.0 including loading of reported financial data, currency translation, eliminations, and balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow reporting (indirect method of determining net cash from operating activities)


Ecco Shoes, Denmark

BPC 7.0 for Netweaver, ECC 6.0

June 2008 – June 2009

§  Pilot customer for SAP BPC 7.0 for Netweaver. Scope included planning and consolidation – prepared blueprint, configured data model, developed input schedules and reports

§  Assisted in installation effort for BPC 7 Netweaver. Developed a prototype to serve as a proof-of-concept to show how BPC could allow for the gathering, processing, elimination and reporting of actual financial data and budget data, with the goal of enabling robust actual-plan comparison and reporting using BPC reporting tools

§  Completed blueprint phase, received positive feedback from the SAP AG ramp-up team on the blueprint document, then continued with the build phase

§  Financial data was gathered from ECC and other sources, currency translation was performed using BPC rate application and currency translation functionality

§  Use of script logic and business rules functionality to automate consolidation-relevant postings such as currency translation differences, eliminations and balancing entries (current year retained earnings)

§  Delivered advanced reporting using BPC reporting functions to merge data from different BPC applications (multiple data sources reported together)

§  Constant interaction with SAP development team to implement SAP BPC functionality, through which I developed crucial troubleshooting experience with the software

§  During the summer of 2008, most of my participation was as an FI/CO architect for SAP reimplementation from R/3 to ECC6.0 - the “legacy” R/3 implementation has significant differences of organizational structures, master data, configuration, and transactional processing as compared to ECC6.0 implementation. Worked with setting up FI/CO to support plan/actual reporting in BPC, chart of accounts design, COPA configuration and integration with New GL, and automatic derivation of New GL information using AC_DOCUMENT Badi

§  Extended New GL for custom fields, modifying appropriate SAP tables and logical databases for reporting, thus making New GL custom fields available via ECC standard reporting

§  Customization of New GL extraction from ECC 6.0 to BI 7.0 to support extension of New GL for custom fields.  Creation of appropriate infoobjects, extension of New GL infoproviders, and customization of transformations to support custom fields/infoobjects

§  Designed and coded BAPI for New GL to populate segment by custom logic (i.e not using profit centers to derive segment) and to populate custom fields. Developed custom extractor per BPC requirements


AMO Advanced Medical Optics, Southern California

SEM-BCS 6.0 with BW 2004s

April 2007 – March 2008

§  Lead Consultant for SEM-BCS (SAP SEM 6.0 on SAP NetWeaver 2004s /BI 7.0 platform, BEx Analyzer 7.0, SAP ERP ECC6.0).

§  Used BI 7.0 administrator workbench to activate business content for consolidations prototype

§  Configuration and testing of BCS solution to replace Hyperion consolidations.  Legal consolidation with profit center reporting detail on income statement and select balance sheet items

§  Configured Special Ledger in R/3 for use with BCS project, serving as a staging ledger/reconciliation tool. 

§  Used BPS functionality (copy, delete, and formula functions) to manipulate consolidations data for custom reporting functionality (cash-flow reporting)

§  Delivered Special Ledger based BI 7.0 reporting solution which became the foundation of all financial reporting both pre-consolidated and consolidated. This reporting solution replaced a previous solution and provided better audit trail, better system performance, easier maintenance, and stronger integration to transactional system

§  Trained finance users on how to use the system and IT personnel on how to support the system


Propex Fabrics, Tennessee


July 2006 – February 07

§  Worked with SEM-BCS, BW and R/3 to configure BCS Consolidations to meet SEC reporting requirements (10-K and 10-Q)

§  Resolved issues in R/3 configuration of modules FI,CO, and PCA to meet BCS requirements

§  Configured BCS including data transfer, currency translation, reclassifications, manual adjustments and automatic eliminations


PacifiCorp, Oregon

EC-CS on R/3 4.7

March 2006 – April 2006

§  Supported client with the EC-CS close during corporate takeover.  Client has a new owner as of March 2006 and consequently the ECCS hierarchy changes as follows: many companies are no longer consolidated, new companies are included, and hierarchy structure has changed.   EC-CS close includes rollup from Special Ledger, validations,  and manual and automatic eliminations including consolidation of investments via the purchase method.


Nabi Biopharmaceuticals, Florida

SAP R/3 4.7

October 2005 – June 2006

§  Supported client during realization and go-live phases of new project which added Production Planning (PP) and Product Costing (CO-PC) functionality to their existing SAP R/3 system.

§  Developed SAPscript solutions for Purchase Order output, RFQ output, and Materials Management Goods Issue output.

§  Enhanced LIV Logistics Invoice Verification to make invoice processing more efficient via changes to configuration and user exits to add validations

§  Supported finance users with Report Painter development.

§  Supported production problems identified after a recent SAP 4.7 upgrade, including Vertex integration issues.

§  Supported Logistics Invoice Verification and Accounts Payable, including Purchase Order Account Assignment, Invoice Processing, Automatic Payment Processing and AP reporting.

§  Supported Asset Accounting production problems, including asset master maintenance, depreciation, AA module reporting.

§  Copied a variety of standard SAP reports to custom report objects and added ALV (ABAP List Viewer) functionality, thus making the reports more user-friendly given the fact the client does not have SAP BW in-house.

§  Consulted on various options for consolidated financial reporting, both via SAP solutions and non-SAP solutions.


Various SAP training facilities (Belgium, Netherlands, Mexico, and Venezuela)

SAP SEM, BW, and R/3 Instructor

March 2004- January 2006

§  Delivery of SAP training courses in SEM, BW, and R/3 at SAP training facilities in the Americas and Europe, as well as client-site training courses in the US and UK

§  Courses taught include BW-Based Consolidations (SEM240), SAP/BW Analysis & Reporting (BW305), SAP/BW Staging (BW340), BW Modeling (BW330), SAP BW and SAP R/3 Integration (BW350), SAP SEM and SAP BW Integration (SEM200), SEM Overview (SEM010), SEM Corporate Performance Monitor (SEM220), Business Planning and Simulation (SEM240), General Ledger Configuration Workshop (ACNA02), and SAP FI Closing (AC205)


City Public Service, San Antonio, TX

SAP BW / Crystal Reports 9

December 2004

§  Contacted by Crystal Decisions business partner to lead a class on report development with Crystal Reports with SAP BW data for public utility company, class done on-site at client location


Codessa, Consulting Company, Central America

SAP R/3 Release 4.7 and 4.6C

September 2003-November 2003

§  Hired by former client, a growing consulting company in Central America, to provide production support for existing R/3 implementation at a textile manufacturer as well as consulting for new R/3 implementation at a food and beverage company. 

§  At the textile manufacturer, provided production supported as follows:

-  Helped the end-client solve production problems relating to R/3 software upgrade issues

-  Made recommendations regarding profile (authorizations) management

-  Taught the end-client SAP support team CATT and ABAP query

-  Implemented a user exit to add customer-specific controls regarding the creation of production orders

-  Taught end-client users to use Material Management (MM) stock overview report, Material Management transactions report, and other logistics reports to resolve problems with purchase order returns.

§  The Central America based consulting company client, based on my successful project management experience with them in the past (see below – Bottler, Latin America, SAP FI/CO Functional Lead, November 1998-July 1999), requested me to implement SD for their food and beverage client,.  I contracted with a US-based SD consultant for us to implement, together, SAP R/3’s SD module for the end-client.  We configured four different, complete sales order processes described below:

-  A standard sales order type featuring sales document processing and subsequent delivery and billing.  Pricing procedure configuration featured custom enhancements, where user-exit development was required.  The pricing procedure successfully automatically calculates, based on special customer requirements, packaging charges on the orders.

-  A consignment fill-up order type featuring the delivery trucks as sold-to,ship-to,and bill-to partners.  The sales order and delivery on the consignment fill-up order required transferring inventory from both bin-managed storage locations and non-bin-managed storage locations. The delivery/posts goods issue process moved the inventory to customer consignment status.

-  A consignment pick-up sales order document and delivery “put-away” process requiring WM Warehouse Management transfer orders.  This consignment pick-up process processed returns from the delivery trucks.  These returns needed, per customer requirements, to return the inventory to a special storage location we configured to be managed by individual bins per delivery truck route.

-  A consignment sold sales order process. In this case the sold-to parties were the delivery truck routes but the ship-to,bill-to, and payer parties were the final customers.

We configured automatic account assignment for post goods issues and billing for the above sales order processes.

We configured outputs for SD and designed SAPscripts for sales documents.

We provided documentation on configuration, on  SAPscripts, on pricing procedure enhancements, and on SD module application transactions.

We trained consultant of local consulting company to take over the project as we rolled off.


Kimberly-Clark, Tennessee

SAP BW 3.0B and SAP R/3 Release 4.7 Consultant working with Accounting Team

Feb 2003-Sept 2003

§  Configured document splitter in Special Purpose ledger with R/3 Release 4.7 in order to meet business requirement to split lines of accounting documents according to a new custom field.  Business requirement was that if the new custom field was blank on a given line item, that line item was to be split proportionally in order to balance the accounting per the new custom field (total debits = total credits per the new custom field).

§  Worked with team responsible to design SAP BW Reporting to combine legacy and R/3 transactions to meet legal, sector, and tax reporting requirements.  Completed extensive business procedure analysis and documentation and designed data models to accomplish accounting to reporting process goals.  Supported complex requirements of a phased roll-out throughout North America of SAP R/3  on a plant by plant basis

§  Configured Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchasing (Stock Transport Orders), Goods Issues, Goods Receipts, Billing, and Invoice Verification with the goal of netting of inter-company receivables with inter-company payables through the automatic payment program

§  Configured Special Ledger prototype featuring R/3 reporting characteristics and custom characteristics.  Designed user exits to derive custom characteristics for reporting on Financial and Controlling processes such as journal entries, accounts receivable transactions, accounts payable transactions, assessments, settlements of orders and projects, goods issues, goods receipts, goods movements due to confirmations, CO cost allocations, and other transactions


Ergon, Oil Company, Mississippi

SAP R/3 4.6C EC-CS Lead Consultant, BW 3.0B Upgrade Technical Consultant

Sept 2002 – January 2003

§  Configured Master Data, Data Monitor, Consolidation Functions, Manual Adjustments for EC-CS module

§  Configured FI/CO and EC-CS integration for realtime update for consolidation units

§  Created Report Painter and Drilldown Reports for FI-GL, EC-PCA, EC-CS, and Cost Center Accounting

§  Extended of EC-CS database with custom characteristics to meet cash flow reporting requirements

§  Supported BW team on 3.0B Upgrade: configured RFC connection for source R/3 system, defined source system in BW administration workbench, tested custom marketing infocube and SD infocube in upgrade, troubleshooted master data integrity issues for infoobjects, identified need for patch level upgrades and implemented other OSS notes



SAP Andina y del Caribe, Caracas, Venezuela

BW220: R/3 – BW Integration

September-October 2002

§  Taught BW220, SAP official course regarding R/3 and BW integration configuration to fifteen IT professionals from PdVSA, Venezuela’s national oil company

§  Configured extraction of SAP R/3 COPA, FI-SL, LIS, and Logistics data to BW

§  Demonstrated Generic Data Extraction using ABAP Views and Infosets including using enhancements


Pharmacia, Pharmaceutical Company, Michigan and New Jersey

SAP Release 3.1I

March 2002 – August 2002

§  Customer consolidates in Hyperion and runs FI/CO in R/3.  Designed, configured, developed, and converted complete Special Purpose Ledger solution featuring characteristics from R/3 and Hyperion.  Complex user exits used by field movements to map R/3 characteristics to Hyperion characteristics

§  Trouble-shooting of concurrent CO-PA implementation including user-exit development to meet custom business needs


ESRI, Large Software Company, California

SAP R/3 Release 4.5B

February 2002 – March 2002

§  Configuration of EC-CS prototype for consolidation and management reporting requirements related to new corporate acquisitions in multiple countries

§  Configuration of group, corporate, and country-specific chart of accounts to handle corporate, consolidation, and France statutory reporting requirements, data-mapping between the three charts of accounts

§  Configuration of FI/CO/EC-CS for multi-currencies

§  Development of EC-CS reports using Report Painter


Embraer, World’s Fourth Largest Commercial Aircraft Manufacturer, Fort Lauderdale, FL

SAP R/3 Release 4.0B

April 2001 – November 2001

§  Wrote specifications for enhancements to Service Notification/Service Order Processing to modify invoices (SM,SD,AR)

§  Developed AR Open Items report, a new tool used daily by five AR representatives, which features drill-down and shows partial payments, credit memos and debit memos reflected against associated invoices

§  Authored stock report featuring cycles and hours measurement documents, material numbers, serial numbers, equipment number, quantities, etc. to give visibility to inventory

§  Developed new balance sheets and income statements using Report Painter, replacing manual processes featuring Excel manipulation of RFBILA00 outputs

§  Replaced cash flow reporting functionality with new time-saving SAP report.  New cash flow report replaced a cumbersome procedure that had involved various downloads, Excel macros, and manual processes

§  Production support of check runs, invoice verification, line layouts and fast entry screens, cost center reporting, sales order processing, warranty processing

§  Brazil-based company.  Communicated in Portuguese and English


Myonic, Swiss-Based Manufacturer, New Jersey


August 2001, November 2001

§  SAPscript development for check printing

§  Configuration of AP Automatic Payments

§  Training on AP functions

§  Communicated with Swiss-based employees French and US-based employees in English


Global Crossing, Major Telecommunications Company, New Jersey

Finance/Consolidations, SAP R/3 Release 4.6B

September 2000 – April 2001

§  As member of the EC-CS consolidations team, rolled out closing processes, currency translation requirements, intercompany transactions, multiple data collection techniques, and inter-unit eliminations.  Assisted in configuration of Data and Consolidation Monitors.  Assisted in conversion efforts from FI-LC to EC-CS, conducted integration testing and assisted in defect resolution process.

§  Investigated and corrected errors in open item revaluation and currency translation programs. 

§  Worked with affiliates on Hyperion, Oracle Financials, and JBA (AS400) to meet flat-file interface requirements for providing reported financial data to EC-CS (Consolidations) and BW (Business Warehouse) infocubes

§  Configured master data, organizational structures, currency translation, and closing tasks in EC-CS to meet month-end closing requirements

§  Trouble-shooting of EC-CS / FI integration issues and reporting requirements.  Reconciliation of EC-CS, FI/CO and BW reports.

§  Developed EC-CS training materials and hands-on exercises for training of company controllers in new module.  Knowledge transfer and training to users.

§  As Finance team member, configured SAP modules FI/AR/AP implementing statutory requirements for European companies for 4.6B implementation


3Com, Networking Company, Santa Clara, California

Analyst SAP R/3 Release 4.5

June 2000 – September 2000

§  Co-ordinated, coded, and tested automatic conversion of vendor and fixed assets master data and purchase order transactional data for corporate spin-off


Raytheon Aircraft, Major Defense and Commercial Aircraft Manufacturer, Kansas

Developer SAP R/3 Release 4.5

November 1999 – April 2000

§  Custom Reports for Warranty Department integrating data from R/3 modules of Service Management (SM), Sales & Distribution (SD), Purchasing, and Project Systems (PS)

§  Custom-development of Soft Stores Government Billing Report to soft-peg made-to-stock parts for billing to government projects

§  Development of interfaces for loading AR invoices using standard IDOCs

§  Author of report analyzing Planned vs. Actual Hours on Production Orders by Work Center

§  Gathering specifications, coding and form development of Quotation Document print program and SAPscript

§  Taught class on ABAP Query.  Ad hoc development of ABAP Query on Vertex/Tax Configuration, and other.

§  Performance tuning of Oracle selects and enhancements of existing custom ABAP developments. 

Philips Lighting, Manufacturing Company (Repeat Customer).  Project directed by ATOS/Origin, New Jersey

Senior Developer

October 1999 – November 1999

Due to new R/3 implementations, client requested upgrades of custom developments from 1998 (see November 1997 to August 1998 detail below).  Completed upgrades of four major custom developments, satisfying the needs of several controllers and business managers.


Gedas, International Consulting Company

Instructor for SAP Academy in FI

August 1999 – September 1999

Sole instructor for SAP FI Academy offered to consultants from North America and Europe employed by international consulting company based out of Germany with offices in over 12 countries.  Prepared course materials and exams.  Knowledge-transfer to fellow consultants/participants.  Over 200 hours of class time providing lectures, case studies, and practical examples and leading discussions on the following topics:

§  ASAP implementation methodology/Project Management and Implementation Tools

§  Organizational Structures: Definition and Assignment

§  General Ledger/Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable: Master Data, Configuration, and Processing

§  Treasury Module-Cash Management: Manual Check Deposits and Manual Bank Statement Processing

§  Fixed Assets: Master Data, Periodic and Daily Processing, Information System, Old Asset Data Transfer

§  Special Ledger: Setting up the FI-SL Environment, Postings, Adjustments, Validations, Substitutions, Reporting

§  Cost Element and Cost Center Accounting:  Master Data, Event-Based and Periodic Processing, Planning, Reporting


Cerveceria Hondurena, Bottler (now part of SAB / Miller, Latin America

SAP FI/ CO Functional Lead

November 1998 – July 1999

§  IMG configuration of SAP Financials, R/3 Release 4.0B, according to business plans of client, brewery/Coca-Cola products bottler.  Modules configured include, in order of most experience: FI-GL, FI-SL, FI-AR, FI-AP, CO-CCA, EC-PCA, CO-IO, and TR-CM.  Other modules implemented concurrently: Purchasing, Inventory Management, and Invoice Verification.

§  Special Ledger implementation to offer financial statements reflecting accounted quantities in both transactional unit of measure and analytical (comparison) unit of measure.  Data modeling / design of ledger to meet reporting requirements. Responsible for mapping of values from R/3 transactions into customer ledger.  Training of users to develop their own reports based on new customer ledger using full Report Writer functionality for building libraries, sets, and reports with drill-down analysis.

§  Validations and substitutions within FI, CO, and Special Ledger, including use of advanced user-exit functionality.

§  Configuration of taxes on sales and purchases and withholding tax based on localized statutory requirements.

§  Consulting on closing processes including foreign currency valuation, GR/IR clearing, and B/S readjustments.

§  SAPscript modification and output device, device type, format, and page format configuration for A/P check printing.

§  Spanish language project.


Anchorage Telecom, Project directed by Origin Technology in Business (now ATOS/Origin)

Senior Developer

September 1998 – November 1998

§  FI - Special Ledger configuration, programming, and reporting for regulatory requirements of FCC.  Created customer ledger integrating information from General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting, Project Systems, and Materials Management.  Data mapping of values from R/3 transactions to Special Ledger.  Custom development to meet FCC Part 32 and Part 64 requirements, including allocations based on ADP payroll information and goods issue data






§  Dual US and EU citizen. 

§  Can communicate and interpret in Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

§  References available upon request.






Currently progressing towards requirements to sit for CPA exam taking accounting and business courses through Louisiana State University’s Independent Study Department


Attended BPC340 Consolidations Workshop for BPC 7.0 Netweaver Dallas, TX July 2009


mySAP Financials – SEM Academy & Certification, SAP Canada Training Center, Toronto, Ontario

July 2001 (Note: updated certification to latest release August 2005)


SAP CRM Customer Relationship Management Academy & Certification, SAP Canada, Toronto, Ontario

November 2000


Business Information Warehouse Academy & Certification, SAP Partner Academy, Waltham, Massachusetts

June 1999 (Note: updated certification to BW3.5 September 2004)

§  Created custom InfoObjects first on OLTP side using InfoObject Assignment utility (report RSAO0003 in R/3) and then on BW side.  Uploaded MetaData from R/3 into BW for new InfoObject.    Created transfer routine at InfoObject level.

§  Created an InfoSource for master data including maintenance of communication structure and transfer rules for OLTP Source System.  Loaded master data for InfoSource by creating InfoPackages for R/3 master data and flat-file master data.

§  Created InfoCube for transaction data based on custom InfoObject.  Specified characteristics, time characteristics, and key figures.  Assigned dimensions.  Created update rules.  Created InfoCube Aggregates.   Extracted R/3 transaction data and flat-file transaction data into InfoCube.

§  Created queries and queries with variables based on standard InfoCubes.


FI/CO Academy & Certification, SAP Partner Academy, Waltham, Massachusetts

August 1998 - September 1998

§  An in-depth study of functionality in the Financial Accounting (FI) module and Overhead Management (CO).  Use of module know-how to set up an integrated model company based on predefined business processes.  Detailed preparation for the R/3 Application Consultant certification test in Financials and Controlling.


ABAP/4 Release 3.0 Advanced Business Programming Track, SAP Partner Academy, Waltham, MA

October 1996- November 1996

§  Hands-on projects using Development Workbench, Menu Painter, Screen Painter, Interactive Reporting, Background Processing, On-line Programming, Database Table Updates, Transaction Maintenance, and other Development Tools.  Successful completion of track leading to SAP America certification in ABAP/4 Release 3.0.




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