37715 Boxthorn
Palmdale, CA 93552

SOFTWARE: MS Windows (over 9 years, beta test site for Win 9X, Win 2000, XP, Vista), OS/2 and Presentation Manager, VC++ (9 years), GUI user interfaces, relational database and SQL, TCP/IP, Winsock, FTP, HTTP, ActiveX, COM, MFC, Win32, streaming media, media players, peer-to-peer (P2P), Windows RAS/DUN, X.12 Electronic Data Interchange, XML, Rational Rose and GDPro UML modeling tools, InstallShield and MSI installer

LANGUAGES: C++, Visual Basic, Java, C#, Javascript

Independent Software Contracting     4/86 - present

As software contractor I worked for various companies, specializing in MS-Windows, OS/2, MS-DOS, and UNIX applications such as retail (backoffice) operations, financial database systems, user interfaces, DLLs, client/server, and communications. All of the following projects involved hands-on design and coding, and many were for companies that produced shrink-wrapped software products for the retail consumer market. In these projects, I typically used Microsoft development tools to develop the software, and various Microsoft and third-party tools for debugging, version control, and bug tracking, in a continuous cycle of new requirements, design, coding, and alpha and beta testing. Nearly all of these projects involved some form of GUI user interface development, usually using MFC.


Quadratron Systems, Inc.   1/85 - 4/86

As Director of Software Development I led the development of various software packages for use as UNIX and MS-DOS office automation software, including word processing, electronic mail using X.400 protocol, data base, and user interfaces.

Fortune Systems   5/83 - 1/85

As Manager of Office Automation Software I was responsible for the software development group designing and implementing office automation software for Fortune's UNIX-based office systems. This included word processing, record processing, and electronic mail.

Datapoint Corporation   3/81 - 5/83

As Manager of Software Development I directed a group responsible for a new product line, consisting of a new PBX Telephone Management System for CDR (Call Detail Reporting) and CASH (Call Accounting System for Hotels).

Prime Computer   1/78 - 3/81

As Senior Member of the Technical Staff I formed a new project developing applications software for interfacing Prime systems to office workstations. UNIX was used to quickly prototype different user interfaces which allowed users to access terminals on both local and remote nodes.

Digital Equipment Corporation   11/73 - 1/78

As Project Leader I was responsible for new releases of the RSX real-time OS with enhanced kernel and new device drivers to support new cpu's. I designed and implemented the communications front end for DECsystem-20, and wrote communications drivers for VAX to support Decnet.