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Edwin W. Meyer


1701 N. Sayre Ave.

Chicago, IL 60707

(617) 395-7600



Current specialty: Ruby on Rails design and implementation

·  Web Development: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

·  Web Servers: Apache, Mongrel, Phusion Passenger

·  Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows XP, Solaris

·  Databases: Oracle SQL, MySQL

·  Other Technologies: Java J2EE (Servlets, JSP, EJB and JDBC), Git, SVN, Eclipse, LDAP, XML, XSLT, C++

EXPERIENCE (Chicago, IL)  2009 to 2010

·  Designed and implemented the mobile version of a leading entertainment website targeted towards the 21-35 age group in Ruby on Rails. Development performed in an agile environment under Mac OS X.

Venture Interactive (Harrisonburg, VA)  2008 to 2009

·  Assumed responsibility on short notice for the design and development of a Ruby on Rails a web application for delivery to Northwestern University in Chicago. Interacted with the project manager to elicit specifications and the Adobe Flash developer on the service request interfaces to successfully implement complex business logic requirements. Performed onsite liaison with the customer. (Cambridge, MA & Chicago, IL)  2006 to present

·  Design and implementation of a three stage graphic link technology with applications to web advertising. Ruby on Rails, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL.

Digimarc Corporation (Burlington, MA)  2004 to 2005

·  Developed a web-based three tier inventory management system as part of a small team. Primary design and implementation responsibility for the reports subsystem. Provided onsite customer support, managed software deployments, and trained successor support staff. Java J2EE, JSP, Apache/Tomcat, Windows Server 2003, Oracle.

Stolat Investors (Watertown, MA)  2001 to 2003

·  Designed and implemented in Java J2EE a web-based stock value analysis tool.

Lucent Technologies (Cambridge, MA)  2000 to 2001

·  Elicited requirements, designed and developed a Java EJB to access an Oracle database for an online analytical processing (OLAP) application. 

·  Analyzed business logic of an existing two tier customer service application written in Visual C++ on top of a SQL server.

National Grange Mutual Insurance Co. (Keene, NH)  2000 

·  Reviewed the design and implementation of a multi-tier COM/DCOM-based customer service application written in C++ and J++ and reported findings to the chief architect.

GTE Internetworking (Cambridge, MA)  1999

·  Web administrator for a Solaris-based corporate portal involving content management, user access, and PKI issues. Researched and documented features and procedures.

Netegrity, Inc. (Waltham, MA)   1999

·  Member of the consulting group of the developer of a web access control system.

Edwin Meyer Software Engineering  (Cambridge, MA)  1997 to 1998

·  Object-oriented C++ development of a demonstration program for a software invention in the field of grammatical inference.

Polaroid Corp. (Bedford, MA)  1995 to 1997 

·  Performed analysis, design and implementation of several drivers license production systems written in C++.  Appointed lead programmer for one license system project. This system was delivered on time in spite of a tight schedule and met customer expectations.

Fidelity Investments (Boston, MA) 1994, Putnam Investments (Boston, MA) 1994,

Millipore Corp. (Bedford, MA) 1993-94, Synetics Corp.  (Wakefield, MA) 1993-94

·  Lotus Notes application design and development. Developed Windows and OS/2 Lotus Notes API applications in C for interfacing Notes applications with external environments. 

Lotus Development Corp. 1989 to 1992

·  Sales Engineer - Munich, Germany. Designed and conducted 3-day classes in Lotus Notes in German and provided support for value added resellers and direct customers.

·  Principal Software Engineer - Cambridge, MA. C-API development for a database product.

Micro Workshop of Cambridge  (MA) 1977 to 1989

   Partner and Principal in a microcomputer consulting business. 

·  Designed a Unix-based distributed system for real-time data acquisition and analysis.

·  Presented courses, authored books, and reviewed computer hardware and software products.

Teledyne Geotech (Alexandria, VA)   1974 to 1977

   Senior Systems Analyst for distributed systems design.

·  Designed and implemented a system for real-time seismic data acquisition from the (Internet predecessor) ARPANET. Architected two real-time distributed operating system proposals.

M.I.T. Project MAC (Cambridge, MA) 1967 to 1974

   Staff Member on the MULTICS time-sharing system development project. 

·  Highlights: ARPANET protocol development; MULTICS ARPANET software interface; initial MULTICS graphics system; system internals; several language porting projects.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  B.S. Electrical Eng. 1967.  National Merit Scholar.

Harvard University.  Graduate extension school coursework in expert systems, C++, object-oriented programming, and discrete mathematics.  1989-1991.


·  (Internet) Network Working Group Request For Comments: RFC 46, RFC 49, RFC 59, RFC 79, RFC 82, RFC 98 (co-author), RFC 129 (co-author), RFC 492.

·  Three end-user tutorial books on Wordstar (Prentice-Hall, 1984 – principal author) and
1-2-3 (Hayden Books, 1984 – principal author) & (Micro Workshop, 1986).


U.S. Citizen.

Recognized as an ARPANET Pioneer during the ARPANET 25th anniversary celebration sponsored by Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.

Languages: Competent in German; studying Russian.

U.S. Citizen.

Download my Resume as a MS Word document or as a text file