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Software engineer with a Masters in Computer Engineering and diverse experience in the complete life cycle of software development. I work hard, get things done, and enjoy human contact with co-workers. In a team setting I am strong-minded while listening attentively to others. When speaking or writing, others find me an effective communicator.


I excel at researching and collecting a foundation of real world information upon which to build software. I have excellent design skills; I pay close attention to detail; and the quality of my code is of particular importance to me.


Recently I have coded in SQL, C, SQR, Embedded SQL, and shell scripting while working on Sybase, Informix, Oracle, and Solid relational databases. Am familiar with a variety of platforms including the PC, Sun, RS6000, Stratus, VAX, and PDP. Experienced in AIX, UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 95 and 98, Vos, VMS, and RSX operating systems. I have object oriented as well as client/server analysis and design experience. Other languages include: Java, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, Pascal, and assembler.





Liberty Mutual, Portsmouth NH

Consultant, software engineer

RS6000, VAX, AIX, SYBASE platforms.

        As senior system analyst designed and coded enhancements to a reporting system running on AIX (a flavor of UNIX) using SQR, SQL, and shell scripting. Acted as a knowledge resource for other engineers who needed to modify the reporting system. Interacted with users (both on and off site) and responded to system problems.

        Supported Web-based reporting tool. Primary UNIX resource for CMSOpen team. Upgraded a variety of applications from SYBASE 11.0.3 to 11.9.2. Modified C and Cobol programs to replace SQL DBLIB calls with Embedded SQL. Recoded SQR reports to run on AIX. Evaluated and helped select 3rd party tool for reporting database. Helped maintain data in CMSOpen. Ported legal and financial applications from VMS to AIX


WXN Inc, Salem NH

Consultant, software engineer

Delphi, Linux, Win95, Solid platforms. Designed, coded, and tested order entry and credit card processing applications accessing a Solid database.


First USA Paymentech, Salem NH

Senior software engineer

Designed, coded and tested a variety of Client Server software on Sybase-Sun-Stratus-PC platforms.

        Created a PowerBuilder application enabling credit/risk analysts to easily monitor the ever-changing credit worthiness of customers. Combining information from both Informix and Sybase databases, this project presented risk assessment data in easily understood Windows 95 screens. Consequently the productivity of analysts increased as the accuracy and timeliness of data allowed them to manage a larger customer base.

        Worked with senior DBA to perform database tuning as well as data and table modification.

        Created transaction based purges on large Sybase database to remove aged data while maintaining information legally required for charge backs and refunds.

        Designed and developed a Powerbuilder based application which provided accuracy of mailings and reports.

        Wrote SQL and embedded SQL to manipulate SYBASE and INFORMIX databases for financial transaction processing on UNIX and Vos.

        Led project to automate the preparation, generation and distribution of daily merchant reports using both electronic and print media. Important company knowledge was codified into the database. Quality was improved as printing technology was changed from dot matrix to laser. While the number of reports were increased by 40% the time involved dropped from 22 hours to 4 hours on a daily basis resulting in a significant cost saving.

        Chaired C standards committee. Used operating system experience to help set C standards for First USA Paymentech. Created coding standards to improve maintainability, readability, accuracy and quality of C code for the future projects.


Digital Equipment Corporation, Nashua, NH

VMS Software engineer

Developed a variety of operating system routines and functions for VMS that contributed to system management and usability.

        As member of design team developed prototype of an object oriented based system for cluster management using a client server approach.

        Produced testing routines that checked for success, analyzed code paths, and validated input parameters.

        Designed and coded a file library/archive manager based on interprocess communications.


RSX Software Engineer

Specialized in backup and restore issues in the File and I/O work group.

        Recovered customers data from damaged tapes and disks.

        Improved and maintained RSX backup/restore utility.

        Identified constraints in porting VMS Vaxset utilities to Ultrix (UNIX).

        Performed system/cluster management tasks for 40 person engineering group.


Course Developer, Digital Educational Services

        Developed self-paced and lecture courses for Digital employees and customers.

        Researched, created, and presented courses on a variety of topics including artificial intelligence, networking, object oriented programming and FORTRAN.

        Developed course material for other instructors.


Adjunct Faculty, Rivier College, Nashua NH

Developed and taught a required graduate course in assembly language (MACRO-32) programming focusing on the VAX architecture.






Member of ACM, - the Human Computer Interaction group.




University of Lowell, Lowell, MA

Masters of Science Degree, Computer Engineering,

University of Maine, Orono, ME

Bachelor of Science Degree

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