Bruce F. Schoor, M. Eng.


Professional profile


*         20+ years of professional experience in the software industry with 16 years in a hands-on management role, 5 years at Microsoft, 8 years as consultant and coach.

*         Expert in agile development, CMMI, software testing, quality assurance, project management, requirements engineering.

*         Shipped 25+ world-class products incl. 4 v1.0 releases.

*         Built R&D infrastructures from zero, hired 200+ persons.

*         Assessor and advisory board member for QAI India.

*         Developed courseware and workshops, spoke at conferences, wrote articles.

*         Fluent in English, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch.


Formal education


*         B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering, Major in Computer Science
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, 1983

*         M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering, Major in Software Engineering
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, 1986


Professional experience







VP & Advisor/Trainer/Coach


Zero-Knowledge Systems

Director of Best Practices and QA

May 1995-Sep.1999

Microsoft Corporation

QA Manager

Nov.1992-May 1995


Development Manager


Virtual Prototypes

Project Manager


BSO Automation Technology

Systems Analyst/Programmer



Selected projects

VP & Advisor/Trainer/Coach, SoftO2 Inc., Apr.2001-present
Agile Development Processes, CMMI, SQA, Project Management (CRM, B2B and B2C E-commerce, Security, Multimedia, Video Games, Finance, Pharmaceuticals)
Clients include Parallels, Autodesk, Ubisoft, Talisma, QAI India, ING, Aventis, SITA, Aon, SecureOps.

*         Transformed 10+ teams to an agile development approach in the roles of process coach and scrum master. Key areas covered: product backlog management, user stories and use case analysis, iteration planning and estimating, agile software testing, team compositing, scheduling & tracking, metrics, tools acquisition.

*         Trained engineering staff on agile and CMMI methodologies, project management, QA, software testing, and development practices. Developed and released courses and workshops. Acting as advisor and course developer for QAI India eSchool.

*         Performed effectiveness assessments and identified enabling and blocking factors in project execution. Drilled into the root causes of productivity and field problems, and composed prioritized improvement plans.

*         Set up metrics programs in order to create quantitative measures for product status and process effectiveness. Work included hands-on configuration of bug tracking tools (e.g. Rational ClearQuest).

*         Mentored engineering managers on: setting up agile and milestone-based development cycles, creating schedules and tracking mechanisms, performing solid risk management, applying the V-model in construction and testing, driving stabilization periods and endgames, offshoring QA mandates, creating effective team structures, hiring and performance objectives/reviews, handling field escalations, and organizing test and build labs.

Director of Best Practices and QA, Zero-Knowledge Systems Inc., Sep.1999-Apr.2001
Best Practices, QA & Release Management (E-Commerce and Internet Security)

*         Kicked off system integration and quality assurance 3 months prior to the v1 release date of the Freedom application and online store and download center. Built a strong core QA team quickly and established a risk-based testing approach.

*         Established release timeline and drove the engineering team to deliver on-time.

*         After v1, hired and trained 30 additional QA staff members. Introduced advanced test practices for test planning, test case management, and test execution for multiplatform releases. Organized the test lab and set up strong collaboration with customer support.

*         Introduced and implemented the Rational Unified Process (RUP) in streamlining communication, ownerships, and deliverables across all functional teams.

*         Increased the capacity and productivity of the engineering team by improving project scheduling and tracking, bug processing and smart metrics, by organizing a smooth central configuration management function with planned code branch management, and by establishing defined repeatable release cycles.

*         Managed and supported a team of automation professionals in setting up a framework using Mercury TestDirector, WinRunner and LoadRunner.

*         Headed a CMM-based Best Practices team in a collaborative effort to introduce/adapt best practices, including the implementation of KPAs at Level 4.

QA Manager, Microsoft Corporation (Softimage Division), May 1995-Sep.1999
QA & Testing (Film Production & 3D Animation)

*         Built the QA infrastructure from the ground up, including effective best practices, testing, CM/builds, and metrics.

*         Hired and trained QA individuals and development staff on testing methodologies. Orchestrated all QA individuals into a well-oiled 40-person team with full cross-team integration in the existing R&D organization.

*         Established testing strategy and methodologies for maximizing ROI of all testing efforts.

*         Set up configuration management with a daily build process.

*         Introduced test automation for execution of white-box unit tests, performance tests, black-box smoke tests, and regression testing.

*         Drove the endgame and release cycles of the Softimage products including the successful shipment of the v1 release of Microsoft | Softimage DS and 3.x and XSI releases of Microsoft | Softimage 3D.

*         Helped set up Softimage development milestone strategy based on the experience in Redmond; initiated effective project tracking methods, set up the V-model and initiated company-wide metrics.

Director of Development, Purkinje, Nov.1992-May 1995
Development Management (MIS & Health Care)

*         Led the development team in their growth from 10 to 26 software engineers. Organized the team, hired new talent, planned and tracked deliverables, evangelized a proper development process for the increased development team size, gave technical support for analysis and design, and drove quality assurance practices with customer support.

*         Drove the team on a daily basis through optimal resource allocation, prioritization of tasks, and follow-up/support of technical issues.

*         Implemented the SEI Capability Maturity Model v1.1 quality methods, the establishment of software development standards, and the introduction of a defect tracking system.

Project Manager, Virtual Prototypes, Apr.1989-Nov.1992
Project Management (Expert Systems & GIS)

*         Managed a team of 6 software engineers in the completion of an expert system based computer graphics environment for flight procedure design during the startup period of Virtual Prototypes. Project management activities included project planning, hiring, resource allocation, tracking and driving, and progress reporting to external partners.

*         Utilized object-oriented techniques in both the analysis and the design phase.

*         Coded and tested subsystems in C++ under Unix with X/Motif on Silicon Graphics workstations. Lead developer on Nexpert Object knowledge base engineering with aviation professionals of Transport Canada.

*         Additional duties included the product management of this software system, brochure development, proposal writing, sales presentations, business development, and the establishment of company-wide software engineering standards.

Systems Analyst/Programmer, BSO Automation Technology, Oct. 1986-Mar.1988,
Software Consulting (Embedded Systems, Processs Control)

*         Participated in the requirements analysis of a computer integrated blood sampling and analysis system for blood banks and clinical laboratories.

*         Produced the global and detailed designs of the measurement section and the man-machine communication.

*         Applied Yourdon Structured Analysis and Design Methods during this project. Specific responsibilities included quality assurance of the overall software system.

*         Shipped product on-time to a major pharmaceutical firm.

*         Developed, tested, and shipped on-time software for the control of a hotplate steel mill at Hoogovens National Steel Company, both at module and task level using white box testing.

*         Coded modules for the finish-mill and cooling area RTL/2 on a DEC PDP-11/73 under RSX-11M+.

*         Constructed and managed a database system in addition to direct project work.


Methods and tools experience (selection)


*         Microsoft best practices and MSF-13 years

*         SEI CMM/CMMI-12 years

*         Agile development and SCRUM-5 years

*         Rational Unified Process-8 years

*         Mercury-8 years (Quality Center, QTP)

*         Compuware -1 year (DevPartner, QACenter)

*         Rational-10 years (Suite, RequisitePro, Rose, ClearCase, ClearQuest, TestStudio)




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