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Larry R. Walsh





Consulting and Contract Work or in any of the following areas:

·         SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) Training Seminars

·         SNMP MIB (Management Information Base) & Agent Software Development

·         SNMP Research EMANATEÓ SDK for Agent Development

·         System Monitoring & Management using SNMP

·         SNMPc (Castle Rock Computing Manager Product) Configuration



To provide quality services to clients who want to fast-track SNMP understanding and implementation, who have one-time development needs, or who have urgent project goals that cannot be satisfied internally.


I take responsibility for clear communications in defining your requirements, producing quality products, and documenting the resultant development efforts.


Excellent skills in communication, documentation, presentation.


Client inquiries from all locations are welcome.



                                        SNMP Technology Seminars

·         An excellent way to quickly bring a corporate team up to speed in SNMP technology.

·         Essential information for Managers, Marketers, IT Professionals, and Developers.

o    Seminars are presented at the client’s site and include:

§  PowerPoint presentations

§  Supplemental handouts

§  Practical exercises to provide participant hands-on SNMP experience.

§  Quick Quiz’s

·         Seminar Teaching Modules Include:

o    Foundations. Terminology, standards and versions, SNMP architecture, Agents & Managers, overview of MIB usage.

o    Network Management. Principles of SNMP Network Management are illustrated using the SNMPc Network Manager. SNMP management debug tools are also introduced & used in class.

o    Understanding MIBs.  MIB syntax and semantics. MIB standards and ‘good style’ principles. Using MIB objects to manage networks. Fixing MIBs that don’t compile properly, and compensating for poorly designed MIBs.

o    SNMP Agent Design. The development process, SDK selection criteria, details of message formats, coding topics, agent testing, and SNMP productization issues.

o    SNMPv3. Why it was needed, security threats addressed, how messages are formatted & processed, how to configure the complex SNMPv3 MIBs.

o    Entity MIB. Discussion of a standard MIB that is useful in chassis architecture modeling.

·         Further seminar information can be viewed at

·         Please call for a copy of our Power Point Overview of Seminar information.


SNMP MIB and Agent Development

·         MIB design and Agent software development services are available together or separately.

·         The MIB and Agent development process includes:

o    Detailed meetings with the client’s development staff to define requirements.

o    Documentation and presentation of detailed design specifications for the MIB and Agent to be developed.

o    Development and testing of the actual MIBs and Agents.

·         Target operating systems have included HP Unix, Tru64 Unix, vxWorks, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 & XP, µcos.


                                        SNMP System Management

·         Planning for SNMP system monitoring & management

·         Utilizing native agents, and defining needs for custom enterprise agents

·         SNMPc (Castlerock Network Management System) setup and configuration


Brief Summary of Recent Years Contracting Experience


                                        Cisco Systems (2009)

·         SNMP Training (Foundations, Network Management Principles, Understanding MIBs)


                                        Solomon Telekom (2009)

·         SNMP Training (Foundations, Network Management Principles, Understanding MIBs)


                                        Alset Corporation (2008)

·         SNMP MIB design and agent testing


                                        Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation (2008)

·         SNMP Training (Foundations, Network Management Principles, Understanding MIBs, SNMP Version 3)


                                        ADTI (2008)

·         SNMP MIB development


                                        “SNMP MIB Handbook” editing and publication (2007, 2008)

·         Available on Amazon and from other booksellers


                                        University of South Dakota (2007)

·         SNMP Training (Foundations, Network Management Principles, Understanding MIBs)


                                        NASA (Kennedy Space Center) (2007)

·         SNMP Training (Foundations, Network Management Principles, Understanding MIBs, Entity MIB Overview, SNMPv3, Agent Development)


                                        IWICS (2006)

·         MIB  Design

·         Agent design in Linux environment


                                        SureWest Communications  (2006)

·         SNMP Training (Foundations, Network Management Principles, Understanding MIBs, Entity MIB Overview)


                                        Coyote Point Systems (2005, 2006)

·         MIB  Design

·         Agent development consulting


                                        Wisconsin Public Services Corporation (Green Bay, WI – 2005)

·         SNMP Seminar Presentation (Foundations, Network Management Principles, MIB Design)


                                        The Boeing Company (Kent, WA - 2005)

·         SNMP Seminar Presentation (Foundations, Network Management Principles, MIB Design)


                                        MITEQ Inc (New York, 2005)

·         SNMP Seminar presentation (Foundations, Network Management Principles, MIB Analysis & Design, Agent Design, Entity MIB Overview)


                                        Cubic Transportation Systems (San Diego, 2005)

·         SNMP Seminar presentation (Foundations, Network Management Principles, MIB Analysis & Design, Agent Design, SNMPv3)


Front Range Solutions (Colorado, 2005)

·         Custom SNMP training


                                        Image Systems Corporation (Minnesota, 2004, 2005)

·         MIB and Agent Development

·         SNMPc Configuration


                                        Nvision Corporation (Grass Valley, CA - 2002-2003, 2005)

·         SNMP Technology Seminar presentation

·         MIB development to support their television industry products

·         General SNMP Consulting

·         SNMP Customer Service Training (Nvision specific)


                                        Paxar Americas Corporation (Ohio, 2004, 2005)

·         Consulting support to utilize the Standard Printer MIB to model their printer products and to report related alerts (traps).

·         SNMP Seminar presentation (Foundations, Network Management Principles, MIB Analysis & Design)


                                        Western Wireless (Bellevue, WA - 2004, 2005, 2006)

·         Configuration of SNMPc network management system to monitor their extensive microwave radio network


                                        University of Pittsburg Medical Center (2004)

·         SNMP training, SNMPc configuration

·         In association with Image Systems Corporation


M/A Com (Tyco Electronics) (Virginia, 2004)

·         SNMP Seminar presentation (Foundations, Network Management Principles, MIB Analysis & Design, Agent Design, SNMPv3, Entity MIB, Windows Agent Development overview).


                                        nCircle Network Security (San Francisco, 2002 & 2004)

·         MIB Design

·         Delivery of SNMPv3 Seminar & consulting on this topic


                                        Apparent Networks (2003)

·         SNMP Seminar: Foundations, Network Management, MIB Analysis & Design, Agent Development


                                        Verizon Wireless (2003)

·         SNMP Technology Seminar presentation


                                        Exelon (Commonwealth Edison, Chicago) (2003)

·         Development of an SNMP monitoring architecture for their Energy Management Systems. Effort included:

o    Discovering and using native agents on their platforms

o    Agent SDK selection

o    Development of Enterprise MIBs and Agents

o    Technology transfer to Exelon personnel.

·         SNMPc was used for monitoring.

·         SNMP Overview seminar was presented


                                        Northcon Conference 2002 (Seattle)

·         SNMP Technology Seminar presentation


                                        Directv (Southern California - 1998 – 2001)

·         System Monitoring software for central routing system (HP Unix). Simple user interface was developed to control monitoring activities.

o    6 SNMP MIB’s and agents developed to report on status.

·         Additional MIB and Agent development for Windows applications.

·         Configuration of HP Openview to browse MIBs and process Traps.

·         Presentation of SNMP Technology Seminar to staff.


                                        Grass Valley Group (1996 – 2000)

·         SNMP MIB and Agent development for modular, chassis-based products under vxWorks.

·         System design, software architecture, and software Team Leader for development of Master Control System (a television industry product).

o    Complex, embedded application written in C++.

o    C++ classes modeled state transition diagrams for control panel logic. Also created classes for tasking, proprietary protocols, data storage, abstracted hardware control.

o    A very successful product for Grass Valley Group.

·         Development of embedded software for control of a digital video storage and display product.

o    Written in C++ under Pharlap, multi-tasked, multi-threaded

o    Complex firmware control to capture incoming video, video processing, storage on hard drive, playback.


                                        Southern California Company (2000 – 2001)

·         Design of 4 SNMP MIBs and 2 SNMP Agents

·         Windows NT, multi-threaded

·         ODBC interface between Agent and Access database maintained by the application

·         SNMP training provided to staff members


                                        Videoframe Systems (Nevada City, CA - 1999)

·         SNMP MIB and Agent development using EMANATE/LITE.

·         68360 running µcos operating system and Treck TCP/IP stack.


                                        Akamba (Los Gatos, CA - 2000 – 2001)

·         SNMP MIB Design

·         Provided tutorial information to staff


                                        Ditech Communications (Bay Area - 2000)

·         SNMP MIB Design based on detailed customer specifications of their optical communications products.

·         Worked with their staff to get EMANATE tools running under Linux, and to define Agent to Application communication protocols


Credentials and Professional Affiliations   

·         BSEE, MSEE

·         IEEE (Senior Member)


Contact Information

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