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SUMMARY:                                   Seventeen years of professional experience with skills in application system analysis, design and development using C, C++, Rational Rose Real Time, TCP/UDP/IP, OSS ASN1, virtual instrumentation, assembler, and voice-processing systems. Designed and implemented order and provisioning systems based on ESQL and Informix On-Line 5.0, embedded solutions, messaging systems. Created test plans for on-site testing of messaging voice processing and data acquisition systems. Developed specialized testing tools for embedded implementations such as monitor and debugger software components, JTAG protocols,ATM, SONET. Developed board support packages(BSP) and diagnostics images for different embedded implementations. Developed activityn diagra ms, class diagrams, collaboration diagrams and code for them. Created different kind of models including "capsule under test" implementations.


SOFTWARE:                                       ANSI-C, C++, assemblers, ASN.1, shell scripts, TCP/UDP/IP, virtual instrumentation, SCIPI, assembler, HTML, ESQL/Informix, SQL / Sybase, G-LabView, Rational Rose Real Time.

ENVIRONMENT:            C, C++ compiler/debugger for SUN Solaris (CC), C++/C/C#/VB.NET .NET  FCL IDE (Borland, Microsoft) for Windows NT/2000, Rational Rose designer site,  gcc Linux compiler, ASN1 environment, SNMP, MIB, cross-development tools for different TI processors (Code Composer 2.0), VxWorks (Tornado 2.0), LabWindows CVI, LabView 5,6I,7Express (National Instruments), networking services, ISDN, T1, E1, Periproducer (Periphonics IDE for telecommunication), Informix and Sybase RDB, Linux Driver Development Kit, make procedures and scripts, Sablime X.x, CreataLink OS, Angel Software Toolkit(R35, R50 ReFlex), DOS versions 4.1-6.22.


HARDWARE:                                      Intel processors entire line of x86, Segmentation and Reassembling AALx ATM chips (Conexant CN8236, ATMizer, IDT7237), RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, MIL-STD 1553, ARINC-429,(Condor Eng. Inc), IEEE-488.2 (GPIB), VXI/MXI-2, VXI-GPIB, VXI/VME, PCI bridges, PCI, PCI BIOS, arnet-4/8/16, Motorola 68000, 68300, TI C5x DSP, 8051, ARM7, ARM9, SH3, PowerPC platform, opto-22, SPARC platform, VPS/is, JTAGs and similar interfaces, Protocol analyzers, Oscilloscopes and Telephone switches.                                   



Senior software engineer

NJ confidential company                                                                                                                                                         06/05-current

Research  and developed mixed system based on Rational Rose modules and LabView 7.1 GUI for perform "capsule under test" paradigm for different subsystems of industrial instrument. LabView implementation incudes independent module for processing, displaying and responding on CAN messaging from raw CAN board. Algorithms of implementation  incapsulateslogic for composing and assembling multi-frame CAN messages with very complex and sophisticated structure. Researched, developed, and implement Model with complex logic hierachies based on logic representation of the coolaboration and class diagrams, developed code incarnated in this diagrams and relations. Communications between LabView GUI interface and Rational Rose top capsules performed by Microsoft Queues and  DLLs for framing it into code strcuture. Widely use Connexis framework for TCP/IP connection in between Model parts which provides distribution Model into different entitites.

Developed real-time system for researching caviation in the feeding pipes of industial equipment based on ultrasonic sensors and OPTO-22 input modules.

Researched and developed test system for universal motor control unit. Such unit based on specialized motor quadrature controller
 driven   by proprietory OS have set of discrete, analog or frequency inputs and outputs and controlled by set of CAN messages. Test set analyze unit as a "black box" and generate HTML test report with embedded graphics and diagrams for verification purposes.Whole test system written on LabView 7.11 with DLLs written in C++ with C interface.


Software engineer,                                                                                                                                                                   04/04-04/05


Research and developed testing system for flight control equipment.Provided flexible GUI with initialization list-driven menus for different test cases Provided collection of real time test data in following areas: MIL-STD 1553 messages with different word count and data driven by more high layer protocol, ARINC-429 row messaging and engineered data(labeled messages), integrated analog data aquisition boards, discrete data relay boards, analog output boards from CyberResearch. Designed and developed initialization scripts structure, calibration test sequences and audio statistical modeling. Programmaticaly build Power Frequency and SINAD graphical representation of auido signals. Provided DLL-ike high level run-time binding of the software components and mixed languge software architecture. Involved the following software environments: LabView Express 7.1, CodeBuilder, .NET components librarires from Condor Engineering such as LV-1553,Ex20, PowerDAQ, Unversal Test Libraries and others. All environment for Windows 2000/XP.

Developed high speed MUX END driver for VxWorks version 5.3 and up. Driver re-rute internet flow into 8 DS-1 channels as part of DOCSIS modem architecture.In several word it is a protocol between hardware and network service and includes all facilities for running in debug and release mode and debugging under Vision ICE debugger or just in shell mode. Driver fit specification for Enhansed Network Driver.

Service Engineer/Software engineer,

Advanced Marine ,NJ                                                                                                                                                           10/02-04/04

Developed and implemented calibration system for adaptive control of measurement devices with loopback from peripheral pump unit and  modulated frequency signal of tested meter.  Software components implemented using LabView 6i,7Express and Measurements Studio for Windows 2000/XP. Reverse engineered pump protocol using Measurements Studio and  HyperTerminal.

Developed wireless component utilized GPS capability with timeout free duplex protocol. Motorola R50 embedded system written in  ANSI C with CLP library extensions implement GPS service, speed report and non-erosive components control for target unit.  Utilized CreataLink OS services together with EPS debugging and testing tools for “White Box” module testing.  Implementation of callback system functions allows enforce testing capabilities and shortcut testing process.

Implemented .NET CLR based software services for report functionalities for both WEB- based and SWI test interfaces. Services process SOAP messages, parse XML content, and written both in VB.NET and C#. For data accumulation chosen SQL Server connected to the application  via standard data adaptors.


Senior software engineer

Datatek Applications Inc.

Bridgewater, NJ                                                                                                                                         4/00 - 4/02

Full cycle development and implementation “CN8236 SAR Chip Software Kit” for 8 Operating Systems including Linux, SCO UNIX, Windows 2000, MQX.  Developed and implemented send and receive, scheduling, OAM F4, F5, PM, status control.

Major points of the “CN8236 SAR Chip Software Kit” project: parallel running independent processes in host/shared memory and in PCI local address space, mapped data structures between conventional host memory and shared memory of the chip, Provided different kind of QoS: CBR, VBR, ABR, and UBR, support AAL 0, AAL 5 frames, dynamic VCC allocation / de-allocatio, fuetures for customizing input / output data streams. Sample driver developed for Linux, using Linux kernel internals and kernel specific features such are loadable module paradigm, kernel memory allocation, and PCI BIOS style access. Create make procedures corresponding to loadable module paradigm.


First version of “SAR Chip Software Kit” with hash defined addressing for PCI bridge was implemented as part of board support package for PowerPC custom made board with Tundra PCI bridge on it. Wrote full coverage diagnostics package for 3 embedded SAR chips on-board.

DSP-voice processing for ISDN-GR303 integration with packet switch carrier network. Contributed to research and background studies.

Developed “Embedded ADSL Driver” (MQX Operational System). ADSL for packet switched Broadband carrier network. Decompose buffer flow into parallel stream, check on occupancy of the driver, status on sending and receiving. Provided independent multiple queue flow for VoIP data, and two data flows with different priorities. Implemented IP Tunneling for ATM Modems (Nokia ready and 15 other types for future implementation). Created part of the global makefile procedure. Project used UNIX like OS internals. Wrote test cases for each message type for each modem type. Developed system test procedures and performance tests using protocol analyzer, T400 Testing Kit.  

3GPP/W-CDMA RNC project. Designed, developed and implemented specialized software to provide heartbeat functionality for several PowerPC (RNC and RNE) VME card computers to support redundancy protection switching. Participated in development of board support package for VxWork based system, in particularly for VME bus manipulation.


Periphonics Corp., NY                                                                                                                       10/97-4/00

Senior software engineer

Software engineer              

Designed, developed and implemented networking libraries using C/C++ development tools and OSS ASN1 compiler for telecommunication systems. For testing and application purposes utilize and program Peripro application suite which includes

Peripro IDE, PeriSQL Peristudio and so on.

Designed, developed and implemented fail-over software that provided the real-time mission critical monitor and launcher for application processes.

Designed, developed and implemented data-structures generator for the Periproducer IDE. The generator converts ASN.1 protocol definition directly into data-folder structures ready for application usage. Applied object-oriented design and OO concepts for implementations.

Implemented telecommunication protocols GR1129, Q1218, CS1 (shrunk). Familiar with Q.931, Q763, DMS-100.

All protocols was tested using “Black Box” strategy for different types of IP - PBX protocols and hardware implementations of VPS based systems.

Created set low layer functions for SS7 stack manipulations.

Implemented defensive programming style, self-documented source code and a set of system calls and signals that provide highly robust operation.


Winsoft Corp., CA                                                                                                                              10/96-10/97

Software engineer

Designed, developed and implemented several control systems for data collection and industrial equipment control. Participated in design, development and implementation custom-oriented command builder for real-time client-server control system.

Developed real-time system for industrial power supply station with high precision measurement cycle, embedded backup system and special visual-headed mechanism supported making control decision. Provided synchronization data-flow with time stamps and permanent data access time, event resolution and acceptable output thresholds.

Participated in design, development implementation and maintenance of real-time system for modeling high-speed processes.

In all projects was responsible for low level development and hardware testing.

Beltelecom Billing Center, Belarus                                                                                               6/91-7/96


Contributor in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of a real-time client-server billing system supporting 500 remote post-office clients. System based on ESQL requests to the reiplcant database Informix On-Line 5.0 and ANSI-C. Developed password migration/merging service, database recovery service, and mirroring support service. The order and provisioning system keeps track of billing information for line installation, change of service provider, monthly fee and late fee features. It generates reports detailing advance, on-time, and late payments, and supports a general directory service. Billing and accounting were done on a monthly basis. The payment reporting and directory systems provide service in real time. Participated in development of all key modules of the order and provisioning system. Created modules for remote modem testing, transferring speed control and processor load.




State University, Minsk, Belarus                                                                                                       9/84-6/91

BS/MS in Computer Science

USSR Army school of sergeants electronics systems and units repair.                                     6/85-5/87