Edward J. Segall, PhD

Systems and Software Engineering Consultant

409 Anthwyn Road        (610) 668-0292

Narberth, PA 19072        esr17@edge-technical.com


Systems Engineer, Software Architect, Software Engineer, Performance Engineer. Experienced Problem Solver/Troubleshooter.

Record of significant improvements to the accuracy, speed, reliability, functionality and maintainability of complex, highly concurrent mission-critical systems and applications.

Independent consultant experienced in Wireless geolocation (5 patents), Optical location, Battery monitoring, Railcar rollability modeling and parameter estimation, Video surveillance, Global banking, Video-on-demand, Cable television, Air quality modeling, Medical instrumentation.


TotalTrax, Inc, Newport, DE         June 2016–Oct 2017

Senior Research Engineer

Product SkyTrax Location Tracking

Products SX200 Telematics Server, VX Vehicle interface, Battery Monitor System

Used Java (J2EE), JPA, Go (golang), JavaScript, RabbitMQ, Cassandra, MySQL, ROS, Linux, embedded Linux, Subversion, Glassfish / Payara, IntelliJ IDEA. 

Edge Technical Associates LLC R&D Consultant        Jun 2002–Jun 2016, Oct 2017-Present

Client PS Technology, Inc (part of Union Pacific Corp),        2013–2015
Yard Systems Group

Software Engineer / Data Scientist / Systems Engineer / Database Architect

Product  Star III Hump Process Control System (HPCS) for rail freight classification yards

Yard Tuning Tool (“Tuning Service”)

HPCS Database and Data Service

Data Acquisition Mode

Performance Analysis tools

Rolling Resistance model improvements

Used Java, Apache Commons Math, Apache Axis 2, gSoap, SQL, Hibernate, JPA, MySQL, Tomcat, Eclipse, Java VisualVM, Ant, Excel, Git, Squish.

Client CCAD (joint venture between Arris (formerly Motorola/Google) and Comcast)        2011–2012

DevOps engineer, Configuration Management Team

Designed and implemented new features for company-wide build/release management:


Used Bash, Java, Groovy, awk, grep, cURL, wget, MySQL, JSON, Xml Starlet, XPath, Nexus, Sonar, Apache httpd, log4j, Tomcat, subversion, Git, Maven, SuSE Linux, VMWare, Eclipse.

Client SRI International (was David Sarnoff Research Center)         ⁠2010

Machine Vision engineer

Project NOVA—Data-Parallel, Real-Time, Multiple-Target Wide Area Aerial Surveillance (WAAS) Tracking

NOVA system - Highly Parallel Machine Vision

Multi-object tracking performance evaluation

Field Exercise Support

Used  C++, STL, BOOST, MATLAB,  ViPER,  ViPER-GT,  F4DE, MSXML, awk, Ubuntu, Windows, MPI.

Client TruePosition        2004–2009

Software Engineer / Systems Engineer / R&D Consultant (CTO Science team)

Product U-TDOA Location Processing

Accuracy improvements

Simulation/Modeling, Performance Tuning: Auto-Configuration tools

Receiver Selection Algorithms

Real-time resource scheduling

U-TDOA Reference Selection

Product CGI+TA and E-CID location processing


Contributed to 3GPP UMTS standard TS 25.111 “Location Measurement Unit (LMU) performance specification; User Equipment (UE) positioning in UTRAN” via RAN4 work items.

Configuration/build/release management

Used C, C++, STL, Boost, Intel Math Kernel Library, Intel VTune Performance Analyzer, valgrind, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Profiling Tools, gcc, make, Sun Workshop, Cygwin, Java, JNI, JSP, Perl, RedHat Enterprise Linux, MATLAB, MapInfo, Rational ClearQuest, UCM, Base ClearCase.

Client Scientific Computing Associates: Developed distribution-ready Microsoft Visual Studio port of Unix TCP Linda parallel/distributed coordination language (in C) from Cygwin)/MKS prototype.

Client SevenEcho: Designed, developed, and delivered core system architecture and initial implementation and brought it through successful technical due diligence review.

Client IntelliTrans (originally August Design): Led multi-organization team in converting STARR legacy railroad ERP system from iSeries RPG to workflow-centric, web-based (Java + JSP) interface.

Liberate Technologies (originally MoreCom), Horsham, PA         Apr 2000–Feb 2002

Senior Software Engineer, Video-On-Demand (VOD) Server Products

Used C, Visual C++, CORBA, Sun Workshop, Java, Perl, Oracle, Perforce, Scientific Atlanta PowerTV.

Edge Technical AssociatesR&D Consultant        Aug 1999–Apr 2000

Client  MoreCom (became Liberate Technologies), Horsham, PA        

Sanchez Computer Associates (now FIS), Malvern, PA        Aug 1998–Aug 1999

Senior Software Engineer, Greystone Group        

Database internals for proprietary GT.M parallel database engine:

Used C, C++, Assembly language (HP (DEC) Alpha, HP RISC, IBM RS6000/PowerPC, Sun SPARC), IBM AIX, HP (Compaq/DEC) Tru64 UNIX, Cygwin, X-Windows, emacs, vi.

Villanova University, Villanova, PA        Aug 1996–Aug 1998

Assistant Professor, Department of Computing Sciences and
NSF I/UCRC Center for Advanced Communication

University of Delaware, Newark, DE        Sep 1995–May 1996

Visiting Assistant Professor, CIS Department

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA        Jun 1992–Sep 1995

System Scientist, School of Computer Science

Research project: "Distributed Computational System for Environmental Modeling", an NSF High-Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) initiative Grand Challenge project:

Used C, FORTRAN, Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM), High-Performance FORTRAN (HPF, F90), gcc, make, awk, CVS, mach, Solaris, Andrew File System, Cray C90/T90/T3E supercomputers, emacs.


Software, firmware, and analog & digital hardware design, including real-time signal processing, medical instrumentation, robotics, and real-time optical measurement systems.


Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ 

PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dissertation: Tuple Space Operations: Multiple-Key Search, On-Line Matching and Wait-Free Synchronization

Improved scalability of the Linda Tuple Space distributed key-value store, fault-tolerant synchronization and programming language support for dynamic parallel systems.

Verified performance claims using Yale’s Intel iPSC/2 Hypercube. Prototyped algorithms in Smalltalk-80 with visualization using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) user interface paradigm.

MS, Computer Science

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

BSE, Electrical Engineering

Senior Design Project: Designed, implemented and programmed a novel real-time digital filter architecture using microprogrammed TTL Schottky logic.

Summer project (Physics department, Selove lab): Found, diagnosed and resolved a design flaw in a new scintillation detector amplifier that was developed for a Fermilab experiment.


Presentation: “Methods for determining the location of mobile devices in real time”, to IEEE Philadelphia Consultants Network, December 4, 2012.

US Patents 8738010, 8442538, 8290496, “Cooperating Receiver Selection for UMTS Wireless Location”, Edward Joseph Segall, Simon Issakov and Rashidus S. Mia.

US Patents 8138976, 7956808, “Method for Position Estimation Using Generalized Error Distributions”, Pete A. Boyer, Rashidus S. Mia, and Edward J. Segall

TruePosition 2008 Invention of the Year Award

TruePosition 3GPP RAN Working Group 4 contribution R4-070478, “Simulation Proposal for UTDOA LMU Performance”, Kobe Japan, May 2007, with Pete Boyer, Rashidus Mia, Ron Lefever.

TruePosition 3GPP RAN Working Group 4 contribution R4-070490, “Simulation Results for UTDOA LMU Performance”, Kobe Japan, May 2007, with Pete Boyer and Rashidus Mia.

For earlier publications, please see http://www.edge-technical.com/esegall-publist.html 

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