Hamid Fahimi, PhD






A dedicated and persistent Senior Algorithm Developer with more than 12 years of experience creating solid software code. Demonstrated effective interpersonal skills in managing teams to follow project plans and produce results. Introduced enhancements through innovation, planning, and testing as well as providing documentation and training material. Core strength in:


Algorithm Design                                Pattern Recognition                             Image/Signal Processing

OOP/ UML                                            C/C++/COM/MFC                               Java, Perl, XML, UNIX

Multi-Threaded Programming            Embedded Systems                             Hardware Control

Visual Basic/ MATLAB, GPU            Assembly                                              Simulation

Project Management                           Signal Compression                             Neural Networks

Modeling                                               Optimization                                          Automation





Algorithm Development / Software Implementation

·         Developed software related to UI, data display, database, and automation.

·         Designed algorithm and developed software for controlling the measurement choreography of metrology tools.

·         Developed code for controlling hardware (robot, stage, laser, …) and implementing modules for wafer handling, wafer placement, and system initialization.

·         Created software for thorough simulation of the hardware and system modules.


Program / Project Management

·         Managed and contributed to two major software releases.

·         Increased tool MTBI by more than 100 percent in 6 month through software planning to prioritize and fix bugs.

·         Introduced multi-tasking capability on a metrology tool by creating a standalone application for recipe development and data review.

·         Added remote control capability on a metrology tool by introducing hardware and software to control the embedded operating system.


Process Development

·         Developed tool qualification test plans for alpha and beta testing.

·         Developed and documented upgrade procedures for tool enhancements.


Innovation / Application

·         Introduced and implemented innovative ideas regarding signal and image detection, signal measurement, device calibration, and signal enhancement.

·         Innovated and implemented algorithms in MATLAB using Optimization, Neural Networks, Wavelet Transform, Image Processing, and other tool boxes. Experienced with MATLAB GUI functions and created MATLAB standalone executables as well as DLLs.

·         Devised new applications and performed customer demos.


Teaching / Research

·         Instructed courses: Medical Imaging Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Fourier Optics (Holography), Electronic Devices, and Communication Systems.

·         Authored more than 30 publications in the areas of Signal Reconstruction, Image Analysis, Signal and Image Recognition, Signal Processing, Medical Imaging, and Modeling.




ARTOONTECH (Consulting Company), Mountain View, CA,                                    2009 – Present

Principal Software Engineer

Provided algorithm design and software implementation using GPU/CUDA.


KLA-TENCOR, San Jose, CA,                                                                                                           2007 – 2009

Senior Staff Research Scientist of KT-Labs

Provided algorithm design as well as software design and implementation.


THERMA-WAVE, Fremont, CA,                                                                                                        2004 – 2007

Senior Engineering Program Manager for the Therma-Probe tool

As a hands-on manager defined, prioritized, and managed software, hardware, and R&D

tasks in accordance with marketing priorities. Additionally, designed algorithm and

developed software for semiconductor metrology tools.


ARTOONTECH (Consulting Company), Mountain View, CA,                                    2002 – 2004

Principal Software Engineer

Provided algorithm design and software implementation for multiple customers.


XLOPTICS, Santa Clara, CA,                                                                                                             2001 – 2002

Senior Member of Technical Staff and VP of Post Process

Designed thin film filters and other components for optical communications. Designed

novel algorithms and implemented software for real time testing.


THERMA-WAVE, Fremont, CA,                                                                                                        1996 – 2001

Senior Staff Software Engineer for Opti-Probe tool

Designed and developed software for semiconductor metrology tools.


STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Information Systems Laboratory, Stanford, CA

Visiting Professor


SHARIF UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Electrical Engineering Department, Iran

Associate Professor





Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University (Medical Imaging).

MSEE, Stanford University (Integrated Circuits Processing).
BSEE, Sharif University of Technology (Communication Systems).