Azad Bolour


Consulting Specialties

    Three-tiered web-based application analysis, architecture, 
    development, and project management. Java 2 Enterprise 
    Edition (J2EE). DBMS and application server performance 
    analysis, tuning, and capacity planning. Training.

1987 - present: Bolour Computing. Consultant.

Clients include:

    Borland Software Corporation. San Mateo, CA. Performance 
    analysis and benchmarking of the Borland Enterprise Server. 
    Development of a JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) driver 
    for ODBC. 
    MarketFirst, Inc. Mountain View, CA. Design and implementation 
    of COM and CORBA APIs to Marketfirst's core web-marketing 
    Digital Equipment Corporation, Palo Alto, CA. Sybase on-site 
    project lead: symmetric multiprocessing port of the Sybase 
    SQL Server to the DEC Alpha OSF/1 operating system.
    Siemens Information and Communication Networks. Santa Clara, CA. 
    Consultant. Design and implementation of data replication for a 
    global software life cycle information system.
    Sybase. Emeryville, CA. Client-site training instructor.
    Pacific A&M. San Bruno, CA. Chief programmer and project 
    manager of the Pacific A&M Information System: an insurance 
    administration, marketing, and accounts receivable system.
    Sun Microsystems. Milpitas, CA. Sybase instructor. Training 
    of Sun's technical staff in the Sybase DBMS.
    Sun Microsystems, Sun Select (formerly TOPS) Alameda, CA. 
    Consultant.  Development of product registration, customer 
    information, and telemarketing systems to support the sale 
    and marketing of networking products.
    United States Air Force. Edwards Air Force Base, CA. 
    Consultant. Design and implementation of the Edwards flight 
    scheduling system.

1985 - 1987: Sun Microsystems, Inc.. Member, Technical Staff.

    Software development environments. Co-designed the Network 
    Software Environment, an integrated development platform 
    offering configuration management, version control, 
    coordinated development, and release management services.  

    Windowing system. Worked on mailtool, a window-based mail 

1983 - 1985: INGRES Corporation. Member, Technical Staff.   

    Data management. Designed and implemented B-trees, a new 
    storage structure for the relational database management 
    system INGRES. 
    User interfaces. Designed a database browser for INGRES. 
1979 - 1983: University of California, Berkeley. Lecturer. 
Computer Science Division.
1976 - 1982: University of California, San Francisco. Assistant 

    Research. Studied the representation and processing of 
    time in databases. Proposed a basis for the management 
    of historical data. 
    Teaching. Taught graduate and undergraduate computer science 
    courses. Supervised Master's and Ph.D. students.  

Selected System Skills

    Languages: Java. C/C++. Perl. Python. Javascript. 
    Database systems: Oracle. Microsoft SQL Server. Sybase.
    Database connectivity: ODBC. JDBC. Enterprise Java Beans.
    Distributed system connectivity: CORBA. DCOM. 
    Web development: HTML. XML. Javascript. JSP. Servlets. J2EE.


    Ph.D., Computer Science, University of California, 
      Berkeley (1977).
    M.S. and B.S., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 
      M.I.T. (1972).

    Bolour, A., Bitton, M., and Chen R., Multi-site concurrency 
    control with the Sybase replication server, SQL Forum, 
    Vol. 3, No. 4 (July/August 1994), pp. 17 - 22. 
    Bolour, A., Anderson, T.L., Dekeyser, L.J., and Wong H.K.T., 
    The role of time in information processing: A survey, ACM SIGMOD 
    Record, Vol. 12, No. 3 (Apr. 1982); also appeared in ACM SIGART
    Newsletter (Apr. 1982). 
    Dekeyser, L.J., and Bolour, A., On the modeling of time in 
    clinical database applications, Proceedings of the fifth 
    Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care, 
    (Nov. 1981). 
    Bolour, A., and Dekeyser, L.J., Abstractions in temporal 
    information, Information Systems, Vol. 8, No. 1, (1983), 
    pp. 41 - 49. 
    Bolour, A., Optimal retrieval algorithms for small region 
    queries, SIAM Journal on Computing, Vol. 10, No. 4, 
    (Nov. 1981), pp. 721 - 741. 
    Bolour, A., Techniques of physical design, (invited paper), 
    Proceedings of the Infotech State of the Art Conference on 
    Data Design, London, (Sept. 1979). 
    Bolour, A., Optimality properties of multiple-key hashing 
    functions, Journal of the ACM, (Apr.  1979), pp. 196 - 210. 

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