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107 GOODHUE RD - DERRY, NH 03038
PHONE (603) 898-6456 

        In-Progress  Northeastern University  Boston, MA
        Master of Science, Computer Science
        May 1997  University of Massachusetts  Amherst, MA
        Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

        June 1992  Charles H. McCann Technical High School  North Adams, MA
        Business Data Processing, Certificate of Training (600 Hours)


        Languages:  C++, C, Java, Perl, HTML, Ada, Pascal,
          Assembly, Scheme, Lisp, Basic, Fortran, MapBasic GIS, and

        Styles: Object Oriented, ANSI-C, STL, COM, ATL, MFC, Proxy-Agent, 
          Client-Server, Adapter-Connector, and

        Operating Systems:  WIN32 (NT/98/2000/XP), Vxworks, UNIX, 
          PalmOS, Xwindows, SunOS, and VMS

        Background:  Windows and Vxworks real time embedded development, 
          DLLs, OOA / OOD, Interprocess communication, Multi-threading and 
          resource sharing, TCP/IP and OSI protocols, Windows and BSD Sockets, 
          Client Server development, Software and network management (CLI / TL1 / SNMP), 
          Motorola 8260 and 860 processor driver development, Data parsing (Lex / Yacc), 
          Advanced networking concepts (DWDM / PON/ SONET / FEC), Web development, XML, 
          GIS software development, Bourne / Korn / C shell scripting, LDAP, 
          GUI development, and Technical writing.

        Packages: MS Visual Studio, Vxworks Tornado, Codewarrior for Palm OS, 
          Sun Compiler, GNU Tools, Clearcase, Clearquest, Purify, Rational Rose UML, 
          Motif, MapInfo, ODBC, MS Access, Oracle, and SQL.


        July 2002 – Present     
        Vinyl-X Game Studios  Salem, NH
        Lead Game Developer
        ‘C++’ – Windows, Object-Oriented development.

Led software architecture development for console game.

Implemented technical-demo of game using Visual C++, STL, NetImmerse graphics engine, Havok physics engine, and DirectX.

Managed and mentored junior developer in creation of technical-demo sound infrastructure.

Provided insight and business guidance to the Director of Development. 

        November 2001 – Present  
        Independent Study  Derry, NH

Implemented Palm OS tool using Codewarrior for computing basic Field Artillery safety data.

        October, 2000 - November 2001  
        Quantum Bridge Communications  Andover, MA
        Senior Embedded Software Engineer, 
        DWDM Systems Development
        'C' Vxworks Module based development.

Developed and tested applications level code using Tornado II IDE, and VxSim board simulator.

Wrote, validated, and tested embedded system boot code for the QB8000 Optical Edge Switch platform.  Ensured boot code operations were similar to other QB-based products.

Ported Multimedia Card (PCMCIA flash-like storage device) and Standard Peripheral Interface driver code from Motorola 860 to Motorola 8260 processor.

Performed low-level debugging to include use of logic-analyzers and fiber-optic variable attenuators.  Analyzed bit streams on pin outs from various positions of the board.

Upgraded the back-plane non-volatile RAM algorithm and data structures to support multiple versions, and to handle inconsistencies between boards and the back-plane.

Designed and integrated software management architecture to include TFTP server, FTP Server, IP filtration, and multi-shelf IP management.

Researched use of advanced Forward Error Correction algorithms for extending transmission

        Senior Software Engineer, 
        Network Management Systems
        'Visual C++' and  Mapbasic' Module based development.

Developed GIS (Geographical Information System) network planning solution application. GIS tool is currently used directly in the planning, and design of QB network deployments.

Designed and developed XML based storage infrastructure for the GIS application.

        December 1997 - October, 2000  
        Lucent Technologies  North Andover, MA
        Software Engineer, OSI Software Development, NCC Team Leader, MTS
        'C++' Win32 Object-oriented development. 

Designed and developed Network Communications Controller (NCC) TL1 CLI external interface package.  Used Lex and Yacc technologies within internal parser.

Wrote code interfacing with LDAP x.500 directory for storing and retrieving directory entries.

Created NCC TL1 TCP-IP Gateway for protocol translation from TCP/IP to OSI.  Gateway is now used as primary TCP/IP interface, allowing remote TCP/IP access to OSI network elements for the Wavestar product family.  

Wrote NCC FTP FTAM Gateway.  Gateway allows customers access for backup, restore, and download to and from a TCP/IP network to an OSI Lucent network. 

Developed NCC Serial Gateway.  Gateway allows access to the NCC and the OSI LAN via the serial (console RS232) port.  

Met directly with customers, Bellsouth, Verizon, and MCI WorldCom on several occasions to help sales and explain features within Wavestar product line.  

Used pattern based development techniques to create highly maintainable, and reusable code. 

Developed and worked to maintain active, beneficial relationship with System Verification and Test.

Mentored junior team member and lead NCC development for over a year.

        June 1996 - December 1996   
        Pratt & Whitney Aircraft  Hartford, CT 
        Internship (Semester)
        'C++' object-oriented development.

Wrote C++ code dealing with high speed engine testing.  Designed and created Motif GUIs, including the background code, for a version of Pratt's Integrated Engine Test Environment Software. 

        Nov. 1995 – May 1997 
        Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval  Amherst, MA
        ‘Perl’ - Bioinformatics Programmer, Part-time. 

Developed Perl based data parser, on Unix Xwindows Korn Shell platform, to translate medical data for Cancer research project.

Worked directly with medical doctor to evaluate data and refine data manipulation process.

Built web querying CGI’s to on-line databases.

        June 1992 - Present    
        U.S. Army National Guard  Milford, NH & Lynn, MA 
        1st Lieutenant, Field Artillery.

Executive Officer and Fire Direction Officer

Executive Officer. Responsible for 6 155mm howitzers, 100 Soldiers, and providing fire support for Battalion size (approximately 500 man) elements.

Fire Direction Officer. Responsible for the computation of rapid and accurate firing data for 6 155mm howitzers.

Physical Security Officer. Charged with supervising and maintaining security for the armory, personnel, weapons, and equipment.

Enlisted as Infantryman in 1992, and received my commission through Officer Candidate School.

Awards: Army Achievement Medal (3), National Defense Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon.

Military Schools: Officer Advanced Course – Field Artillery, Pre-Command Course, Officer Basic Course – Field Artillery 13A MOSQ, Officer Candidate School, 11H TOW Missile Gunner MOSQ, Infantry Basic and AIT 11B Rifleman MOSQ.

SECRET Security Clearance.


        Physical Fitness, Skiing, Travel, PC Gaming, and Military History.

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