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Venkatesh Nuthalapati


Has 12+ years of experience in developing and managing software applications. This includes 6 years in SAP R/3 (including IS-Retail), about 2 years in SAP APO and 6+ years in IBM mainframe environment.

Client List

Work Experience


American Honda Motors, Torrance, CA, USA

March 2001 to Current (SAP R/3 and APO Implementation)

Motorola, Phoenix, USA

November 2000 to February 2001 (APO 3.0 Implementation)

The Home Depot, Atlanta, USA

March 2000 to November 2000 (IS-Retail Implementation -International Stores)

Petsmart Inc., Phoenix, USA

August 1998 to March 2000 (IS-Retail Implementation)

Kimball International, Jasper, USA

July 1996 to August 1998 (SAP Implementation)

Kimball International, Jasper, USA

May 1994 to July 1996 (Development of various applications)

Worked on several projects and applications including

Automated several processes, developed interfaces to new and existing applications. Coordinated and led various projects in going through full life cycle of each and every application at Kimball. All applications are developed on IBM ES/9000 using VS COBOL II, OS/VS COBOL, DYL 280, CLIST and REXX with CICS, DB2, IMS/DB and GTB.

My responsibilities include,

Shell Oil, Houston, USA

June 1993 to April 1994 (Application Maintenance Tools)

The Application Management Tools (AMT) are developed to maintain about 500 applications of Shell Oil. These set of tools scan the source programs and produce the cross-reference relations between subjects and categories. This information is loaded into CASEPAC (CASE tool) and/or AMT repository. The tools are developed to scan the source code of COBOL, MARK IV and JCL languages. VS-COBOL II, C and REXX are used with DB2, VSAM and DMS on IBM 3090.

My responsibilities include,

American Express TRS, Australia

December 1992 to May 1993 (SWAP 4.0)

System for Worldwide Application Processing (SWAP) 4.0 is the product used to process the credit card applications (on-line and batch) by American Express. SWAP 4.0 is an enhancement to SWAP 3.0 to add the following features. A) Mono-sourcing B) Centralized database and C) build standardized interfaces to external systems.

The system is developed on IBM 3090 using IMS DB/DC and VS COBOL II.

My responsibilities include,

IBM Labs, Bethesda & Gaithersburg, USA

June 1991 to November 1992 (Image and ImagePlus)

Image and ImagePlus (next version of Image) are office automation products designed to eliminate paper movement in the offices. The product has ability to capture, store, retrieve, display, distribute and print the captured information.

Image 1.2 is developed using OS/VS COBOL in CICS, IMS DB/DC environments. ImagePlus 2.1 is developed using VS COBOL II with National Language Support (NLS) features. SDF II is used to develop the screens and REXX is used to develop utilities for automating the NLS process.

My responsibilities include,

IBM Labs, Sweden

February 1990 to May 1991 (CBAM)

Center for Business Administration Manager (CBAM) is a software package developed to bill the customers for using the installation resources according to their usage. Each resource is associated to a billing unit. The billing cost varies depending on the billing periods and holidays. The product can simulate and forecast future resources.

CBAM is developed in three layers. Application Layer interacts with Database Layer and Dialog Layer. The online screens are developed using Dialog Tag Language (DTL). ISPF/DMS services are used for displaying the online panels/screens. The product is developed on IBM 3090 using DMS, REXX, DB2 and C.

My responsibilities include,

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