Stanislav Kaplaukhov

Email:        phone:  (617) 306-4610


A contract position of a Business Analyst, Process Engineer, or Project Manager.


Over 14 years of IT experience. A seasoned business analyst and project manager with a well-balanced combination of business, management, and technical skills. Solid understanding of the software engineering process, its underlying principles, and best practices. Extensive experience in implementing, using, and mentoring on Rational Unified Process. Business savvy intuition backed by years of project management experience. Accomplished in capturing the most sophisticated business and technical problems and translating them in terms of requirements and implementation plan, routinely using UML to communicate concepts and ideas. Exceptional analytical and problem solving skills, ability to break down and dissect complex problems. Domain expertise includes manufacturing, supply chain management, finance, and e-commerce.


Software Engineering Process

Rational Unified Process (RUP), UML

Distributed Technologies


Web Technologies

JSP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, ASP.NET


Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL



Development Tools

Rational tool set, Visual Studio, Interdev

Other Tools

Microsoft Project,MS Visio 2003,  MS Excel, Rational tool set, SilkTest, Mercury QuickTest

Programming and scripting

Visual Basic, C/C++, FoxPro, Delphi, Pascal, Fortran, Assemblers, SQL, PL/SQL


Windows XP/2000/NT, Unix

Professional Experience

Insycom, Inc.

Project Manager and Business Analyst                   September 2000 - present

Clients And Projects: (Norwell, MA)

Automated staffing supply chain management system (Project Manager and Business Analyst)

·   Designed and implemented a time saving, cost-effective web based system that allows sourcing, engaging, managing, and measuring interim (temporary) employee practice. The system, based on Microsoft .NET framework, provides a vendor-neutral “bridge” between the client buyer and the vendor suppliers, ensuring a streamlined, centralized interim employee acquisition and management process.

·   Responsible for overall project management. Created and maintained project plan. Performed regular project progress assessments and produced status reports to the client, highlighting any risks and presenting a plan for proactive risk reduction.

·   Assisted the client in streamlining software development process. Implemented Rational Unified Process tailoring it to the specific client’s needs and custom practices. Mentored the client on effectively using the process and tools.

·   Led the preliminary analysis activities, ensuring concurrence among all the stakeholders on the objectives, functionality, and supporting environment.

·   Analyzed the problem domain, assisted the client in formulating the requirements and advised on industry trends and best practices.

·   Conducted requirements workshops and documented requirements (activity diagrams, use case diagrams, and specifications).

·   Produced storyboards and user-interface prototype.

·   Organized and conducted user acceptance testing to solicit early feedback on the interface and system usability.  (Waltham, MA)

An online furniture store application (Project Manager and Business Analyst)

·   Designed and implemented a multi-tier, multi-portal system for online furniture store using Application Service Provider business model. The system included advanced content management features with branding options, allowing the client to customize it for different partners and customers. The system was created in Microsoft .NET framework and was integrated with a legacy system, leveraging components inherited from an acquired company.

·   Created and maintained project plan. Conducted project reviews, tracking costs and project progress. Performed risk assessment and management, coordinated activities of the client’s team and the consultants.

·   Produced regular status reports for the client.

·   Advised the client on RUP fundamentals and worked closely with the client’s team to adapt the process to the specifics of the client’s organization.

·   Was responsible for requirements analysis. Conducted use case workshops, identified and consulted with the subject matter experts from the client’s organization to formulate and document the requirements, producing use case specifications, activity diagrams, storyboards, and user interface prototype.

·   Mentored and assisted the client in using Rational tools to capture and analyze the requirements, trace requirements dependencies, and control change.

·   Led the Change Control Board to review change requests, identify new functionality, and control scope creep.

Additional Technical Support, Inc. (Norwood, MA)

Job search and recruiting portal (Business Analyst, Team Leader)

·   Working in a team of 10, designed and implemented an online information system to provide services to recruiters and job applicants. The system provided access to job postings and various useful resources (articles, tips, market surveys, message board), and allowed to post resumes. For recruiters, the system provided functionality to post job advertisements and search resumes.

·   Identified and discussed with the client key deliverables of the project. Engineered the process to reflect the product specifics, client’s practices, and available skill sets. A phased rollout of the new process ensured that the change was readily embraced by the client team and the key stakeholders. Set up project environment using RUP guidelines and tool set.

·   Led a team of 5 business analysts to define expectations, success criteria and potential risks and sources for unpredictability in the project. Performed use case model survey, identified project scope. Conducted use case workshops, produced activity diagrams and use case specifications.

·   Participated in architectural review and revised (working closely with the client) requirements to reflect technical feasibility of desired features.

·   Conducted use case review sessions with developers to ensure the specifications were accurate, technically sound, and had no room for misinterpretation. Assisted the developers in translating business requirements into implementation design.

·   Created storyboards and ensured concurrence among stakeholders on the major process and workflow.  Produced user interface prototype and conducted user acceptance testing sessions.

·   Developed test strategy. Created test plan and test cases.


Plant 411 of Russian Civil Aviation Department (Mineralniye Vody, Russia)

Chief of Department, Project Manager, and Technical Lead  

(December 1993 – November 1999)

Enterprise client-server supply-distribution management system  (Project Manager, Technical Lead)

·   Led a team of 15 developers to develop an enterprise client server system to manage the supply and distribution channels for a large manufacturing organization. The complexity of the end product (commercial aircraft) required tracking of over 25000 various parts from over 100 suppliers. The application implemented a fuzzy logic expert system to minimize costs and expedite the product cycle both along the supply chain, and at the assembly plant. The system optimized the procurement process (determining optimal locations and modes of transportation), managed inventories, and tracked the assembly process to ensure efficient capacity utilization. Technologies: MS Visual C/C++, Microsoft Transaction Server, MS SQL Server 6.5.

·   Responsible for overall project management. Delineated the system, worked with key stakeholders to identify requirements. Involved in a day-to-day budget tracking and project progress assessment.

·   Participated in general application design and development of the data model.

·   Developed the module for economic risk forecast and management.

·   Analyzed and improved performance of both the client and server sides by optimizing algorithms and efficiently using stored procedures.

Turbine Repair Plant (Poltava, Ukraine)

Software Engineer   (February 1988 – November 1993)

Enterprise accounting system (developer)

·   Part of a team of 20, developed a client-server accounting system for the organization. The features included advanced reporting, forecasting, and analysis. Technologies: Sybase, Delphi Client/Server, Borland C++.

·   Developed reporting functionality. Designed rules. On the Client, created forms and visible elements. On the server, designed database structure, created stored procedures, functions, and triggers. Developed and optimized SQL queries.

·   Developed the module to reconcile balances and recalculate municipal payments. Created logical and physical data models. Created indexes, stored procedures, and triggers.

·   Designed and implemented backup and recovery process.

Commercial system for manufacturing data analysis (developer)

·   Designed and developed a commercial system for water-supply enterprises. The system allowed automatic data feed from control points and pump stations to a databank over telephone and radio links. The data was then analyzed by the system to manage the water supply and analyze a large set of parameters. Technologies: Z80 assembler, Borland C++, AUTOCAD 11, Sybase.

·   Developed code for data acquisition. Implemented transport, network, and data-link layers in Z80 assembler. The layers abstracted the data stream from the underlying transport protocols. The assembly routines were integrated into C++ code.

·   Developed statistical analysis package to view and analyze the data. The features included trend analysis, cross-correlation, and visualization.

Professional Certifications

·   Rational Unified Process Certification (Rational Software)


M.S., Electrical Engineering/Computer Science (cum laude)

Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineering             February 1993


Available upon request.