2040 Bidwell Way
Sacramento, CA 95818


Languages:      Java (J2SE and J2EE), SQL, Unix Shell (Korn/Bourne), PL/SQL, 
                .NET (Familiar - C Sharp and Basic), Perl and HTML
Systems:        Windows, Solaris, SunOS, Linux and Macintosh OS
Software:       WebLogic, WebSphere, Apache, Oracle 8i, SQL Server, DB2, 
                Netegrity SiteMinder, Rational Rose (UML) and ERWin
Certifications: Sun Certified Programmer


10/05  12/05 NOKIA, INC	                     Telecommute (Burlington, MA)
   Role: Consultant - Java Developer
   Environment: Windows, Eclipse
   Technologies: Java, Java Swing, Java Mail, XML-RPC
   * Designed and developed Java Swing interfaces for Contact, Event and 
     Mail information editing.

11/04  07/05 TOPCODER, INC                                 Glastonbury, CT
   Role: Application Architect
   Environment: Poseidon
   Technologies: UML
   * Designed component-based Java applications for Fortune 500 clients.
   * Created detailed design documents consisting of: Application Design 
     Specifications, Sequence Diagrams, Class Interaction Diagrams and 
     individual Component Requirement Specifications.
   * Managed the design and development process of individual Java 
     components through a competition based system.

01/04 - 08/04 POLYCOM, INC                                       Andover, NH
   Role: Consultant - Java Developer
   Environment: Eclipse, SQL Server 2000, Windows, JUnit
   Technologies: Java, JDBC, SQL, Threads, XML
   * Implemented many business objects in a multi-threaded environment that 
     accessed low-level conference management API.
   * Re-factored and re-designed business objects that did not quite model
     the existing API correctly.
   * Wrote thorough JUnit tests for each business object to ensure correct 
     individual method functionality.
   * Wrote thorough integration tests to ensure all business objects worked 
     correctly together.

07/03 - 12/03 FLEET BANK                                     Providence, RI
   Role: Consultant - Java Developer
   Environment: WebSphere 4.0, Oracle 9i, SiteMinder, Unix, Windows
   Technologies: Java, JSP, Servlet, JavaBean, JDBC, SQL, JavaScript, HTML
   * Developed and implemented a MVC Level One web application using JSP
     and Java Bean technologies in a WebSphere 4.0 / Oracle 9i environment.
   * Designed and developed the security portion of the application and its 
     integration with an enterprise wide Netegrity SiteMinder 
   * Performed under a tight deadline, "normal" workweeks commonly 
     consisted of 50 to 60 hours.
01/03 - 07/03 SPORTS BLOGS                                      Allston, MA 	 
   Role: Founder / Developer
   Environment: Apache, MySql, Linux
   Technologies: PHP, SQL, Bourne Shell Scripting, HTML
   * Designed and developed entire infrastructure of PHP and MySql for 
     fully functional and automated website.
07/99 - 11/02   TALLAN, INC                                 Glastonbury, CT
   ING, Hartford, CT                                          08/02 - 11/02
   Role:           Senior Consultant - Technical Lead
   Environment:    WebLogic 6.1, DB2, SiteMinder. Unix
   Technologies:   Java, JSP, Servlet, Enterprise Java Bean (Session - 
                   Stateless, Entity), XML, XSD, JUnit, Castor, 
                   RealMethods, Ant, HTML
   * Designed and developed a custom J2EE application to create and 
     register users into a Single Sign-On environment based upon 
     Netegrity's SiteMinder Java API.
   * Designed and developed a custom J2EE application to provide a basic 
     authentication service based upon Netegrity's SiteMinder Java API.
   * Designed a custom J2EE application to extend the maintenance functions 
     of the SiteMinder application.
   * Provided technical guidance to junior developers.
   Stage Stores Inc, Houston, TX                              08/02 - 11/02
   Role: Consultant
   Environment: Oracle 8i, Unix
   Technologies: PL/SQL, SQL, Korn Shell Scripting
   * Developed and implemented an aggregate strategy that would allow for 
     nightly updating and refreshing of Oracle's Materialized Views.
   * Worked on various templates that would allow the client to input data 
     and dynamically generic PL/SQL functions that would move data from a 
     source table to a target table.
   * Developed and implemented partition maintenance scripts for splitting 
     and cutting over coverage tables at the end of each month in an Oracle 
   Best Buy, Minneapolis, MN                                  06/00 - 04/01
   Role: Consultant
   Environment: Windows NT, WebLogic 5.1, DB2
   Technologies: Java, JSP, XML, XSLT, Servlet, Enterprise Java Bean 
                 (Session - Stateless), JDBC, Java Advanced Imagining, SQL, 
                 VBScript, HTML
   * Designed, developed and implemented a java program that would create a 
     dynamic electronic image in either TIFF or PNG format from information 
     gathered from a database.
   * Worked on a set of applications designed to facilitate communications 
     from Best Buy to their various vendors using Servlets, EJBs (on 
     Weblogic), and a third party b2b server.
   On2 Technologies, New York, NY 	09/99 - 06/00
   Role: Consultant
   Environment: WebLogic 4.5.1, Oracle 8i, Apache
   Technologies: Java, Java Swing/AWT, JSP, Servlet, Enterprise Java Bean 
                (Session - Stateful, Entity), SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripting, 
                SQL Loader, Perl, HTML
   * Designed, developed and implemented a set of PL/SQL procedures and 
     Unix Shell scripts to import a denormalized data feed from a third 
     party vendor into a normalized Oracle database.
   * Developed various JSP pages to create dynamic content on the clients 
   * Added features to a Java Swing application that provided the client 
     with content control on their website.
12/96 - 06/99 STATE STREET BANK AND TRUST COMPANY          North Quincy, MA
   Role: System Administrator
   Environment: Solaris 2.5.1, Oracle
   Technologies: Korn Shell Scripting, Perl
   * Installed NIS, NFS, DNS and mail services in a Solaris, HP-UX and 
     Digital UNIX environment
   * Created backup procedures for UNIX and NT servers
   * Performed various NT and UNIX system administration tasks


09/94 - 06/99 NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY                            Boston, MA
   Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
   Minor in Technical Communications
02/98 - 07/98 	THE UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND            Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
   International Study Abroad Program