Mark Simonton


Software Developer

Over ten years of experience with the C/C++ programming language. Excellent familiarity with the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) and Windows SDK. Experience writing working programs for Windows 95/98, Windows NT.  Microsoft COM Object Communication System skills are functional, I have written some small COM components.

Professional Experience
Physician Micro Systems, Inc. Seattle, WA	2001-Present
Software Developer (contract)
Update and maintain port of legacy ms-dos code to windows environment; 
create new objects to map legacy data and display layout and control functions to windows display and control environment.  Fixed many bugs relating to mismatching assumptions about control and code flow between legacy code and windows environment.  Created system that matches description of a screen (text position and length) to windows controls and position.

Among other more interesting projects added dynamic creation of OCX client, using ATL and MFC, to allow the ported code to use 3rd party, and internally developed OCX objects to replace edit fields for input.  More recently I designed and created utilities to encrypt and archive customer data that could be transferred to PMSI; these data required encryption because it contained sensitive customer data, the encryption was to comply with new government requirements.   Worked with others in team to debug problems where VB code called C++ modules.

Environment: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000; 
Language: C++ and C; 
Platform: Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000.

CyberSafe Corporation, Issaquah, WA  	2000
Software Developer
Developed and maintained Client applications for Trustbroker Authentication Suite of products.
Environment: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000; 
Language: C++ and C; 
Platform: Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000. 
Updated and maintained several of the client suite of tools. These included the Control Panel applet and secure versions of the Telnet, RSH and RCP applications.

Finished modifications to the Control Panel applet and added the ability to support the new security requirements for Windows 2000.  This applet is used to edit registry entries and also view and update private configuration information.

Fixed bugs and updated applications of Telnet, RCP and RSH to use the correct directory structure as defined in the Windows 2000 specifications.  
Also added update to applications to support Microsoft Credentials Cache for authentication to the CyberSafe Application server Daemons.

Euphonix, Inc., Woodinville, WA  	1998  2000
Senior Software Developer 
Designed and developed Title Management Objects and Title Interface for "R-1 Recorder".  Maintained the build of the release product, including maintaining the build of the installable image with Install Shield. 

Environment: Windows 95/98, Windows NT; 
Language: C++ (Visual C++). 
The Title Management Object is an object file system representation of a collection of information representing recorded audio. The Interface is 
a visual representation of the Title and lists of titles modeled after Windows Explorer, with a tree view and a list view. The views of the 
titles were implemented as COM controls that usesd a combination of COM interfaces and traditonal DLL interfaces to communicate. Also worked on converting the main application from a Dialog based to a Windows based 

Implemented Title managment objects that provided a Tree-view and List-View interface for users to manage audio files based on the title of the recording project.

Updated the Main application to allow more complete capture and processing of keystrokes.  Implemented context sensitive menus for the user interface based on the Internet Explorer context menu model.  All objects were COM objects with extra proprietary interfaces.

Environment: Windows 2000, Windows 98
Language: C++

Maxim Group Inc., Bellevue, WA  	1996 - 1998
Software Engineer  (contract: 1997-1998)
Updated Utilities industry, meter reading automation software. 
Environment: MS-DOS, some Windows 95 (personal learning); 
Language: C. 
Worked in a group that upgraded existing software, adding new functions to allow existing equipment to read new meters. Tasks were to upgrade the 
desktop applications to accept information from handheld computers and 
format the information. The information was then transferred to a database on a mainframe and used to generate customer bills. Modified a program used in a handheld computer to enable it to read new meters.

Software Engineer  (contract: 1996-1997)
Developed new version of printer control program, 
that sent messages to printers at specified times to print messages inside bottle caps.

Environment: MS-DOS, some Windows NT, and Windows 95; 
Language: C++. 

Developed new version of printer control program, that sent messages to printers at specified times to print messages inside bottle caps.

Using original source code as a guide to the hardware interface of the I designed and updated the program to comply with new design that received order information from separate computer over a serial connection.  Developed communication protocol to enable transfer of printing parameters for initial program setup.  Developed Interrupt control objects to attach and react to hardware interrupts that synchronized the printer with the controlling computer.

Wrote routines that calculate the frequency and order to print messages, 
based on odds of "winning" or frequency of message to appear entered in order entry program.  Wrote routines that update User Interface computer to communicate status of current printing process.

PSW Technologies Inc., Bellevue, WA  	1994  1996
Software Engineer (contract to IBM Kirkland Programming Center)
Ported Microsoft Visual C/C++ integrated development environment to The PowerPC running the Windows NT Operating System; Language: C++, MFC, OLE. Received source code that was working in the x86 environment, then massaged code so that it would build. The team would then find and fix bugs related to the PowerPC environment. Ported various gnu utilities from x86 win32 to PowerPC win32.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Washington State University, 
Pullman, WA.
Emphasis on Math and Digital Electronics. 

Associate of Arts, Electronics Technology, Shoreline Community College, 
Seattle, WA.

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