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Numbers Consulting, Inc.

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SKILLS (yrs. of experience)

C#.NET/WinForms(7+)        C++(20+)/MFC(14+)             Javascript/JScript/VBScript(10+)

MS T-SQL 2000/5(9+)          C(20+)                                VB6(5)

PL/PgSQL/PostgreSQL/PHP/Apache(Linux, 1+)            MQ4(6 months)


Supporting Technologies

ADO/ASP, ADO.NET, HTML, DHTML, XML, COM, ATL, STL, WSH, Windows Forms, WPF, WCF, WiX, WMI, Visual Studio 2003/5/8, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/8, CGI,




Volt Technical Resources - 2009 to present

Software development for Microsoft and other clients.


Numbers Consulting, Inc - 1989 to 2009

Founder/Owner, software development.

Clients Include:

      Wenatchee Valley Medical Center

      Southwest Microwave

      Microsoft (11 years)


      Generic Cad

      TekSkil Industries, Inc.


Compaq Computer Corporation - February 1989 to December 1989

Software development.


Solbourne, Inc. - January 1987 to January 1989

Software development.


Hewlett-Packard Corporation - August 1976 to January 1987

Hardware/software development.



Bachelors of Electrical Engineering (BEE)

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia

G.P.A. 3.78 out of 4.0, 4.0 in E.E.


Salary Requirements - OPEN



Volt Technical Resources

Intel (current assignment)

·         Working in various areas to support development of internal tools for debug and test of new processor hardware.

Technologies/Skills used: C++(unmanaged), proprietary Intel internal tools.



·         "Windows Multipoint Server 2010". General development and debugging across the Multipoint platform.

·         Developed sample code for Multipoint mouse SDK.

·         Spec’ed and implemented various Multipoint Mouse testing support API’s.

Technologies/Skills used: C#.NET, C++(unmanaged), Device Installation API, WMI, other internal tools and systems, analysis of system requirements and modifications.  



Numbers Consulting, Inc.

Client Work

Wenatchee Valley Medical Center

·         Worked to integrate the MediSpan drug database into the Wenatchee Valley Medical Center (WVMC) database and related work.

Technologies/Skills used: C#.NET, MS T-SQL 2005, relational database schema design and system procedures (sprocs), Unit Testing.


Client Work

·         Researched, designed, developed and implemented for client a multi-channel, multi-threaded data streaming and connection protocol for peer-to-peer bidirectional transmission of real time audio, video and other data between multiple computers connected in a common session.

·         Performed detailed system architecture analysis and design and guided client on requirements, techniques and alternative approaches.

·         Developed proprietary improvements to the STUN protocol  to solve connectivity issues caused by NATing routers using.

·         Developed API for integration of audio and video codecs.

·         System consists of a user application, a low level transport, a control server, MS SQL database and a system operations website (MS IIS) .

·         Personally responsible for implementation, integration and debugging of system.

Technologies/Skills used: C++/MFC/ATL/COM, Windows Sockets, MS T-SQL/sprocs/schema design, C#.NET, ASP/VBScript (running on MS IIS), Windows Installer, Intel Thread Checker, Intel IPP libraries and other technologies.


Client Work

Wenatchee Valley Medical Clinic

·         Developed key business objects for the WVMC database conforming to system specifications and other requirements.

Technologies/Skills used: C#.NET, Windows Forms and MS T-SQL/sprocs


Client Work

·         Assisted and guided client in building and debugging Intel IPP video processing sample code.

Technologies/Skills used: C/C++, Intel IPP libraries


Client Work

·         Website development for a construction supply company

Technologies/Skills used: PHP (4.3), Linux/Apache server hosted by GoDaddy.com.


Client Work

·         Researched and wrote a paper for the design, setup and implementation of  a prototype video streaming system using Microsoft Windows Media Server and Windows Media Encoder.

·         The paper detailed setup of the prototype, addressed latency problems and other issues.

Technologies/Skills used: System architecture analysis


Client Work

Southwest Microwave

·         Updated security hardware monitoring software to work with international MBCS character sets.

·         Assisted with the process of translating this program’s resources to target Asian languages by evaluating a commercial translation tool and advising management on the purchase of this tool to be used by in-house translation personnel.

Technologies/Skills used: C/C++, commercial product analysis.


Client Work

·         Developed an order processing website/database system for a seed nursery

Technologies/Skills used: Linux Apache server, C++(gcc) CGI program, PostgreSQL database


Client Work

Microsoft MSN group

Developed backend systems and websites for Microsoft’s MSN group

·         iDSS internal reports group (Offsite member of dev team)

·         ASP.NET custom control based on a DataGrid object (Offsite member of dev team)

·         Developed internal custom controls for DataGrid as a component in a larger project (Offsite member of dev team)

·         http://newsletters.msn.com  (Offsite member of dev team)

·         Developed major portions of the website code including working with the newsletters SQL2000 database and a backend mass emailing system for periodic delivery of globalized (UNICODE) TEXT and HTML newsletters to 150 million users.

·         Extensive work on the database, including schemas and sprocs and the backend mailing system.

·         Newsletters Authoring Tool  (Offsite member of dev team)

·         Assumed responsibility for the newsletters authoring tool used by content providers for constructing newsletters.

·         Rewrote 95% of this VisualBasic based tool over time and implemented a major overhaul to incorporate HTML newsletter authoring. It interfaces with the newsletters database and email backend using ADO and T-SQL.

·         This tool has been reworked to be a globalized web based application accessible by newsletter content providers all over the planet.

·         Newsletters “backdoor” using JScript, VBScript, C#.NET, T-SQL (Offsite member of dev team)

·         Developed internal reporting tools  (Offsite member of dev team)

·         Coded Privacy opt-out site (Offsite member of dev team)

Technologies/Skills used: C#.NET(several console apps), MS IIS, VBScript, JScript, ADO, C++/ATL/COM, VB6, MS T-SQL/sprocs, XML, many implementation specifications, user documentation.


Client Work

Microsoft Sidewalk.MSN.com website (Offsite member of dev team)

·         Developed numerous server and client side page renderers for the Sidewalk website.

·         Wrote several implementation specifications for page renderers under my personal responsibility.

·         Developed and contributed to many underlying support systems for the Sidewalk platform including database access, HTML rendering, caching, database data migration and other activities.

Technologies/Skills used: MS IIS, JScript, ADO, ASP, C++, COM, MS SQL, several internal publishing tools and systems


Microsoft Chat (“Comic Chat”) - (Offsite, stand alone project)

·         Developed supporting software for Microsoft Chat and fixed several problems involved with using it as an ActiveX control in InternetExplorer.

Technologies/Skills used: C++/ATL/COM/MFC


Microsoft NetMeeting - (Offsite member of dev team)

·         Developer of NetMeeting’s Whiteboard and Chat apps for versions of NetMeeting up through 2.1.

·         Developed a Microsoft Exchange extension dll for placing NetMeeting calls from Exchange.

Technologies/Skills used: C++/MFC, internal tools and systems


Microsoft AtWork - FAX project - (Offsite, stand alone project)

·         Ported the bulk of AtWork-FAX from Windows95 to Windows 3.1.

Technologies/Skills used: C/C++/MFC, internal tools and systems


Microsoft AtWork - FAX project -  (Offsite member of dev team)

·         Developed Windows95 MFC based FAX Viewer for this project.

·         Took over and completed development of the AtWork CoverPageEditor.

Technologies/Skills used: C++/MFC, MASM, internal tools and systems


Microsoft IFAX project - (Offsite, stand alone project, overlapped with AtWork)

·         Developed the FAX viewer for this project (Windows3.1). Several core pieces of this viewer were used in the development of the AtWork FAX viewer above.

·         Worked on both projects concurrently with responsibility for inter project coordination.

Technologies/Skills used: C++/MFC, MASM, internal tools and systems


Client Work

AutoDesk/Generic Cad

·         Assisted in developing a new CAD package for Windows.

·         Developed a "universal" Windows digitizer driver.

·         Developed code to translate CADD6.0's GCD graphics file format to AutoCAD DXE/DWG file formats using SoftSource's DXE Library.

Technologies/Skills used: C++/MFC, MASM


Client Work

Tekskil Industries, Inc.

·         Developed software to control teleprompter product.

Technologies/Skills used: C++/MFC



Compaq Computer Corporation

·         Investigated "new technologies" for Compaq to pursue. 

·         Responsibilities included advising management on the feasibility of various technologies.

·         Provided technical support and prototype development to several on-going "leading edge" projects involving advanced graphics hardware.

Technologies/Skills used: C++/MFC, MASM



Solbourne, Inc.

·         Joined this startup company in Longmont, Colorado

·         Employee #9 and classified as a "key" employee. 

·         Develop a proprietary graphics software library for Solbourne's computers. 

·         Developed the core graphics libraries for this system

·         Involved to varying degrees with Sunview, Pixrects, X11 and PEX (Phigs Extensions to X) and various object oriented programming projects based on C++.

·         Developed demos using Landsat data and rudimentary image processing techniques (histogram equalization, etc.).

Technologies/Skills used: C++/MFC



Hewlett-Packard Corporation


·         Team member for porting parts of STARBASE (specifically, some of the graphics drivers) to HP's precision architecture computers or SPECTRUM as it was more commonly known.

·         Worked closely with hardware engineers to locate and correct several bugs in a graphics interface connecting SPECTRUM to HP's high performance graphics accelerator, RENESSANCE.

·         Corrected numerous porting bugs in STARBASE

·         Team member that added display list extensions to STARBASE.

·         Responsible for the pick modules and the test suite for the pick code.

·         Team member for developing HP's version of the GKS graphics standard, implemented on top of STARBASE.

·         Responsible for the segment control and metafile modules as well as a test suite for those modules.

Technologies/Skills used: C, UNIX, 68000 assembly language



·         Developed graphics drivers for HP's proprietary graphics system, STARBASE.

Technologies/Skills used: C, UNIX


NMOS III 32 bit microcomputer

·         Involved with firmware development (microcode) for HP's NMOS III 32 bit microcomputer announced at ISSCC in 1981.  This chip had 450,000 transistors and was a significant advance in state of the art integrated circuits at that time.

·         Wrote, debugged and had responsibility for 1/5th of the 9000 words of microcode on this chip.

·         Developed a significant portion of the chip’s self test microcode. 

·         Other major responsibility was building a software emulator that allowed development and nearly complete debugging of the 9000 words of microcode before any hardware was available.

·         Designed hardware and diagnostic software for in-house test systems for this chip and was involved in CAD Software Development for the NMOS III integrated circuit process using LISP.

Technologies/Skills used: HPL, LISP, proprietary microcode and other internal technologies, digital logic design and prototyping.



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