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OBJECTIVE:       Software Engineer / Consultant


Available:     April 1, 2009




·         Demonstrated capability in providing all functions of systems analyst, software development, software maintenance or systems support.

·         Excellent problem solving and debug skills; enjoy pursuing problems. 

·         Demonstrated programming/development capabilities in MS Visual Basic (including VB.Net), SQL, ORACLE PL/SQL, C/C++, C#, ASP, FORTRAN, assembly and other languages. 

·         Thorough understanding of real-time computer systems (including the asynchronous events involved), interfaces between systems, and interactions of systems with processes under control. 

·         Experienced with Windows XP, Windows 2000 and UNIX. 

·         Developed system and software customer support program highly regarded by customers in providing competent and responsive assistance. 

·         Exhibited proven versatility in adapting to new situations and new environments.  Keen interest in learning new systems, technologies and concepts.

·         Take ownership of assignments, goal oriented, trusted to work without direct supervision and accustomed to telecommuting to client systems/sites.  Team player highly respected both for technical skills and as leader by clients, peers and subordinates.




B.S., Magna Cum Laude, Math with Physics minor, Southwestern Oklahoma State University




Contract to SemGroupLP, SemMaterials Division – 1/2007 to Current


Maintained proprietary accounting/sales/inventory/receipt software system programmed using languages PL/SQL, Centura Gupta, C, COBOL, UNIX scripting & MS Access, all interfaced with a large Oracle databases.  Heavy usage of Oracle SQL was required for maintenance and manipulation of databases and special reports, used tools SQLdetective & SQL*Plus.  Developed SSIS interface moving data from Oracle database to MS SQL Server database.  Responsible for retrieving and applying updates to ADP Taxware & TaxSolver packages.


Contract Application Development for Freedom Financial Strategies, Inc. - Current


Approaching completion of large application developed with MS VB.NET (Visual Studio), a retirement cash flow / asset disbursement application to be used by Financial Advisors to analyze and present individual retirement plans.  Application provides for disbursement of multiple assets and investments, multiple income sources including social security, corporate retirement, annuities, etc.  Application aids advisor in determining which assets to use first, taking into account the desire for maximum income with minimum tax consequences.  Allows advisor to incorporate and analyze the effects of singular or multiple year expense events that are goals or concerns of the individual.  From advisor input, presents a budget for the client showing income and expenses projections through the end of the next year with the accounts from which to draw needed income.


Contract to ConocoPhillips, Marketing Technology - 9/1998 to 10/2006


Extensive Oracle PL/SQL functions/procedures were developed that apply data integrity checks and business rules and provide interfaces between various systems and the pipeline/terminal Volume Reporting System (VRS).  Developed/maintained plus made major modifications/extensions to large C based system that interfaces and receives transaction data from Toptech pipeline terminal systems, data verified and edited then pushed to VRS Oracle database for accounting/invoicing functions.  In response to needs from corporate mergers, additional interface programs were developed for interfacing and receiving data from Diamond Guardian and dtnG3 and other terminal systems.  Developed/maintained/extended Visual Basic Screens for accounting and pipeline scheduling views into transaction data.  Designed and implemented error/failure detection and recovery system that improved failure prone system to establish stable/reliable system.  Performed Y2K testing and modifications.  Developed several Visual Basic programs including one to extract pipeline terminal and common carrier transaction data for IRS mandated EDI reports (ExStars).  VB was used to develop service that maintains backups of database files of pricing system.  During this assignment actively used MS Visual C/C++, MS Visual Basic, SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Server and NT, UNIX, Korn Shell Scripting, etc.  Telecommute from home 3 days per week for last 6 years of contract.


Contract to GE Plastics for Y2K and Batch Control Language Problem - 1998


Y2K corrections were applied to system software of distributed control system according to GE Plastics requirements.  A runtime problem was isolated in batch control language causing process control computer to crash.  Fix of this problem was implemented in the C based system source code.  Client complimented the completed work which achieved improved stability in the plant control system.


Independent Investment Advisor – 2 years


Individuals were counseled with respect to investment and insurance needs.  Various mutual funds and insurance products were sold to individuals.


Applied Automation, Inc., Manufacturer of Automation Equipment for Process Industries -

      1980 to 1997



Working manager assigned responsible for resolving systems problems involving both hardware and software across all product lines.  Supervise group of analysts providing phone consultation and problem solutions to customers.  Products covered are distributed control systems using MC68000 and MC68030 processors with DEC VAX host, process control host system using Concurrent 3200 series processors, automated process chromatograph measurement systems, and natural gas well head flow measurement systems.  Established reputation as providing responsive and competent support compared to vendors of similar systems.  I personally provided majority of support of distributed control system customer sites and technical support for those maintaining software and hardware and developing control applications for distributed control systems.  Played instrumental role in moving distributed control product through initial release eventually established as reliable system.  Extensive DEC VAX experience was gained during this and previous position.  Expertise was often consulted by process control engineers for advice on taking best advantage of capabilities of control systems.



For Process Control Systems Division, was responsible for supporting distributed control systems and process control host systems.  This included support of AAI and customer personnel in applying systems to customer needs.  As a part of development team, I designed and developed software for distributed control system (client server distributed network) using DEC VAX as development platform for code targeted for 68000 class microprocessors.  Developed software for data links to other computers.  Contributed significantly in developing remote debugging and support capabilities.



Designed and developed software for process control systems.  Software developed was system level functions and utilities.  Established reputation for debugging subtle problems and was depended on by other team members for this function.



Assigned to project team with responsibilities to configure and customize process control systems to customer requirements.  In this position, I had total responsibility for both software and applications on some systems, such as pipeline control and power plant optimization. 


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