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Suricatta, Inc. is involved in the following business:

Technology consulting and training in e-Learning area, Saba implementation

For five years I have been working as a Development Manager and Architect responsible for Saba Content, a successful learning content management product, a part of award-winning Saba Learning Enterprise software suite.

It took us five years of trial and error, QA cycles, market validation, and research to come out with a scalable and robust solution that can create, import, deliver, and track standardized (SCORM, AICC) and proprietary learning content in a multitude of IT environments.

If you are an e-learning vendor or academic institution we can help you shorten your learning curve and get it right in the first release, with shortest time to market, and maximum end-user satisfaction.

Offshore software development

Our first-class development team consists of top graduates of a major Russian university and Business Architect located in California, USA. By now we have successfully developed VeraLab ( a high-end computer lab management system which you are free to download and evaluate.
We are skilled in: Our rates are still competitive.

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