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Summary of qualifications

Programming skills in the following areas:

Windows, MFC, C, C++, JavaScript, VBA, ODBC, DAO, DOS, Unix, X-Windows, Motif, and Pascal.

Experience on the Following Technologies:

Windows, Linux, Unix, PCSC, ISO7816, PKCS11, Novell, SNMP, and Network Management.

Professional experience


TESTQuest 3/2006 to present - Principal Software Engineer

Software development for TestQuest's test automation connectivity solutions for WinCE, PocketPC, Smartphone, Embedded Linux, Palm OS and other Mobile Operating Systems. Projects included developing solutions on embedded devices (mobile phones, PDAs, etc.) and Windows XP as part of the complete connectivity solution.

DC Solutions 1/2006 to Present - Software Consultant
Developed AN API and applications to support the manufacturing process of a new model of a smart card and usb smart token.

SafeNet/Datakey 9/2000 to 12/31 - Principal Software Engineer

Developed the SafeNet Axis application which enabled Single Sign On support to a wide range of applications, web pages and HLAPI capable terminal emulators.

Developed the software used by manufacturing to initialize and verify Smart cards and Rainbow iKey USB Tokens.

Coded tools to parse and manage X.509 digital certificates and PKCS12 certificate import files.

Secure Computing 2/2000 to 9/2000 Å“ Principal Software Engineer

Worked on the Smart Filter internet filtering application. The project supported the Windows NT, Linux and Solaris platforms.


Datakey 1/97 to 2/2000 - Senior Software Engineer

Worked on a PKCS API that supported a variety of smartcard readers. Developed

Software to initialize smartcards. Developed address book and certificate database

modules for a secure file application. Integrated the secure file application into the

Microsoft Office suite.

Ancor Communications 1/96 to 1/97 - Software Engineer

Developed a SNMP proxy agent to provide management capabilities to Fiber Channel switches. This was a C development effort which included work on a TCP/IP stack, SNMP agent, and a RS232 handler. Developed an SNMP agent for the Fibre Channel router, this was a Novell NLM server module.

AT&T (Formerly NCR)

1/90 to 1/96 - Software Development Programmer/Analyst

Developed the Network management application to manage AT&T SmartHubs under the HP OpenView application. This was a X-Window/Motif application which was developed for the Sun Sparc, then ported to HPUX and AT&T System 3000 UNIX platforms.

Developed a Windows program using C++ for a packaging and installation application.

Participated in the beta testing of the OneVision Management Application (HP OpenView ported to AT&T System 3000) .

Assisted Cabletron Engineers with the porting and the beta testing of their Network Management application on the AT&T OneVision platform.

Provided engineering support of the Cabletron product line to field personnel.

1/85 to 1/90 - Systems Programmer

Developed diskette applications and utilities to handle the creation and maintenance of test software library diskettes on a MS-DOS platform.

Developed diagnostic software for Front-end Processors, disk subsystems, and channel interface adapters.

Designed and implemented a software distribution system based on the Paradox database.

Ported test software source code control libraries from an IBM host to a UNIX platform. This involved writing shell scripts to simplify and automate the software update process.

Developed Software packaging and installation applications under Microsoft Windows.

Worked with Cabletron Engineers to develop and test a network management application that was ported the to AT&T System 3000 UNIX platform.

Provided engineering support of the Cabletron product line to support personnel.

4/77 to 1/85 - Electronic Technician

2/76 to 4/77 - Inspection Technician



2003 - Microsoft Developers Conference. Attended training sessions on C++, C#, and Windows .NET.

2000 - Microsoft Developers Conference. Attended training sessions on C++, C#, and Windows .NET.

1998 - Microsoft Developers Conference. Attended training sessions on C++, MFC, and Windows NT.

1996 - Borland Developers Conference. Attended training sessions on C++, Delphi, and Java.

1995 - Novell Hands on CNE training for Novell V4.X

1995 - Borland Developers Conference. Attended Windows, C++ and Delphi training sessions.

1995 - Xylogies factory training on the Annex terminal server. Covering the configuration and use of terminal servers.

1995 - Cabletron factory training of their product line, including Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, and router devices.

1994 - Attended the HP OpenView Forum. Attended sessions on customer and vendor network management solutions.

1994 - Borland Developers Conference. Attended sessions covering Windows and C++ software development.

1994 - HP OpenView Developer Training course. 1994 - X-Window, Motif software development.

Also attended numerous company sponsored continuing education classes in software development and networking.

Hennepin Technical College 1974 - 1976 Electronic Mechanical Technology


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