Ron DiPronio

Round Rock, TX  78681

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Software & System Test Consultant



Test Planning and Execution

Test Tools Development & Automation – Definition, planning, and implementation

Software test from unit level to system level

Product testing of software for systems, subsystems, and embedded systems

Project & Personnel Management

QA Processes – Analysis, definition, and implementation

Establish Test & QA Infrastructure




Technologies: .NET, J2EE, N-Tiered, Client-server, Object-oriented, Embedded Systems & Software, Distributed, Drivers, Various Operating Systems, Middleware, ETL, Data Warehousing, WS-I, WS-Security, SOAP, REST

Various IDE's & Languages: Eclipse & plug-ins, Visual Studio, Java, XML/XSLT/XPath, SQL, C, C++, C#, VB

Scripting Tools: Python, PERL, Shell

Automation Tools: Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF), OpenSTA, QuickTest Professional, LoadRunner, Expect, Visual Test, Bugzilla Test Runner, SilkTest, Solex

Other Tools: SpecWeb, WebBench, RequisitePro, Micromuse NetCool

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, DB2, Embedded

Web Servers: Apache, IIS, Jetty

App Servers: IIS, JBoss, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat

Methodologies: MSF, XP, Iterative, Spiral, Waterfall, RAD, RUP

QA Standards:  ISO, CMM, IEEE, Aerospace & Defense, ITIL

QA Tools: Bugzilla, Quality Center/Test Director, StarTeam, Remedy, TeamConnect, CVS, VSS, PVCS, Ghost, Crystal Reports, MS Project, Document Management System




Test Plans and Test Procedures

·         Develop Test Plans and Test Procedures for a diverse set of computer products and software applications:

o     XML/XSLT acceleration appliance in J2EE environment including web services, applications, drivers, and platform

o     Network monitoring and reporting software in .NET and Oracle 9i environment including data collection, storage, warehousing, and reporting

o     Data streaming server appliance & applications including RealServer, Windows MediaServer, Apache, ftp & nfs servers.

o     SQL-based, embedded Relational database product

o     Servers and Server storage components, drivers, system applications, and OS’s

o     Line of Notebook computers including platform, drivers, applications, BIOS, and OS’s

o     Subcontractor testing efforts including test requirements, test plans, and contract requirements

o     Various software applications for IT, Engineering, and Manufacturing

·         Develop test scenarios and test cases covering products from unit level to system level.

·         Types of testing include unit, module, integration, system, white box, black box, load, performance, functional, reliability, compatibility, interoperability, standards, data driven testing.

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·         Utilize Use Cases, UML, entity relationship diagrams, schemas, MRDs, System Specs, Design Specs, Standards, and other documents to develop test plans, scenarios, and test cases.

·         Ensure products have adequate test coverage through comprehensive test planning, analysis, and engineering.


Test Tools and Automation

·         Develop tool requirements and manage development of:

o     Test Harness tool written in Python to automate load and performance testing of web services and XML/XSL platform

o     Reboot tool written in VB tool to automate system power cycling testing

o     Stress test tool written in Perl to automate testing of system

o     Reliability test tool with shell scripts to automate longevity testing of system availability

o     Automation rig written in Java to support regression testing

o     GUI and Web test tools using WinRunner to automate functional testing

o     Command line test tool using Expect to automate command line testing

·         Various tools and scripts for functional, load, performance, and reliability testing.

·         Generate test cases using various Eclipse tools and plug-ins.

·         Application software and database development for IS solutions for system and software testing, test automation, and quality systems.

·         Evaluate/utilize proprietary and open source test and automation tools.


Test Execution

·         Configure test setups & environments, and perform test execution of:

o     Java Web Services using REST & SOAP

o     XML/XSL/XPath functional and conformance

o     Portal application and portal reports using .NET, Oracle 8i/9i, XML/XSL, WebLogic, Apache, IIS, & an ETL server

o     Remote network monitoring including SNMP, ICMP, PerfMon, & WMI protocols

o     User Acceptance Testing for platforms and applications

o     Supply chain management application baseline tests

o     Diagnostic software and a real-time OS used for equipment control

o     Black box and white box testing levels for appliances, servers, notebooks, and application software

o     Product installation/configuration, functionality, and compatibility

o     Various applications, databases, drivers, and OS’s

o     Oracle-based radiation exposure/monitoring application



·         Establish, staff, and manage software and system test groups for small, medium, and large companies:

o     Startup company developing an XML accelerator appliance for web services

o     Startup company developing a Linux-based multiprocessor appliance distributed processing server for data center and edge applications

o     Small company developing a SQL-based, embedded Relational database product

o     Large computer company developing a new portable computer product line; Successful launch & market acceptance resulted in over 4B$ in sales of product line

o     Aerospace company developing Space Station hardware/software including crew monitoring products & an Integration & Test Facility for NASA

o     Large defense company developing flight, ground, and test software for real-time processing, control, and communications projects

·         Principal Consultant and Owner of Round Rock Systems Test.

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·         Forecast/manage labor and capital equipment budgets for small, medium, and multi-year projects and products.

·         Manage mid-sized (20+) Test & QA groups including personnel reviews, compensation, hiring, & coaching.

·         Develop & manage testing schedules, milestones, and deliverables working with Development and Marketing.

·         Manage test strategy, planning, execution, defect collection & reporting, QA and test metrics, resolving issues, and servicing customer issues.

·         Manage resources and risks to support multiple product development efforts in dynamic and changing environments.

·         Lead design and build-out of Test Labs for development and test groups.

·         Project Manage offshore, outsourced test projects for clients including Customer interface for technical and project planning & execution, and Test teams interface to ensure test results & deliverables.

·         Develop & manage technical contracts and subcontracts.


QA Processes

·         Define/implement QA plans, processes, and procedures in structured and unstructured environments.

·         Gather product requirements, and conduct/participate in design reviews & program reviews.

·         Participate in various Design & Development methodologies for commercial, aerospace, and defense software products & systems.

·         Evaluate/install/implement/utilize defect systems and software CM products such as Bugzilla, StarTeam, Remedy, CVS, and Visual SourceSafe.

·         Manage/perform WHQL certification of server storage products.

·         Liaison and management of offshore OEM test efforts for development of new portable computer product; Meet with domestic & international partners for design reviews, and resolution of test problems and project issues.

·         Develop approaches, methods, and techniques to measure/assess/ensure the quality of software and ability to meet NASA, DOD, ISO, SEI/CMM, and other standards and methodologies.

·         Work with major subcontractors for government programs providing oversight, support & assessment of software quality, CM, & deliverables.

·         Develop/teach software development practices & methodologies, and Software QA courses.

·         Develop testing articles and guidelines.





Employer                                            Position(s)

Round Rock Systems Test             Consultant

Surgient Networks                                 Technical Management

Pervasive Software                                  Technical Management

Compaq Computer                                Technical Management & Test Engineering

McDonnel Douglas                                   Technical Management & QA Test Engineering

General Electric                                    Technical Management & Test Engineering





Union College                                      MS in Computer Science

SUNY at Buffalo                         BS in Electrical Engineering


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