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Engineer/Project Lead with 25 years of hands-on software development experience


Project Management

  • Demonstrated skills in all aspects of the software development process; evaluating customers needs (or product requirements), designing solutions leveraging existing software resources and third party packages where possible, creating task breakdown for development effort, developing time estimates and project schedule, providing technical guidance to project team members, and managing development process.
  • Excellent track record of bringing projects to successful completion within schedule
  • Lead developer on teams from 2 to 14 engineers
  • Adept at running a streamlined development process




  • Vast object oriented design and implementation using C++, VC++ and Visual Studio
  • Architect role for several products, adept at designing high availability features
  • Experienced software development in the following areas: SS7, TCAP, GSM/SMS, MAPI, IVR, SIP, VoIP, Call Control, Text-to-Speech, PBX interface, session and transport layer protocol, protocol gateways
  • Lead engineer for an Unified Messaging product, included PBX interface, VoIP, Text-to-Speech and MAPI to MS Exchange interface.
  • Designed and delivered a SS7 to X.25 protocol gateway, TCAP level implementation
  • Developed protocol device drivers at the Transport and Link layers
  • Architected and delivered a Service Control Point product
  • Ported a GSM/SMS product from different Unix variants and SS7 stacks
  • Demonstrated skills at developing software with low maintenance costs
  • Experience developing on  Windows, Linux and Unix platforms


Professional Experience


Hewlett Packard, Nashua, NH 1987 to present


Project Lead

Lead Engineer for the development and test for a Unified Messaging Product. Managed team of 14 engineers. Architected the solution, developed the project plan and schedule. Worked with third parties to establish interfaces and API’s.  Designed high availability features to ensure no loss of messages. The product was layered on top of Mitel’s PC-PBX product. The product included an interface to MS Exchange and contained an IVR engine and had Text-To-Speech Capabilities.  Specifically coded the IVR engine, the Dialogic Voice API using C++.


Project Lead


Managed the port of a GSM based Short Message System (SMS) from SCO Unix to HPUX. Responsible for team of 5 engineers, the project plan, test and schedules. Specifically ported the C++ code which interfaced to the Ulticom’s SS7 stack and migrated it to HP’s SS7 stack.


Architect/Lead Engineer


Designed a Service Control Point (SCP) featuring two redundant SS7 gateway front ends with redundant back ends containing  a TCAP application interfacing to a IBM database.


Lead engineer for a team of 10 engineers, responsible for project plan and schedules.  Specifically coded in C++ the TCAP application.


Architect/Lead Engineer


Architected a X.25 to SS7 Translator/Converter Product for credit card verification. Designed a real time fully redundant system architecture.


Managed a development team of 8 engineers, responsible for the project plan, development, installation, support and test schedules.  Specifically developed a TCAP application which performed the message conversion component using C. Worked on site to install the solution.


Lead Engineer


Managed the development of a Switch to Computer Application Interface (SCAI) Project. Lead a team of 5 engineers. Designed an application API and implemented the feature as part of a VMS device driver. Implemented (in C) the Q.931 protocol as part of the device driver.


Senior Software Engineer


As a member of a team, developed a driver which implemented the OSI Transport layer using the C programming language.


Senior Software Engineer


As a member of a design team, designed and developed an Archive product for Microsoft Exchange using the AltaVista Search product.  Specifically extended the MS Outlook Client to provide search capabilities for archived emails.  Used MAPI to interface to MS Exchange, coded in C++.


Architect/Senior Software Engineer


Architected a mail and messaging solution into Compaq’s Mobile Internet Platform. Interfaced with third parties to facilitate them implementing their wireless solutions into location based services, instant messaging and other wireless application.


Program/Project Manager


Created a Program where by Global HP sales teams easily obtain information on platform and operating system availability for their customer’s applications. Managed several projects needed for the Program, including a Data Base Project, ISV Recruitment Project and Process project.


Honeywell, Billerica, MA 1983 to 1987


Developed a device driver which implemented the OSI Class 4 Transport layer for Honeywell’s MOD400 Operating System using Assembly Language.


Develop a Session Layer Distributed Terminal Protocol for the MOD400 OS, received a US Patent. Coding was in Assembly Language.


Maintained all Assembly Language Terminal and Printer drivers for Honeywell’s MOD400 OS.




BA – Mathematics, North Adams State College 1982

BS – Computer Science, North Adams State College 1983





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